Valerie Ch. 10



The limo drive was uneventful. At Mephisto's, they saw that there were no available parking places within four blocks. An incredible crowd had turned out. Sally noticed that there were a large number of rentals and out-of-state plates. It seemed that their love had become more widely known than they had expected. The limo drove them to the front door where Charles, Steven, and Robert were waiting to escort them inside.

On the inside, the floor was crowded with more people than they had ever seen inside before. There were already some submissives in cages, having signed up to be auctioned. The stage itself was empty. They were taken to one of the private rooms where Marcia, Surmi, and Debbie were waiting. After lavishing praise on the beauty they brought to the gowns, Surmi and Debbie took the two aside to find out what equipment they would need to give their gifts. Sally asked for a St. Andrew's cross while Valerie asked for a basic bondage frame.

Marcia then briefed them on how the handfasting would proceed. "You'll walk up to the stage from opposite sides, much like a bride walks down the aisle. Master will have some things to say to the crowd. Then each of you will, while holding hands, declare your love for one another, and any declarations of submission and domination. Then I will symbolically bind your hands and present you to Master where you'll reaffirm your submission to him and present your gifts to him. Then, each of you will give your gifts to each other, Sally first, then Valerie. After that, I assume about an hour each, Master will give his gift to you. You'll spend probably two hours on display before the auction. Then, it'll be time for the auction and the two of you will be the first to be sold, as a pair. Once you're sold, I doubt that any further plans will need to be made for you."

There was a knock on the door. Steven opened it up and let Lilly into the room.

"Lilly, you made it. I'm so glad you came," Valerie said.

"Are you going to be able to stay for the whole ceremony?" Sally asked.

"I don't know, but I'll try. I wanted to tell you, we, my boyfriend and I, tried out the things you lent us."

"How did you feel about it?"

"It was so cool! He said afterwards that he had never had such an incredible orgasm. And feeling him inside me when I had mine was super." She looked down to the floor. "We want to try it again. He wants to tie me up next time. He says he can give me lots of cums."

"That's wonderful, Lilly. I'm so happy for the two of you. Remember, never do more than you're comfortable with. You know about safe words?"

"Yes. We use kumquat."

"Well, that has the advantage of not being something that will be used by accident."

They hugged the young lady and when she had gone back outside; they made last-minute preparations and headed out onto the floor. Robert led Sally to one side and Steven led Valerie to the other. There was another five minutes of waiting and then the ceremony began. The lights in the club dimmed even more than usual. Three spots came on, one on the stage, one on Valerie and one on Sally.

As they began to walk down the paths that opened up before them, the strains of Kathy Mattea's Battle Hymn of Love filled the air.

I will pledge my heart to the love we share

Through the good and the bad times, too.

Till the battle is won, I will not run

To my death I will stand by you.

Valerie and Sally were in tears by the time they reached the stage. The song had expressed their feelings for each other so perfectly. They wondered how Marcia and Surmi had known. As the last strains died down, there was a quiet in the club normally heard only by the cleaning staff before opening. Charles walked up to the center where they stood, holding a microphone. He looked at the two lovers with a smile, turned to the crowd and began to speak.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Dominants, submissives, and romantics of every stripe, we are here to celebrate something that is rare in any world, let alone ours. Two souls have found one another, two souls that are a perfect match for one another. Most of us never find the one person we were destined for all time to be with. We're here to celebrate that rare occurrence. Valerie Burbon and Sally Thatcher are soul mates who have, improbably, found themselves. They wish to share the joy they have found with the community that they have both embraced, and with other friends who wish to share that joy. Let us take hope from their love that we can find a love such as their own ourselves, to know the depth of passion that they now share and are allowing us to glimpse.

"That they are submissives pledged to myself only makes that joy more special to me. Sally is a wonderful submissive and dominant. Valerie is perhaps the most natural and true submissive that I have ever had the pleasure of being called Master by. In addition to a traditional handfasting, they'll be pledging submission and domination to one another and to myself. After an exchange of gifts that you are invited to witness, they have asked that I auction them at Mephisto's monthly charity auction. As most of you know, Valerie's submissive trust was violated by a dominant, leaving her scared permanently. What most do not know is that the dominant in question was herself brutally attacked by one she thought loved her for the simple crime of being a dominant and wanting to share that with her lover. The physical wounds healed quickly, but the emotional wounds left her unable to safely participate in our play, unbeknownst to anyone at the time. The proceeds from tonight's auction will go to establish a fund to provide medical and psychological counseling for people hurt by attacks such as this. I will personally match $10 for every $1 in proceeds from the auction tonight." He waited for the applause to die down and concluded. "But enough about things sad, let us celebrate love tonight."

He handed the microphone to Marcia and let her proceed with the ceremony. "Brothers and Sisters, we are here to witness the pledge of love and devotion between two soul mates. So that all may know the depth of your love for one another, tell us of your love for Valerie, Sally."

"Valerie is the most loving and giving soul I have ever known. She is a shining beacon, an example of that most perfect of loves, the love that would lay down her life for another. Evil struck at Francine yesterday, and Valerie, with not a second of hesitation, put herself between her friend and the gun. She is with us today, only because she was wearing a symbol of her devotion to her Master, which you will see shortly. I was captured by her when, in her first days of submitting to our Master, she choose to suffer humiliation in my place. When she gives her submission, she gives more than I had thought it possible to give. I pledge that I will love her with all my heart, as the song described, and to accept her submission with the same depth and totality that she gives it with. And should she desire my submission, I pledge to try to match the depth that she gives myself."

"Valerie, tell us of your love for Sally."

"I am so blessed tonight. In the last month, I have found myself a submissive who so desperately desires to give of myself to a Master, and I have found Sally, the woman who completes me. She is passionate, loving, and honest. There's nothing I wouldn't do for her. She loves Francine for no reason other than because I love her, deeply, as a friend. When we were attacked, her first thought was to make my friend safe. She has shared my joys, my heartbreaks, my desires and my loves. I have had the undeserved fortune to have found two soul mates in my lifetime, my deceased husband Mike Burbon and Sally. It was she who insisted that Mike's picture have a place of prominence in our home, for the sole reason that I loved him, and still do. I pledge that I will love Sally with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul and all my will, now and until the end of time. I will submit to Sally in any way, at any time, that she wishes and my Master permits. If she offers submission to me, I will accept it with the same devotion that I give my own submission."

"Valerie and Sally, extend your hands please. I am binding you together with three cords. The first is the yellow cord. It symbolizes fear. All change is fearful, and today, your lives change forever. As submissives, we learn to let our fear become our strength by giving it to our Dominants to be given back to us as, no longer fear, but courage.

"The white cord symbolizes trust. Living requires trust, and you have chosen to live your lives to the fullest, trusting each other with the most fragile part of any of us, our hearts. As submissives, we learn that trust is a gift we give to others, a gift that, when returned, is infinitely stronger than it was before we gave it.

"The red cord symbolizes love. Sacrifice requires love, and you two have chosen to sacrifice for one another, all that you are. As submissives, we all hope and pray that we can find one who can give us love as well as courage for our fear, who can give us strengthened trust wrapped in the armor of love, who can love us for who we are as we love them for who they are. These cords symbolize the fear, trust, and love that will make of your union a thing unbreakable, in this life, and in the lives to come.

"Master Charles Vanquil, I present to you the submissives, Valerie and Sally, joined to one another for all time. They wish to join with you as well, as your submissives, not because they wish an experience, but because they love and trust you. Sally?"

Sally and Valerie knelt before Charles. Debbie brought up a scroll, tied with a red bow, giving it to Sally. Sally lowered her head and raised the scroll up to Charles, saying, "Master, I thank you for the gift of your domination. Please accept my submission anew, along with this gift, a new contract between us."

Charles took the scroll and opened it. His eyes grew wide as he read it. Softly he asked, "May I read it aloud?"

"Master, I would be honored."

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I accept this submissive's service and the gift she has given me. Allow me to show you the depth of Sally's trust and love for me. 'I, Sally Thatcher, give myself in submission to my Master, Charles Vanquil, for an indeterminate period of time. My submission can only be terminated by my Master's and my mutual consent. I place no limits whatsoever on my submission, except those of my safe word. What he asks, I will obey, without question, until I reach my limits, which I will endeavor to stretch at every opportunity.' Sally, this is a wondrous gift and I shall treasure it."

Marcia turned to Valerie. Surmi was there with the case. "Valerie?"

"Master, my gift has two parts." She reached in and took the key. "This is the only key, there are no others. I do not wish the ability to unlock what I am to give you. Master, I wish to declare to the world at large that I am yours. To that purpose, I have had these made for you. These cuffs and this collar will be on me for as long as you wish, publicly announcing to a world that would condemn me for it, that I have chosen to be owned by you. I place them on my body, but only you can take them off. It is my wish that you never have reason to do so." Surmi held the microphone close so that the entire audience could hear the snapping of each lock. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. Snap. "Please accept my submission anew."

"Valerie, I accept your gift and your submission. In the short month since you have discovered your submissiveness, your growth has been phenomenal. Your willingness to give of yourself has extended beyond that of a submissive giving to her dominant, but as a person, you naturally and without hesitation give of yourself to those you perceive as weaker than yourself. Your gifts, both of your submission and your public declaration honor me.

"Now it is my turn to give the happy couple a gift. My gift to you, Valerie and Sally, is the opportunity to demonstrate to the assembled here today, the nature of your bond to each other. Sally, two weeks ago, you had the opportunity to share in Valerie's submission and pain in a unique way. Today, Valerie will have a similar opportunity to share in your pain and submission. However, you two are a bit overdressed to receive this gift. Surmi, Debbie, will you assist our lovers in preparing themselves?"

The gowns were removed, revealing the nearly naked forms within. A murmuring arose when Valerie's scars were revealed. Many had no idea the level of raw abuse that Valerie had been subjected to and were shocked by the amount and vividness of the damage on her back and legs. Sally had her arms stretched above her head, cuffed together, and attached to a suspended rope from the ceiling. Her feet were just able to touch the ground. No other restraints were put upon her. Valerie was knelt down five feet in front of Sally, her arms cuffed behind her. Her ankle cuffs were snapped to eyebolts in the floor of the stage (they flipped up from concealed recesses) while a spreader bar kept her knees two and a half feet apart. She was bent over backwards slightly so that she was looking into Sally's eyes, her wrist cuffs connected to her ankle cuffs by a length of rope.

Charles brought a small box out. Wires from the box were strung towards Valerie and small circular pads, much like EKG leads, were attached to her pussy, at the lips on either side and directly on top of her clit. A fourth wire was strung to Sally, with a small microphone taped to her chest, just below her throat. Valerie was gagged. Charles flipped a switch on the box and then approached Sally.

"Are you ready to be whipped for your Master's pleasure?"

"Yes, Master." To Sally's horror, as she spoke, Valerie gave a muffled shriek and her body jerked, as if someone had whipped her pussy.

"Yes, Sally. The electrodes on Valerie will shock her every time you utter a sound over a certain volume, such as a scream. I intend to whip you until one of you uses your safe word." He turned to Valerie. He addressed the crowd as he watched Valerie. "Ladies and gentlemen, two weeks ago, Valerie chose to give her safe word to Sally. She was subjected to an intense whipping to her limits, but only her sister submissive could give the safe word. Today, I give Valerie the same choice as then. Valerie, I'm placing the signal ball in your hands. If you drop it, that will be the signal that you are once again giving Sally your safe word. You should know that any sounds Sally makes beyond a normal speaking voice will cause you pain far greater than the pain she will be feeling from the whip. Here is the ball."

Charles placed the ball in her hands. Valerie was frightened, scared of what she had been offered. She would truly be sharing Sally's pain and suffering, and if she gave up her safe word, she would be trusting Sally to stop before it got too much for either one of them. She felt her trust and love rise up and she made the only decision she could. The ball slipped out of her hand and slowly bounced across the stage, each bounce against the floor, seeming to echo loudly in the room, the crowd crying out at what they had never seen or heard of before, the transfer of a safe word.

Sally listened in horror. She knew before Valerie did what choice Val would make. She was to be given the crushing responsibility of Valerie's unconditional trust. She knew that Valerie wasn't just trusting her to stop in time, but to let it go for as long as possible, to give Master the maximum submission that the two of them could. Only this time, she would be holding that trust while she herself gave her trust to another, to receive pain while protecting her lover. Looking down at Valerie, she saw the ball drop and bounce away, all the while Valerie was smiling behind her gag and nodding her head. Valerie would trust Sally with her life.

"Valerie?" Valerie jumped at the shock. "Limits?" Valerie jerked again, but nodded her head. "I won't hold back." Valerie smiled in the midst of another jolt of current. The crowd's murmurs grew more intense, as the exchange, overheard in the front rows, was passed back. Soon all knew that Valerie had asked that Sally not hold back, that she would accept every shock from every cry.

Charles waited for the murmuring to die down, then picked up a cat and walked behind Sally. With no preamble, he began. The first blow struck, and to the amazement of the crowd, Sally called out, "One. Thank you, Master." The words sent shocks into Valerie's sensitive pussy, her muffled cries audible over the hush that had fallen on the crowd. Charles delivered the strokes at a slow steady pace, once every five seconds. Sally counted the first 24 before she was unable to do anything but scream as the blows landed. Valerie's body writhed in pain; all centered on that most sensitive of places.

Both women had tears running down their faces, as the pain came over and over again. Sally was in tears from not just the pain, but from the extreme effort to remain focused on Valerie and what she was enduring. The effort, she knew, would bring her own limits sooner, but she was frightened for Valerie. A sense of satisfaction also filled her, for she wondered whether she might, through this gift, be able to in some way share the limits of her lover. With Valerie experiencing more pain that she did, they may well both reach their limits together. Valerie, on the other hand, was mixing tears of pain with tears of joy. The gift she had been given by her Master was indescribable. She was truly sharing in Sally's experience. She felt, not only pain with Sally, but she also was feeling a little of that helplessness that her lover craved. She felt that she could understand what Sally felt when she described the glorious feeling of powerlessness. It was a level of sharing that most lovers never get to realize.

After the 50th stroke of the cat, Charles stopped. He changed implements to a crop and walked around to the front of Sally. He traced the end of the crop up the wire that hung down between her breasts, diverting long enough to poke at each nipple. Sally tried to keep her breath shallow and of low volume to give Valerie a respite as well.

Charles started the crop working on Sally's flesh. He went at a fast pace, the crop swishing back and forth, hitting different places in rapid succession. It did not take long before Sally was crying out in near constant yelps, subjecting Valerie to near constant electric shocks. Valerie was writhing in pain and crying out as much as the gag would let her. While the box only delivered a maximum charge as powerful as a 9-volt battery, sweat and pussy juice are very conductive and a woman's cunt is the most sensitive area on her body when fully aroused, which Valerie's was. Through her own haze of pain, Sally could see that Valerie was not ready to stop, her limits still somewhere in the future. For fifteen minutes, the two submissives were subjected to near constant agony of two different sorts.

When Charles stopped again, Sally and Valerie looked into each other's eyes, trying to communicate through the pain and tears. Sally could tell that Valerie was close, but still not there. Sally herself was feeling not too close. She was sure that Valerie would reach her limit first. Then she saw Valerie's eyes go wide, her head shaking back and forth in terror. What Sally could not see was the cane that Master had picked up and was aiming at Sally's ass.

The first blow from the cane so caught Sally by surprise that she let out a keening wail that lasted almost a minute, during which, Valerie writhed at the maximized shock that seemed to go on interminably. The second blow hit and Sally was unable to help herself, her scream seeming endless. Valerie was horrified, wanting to desperately stop the scene, but unable to. Her lover subjected to another blow from the cane was more than she could bear the thought of. She saw Charles set up for a third stroke. She willed Sally to say the words. The blow hit and Sally's scream was barely intelligible as "Red Light!"

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