tagIncest/TabooValerie Moves Home

Valerie Moves Home


After the crash of the dot.com market, I found myself in the unenviable position of moving in with my parents. I was expecting a bit of a rough transition. After all, I was a twenty-four year old fashion maven whom enjoyed a very liberal lifestyle. I had no idea that by moving home I would embark upon the most sensual of journeys.

It started with my mother. Jocelyn, my mother, is 5' 1" tall and about 93 lbs. She's a blonde haired, blue-eyed pixie with pert little breasts on her gymnast's body. My mother, a collegiate gymnast, met my father at a dorm party. George, my father, is 6' 7" tall and about 293 lbs. He's a blond, blue-eyed Viking like man. Me? I'm Valerie. I'm 6'1" tall, am built on a woman's platform with huge tits and a mound that sticks out further than most men's cock and balls. My hips, arms and legs are slender, by eyes are whiskey colored and my hair is the whitest shade of blonde.

I was moved back into my old bedroom and just settling down for my first night under my parents' roof when the door opened and in walked my mother in sheathed only in the sheerest of negligees. Without a bye your leave, she whipped the quilt from my body and, literally, dived between my legs, her tiny hands grasping my breasts as she pulled her body along mine. "Darling," she cooed, giving one tit and then the other a little nip, "you're father and I are so happy that you have come home."

Jocelyn paused in her welcome home speech to rub her tiny little mound against mine for a few seconds. I remember the confusion I felt at that moment. I was so turned on by these tiny little hands massaging my breasts and pulling on my nipples. And I was equally appalled that I wanted to grab my mother's boyish hips and grind her pussy against mine until we were both rubbed raw.

"Mother..." I moaned, completely off kilter.

"Mmmmmm," my mother moaned against my neck, nuzzling my ear as her tiny hands continued their ministrations to my breast meat. She was pulling and twisting my nipples away from my body, then releasing the nipples making my entire breast snap. It was sheer heaven. "My baby," she sighed, looking deep into my eyes, her undiluted love for me completely evident in her own eyes. "I'm so glad your home." Jocelyn bent her head and captured my lips in the sweetest kiss.

A moment later, she shifted position. She spread my thighs open, and then attacked my cunt with absolutely everything she had. Her tongue licked, her lips suckled, her teeth nipped and gnawed and her hand delved, her fingers acting as spanner making me open wider and wider. I felt the pressure beginning to build, as I thrashed on the bed. My mother clamped my engorged clit between her teeth and began shaking her head like a dog going for the kill. I began to actually scream as wave after wave of sensation filled my body and gushed from my body.

Without thinking, my knees clamped around my mother's ribcage and flipped her on her back. I treated her tiny little titties like a couple of stress balls, alternately squeezing one and then the other while my mouth feasted on her pussy. By this time I had forgotten she was my mother. Looking back, I believe I just thought of her as Jocelyn, my catch from whichever bar I had stumbled home.

I kept my mouth on her pussy while she crested the first time rather quickly. Then I went in for the kill. Sitting up, I put her in froggy position, facing me with her legs wrapped around my waist. I bent my head to kiss her, full on the lips, my tongue doing battle with hers until she began squirming in earnest against my belly, her little titties hard as rocks. "Oh, Mother," I whispered in her ear, giving her a small love bite on her neck, "you are a hot, little whore."

My words cranked Jocelyn up a notch and she began thumping her little body against mine. With very little effort, I had her spread eagle and pinned on the bed. Slowly and deliberately, I began to kiss every square inch of her body. Jocelyn was swearing like a sailor on leave, demanding release. I just laughed at her demands and continued to take my time with her body. I was wrapping my mind around my mother and I becoming lovers. I was slightly ashamed of how incredibly turned on I was. My mother was such a little fireball all the time. I am more like my father personality wise – laid back and upbeat. I was amused that my mother's bitching continued into the bedroom. I wondered if she would want to cruise bars together. Hell, I really wanted to know if she and I would fuck my father together. The thought of my father got me all wet.

Grasping my mother by the hips, I tipped her off the bed, her head only inches from the floor. I began to feast on her pussy. I gnawed on one lip and then the other, before suckling her clit in tighter and tighter formations until she was screaming, my head squeezed between her thighs.

I licked my mother clean before dragging her limp body back onto the bed. I slowly traced the outline of her nipples with my thumbs, watching them get hard and prickly. My mother retained her gymnast's figure with absolutely zip hair growth. I gave each nipple a rough pinch before hauling myself off the bed and walking toward the door. Jocelyn was some most delicious pussy and a trooper. But I wanted my father and I wanted him now. I would deal with Jocelyn later.

Apparently, my father was reading my mind. Because as I opened the door I heard him shout, "If you're not up her pronto, princess, your ass will feel the lash of my belt." The juice began to drip right the hell out of my pussy. I definitely had time to grab a bottled water on my way up the stairs.

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