Valerie Ch. 09


"Do you need a few minutes?"

"Yeah. That was so intense. I…I'm afraid to let you do that again, and I crave it, with all my being. Will you do that again, hold me powerless and torture me?"

"If you ask me to, yes."

Five minutes passed. Valerie felt able to continue.

Surmi explained what they were going to do. "We're not going to be dominant or submissive. Instead, you're going to top me and I'll be bottom. Do you remember the difference?"

"Yes. You'll be in control and I will just be providing the stimulation, under your guidance."

"Right. First, I want to see how long you can whip with a cat before it becomes unpleasant for you. I'll hold onto the bar and you whip me, one stroke every three seconds until it becomes uncomfortable for you."

Surmi had removed her clothes while she was talking and grabbed the bar at the end. Valerie picked up the cat and gripped it. Her stomach felt fine so far, so she raised her arm and brought the cat down upon Surmi's ass. Part of the lashes wrapped around and caught the woman's cunt, but she only grunted. The knot was beginning to form, but Valerie took another swipe and slashed the whip across Surmi's thighs. The butterflies were threatening to start using artillery and Valerie stopped, unable to go on.

"I can't. It's too much."

"Okay. That's a good baseline. Tell me how you feel right now."

"My stomach is going nuts. It's like I'm trying to do something I know is wrong and I'm going to get caught. If I were to go any farther, I'd start feeling like I'm going to throw up."

"Good, you're very aware of how you feel. That'll be important. Tell me about one of today's denials; get your mind off the whipping for a few minutes"

Valerie told Surmi about the brutal, back against the wall, hand fuck that had left Valerie moaning into Sally's mouth. Surmi asked for all the details of how it felt, what she was thinking, totally distracting her from the whip lying next to her.

"How do you feel now?"

"Okay. The knot in my stomach is gone."

"Good. Test two. Take the paddle and spank me once, then stop and tell me exactly how you feel. Oh, and really lay into it. I want to know that you've done something."

Surmi grabbed the bar again. Valerie took the paddle up and gave Surmi a stroke that came out of left field, laying a resounding "smack" in the air. Dropping the paddle to her side, Valerie considered.

"There's a knot in my stomach. I'm uncomfortable."

"Okay. You do have a low tolerance for inflicting pain. I think instead of trying to overcome it, we'll use it instead."

"Use it, how?"

"Bear with me. Just do nothing and let me know when the knot goes away."

Minutes passed. Surmi had left her watch on, noting the passage of time. At the five minute mark, Valerie said, "Okay, I'm better."

"Hit me again; stop when the knot is back."

Smack. "It's back."

"Good. Wait for it to go away and hit me again. Keep that pattern up until you've smacked me five times."

So it went. Every five minutes of so, a single smack from the paddle, then five more minutes of waiting. Surmi would have been bored to tears with this pace if she had not been in training mode. Her pain threshold and her knowledge of the implements made her popular with dominants training other dominants. She could subject herself to massive amounts of pain, in most people's eyes, with out crying out or complaining. She barely noticed what Valerie was giving her.

After the fifth stroke, Surmi let go and talked to Valerie again. "Val, you seem to be able to keep a pace of one stroke per five minutes. For most people, this would be nothing, not even worth getting tied up for. But we're talking about Sally. She thrives on anticipation. This pace will drive her nuts. You give her ten lashes at five minutes apart; she will be in tears, begging you for more. What we have to do is to play things up. Watching a dominant stand still for five minutes at a time is boring. The cat will be your best tool, I think. There's so much you can do with it other than whip with it. Before we do that, however, you have some orders to follow. Grab the bar."

Valerie grabbed the overhead bar and looked at Surmi. Surmi stood there, waiting. Val remembered that she had to ask. "Mistress, take me again, hold me captive with your eyes and torture me even worse than before."

Surmi put her finger to her lips, quieting Val. She looked into Val's eyes, drawing her into that captivity. Surmi's hand went south again, brushing lightly against Valerie's pussy. This time, Surmi thrust three fingers into Val's cunt, her thumb brushing against the clit as the fingers swayed back and forth inside her pussy. Valerie's breath caught, her body rocketing this time, unable to cry out as those eyes once again held her immobile. Valerie saw desire in Surmi's eyes, desire for something she couldn't understand. Surmi wanted something from Val and Valerie was unable to give it, unable to fathom what was wanted so badly that there was desperation in her look.

As Valerie tried to understand what was there, the pleasure overtook her, driving her towards an orgasm, the desired and feared orgasm. Valerie pleaded with her eyes for the orgasm, the denial and to know what to do. At the last minute, the hand pulled away and Surmi whispered, "Hurt me," bending her shoulder into Valerie's mouth. Without a second thought, Valerie bit, hard, pressing her teeth into Surmi's flesh with increasing pressure until the oriental pain slut cried out in agonizing ecstasy.

Valerie let go, falling back against the wall, terror in her eyes as she realized what she had done, tasting blood in her mouth. "No! Surmi, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to. Please forgive me."

Val was speechless, when Surmi looked up, a look of intense pleasure on her face. "There's nothing to forgive. Thank you for that wonderful gift. I knew I could trust you to see what I needed. No one else will give me that, not even Master. If anything, I should ask your forgiveness. I knew you'd have the most difficulty with what I wanted, so I maneuvered you into doing it without thought. Thank you again, it was incredible."

Valerie noticed that Surmi had had an orgasm, from just the bite. "But I drew blood."

"That's why it was so good. I'll have to use antiseptic. Human bites are notorious for infection. I promise you, I won't ever trick you again. I'll tell you up front what I want and you can make your choice. How are you feeling?'

"Surprisingly good, considering. I guess knowing that I won't be doing a second bite tonight made it bearable."

"That's cool. Would you consider more bite play in the future, never more than one per session?"

"I'll think about it. No promises."

"Fair enough. Now, let's work on a show for Saturday."

By the time they'd worked though the next two hours, Valerie had a gift for Sally that would stun and amaze the crowd at Mephisto's. Surmi had never heard of what they had worked out ever being done before and couldn't wait to see it. They made plans to meet again tomorrow to practice some more. Surmi drove Val home rather than have her take a cab. Outside the house, she said, "One more denial is due. You ready?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Pull your skirt up. Good, masturbate yourself. No, look at me, don't make any noise. Focus on my eyes; don't stop until I look away. Keep going, higher and higher."

Surmi kept up the hypnotically soothing voice as Valerie played with her cunt, sticking fingers in and rubbing herself. She was lost in those eyes again, unable to stop as the arousal built and built. Val wanted to stop before it was too late or the frustration was too much to bear, but those eyes and the soothing words kept her going, silently, relentlessly towards her doom.

"Do you want to stop?" Val nodded. "Don't stop, keep going." Minutes later, Valerie's breathing ragged and fast, "Do you want to stop now?" Nod. "No. Not yet." Valerie's eyes were pleading, begging for an end, her orgasm almost there. Surmi saw the change, Val's desire morphing from obedience to pleasure. "Do you want to stop now?" Shake, no she didn't. "Stop now," she whispered as she turned her eyes away. Unable to resist, Valerie cried out and pulled her hand away, not wanting to, but knowing she must.

"Now, get out and run to your Mistress."

Valerie did, running in desperation for her Mistress, her only hope for release. There was no one on the street and she reached the door in short order. Remembering her instructions, she stripped quickly on the porch, opened the door and entered. Tossing her cloths on the floor, she dropped to her knees and crawled into the living room, seeing her Mistress sitting on the couch. Valerie crawled over the Sally and kissed her feet, covering them with kisses and the tears that flowed freely in her mounting frustration.

"Please, Mistress, let me cum, I need it so bad. Please, Mistress, can I have my, no, your orgasm from you? I'm begging you, please."

"Did you deny yourself twice tonight?"

"Three times, Mistress. Surmi denied me three times, Mistress."

"Very good. I'm pleased with you tonight."

"Thank you, Mistress. I tried so hard, it's so hard and I need it so bad."

"I know. Can I have more?"

Valerie gasped, the thought of even more denial striking her to the core. She didn't know how she could stand it. She loved Sally so much, however, that she simply said, "Yes, Mistress, as much as you want."

Sally lifted her chin up, looking at her, the love and lust visible inn her eyes. "I love you. Now, go to the bed and restrain yourself in the bindings that are there. I'll be in shortly."

"Yes, Mistress." Her voice was trembling, fearful that Sally intended to deny her all night, yet excited at the chance to give Sally, and Sally alone, this gift if it was asked for. On the bed, her ankle and wrist cuffs were tied to the bed, and her blindfold was sitting in the center, set up so that she would be stretched, arms and legs together, between the ends of the bed. She crawled up onto the bed and cuffed her ankles together and then lying back with her blindfold on, she cuffed her wrists together, rendering herself incapable of affecting her own pleasure. Minutes passed, as Valerie lay in frustration, softly crying.

Sally came in and saw her lying there, so obedient and eager to please. She crawled up beside Val, spooning with her, hands wrapped around the tearful submissive, holding her for a few minutes.

"Why are you crying?"

"I want to cum so bad and I want to please you so bad, and I'm afraid that I can't have both."

"If you had to choose, which would it be?"

Val wailed in despair, "You, Mistress, I would please you."

"I know you would. You are such a wonderful slave. Do you know what I want from you?"


Sally leaned in close you Valerie's ear and whispered, "Your safe word limit in denial. Can I have that?"

Valerie didn't trust her voice, nodding her ascent. She shivered, fearful of how far she would let herself be pushed. She couldn't help it; she would push her boundaries whenever she was given a choice. Sally knew this. It was one of the many things she loved about Val. "I'm starting. I'll bring you to the brink and back over and over again until you safe word."

Biting her lip, Val nodded. Sally's hand reached down and lightly caressed Valerie's pussy, feeling the moisture that had already dripped and soaked the sheet underneath her. Valerie gasped at the touch. Her cunt was incredibly sensitive, primed for the slightest touch. The bound woman's body shivered uncontrollably as waves of pleasure once again washed over her. She was sobbing openly at the sensations, knowing that they wouldn't culminate in anything less than an agonizing failure to find release.

"You can struggle and beg and cry with all your might. I want your struggles, your pleas and tears. Let me have all of you."

Released by the command, Valerie gave full voice to her desperation, crying and pleading with her Mistress, jerking her body in a desperate attempt to cheat fate and somehow cross that elusive barrier. Sally had come to know her lover's body as well as her own, feeling the arousal build steadily and quickly. When it got so close that Sally could feel it on the edge, she pulled her hand away.

Valerie went wild, bucking like an out of control bronco. "Nooooooo! Please, Mistress, not again. Please, no. Let me cum, let me cum, please." Her cries broke down to sobs, her body shaking, breath coming in great heaves. Sally held her tight, brushing her face with one hand and kissing her neck over and over again. As her sobbing eased, Valerie was whispering, almost to herself, "No, not again. No, not again. I can't take it. I can't take it."

Sally whispered, "Val, are you at your limit?" Her head nodded. "Do you want to safe word?" Her head shook. "Why?"

Val choked out, "I want to please you."

"I don't want you to suppress your limits for me. Only push them. Are you pushing or suppressing?"

"Push. One more. Just one more."

Sally rolled over Val to lie in front of her, taking the blindfold off. "Beg me for one more denial or use your safe word."

Tears flowing freely, she looked her Mistress and lover in the eyes and whispered, barely audible, "Please deny me one more time." The request was punctuated by a wail, the pain of knowing what she asked for crashing down on her.

Sally looked her in the eyes, kissed her lips and said, "No." Then she wriggled down to Valerie's legs, pulling the knees apart and buried her head in Val's cunt. Her tongue lashed out, delving deeply into the folds of pussy, forgoing gentleness for a mad race to the climax that she was determined to give her lover. While her tongue was buried in Val's pussy, Sally's hands pulled the hood off of Val's clit and rubbed it directly. Valerie's back arched at the intensity, her breath sucked in before she screamed at the overload. Her clit was so sensitive from the day long arousal that Sally's touch was almost painful.

With Sally's face buried in her pussy, the tongue filling that need for penetration, Valerie was propelled towards her orgasm at a blinding pace. It took mere minutes to reach the first plateau, Valerie's body shaking in the throes of an orgasm that left her breathless. Sally didn't stop, but kept up the furious assault on her lover's pussy, taking long swipes with her tongue, from ass crack to clit and back. Barely over the first, Val was propelled into another climax, this one silent, as she was unable to get enough of a breath to cry out. The third, brought on by Sally thrusting four fingers from her hand and wriggling them lewdly while her tongue took over on Val's clit, started while the second one was still trying to ebb. Her breath finally caught again, she screamed in delight, the release of a day's worth of frustration finally arriving.

Knowing that Valerie's body was at its physical limits, she eased off, lapping up the juices that had covered much of Valerie's legs. As Val came to her senses, she cried, with tears of joy, "Thank you, Mistress, thank you so much," over and over. Her face covered in Valerie, Sally crawled back up to hold and kiss Val, letting her lick herself off of Sally's face. Sally reached up and released Valerie's cuffs, freeing her arms.

Valerie pulled Sally close, kissing her madly, reaching a hand down to her cunt. Sally was as wet as Val, her pussy lips full and protruding. "Mistress, may I?"

"Oh God, yes. Fuck me with your hand, don't stop, make me cum." Sally was more than ready, having denied herself through the day, not just of orgasm, but of touch itself. Now she wanted what her submissive had to offer in pleasure.

Valerie kissed Sally and held it, her hand holding her Mistress's head in place while the other dived into her cunt, four fingers reaching deep while the thumb played with her clit. Sally's arms reached and held Val's head tight, as well as her body, trying to pull Valerie into her to become as one. Her hand felt the scars on Val's back and soaked up the warmer temperatures from them, embracing them as her own. When she crossed the threshold, she gasped, unable to cry out past Valerie's mouth. Her hold tightened. The fingers of her hands digging into Valerie's scalp and back.

As she came down, Sally cried, "Hold me, I never want to let you go."

"Never, never let you go. Never," came the response.

They embraced tightly, holding onto one another as if the world would try to tear them apart. Unsure of the future, they were demanding the most of the present, they only thing they had beyond themselves and their mutual Master. Slow passion would come with stability, a quantity that was uncertain and future. They fell asleep locked in this tight embrace, not letting it release, even in the deepest of their dreams, seeking the comfort of their love.


Valerie woke first the next morning, wrapped in the mutual embrace they fell asleep in. Her feet were still bound and she did not want to wake Sally up. She lay there, drinking in her lovers face and body with her eyes, smelling the sex from the previous night. Her back felt better, not as sore. It was half an hour before Sally herself woke up, Valerie's eyes being the first things she saw.

"I could get used to waking up like this."

"What do you mean? I'm already used to it. Shower?"

"You first," Sally said. "I'm still waking up."

Valerie took her shower, a little uncomfortable in the strange bathroom. She decided that it lacked personality. They had been so concerned with moving in, that they hadn't unpacked more than the essentials. Dressing for more moving, she turned the shower over to Sally. The screech of surprise five minutes later announced that the hot water heater was smaller, much smaller than at the apartment. The water cut off a minute later and Sally came out, shivering.

"I don't suppose we can steal the water heater from the apartment?"

"Not really. We could invest in a larger one."

"I'd go for that. Three people, a one shower heater. This will so not work. Especially if we're going to have passionate sex on a regular basis."

"You'd better be planning on it. With me out of work, sex is my life."

They quickly organized their day. Sally would be driving again, though Valerie had reduced her dosage of meds. More moving. Today should finish getting things out of Valerie's place, and then they could start on Sally's place. The kitchen not being ready, they opted for fast food breakfast. As they left the house, they noticed three large pick ups in front of the house.

Robert, leaning against one, called out, "It's about time you girls woke up. Were you planning to move or what?"

Sally put her hands on her hips. "Robert, Steven, what are you doing here?"

"We're helping you move of course. Fred and Daphne let us know you were moving in and we rounded up some bodies and trucks. This is Mark and Lance; they're neighbors and offered to help for cold drinks and food. Seemed cheap enough at the time."

"Well, this will make things easier. Sally, do you want to drive with Steven while I go with Robert. You two can take Mark and Lance to your place and start while Robert and I finish at mine."

"Works for me."

With six bodies and three large pick ups, the entire move was finished by the end of the afternoon. The house was loaded with stuff in boxes and furniture that needed to be placed somewhere, but the apartments were both empty. They thanked Mark and Lance and showed the other two submissives the basement and the possibilities that Francine had seen. They made tentative plans to help Francine move out of her house when she was out of the hospital.

They took a trip to visit Francine and found that she was in okay spirits. The house purchase had cheered her up a little. Her injuries were much better and she expected to be released on Friday. Val and Sally promised to pick her up that morning and take her to the new house. After leaving her, the guys went their own ways. Valerie asked to separate again.

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