Valerie Ch. 10


"Could that happen to me?"

"The best way to keep it from happening is to have a Dominant that you know can be trusted. Good ones don't want to do this."

Tears fell on Valerie's face. The girl was struggling to say something and it wasn't coming out.

Valerie tried to put her at ease. "Is there anyone else around?"

"No. They're all waiting I think."

"Then you can tell me anything and it will be just the three of us. I promise I won't tell anyone anything you want to keep secret."

Sally added, "That goes for me, too."

"Sometimes, when I dream, I'm being whipped like you were, with cuts and blood and stuff. And I wake up horny and needing to cum. Am I evil?"

"No dear, you're not evil. Do you want it when you're awake?"

"No! It terrifies me. It would be like going back to my family, letting my dad do things." Her last words were cut off, choking as her fear and grief threatened to overwhelm her.

"It's okay. Secrets, remember. Your dad would beat you?"

"Yes, and rape me. I couldn't stop it; sometimes I didn't feel like I wanted to. Is that why I want to be tied up and used?"

"No! That's part of who you are. But your dad twisted it. Do you have a Dominant yet?"

"No. I'm scared that I'll pick someone like him."

Valerie knew she was treading on dangerous ground. She couldn't imagine how much good would come from an abuse victim going from her abusive situation straight into the lifestyle. This girl needed help and was reaching out in the only way she knew how; to the only person she could imagine could understand her. She needed counseling, not domination.

"What's your name honey?"

"Lisa. Lisa Green."

"Lisa. Your fear of picking someone like him is smart. Do you trust me?"

"Yes, I think so."

"Do you remember what my Master looks like?"

"Yes. He looks really strong."

"He is, more than you can imagine. I want you to go to him, right after you leave me, and tell him that Valerie sent you to him. Can you tell him everything that you've told me? Are you strong and brave enough to do that?"

"I…I think so. He won't hurt me, will he? Like you were hurt?"

"No. He hates that people get hurt like I was. He'll make sure that no one ever hurts you like this. But it will be hard for you. You'll have to learn how to not pick people like your dad. Do you want that?"

"Oh yes. I want a strong man who will protect me and keep me safe. I'll do anything to be safe."

"Then go find my Master. His name is Charles. Okay?"

"Okay. Thank you for talking to me."

They heard her run off. Valerie asked Sally, "Can Master help her?"

"If he can't then he can find who can. He did for Francine."

The people continued to come and look them over. Sally and Valerie found themselves being fondled at times, their cunts, asses, and mouths being poked and prodded with fingers. No one had touched her last month when she was on display. She could only imagine that Master had allowed it. She and Sally were both highly aroused and moaning slightly when a familiar voice perked them up: Lilly.

"Oh my God, you two are so beautiful. I saw the whole thing. I think I get it now."

"Get what, Lilly?"

"Careful, you might get into trouble if you call me by name. For all you know I'm some powerful Mistress who could get mad."

"I'm sorry, Mistress. What do you get, Mistress?"

"I understand why you do it, why you let people whip you, use you, and humiliate you. You love him, don't you?"

"Yes, very much. So much that I want to do anything to make him happy."

Sally added her own comments. "It's not that way for everyone. Some people are into it for the incredible sex. That's where I started, and Valerie I think. But as we came to love Master, we let him demand more of us."

"I know. I saw you up there and I could tell how much you love each other and him. It was so incredible. I could never do it myself, and it's a little hard to watch still, but I'm not scared for you anymore, I don't think."

"That's wonderful, Mistress. It's a long way from Master's house and how badly you felt when I had to drink my dinner through a straw."

"Lilly, how did those cuffs that I loaned you work out?"

They could feel her lean in close to whisper her answer. "It was fan-fucking-tastic. He lasted longer than ever before and he loved it, too. Where can I get some of my own?"

"Lilly, keep them as a gift from us to you. Enjoy them. Have you thought of letting him tie you up?"

"Yes." The lust dripping from her voice was thick. "He promised me lots and lots of orgasms if I let him."

"You go, girl."

There was one more familiar voice that addressed them; at least it was familiar to Valerie. Erika piped up, "Hello, Valerie. This is my Master."

"Master Damien. It's a pleasure to meet you, sort of."

"So this is the little submissive who has excited my Erica. I understand you'll be working in the same office as she does."

"Yes, Sir." She and Sally could both feel his hands tracing lightly along their bodies. Like their own Master, he seemed to be an expert at provoking a sexual response from almost any touch at any place on their bodies.

"I intend to ask your Master Charles for your services in monitoring little Erika's obedience in the office. She would, of course, monitor yours as well."

Valerie and Sally were having a hard time staying concentrated on the conversation. "Ohhh. Master Damien, you're really good at this. Ahhhh. I'd be very happy to assist Erica in any way she needs. Uhhhhh."

"Do you have permission to cum?"

"Not explicitly, Sir," Sally answered.

"Too bad," he said as he took his hands away from their bodies.

Finally, the time came. Master came and unhooked their collars from each other, allowing them to stand. Softly, he commented, "Valerie, I talked to Lisa Green. She'll be working at the house while she receives appropriate therapy. I highly approve of your initiative in the matter. She won't be submitting before she has been cleared for it by Dr. Gloush."

Sally mused, "What was meant for evil has been turned for good."

"Yes, it has."

Once they were standing, a chain was used to connect their collars together again, with just enough slack for them to stand side by side. Gags were added and a leash clipped to the chain between them. He then led them to the stage, to the chorus of whispers. The auctioneer's voice came over the loud speakers.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to the monthly slave auction at The Mephisto Club. Today's first lot is a special treat. A pair of female slaves well trained in submission and the pleasing of men and women. These sister sluts are soul mates, deeply in love with each other, with their Master, and with their own submission. Their offering contract has the fewest restrictions on it that I have seen in over a year. They promise a wonderful night for any Dominant who wins them." She ran her crop through their pussies, showing the glistening of their juices on the end. "Now, as you can clearly see, the mere prospect of hard use for the rest of the night has them already on the verge of climax. Just imagine their levels of responsiveness under your hands, whips, or whatever else you intend to inflict on them. Shall we start the bidding at $500?"

The bidding did start at $500, but left that mark well behind in short order. The barker would interrupt her spiel at times to run her crop over some part of their body, eliciting a groan or moan from the women. When the excitement died down, the final bid was $3200. The auctioneer called him up to take possession. "Come on up, Sir Calvin, and claim your prize. Don't hold back now, you've paid dearly for them."

"I have no intention of holding back. Come along, slaves, I intend to get my money's worth from you."

Valerie started, recognizing the voice as that of Calvin Freshin, the man who called to give her the interview at Delgrasi. His voice was much harsher than it had been over the phone. He led them at a brisk pace, forcing them to trust him implicitly to not lead them into obstacles. They heard a door open before them and their shoulders just brushed against the door frame of one of the private rooms. They were positioned to one side of the room and their blindfolds were removed.

Sir Calvin was the only other person in the room. He was dressed in street clothes: jeans, flannel shirt, running shoes. There was a large leather bag, about the size of a golf bag, next to a table that had a series of ropes suspended above it. Against one wall were a series of eyebolts at foot level and six feet up. Holding a crop in one hand, he started to speak.

"You will find me a different Master than you're used to. The only way to please me is to endure everything I inflict upon you, without complaint. I was most impressed by your ability to submit together, to levels that I suspect are far greater than what you can take alone. I intend to explore how far this ability extends. You may not speak to me or to each other in any way. You will not remain gagged, for reasons that'll become apparent. Any disobedience will result in the other slave being punished. I know your safe words, and they'll do just fine. Do you understand your orders so far?"

They both nodded. He stepped forward and removed their gags. "Valerie, get up on the table." She climbed up, needing help since her arms were still locked in the binder glove behind her back. Sir Calvin climbed up with his bag and set up a series of slings that he placed Valerie into, so that she was suspended above the table by about three feet, facing down. Her feet were spread with a spreader bar.

Jumping down, her set the bag on the floor and turned to Sally. "Get up on the table."

"Yes, Master," she said before she could catch herself. Sir Calvin's crop lashed out and hit Valerie's nipple, causing her to cry out. Sally looked at Valerie in alarm, relieved to see a wink coming back at her, telling her it was okay. Once on the table, her binder gloves were removed so she could lie down on her back to be tied out spread eagle. Their faces looked at one another, a mere two feet apart.

Then, two plastic bags full of water were withdrawn from his bag and suspended from the ceiling near their legs at different heights. Both bags had rubber tubing coming out of them, in a somewhat complicated arrangement. At the ends of the tube contraptions were two more bags, empty. He took a tube of lube and coated the outer area of each ass. Then each had a nozzle inserted into their ass several inches. Once in, he operated a small hand pump and they could feel the tube inflate inside them.

"Here's what's going to happen. By now, you have figured out that you're getting enemas. They will both fill at the same time. Once you're full, I will close the valve and you will be unable to expel the water until I release the exit valve. If you feel that you can't stand the pressure any more, say the word, 'release.' Whichever one of you lasts the longer will receive five blows directly on your pussy, while the water is still inside. Nod your heads if you understand."

They both nodded their heads. Each could see the other one's eyes go wide as the implications made themselves understood. One of them was going to suffer pain, the likes of which, neither had experienced before. Only by pushing their limits could they save the other from that fate.

As they looked into each other's eyes, he released the valves and cold water flowed into their bodies. Both cried out in shock as their insides dropped in temperature, fast. Each could see the other's belly begin to expand as the water filled the lower bowels, pushed on by the pressure of being two feet above each of their asses. As the last of the water flowed in, he locked the valves on the Bardex tubes and walked about them, watching.

Valerie felt the first cramping, her body wanting to expel the mass filling her bowels as soon as possible. Sally's cramps followed shortly afterwards, spurred on by the same soap that had been added to Valerie's solution. The need to go and the pain from the cramps brought tears to their eyes. Sir Calvin would occasionally brush the edge of his crop against their nipples or clit, adding to the sensations that were pouring over them.

Sally had been given an enema before and knew that she had very little resistance for this particular pain. The thought of a pussy cropping on top of all of this was terrifying her. After five minutes, her eyes looked pleadingly at Valerie, begging for understanding and willingness from her partner. Valerie, herself wondering if she could take much more, having never had an enema before, recognized the panic in Sally's face and, steeling herself for what was to come, nodded her head vigorously.

Sally cried out, "Release!" Sir Calvin stepped back to her ass and twisted a valve, allowing the water inside of her to flow out into the collection bag that lay on the floor. Without comment, he took the crop and flicked it hard against Valerie's pussy, causing her to scream as the involuntary jerk at the pain, set the cramps off even worse. He waited ten full seconds and delivered the second of the five blows. She jerked and screamed again, the agony of clenching in pain with a belly full of soapy water being excruciating.

As the five blows were delivered, Sally could only watch in tears, as any word she spoke would result in more punishment for Valerie. As Valerie's tears dripped onto her face, she mouthed the word "Sorry." Valerie shook her head, mouthing, "It's okay," to reassure Sally that she was able to take it. Valerie gave full vent to the pain, screaming and sobbing in an attempt to make it a miniscule bit more bearable. By now, both ladies had realized that there would be no sex tonight. Sir Calvin was about pushing the boundaries of their ability to take pain and discomfort.

After the fifth stroke against her pussy, while she was still screaming, the valve was released and the water poured out, the release of pressure and the cramping almost orgasmic in intensity. As he proceeded to remove their enema nozzles, he thought about them to himself.

"They're in touch with each other. I think Valerie is a protector. She will suffer anything to keep others safe. Her ability to suffer is immense. For others, I doubt she has a limit. Sally feels a need to protect Valerie as well, but has less capacity, or believes she does. How would she react if she was the only thing between Valerie and unimaginable suffering?"

He raised Valerie's suspension another two feet and set up an unusual apparatus that looked like an erector set construction. Suspended on two small platforms, their wicks just touching the tips of Valerie's nipples were placed two candles. The little platforms were mounted on springs and had rings mounted on the under side. He then attached nipple clips to Sally's nipples. A chain was attached to the rings on the underside of the platforms, with the other end attached to Sally's nipple clamps, pulling the platforms down a full nine inches. The tension pulling up on Sally's tits was excruciating, causing her to cry out in pain. To Sally's horror, he then lit the candles.

"Sally, you may ask for the clamps to be release at any time, and I will. I don't have to tell you what the result will be if you do. Eventually, the candles will burn down enough so that the flame won't touch Valerie's breasts when they're released. All you have to do is endure the pain that long. Valerie, you may ask for Sally to be spared at any time you wish and I will release her clamps, with the predictable result. I shall enjoy watching you. Oh, you may speak to each other as much as you wish."

Sally yelled out, "Don't you even think about it, Val! I can do this. You wait, you just wait."

"They'll go out quick, it'll be okay."

"No! No! Not your choice. My choice. Ahhhh." Tears of agony flowed from Sally's eyes. She looked into Valerie's eyes, pleading for Valerie to let her do this, to protect her as Valerie would protect Sally in the same situation. As the springs pulled relentlessly against her nipples, stretching them obscenely, she screamed out in pain, holding herself flat so as to not let those hated candles ascend even a fraction of an inch.

Valerie saw the look in Sally's eyes, the desperation, not for release from the pain, but for the pain to continue. She wanted to spare her lover the pain, but realized that the emotional pain of watching Valerie being scarred by the candles would be infinitely worse for Sally. It became clear what Sally had to be protected against, not the pain of the clamps, but the pain of watching helplessly. The helplessness Sally would experience at watching Valerie seared while unable to stop it would be vastly beyond her limits. Her love for Valerie, however, would give her the strength to endure the torture on her breasts. "You're right, Sally. You can do this."

For 30 minutes the clamps bit into Sally's nipples, pulling relentlessly. Sally cried and screamed in agony, refusing to ask for release, watching the candles slowly burn down. Blessedly, they were faster burning candles. Sally had seen candles that long that took three times as much time to burn down the length that was needed. All during that time, Valerie encouraged Sally, telling her how much she was loved and how brave she was. Both their hearts were tearing, breaking at the thought of how much each had to endure or was in danger of enduring.

Finally, Valerie said, "Sally, I think it's safe. Let him."

"Are you sure? I can't tell."

"Yes. Do it."

"Master, please release me."

Sir Calvin stepped up and released both clamps at the same time, one last blast of pain rocketing through Sally's nipples as a result. Valerie watched the candles, unsure of how far they would bounce up towards her breasts. She watched in shock, as the candles went out the instant they started back up. The only thing to hit Valerie's breasts was a small splatter of candle wax, eliciting a wince before the wax quickly cooled.

The release of tension caused Valerie to break down, sobbing uncontrollably. Sally opened her eyes in panic, seeing Valerie crying and the candles no longer lit. "Val, Val, what is it?"

"They went out. They went out when he released them. It was always safe."

Sally's mouth hung open for a second, and then she broke out laughing. "It was a mind fuck; it was a wonderfully devious mind fuck."

Sir Calvin gave a small laugh himself, "Yes, I so love my mind fucks. My own slave can never tell when I'm playing with her mind, because I'm not always doing so. I'm very pleased with the two of you. You are truly soul mates. Your ability and willingness to sacrifice for each other is phenomenal. Would you like to play one more game?"

Valerie spoke up. "Master, we are simply slaves that you have purchased. Any game you wish to play, we'll play. If I may say, Sir, thank you for the opportunity to plumb the depths of our love for one another."

"Good. First, I need Sally to turn around." He undid Sally's bonds and had her turn around so that her pussy was directly below Valerie's face. After rebinding her, he draped a small platter, about an inch across, over Valerie's head by four chains that connected at one point. He lowered her again, until the platter was three inches above Sally's body, centered one inch north of her pussy. In the platter, he placed another candle, this one different looking.

"This candle can't be blown out, it has one of those gag wicks. When I light it, I will start whipping your belly, Valerie. Now, the more your head moves, the more wax that will spill on Sally. Your self-control, Valerie, will determine how great a waxing Sally will get."

But Sir Calvin was not finished. He turned Valerie face up and erected another contraption on the ladies. Just north of Valerie's pussy, he suspended another small platter. Four chains were fixed to the cardinal points of the platter and extended down past Valerie's body and connected behind Sally's head. He placed another candle on this platter.

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