Valerie Ch. 10


While Surmi was gasping out, "Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, Master," Valerie stepped down and grasped the clip on her clit and pulled on it. Surmi screamed and Valerie released it, sending the scream into overdrive. As she hung there, crying, Valerie made a swapping motion with her hands. Steven nodded back.

She walked back over to Sally, running her hands through her hair. Sally was still crying, begging for a cum. Valerie put her finger on Sally's lips. She leaned in close, while Steven did as well, and whispered, "No cum from me. Convince Steven and you can."

Sally looked around for the master she could not see. "Master, please let me cum. Please, I so need to cum."

As Valerie walked back to Surmi, Steven explained, "If you can take 25 strokes without crying out, I'll fuck you until you cum as many times as it takes me to cum. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Master, I'll keep quiet, I'll earn my cums."

Valerie moved the stool out of the way, pulling the suspended lady close to her. Surmi's pussy was dripping, her legs thoroughly covered in a mix of pussy juice and sweat. Valerie's head was even with Surmi's breast. Her other hand went to the oriental woman's cunt, plunging in and raping it, not just fucking it. Valerie could hear the whip strokes coming fast and furious against Sally, making it actually easier for Sally to keep quiet for the needed length of time. Valerie placed her mouth on Surmi's breast, taking her entire areola into her mouth, the teeth resting on Surmi's skin.

Surmi gasped, realizing what Val intended. "Please, Mistress, please. I need it. I want it. Bite me, bite me, please."

Valerie released long enough to say, "Cum first."

Surmi began thrusting herself against Valerie's hand as much as she could, trying to race towards the cum that would earn her the blessed pain she so craved. Valerie drew it out, avoiding Surmi's clit whenever she could. Five minutes of hand fucking went by. Surmi was panting, straining to reach that release. Valerie's hand was dripping Surmi's juice. Then Val bent her hand slightly, letting her palm rub against Surmi's clit. Seconds later, Val felt the first quivers of orgasm in Surmi and bit down, hard. Surmi screamed, her body shaking in a pain reinforced orgasm that seemed to go on forever. Valerie increased the pressure from her mouth steadily, her mouth filling with tit. Then, as Surmi's scream faded, she heard words from Surmi that she never had expected to hear. Surmi uttered her safe word, "Red light."

Valerie let go immediately and undid the ropes holding her suspended. Sally's scream of pleasure as Steven took her cunt in a violent fuck was a counter point to Valerie sitting down next to the collapsed Surmi, asking her, "Are you okay?"

"Yes. That was so fantastic. I just needed you to stop. Thank you, thank you so much. How do you feel?"

"Okay. For whatever reason, biting doesn't bother me like whipping and clipping and such. Maybe because Mike and I would occasionally bite during sex, so it feels erotic, not like hurting. Of course, we never drew blood," she commented, dabbing her fingers at the ooze of blood on Surmi's breast, coughing at the unwisely long utterance.

Surmi reached out and fondled Valerie's pussy, finding it very wet, ready. "Do you want…?"

Valerie smiled, lay back and nodded. Surmi fingered Valerie's pussy, driving the highly aroused woman to another orgasm in short order. Valerie noticed that she felt no discomfort at Surmi's ministrations, smiling at the small bit of progress in her quest to become more available sexually.

Steven had released Sally, and they joined the other two on the floor. The smell of sex was strong, but it wasn't enough to recharge any of the four, spent from their play. Sally was looking very satisfied, glowing in the afterwards of a long needed cum. Surmi was fondling her bite mark, feeling as satisfied for somewhat different reasons. Valerie was winding down from that power she had felt, feeling the need to be the submissive once again. She knew that she would have plenty of chances to return to that role tomorrow. Steven, far more dominant that he was submissive, was enjoying a quiet revel in the presence of three submissives, sensing Valerie's relinquishment of domination.

After 15 minutes of relaxing and recovering, they rose and went home. Valerie looked like she had been used, rather than using, her clothes stained with pussy juice and cum when she put them back on (Steven had used her blouse as a condom, forcing Sally to eat his cum from the silk). Once they were home, they each sent an email to Charles, describing the events of the night in great detail, from their own perspectives. Sally and Valerie crawled into bed together, once they were done, after peeking into Francine's room to make sure she was all right, falling asleep within minutes.


The smell of frying bacon roused Valerie from her slumber. Opening her eyes, she saw Sally lying next to her, her body looking lovely, coated in the residue of the hard use she had been subjected to last night. Valerie stroked her hair, brushing her cheek. Sally's eyes opened, a smile coming to her face at the memories of last night.

"That was so fucking fantastic. I didn't know you had it in you."

"I didn't either. Is it always that powerful a rush, that feeling of power and trust?"

"Yes. When someone gives you the trust and you can do whatever you wish, take him or her places they've only dreamed of, that is a rush. Some people can't handle it. You have to rein that power, keep it under control. When you have a submissive that gives full trust and is wonderfully aware of herself, like you, you're able to let go, bathe in the feelings."

"Sally, I know how I feel when I'm submitting, experiencing sensations that have me begging and sobbing, but what were you feeling when I had you in tears, begging for orgasm?"

"Oh God, you would ask that. I love dominating you and others. I love submitting. When I submit, I let go of all the power I enjoy and put myself in the hands of someone who will make me feel powerless. That's what I felt when I was crying and begging for orgasm, for touch, for sensation. I felt powerless. I know you feel an incredible need to please, that you revel in our pleasure at your suffering. Me, I bathe in powerlessness, helpless to stop what is happening. It's such a rush, such a glorious feeling."

"I have to be honest, Sally. I can't do that very often. By the end of last night, I had to stop. I couldn't do the dominating thing anymore. I think I'm so powerfully submissive that I can only dominate for short periods. I'm sorry; I'm not going to be able to give you that helplessness very often."

"Valerie, it'll be just fine. I'm more dominant than submissive and Master can meet a lot of my submissive needs. You're my icing on the cake. You made me feel so wonderful last night. The desperation and helplessness of knowing you could leave me hanging and never get me off was so fantastic. And giving me to Steven at the end, letting him force me to hold my screams to get release. That was so incredible. Being passed around amplifies the loss of control. By the way, did you bite Surmi? And draw blood?"

"Yes. I discovered that night you were torturing me with denial all day, that she craves that kind of pain, and that it doesn't push my pain button. You should see the look on her face right afterwards. It's almost enough to bring tears to your eyes. She says no one else will bite her. Why not?"

"Master is really uncomfortable with anything that even resembles blood play. He sees it as incapable of being made safe. I don't know if Master will order you to stop that when he finds out or let you and Surmi define your own limits. I hope the latter. I haven't seen that level of satisfaction in Surmi since I've known her. You might want to include antibiotic in your traveling bag."

"Hey, you two. Are you going to lie around all day, or can I interest you in breakfast?" Francine had stuck her head in the door,

"I could be talked into breakfast," Valerie said. She got up, and without a second thought, she walked naked into the dining room.

Francine looked at her walk out of the bedroom, apparently unaware that she was naked. She looked at Sally, a question in her eyes. "She's a submissive, a natural submissive." Sally got up and, staying naked herself, followed Valerie into the dining room. They devoured the breakfast of bacon, French toast, orange juice and hash browns. Francine watched them, so obviously in love with one another, wondering if she would be able to feel that kind of love again.

After breakfast, Sally and Valerie took a shower together, having grown fond of starting their mornings that way. By mutual agreement, they didn't engage in anything sexual, saving themselves for the afternoon and evening. When they came out of the shower, they were shocked to find that Charles was waiting in their room.

They both ran to in front of him and knelt, crying out, "Master! Welcome to our home."

"It's good to see my little submissives. I was wondering, though, when you were planning on telling me that you were almost killed."

Valerie was crestfallen. "Master, please forgive me. It was so bad and we just wanted to try to forget it. And if I did, it would give away what my gift will be to you."

"I see. I'm disappointed. You'll have to be punished. Lie down on the bed, on your back."

"Yes, Master." Valerie climbed on the bed, spreading her arms and legs to be tied to the corners of the bed. Charles slipped leather cuffs on Valerie's wrists and ankles, tying them to the corners of the bed with ropes. He pulled a cat out and stood over Valerie.

"Valerie, how many lashes should you receive for not telling your Master that you were almost killed?"

"Master, I don't know. More than 25, I would guess."

"You'd be right. Tell me how many lashes would assuage your guilt at this transgression."

Valerie was afraid. She knew she had the tendency to ask for far more harsh a punishment than Master would otherwise ask for. "Master, I'm not sure. If I must choose, I would say 50." Her voice quavered, unsure of herself. She was trembling in her bonds, terrified of her own desires.

"You are a glutton for punishment. 50 it shall be. You'll have a beautiful set of marks on your front to go with your marks on your back tonight. You will count them, asking for each successive stroke."

"Yes, Master."

While Charles and Valerie were talking, Sally noticed that Francine was in distress, slumped against the door frame. She took Francine by the arm and helped her to her own bedroom. "Francine, what's wrong?"

"He's going to hurt her. I…I can't take it. I can't stand to see her hurt. If she stays submissive, I…I won't be able to stay here."

"Yes, you will. Tell me, did you feel like this when Valerie and I went to Mephisto's last night?"

"No. In fact, I was happy for you two."

The sounds of a whip hitting flesh, followed by Valerie's voice. "Ahhhh. One. Thank you, Master. May I have another?" Another lash. "Ahhhh. Two. Thank you, Master. May I have another?"

Francine curled up, holding her hands against her head, trying to block the noise out. Sally pulled her quickly to the stairs, taking her down into the basement. When the door was shut, the sound of the whipping ceased, the soundproofing doing its job. Sally held Francine tight, letting her cry, the anguish at her friend being beaten pouring out of her.

Upstairs, the punishment continued. After the tenth blow, Valerie was crying unabashedly, struggling to get the count and request out each time. At 25 strokes, Charles stopped. He sat on the bed, stroking Valerie's cheek and hair. All the marks on her were on her upper chest and breasts, or on her legs. Her stomach, with the large potential for injury, was left untouched, except for the stray lash from the multi-lashed whip.


"Yes, Master?" she got out between sobs.

"You can either take the rest of your 25, just like the first 25, or you can choose to take only five more on you pussy. Which would you prefer?"

"It's so hard when you punish me, Master. It's not like play. In play, I know you get pleasure from what I take, so I can take more. I'm so sorry, I can't take 25 more. I just can't. I don't know if I can take five on my pussy either."

"Do you want to use your safe word?"

Yes, Master, I'm so sorry. Red light. I'm so sorry, Master."

"You have nothing to apologize for. This is why we have safe words. Never apologize for using it, never. I heard what Rachael put you through, how you went beyond your limit to get my gift. I am touched, truly touched that you love me that much. Don't ever do that again, however. Respect your limits. You hurt Rachael, you know that."

"Yes, Master. We talked the next day. I promised her, and I promise you, I'll never go that far beyond my limits again. I'll keep pushing them though."

"Good. Let's get you up. Sally also needs to be punished for not telling me. Once that's done, you two can take another shower and then you'll both tell me what happened. I promise I'll act surprised at the ceremony."

"Yes, Master."

After releasing Valerie, they found Sally with Francine downstairs.

Sally said, "Master, Valerie, Francine can't deal with seeing or hearing someone put into pain. It's too much for her. We need to make sure that any play or punishment that takes place in the house is done where she can't experience it, even vicariously."

Charles knelt down. "Francine, I had no idea. If I had, I would've taken steps to protect you. Even observers should have a safety net. Let Valerie take you upstairs. Sally and I have some business to attend to."

Valerie took Francine upstairs and to her room. Sitting on the bed with her, she tried to reassure her. "Francine, I'm all right. Feel these; there is no blood, no welts. He didn't hurt me and he stopped when I used my safe word."

"He stopped?"

"Yes. I asked for more than I could take and he saw that, gave me the chance to safe word and stopped when I did."

"It's too much for me right now. Maybe I should leave."

"Don't you dare! My friend is back, and she's not leaving now. We'll find a way to make this work. We have a soundproof basement. There's no reason we have to play or punish where you have to see and hear it."

"I don't want to be a burden to you and Sally."

"It's not a burden to us. Francine, how are you going to be at the ceremony? At Mephisto's?"

"I…I don't know if I can. All that pain, all those people being hurt. You being hurt again. I'm so sorry, but I just can't go."

"Then don't. We won't be hurt by you taking care of yourself. I'm sure it'll be recorded, and we'll bring you a copy of the parts you won't mind experiencing."

"Thank you. I need that."

"You know, Francine. This is a first step. You felt something, you really felt something."

"I did. But it hurt. Will every feeling hurt?"

"No," came the answer from the doorway. Sally was standing there, her chest and legs also marked by the whip, tear stains on her face. "There'll be good ones as well. Don't shy away from them. Feeling is living."

They left Francine to rest her emotions and took another shower. Once they were out, they saw that there were two boxes on the bed, large ones from a dress shop. Opening, they saw that Charles had commissioned two gorgeous wedding dresses, sized perfectly for them. At their exclamations their door opened, Charles standing there.

"I knew that you wouldn't have the time to find appropriate attire for giving one's life to another. I know you can't marry, but we can come as close as possible. Of course, brides don't normally plan on stripping part-way through the ceremony. Be sure to wear something appropriate underneath for the gift giving portion of the celebration. Now, tell me what happened yesterday, and what secret was so important."

They related the entire event at the hospital. Valerie described recognizing Harv's voice as a threat on Francine's answering machine, but not who it was. They both shared their perceptions of what happened on the steps and shortly afterwards. "Master, I was wearing the gift I intend to give you, letting Delgrasi Publications know what they would hire if they hired me. I hadn't yet removed it, when Harv shot and the gift stopped the bullet that would have otherwise killed me. The bullet is still in it. Do I have to show you?"

"No. I think I understand. I'll see it in a few hours anyway. I have to go to make preparations at Mephisto's. I've arranged for a limo to pick you up at 2:30. Be ready."

"Yes, Master," they said together. Valerie added, "Master, could you make sure they have black lights on the stage?"

He raised his eyebrow. "Yes, that can be done."

The next hours were spent in a nervous twitter, trying to get themselves perfect for the ceremony. It was hitting them just what they were doing. While not a wedding, it had all the emotional impact of one on the two women. They were going to stand in front of possibly hundreds of people and publicly declare their undying love for one another. They had no idea what a handfasting was, Surmi and Marcia having taken over all the preparations. Then, they were going to engage in more than one scene, in public, involving something they had never done before. Finally, they were to be auctioned, as a couple, to the highest bidder to be used for the rest of the night, well into morning, possibly.

By the afternoon, they were nervous wrecks, Francine having to remind them to even eat lunch. After lunch, she assisted them in getting dressed. First, they put on corsets. Both Sally and Valerie wanted them as tight as possible. It took 30 minutes for each woman to get her corset laced up to a satisfactory snugness. With their waists pinched to several inches below their normal size, they added the rest of their sub attire.

First Francine made sure that their make up was perfect, not just on their face, but on the eventually visible other parts of their anatomy. Then she worked with their hair, putting Valerie's long hair in a bun, knowing that Valerie liked that effect in formal gowns, though she rarely had the chance to wear them. Sally's shorter hair was trimmed so that it would stay out of her face, but otherwise left alone, given that she was one of those women blessed with cooperative hair.

Putting on their clothing, they started with lace stockings that came up to mid-thigh, attached to the corsets like they were garter belts. Valerie's was white and Sally's was red (because Valerie was a submissive virgin, mostly, and Sally wasn't). Sky-blue lace gloves that extended up to almost their shoulders went on both their arms. Then the dresses themselves. These were actual bridal gowns, both a stunning shade of deep blue with white trim. Other than size, the two dresses were identical in appearance. Their veils reversed the colors of their stockings (Valerie had been married and Sally had never been in a life-long relationship before). The shoes were black high heels with straps that wrapped from the top of the shoe up to their knees.

Looking at themselves in the mirror, they were overcome with the beauty that stared back of them. Neither had ever been self-depreciating about their looks, but neither had they believed that this level of beauty was possible for either of them. The two women in the reflection were almost unrecognizable.

They gathered their things, gifts, toys and their wits, and were ready to leave when the limo arrived. Francine helped them get their things to the car and saw them off, waving at them as they drove off, tears in her eyes. She went back inside and settled in to wait for their return at some distant point in the morning. For the first time in weeks, she felt something. A little touch of happiness for her friends. It was brief and fleeting, the walls closing it off quickly, but she was able to savor it and turn it into something special, hope, hope that the future would be something worth traveling into, one day at a time.

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