Valerie Ch. 10


The cane dropped to the floor. Before he released anyone, Charles turned the box off, ending the shocks that Sally's convulsive sobs were causing in Valerie. Sally's cuffs were freed from the rope and she crawled to Valerie to hug her. Both women were asking the other if she was okay while Charles undid the bondage that Valerie was in. The crowd was talking amongst itself. They weren't sure just how the two did it, but there was a level of communication between the two that was uncanny. Many couples were envious of the connection Sally and Valerie shared; an envy that wanted to embrace something like it as their own.

Finally released from their bondage, Sally and Valerie knelt before their Master and thanked him for the gift he had given them. He lifted their heads by the chin and said, "I'm looking forward to what you have to give each other." The cross was being wheeled up onto the stage, in preparation for Sally's gift to Valerie.

Standing as she segued from submissive to dominant, Sally attached a leash from the bag that Debbie had brought up to the stage to Valerie's collar. Valerie knelt upright, her hands clasped behind her back, eyes looking down.

"Valerie, will you accept my gift, unseen, no matter what it might be?"

"Mistress, I love everything you have to give me, be it pain, pleasure, frustration, or your occasional submission. I accept your gift and eagerly await its being inflicted upon me."

"Follow me." Sally led her to the St. Andrew's cross, having her stand against it; her cuffs tied to the wood with rope snaked through the rings on them. Taking a long piece of rope, Sally wrapped Valerie's left arm against the cross, from her wrist all the way to her shoulder. Valerie's arm was pressed firmly against the wood and couldn't move at all. The only part of her arm-length glove that remained visible was the hand covering. She repeated the process with her right arm and both legs, those being wrapped from ankle to hip, the knot at the hip being teasingly close to her pussy.

Next, rope was lashed around her corseted stomach, pressing Valerie's torso against the wood. When completed, the white figure eight lashings against her body contrasted with the black of her corset, creating a visually stunning work of art. Valerie was unable to move any portion of her body except her head.

Sally turned to address the crowd. "My dear Valerie has given me many things in her submission. Her pain, her tears, her denied orgasms. Tonight, I give her something that I have never given her before." She turned to Valerie and, looking her in the eyes, announced, "Valerie, you may cum as many times as you are able for the next hour."

As Sally reached up and caressed her breasts, Valerie cried out, "Thank you, Mistress, thank you for your wonderful gift."

Sally ran her hands over the exposed portions of Valerie's body, which were quite limited, thanks to the ropes and the corset. Valerie was moaning at every touch, every iota of contact with her lover. Standing on the frame of the cross, Sally leaned up to Valerie's mouth and, just before locking her in a passionate kiss, whispered, "I wonder if anyone has a safe word limit in orgasms. Let's find out, shall we?"

In the midst of that kiss, Sally dropped a hand down to Valerie's cunt and ran her fingers along the engorged and slick folds of her pussy lips. Valerie cried out into Sally's mouth, her hips bucking pointlessly in her bonds against the hand that was her cunt's best friend right now. When Sally broke the kiss, Valerie cried out "Fuck me, Mistress, fuck me hard and fast. Please take me and make me yours."

Sally slipped three fingers into Valerie's cunt, thrusting them in and out while her mouth continued to ravish Valerie's face, kissing her mouth and cheek and neck, leaving little trails of saliva on her. After several minutes of hand fucking, Sally brought her thumb into play, pressing it to Valerie's clit. Valerie screams in ecstasy as she hurtled towards her first climax of the night. As Sally felt that she was close, she whispered in Valerie's ear, "Cum for me, scream out your pleasure and let the whole world know how much of a slut you are."

Valerie shuddered in her orgasm, her inarticulate voice screaming in pleasure. Her arms and legs totally immobilized, all the intensity of her climax was centered in her pussy, creating an intensity that Valerie had not thought possible. Someone in the crowd yelled out, "That's one!"

Sally smiled and whispered to Valerie as she came down from her orgasm, "He ain't seen nothing yet."

Sally brought her hand to Valerie's mouth where the bound submissive greedily licked herself off of her Mistress. "No rest for the wicked," she commented, and Sally knelt down and licked the free flowing lubricant off of Valerie's cunt. Valerie, barely on the wind down from her first orgasm, cried out as Sally's tongue made contact with her still sensitive pussy flesh.

Sally looked up, calling out, "What do you want, Valerie?"

"Orgasms, Mistress, I want to cum over and over again."

"What does that make you?"

"A slut, Mistress, I'm a slut, hopelessly and shamelessly a slut."

"Whose slut are you?"

"Master's slut and your slut. I belong to Master and you."

"Then show everyone just how much of a slut you are."

Sally drove her tongue into Valerie's pussy, licking the inside folds, drinking up the copious amounts of wetness that were being produced. With every stroke of her tongue, Sally's nose brushed against Valerie's clit, sending her voice into yet another scream. When her next orgasm hit, her scream was vaguely heard by those in the outer lobby of the club. A small knot of onlookers where the first had occurred, yelled out, "That's two!" Several masters had begun caressing their submissives on the floor, holding them in their arms and driving them to orgasm as Valerie was being driven.

This time, Sally didn't stop. She continued to give Valerie a tongue fuck through her orgasm, forcing the next to start just as the first was dying down. And again, unrelenting stimulation that forced four more orgasms to stumble upon themselves in their rush to be expressed. A larger and larger chorus of voices cried out the count. "That's three!" "That's four!" "That's five!" "That's six!"

Sally back off, giving her submissive lover a short rest, a chance for her corset-encased body to catch up on the breathing that it had fallen behind on. Sally's entire face was awash in Valerie's juices. It had dripped down onto her chest and was running down her back. She licked her lips, savoring the luscious taste of her lover's pleasure. Valerie's head hung in exhaustion, her eyes the only part of her that showed excitement. Sally could see the plea that went unspoken in those eyes. "More, give me more."

Sally reached into her bag and pulled out a strap on that Valerie had not seen before. After attaching it to herself, Sally stood and reached her hands around Valerie's neck. "What do you want, slut?"

"Fuck me, Mistress, fuck me hard and fast. Fuck me senseless."

Sally inserted the dildo into Valerie's pussy and reached down to press a rubber covered button, starting the vibrating head of the dildo. Valerie moaned as she felt the head of the realistic fake cock begin to vibrate inside of her. Sally began to thrust in and out of Valerie, slowly at first, letting her feel every inch slide past her pussy lips, letting the vibrations flow through her entire cunt.

Sally's face was within reach and Valerie, seeing and smelling herself, licked as much as she could off of Sally while she was pushed towards her next orgasm. Sally steadily increased the pace, plunging faster and faster into Valerie, with more and more raw force. Like a car coasting down a hill, Valerie raced towards her next cum with increasing speed, crashing at the end, her body shuddering to the limits of its bonds as she screamed yet again, to the accompaniment of the entire room yelling, "That's seven!"

Dildo still embedded into Valerie's cunt, Sally whispered, "Have we found the orgasm limit yet?" Valerie shook her head, coming down off the latest climax. "I guess we'll have to keep searching for it." Valerie nodded, the sweat on her face flicking onto Sally's.

Sally began to fuck Valerie again. This time, no pretense of gentleness, but an acknowledgement that this was an orgasm quest. Valerie got just what she had asked for; she was fucked hard and fast, plunging headlong towards senselessness. Her voice gave evidence to the hard use she was being subjected to, the energy she had been expending in her enforced pleasure. Her breath was ragged, coming in short gasps, all her corseted body could manage. In the back of her mind, Valerie realized that she was actually approaching a limit, her body at the end of its ability to absorb what she was experiencing. She held out, wanting every cum she could squeeze from her body.

Another orgasm broke across Valerie's body as the crowd cried out, "That's eight!" She could feel the end coming and she fought it, forcing her body just a little longer as Sally fucked her through that orgasm, not even slowing, and drew yet another out on top of the last, the crowd crying out, "That's nine!" Valerie saw blackness edging into the periphery of her vision and whispered in Sally's ear, "Red light."

Sally stopped, holding totally still. Whispering back, "Red light?" Valerie nodded as her vision cleared, her chest heaving as much as the corset allowed, air, blessed air, flowing back into her body. Sally stepped down, extracting the plastic cock and turning off the barely functioning vibrator as she removed the harness. She unwrapped the ropes from Valerie slowly, giving her the time to rest without it looking like a rest break. By the time Valerie was down, she was breathing normally.

Sally kissed her deeply and whispered, "Is my gift submission or domination?"

Valerie answered by pressing down on her shoulders. Behind them, several men were changing the cross for a basic box frame. Sally knelt before Valerie and waited for what was to come. All she knew was that Surmi had somehow helped Valerie with this gift. Her secret wish that Valerie could somehow manage to whip her was too much to really hope for.

Valerie clipped a leash onto Sally's collar and led her around the stage, showing off her lover and the glistening wetness that was Valerie coating Sally. The circuit complete, she led Sally to the frame and locked her in, the rings on her cuffs being snapped to carabineers on the frame. The straps between the carabineers and the frame were pulled tight, stretching Sally taut, spread eagle in the center of the stage.

Surmi gave the prearranged signal and the lights on the stage dimmed; a red spotlight on Sally the only visible illumination. The only hint of the black light that was also illuminating the stage was the glow that Valerie's white stockings gave off. Valerie put a blindfold on Sally and called out to her, "Sally, I require your submission. Will you accept all that I have to give you tonight?"

"Yes, Mistress, I accept your gift, no matter what it is."

"Then I choose to give you that which I thought was impossible for me, beyond my limits."

Sally's heart leapt, hoping against hope. The inflicting of pain was the only thing Sally knew was beyond Valerie's ability to give. Could it be true?

Valerie retrieved her cat, and with a practiced flourish, unveiled it's now glowing strands for all (except Sally) to see. Valerie walked around Sally, whirling the strands, letting Sally hear the swishing of the air as it was whipped into submission. She brushed the strands against Sally's back, causing her to flinch, the anticipation building in Sally.

Sally knew there was a whip. She could hear it, feel it being dragged across her back, her breasts. She wanted more, much more. She craved the helplessness of pain inflicted with no recourse but to accept it. The crowd saw Sally becoming more and more aroused and anxious and the first blow had yet to land. Sally was whimpering, in desperate need for something, anything. She cried out, "Please, Mistress, please."

"Please what?" Valerie answered loudly.

"Whip me, please whip me."

"Very well."

Valerie spun the whip in a fast circle as she walked around her lover, seemingly contemplating where to strike. Sally was whimpering, crying tears from beneath her blindfold, with nary a stroke touching her body. The first blow landed against her back, Valerie's full strength behind it. Sally screamed, more from relief than from pain. She cried out, "Thank you, Mistress. May I have another?"

Valerie drew the strands of the whip over the top of Sally's head, aware of the knot in her own stomach. As planned (she saw Surmi give her a thumbs-up off to the side), she dragged out the play until the knot faded. She brought the whip handle to Sally's face, forcing her to kiss it and suck the cock shaped handle into her mouth. Over and over, the strands were lightly brushing across Sally's skin. The bound woman was beside herself, craving the next stroke with an intensity she had never felt before.

The second blow landed unannounced, directly across Sally's breasts. "Thank you, Mistress, may I have another?" Valerie inserted the cock handle into Sally's sopping pussy, coating it with juices and traced little letters on Sally's body in her own wetness. She lightly flicked the strands against Sally's legs, letting them wrap all the way around. These brushes were so gentle as to cause no pain, but enough to ratchet up Sally's anticipation. By the time the third blow hit her seven minutes later, Sally was sobbing her head off, begging for pain.

The crowd saw the unbelievable, a sobbing sub whose tears only stopped when she felt the whip hard against her body. Valerie continued this leather version of the Chinese water torture for almost an hour. Single blows interspaced with minutes of caresses, brushes and fuckings by the whip. Sally was crying profusely, begging for minutes at a time for the next blow. Valerie, drawing on years of experience at capturing attention with ads, had the crowd in her hands as well. Almost no one in the crowd knew that the long delays were to respect Valerie's limits. They were shouting encouragement at her play, voicing their own desires for quicker and slower strokes.

Nine strokes, fifty minutes. As the ninth stroke fell, Sally sobbed, "I can't take it anymore, please another, please, Mistress. I red light the waiting, I red light the waiting." Valerie braced herself and delivered two more strokes, both against Sally's pussy, then dropped the whip, her stomach in an uproar. She went up and embraced her lover, crying herself at the effort needed to deliver those last three strokes in rapid succession.

"Thank you for that incredible experience, Mistress."

"I love you, Sally, I love you so much."

Valerie released Sally from her bondage and they stood in front of the crowd. Charles came back onto the stage and they both knelt at his feet, bending down and kissing them. Charles took a microphone and addressed the crowd. "Ladies and Gentlemen, my submissives, Sally and Valerie." He paused for the applause to die down. "We have one more gift to bestow tonight. Our gift to you, our brothers and sisters in the lifestyle. Tonight is auction night. I will be auctioning off these two slaves as the first slaves off the block tonight. One lucky, and generous, Dominant will have the use of these slaves for the rest of the night. Once we have them cleaned up from their exertions, they will be on display in cage number one."

They were led on leashes to the shower area of the club and allowed to strip and wash their bodies. They showered together, under the same spray, holding on to each other and gently caressing while the water washed most of the accumulated fluids away.

"So, you were practicing on Surmi, finding out what you could and could not handle?"

"Yes. She helped me come up with the whole routine, the spaced out blows, the taunting caresses of the lashes. I so wanted to be able to give you something special, something I've never done before. I hope you enjoyed it."

"It was so wickedly humiliating and power-stripping. God, I loved it. You so have to do that again sometime, when you feel up to it. You didn't go too far for yourself with those last blows did you?"

"No. Right up to them though. Those orgasms, so many, so fast. I can't believe you drove me to red light on orgasms. And after all those denied ones this week, I loved it. I want to try for 15 next time, if Mistress allows a next time."

"I may make you earn them, but I think we can come to some sort of arrangement. We should go out and put ourselves on display now. Who do you think will win us?"

"I wouldn't mind Fred and Daphne winning again. Rachael said she was going to try as well."

"I want a guy to win, maybe a group of them. I so want to be fucked, to feel cum inside me and all over me."

"That would be great. But truthfully, I want someone, anyone who will use me hard, make me submit to the depths of my soul. I want to feel like a slave, not just like a submissive, with the love of my life. It would be the perfect climax to this celebration."

"Yeah, it would. To leave knowing that we've been the best slaves we can be would make this a perfect day."

They left the showers, where Charles led them totally naked to the sign-in area for the auction. They needed to fill out the forms that listed the restrictions on their use. They agreed that they wanted to give the maximum they could and only put restrictions down where they had total disgust for the activity, such as blood sport, scat and water sports. Other than Valerie's restriction on pain being inflicted on her back, they left every level of pain open. The forms signed, they were led to cage one and Charles himself put them into their display bondage.

They were stood apart from each other, their backs to one another. Their ankles were fastened to the floor, with their legs spread three feet apart. Each had their hands bound in binder gloves behind their backs, the laces tied so that their elbows were only an inch apart. They were then leaned back until their shoulders rested in two slings. They were at the level where their heads were horizontal to the floor and laying next to each other. Each could feel the hair of the other draping down past their ears to hang below them. A small bar was attached to their collars, locking them down, neither able to lift her head without pulling on the other one painfully. While uncomfortable looking, they were actually able to rest on the slings, saving their muscles from serious exertion. Blindfolds were added so that they couldn't see who was inspecting the merchandise.

They knew that it wasn't yet 6:00 and that they'd be displayed this way for over two hours. There was a near constant parade of people, many who came simply to offer their congratulations on finding their love or at the incredible scenes they had provided. Valerie's scars received a fair amount of attention as well. Many asked about how it had happened and how bad it had been.

One in particular touched Valerie's heart. A young lady, Valerie would have been shocked if she had been a day over 20, could be heard crying as she knelt beneath Val, tracing the scars one by one. There was sadness and fear in those tears.

"Honey, do you want to talk?" Valerie couldn't see it, but the girl was alone in the cage with them. The next man in line recognized something different about the unaccompanied submissive in front of him and made sure that the line didn't progress while she was there.

"Is it allowed?"

"Yes. Why are you crying?"

"It's so…horrible. I…is it wrong to be scared of what happened?"

"No. I was scared when it happened."

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