tagSci-Fi & FantasyValerie, the Demon Hunter Ch. 01

Valerie, the Demon Hunter Ch. 01



Any and all characters within this story are fictional; any intellectual property belongs to its owner(s). This story was written for entertainment purposes only.


Valerie shot another bolt from her hand crossbow, leaving a gory hole in the zombie's head.

"Vile cretin" she spat with hatred.

As the zombie fell onto the blighted earth with a dull thud the felled zombie's allies approached.

"Looks like I have company, I'd have it no other way" Valarie stated to Lana as they let forth a wicked grin that stretched, seemingly from ear to ear.

"Lana, be a dear and take to the right" Valarie asked the impressive 6'4 woman who's blonde and protruding green eyes emanated from her black cloth hood and was equipped in a Demon Hunter cloak, black leather leggings and black 3" platform boots which added to her 6'1 frame that was Lana, who seemed to be in her teens when in reality she stopped ageing at that period and was now 61 years of age.

"Yes mother" sighed Lana to her mother Valerie. A sensual raven haired, 5'9 woman also with protruding green eyes dressed in the same garments as her daughter except for her black leather pointed toe & high heel boots which also added 3" to her 5'6 build, who only seemed in her mid 20's but was 81 years old. Lana reached for the hand crossbow in the holder attached to her right thigh, drew it and aimed to the right of her and her mother's stride. They both continued their journey mowing down enemies, step by step.

Valerie and Lana saw a glimpse of light in the distance. "Lana my dear, I think we are almost at our destination" Valarie said as they continued down the path to an opening by a hill which was lit up by two torches placed a closed wooden gate which was part of a wall, built with wood and stone, reinforced with killing pits. By the wall stood 4 soldiers, one of which looked like he was their leader judging from the attire he wore, which differed from his fellow soldiers'.

"Halt, who are you and what may be your business in New Tristham" asked the soldier with the differing attire.

"My name is Valarie and this is Lana, my daughter. And we seek the fallen star" replied Valerie sensually.

"I am Captain Ramford and none may pass, New Tristham is overpopulated and we cannot house another civilian. This wretched place is too dangerous for two women likes yourselves, it's best to turn around and return from whence you came." Cpt. Ramford stated. At that very moment a Wave of zombies started to emerge from the forest in front of the gate.

"Soldiers! A horde of zombies approach! To arms! ARCHERS AT YOUR STATIONS! Ladies, I suggest turning on your heels and RUNNING!" Cpt. Ramford ordered.

Valerie's gaze met with her daughters and without exchanging a word both Valerie and Lana drew their hand crossbows and started to fill in the head of risen dead with bolts before the soldiers' mind even processed what was occurring.

"I have never seen anyone fight like that" Cpt. Ramford stated, Dumbfounded.

"Instead of thanking us, how about letting us pass unhindered?" Lana inquired.

"I'm sorry, but even though we may require your aid, we are still over populated."

"Aw, please? How about my daughter and I 'aid' your men with a little release?" Valerie commanded whilst stepping up to Cpt. Ramford and stroking the growing bulge that was held within his pants.

"O-o-okey" Cpt. Ramford stuttered as the two sensual figures pulled the throbbing members out of his and his three subordinates' pants, who then knelt and began to lick and stroke up and down the cocks in their hands, both of them almost synced. They both simultaneously kissed the helmet heads of their victims and alternated to the other and repeated until they started to blow. Cpt. Ramford was the first, his creased balls tightened up as Valerie shoved his phallus into her throat, he let out a quiet shout as he blew his thick semen into the back of her throat. Then Lana's two penises simultaneously blew their thick loads into her mouth, and then she smacked her lips and swallowed the semen in her mouth. Valerie then engulfed the other soldiers' penis with her mouth and she sucked in his load, and swallowed.

"Open the gates!" commanded an exhausted Cpt. Ramford as he and his men began to stuff their penises into their pants.

The blood caked wooden gate opened.

"Find me if you ever want to go the full way, I wouldn't mind taking your virginity" said Lana as she smiled to the blonde haired guard who's penis he just had in her mouth who then began to blush into a tomato colour as Valerie and her spawn entered the city.

Valerie and Lana had reached a step closer to their quest.

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