tagLoving WivesValerie the Magnificent Ch. 05

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 05

byval wrangler©

After we got the Sybian, Val's and my sex life heated up considerably. We didn't use it all that often. First of all, Val was pretty sore after a long workout. Secondly, not knowing when I was going to strap her onto it kept Val on sort of a 'sexual edge' most of the time, since she a) REALLY liked it and b) was under my strict 'orders' not to use it on her own. That was all part of our little game.

Without really discussing it, we'd come to an arrangement where I would facilitate her being 'naughty' which helped remove some of the guilt she felt whenever she succumbed to her urges. It was all smoke and mirrors, of course, but it seemed to suit us both: Val could allow herself to go out of control and I could maintain at least a semblance of control over her.

Since our two children were now out on their own, we had the whole house to ourselves and we made the most of it. Over the next few months, we must have made love in every room, on every flat surface, in every possible position. When she wasn't working, Val would often greet me at the door in various states of undress. One of my favorites was when she opened the door wearing a tight, cropped white T-shirt and some high-heeled shoes with ties that wrapped up around her calves, tousled hair and very red lipstick.That was it. I dropped my briefcase on the floor as she wrapped herself around me, humping my leg and making me instantly hard.

"That is a pretty risque way to greet me at the door. What if I'd brought someone home for dinner?" I said sternly.

Val looked down at her feet. "I guess I wasn't thinking. Don't you like me greeting you at the door?"

"That's not the point, Valerie. What you did was VERY naughty."

She looked up, grinning shyly. "You're not going to have to punish me, are you?"

"I just may."

I took off my coat and handed it to her, and when she turned to put it in the hall closet, I quickly took off my tie. Grabbing one wrist, I threw a loop over it and before she could react (if she actually wanted to), I had her other wrist behind her. In less time than it takes to describe it, I had her hands firmly tied behind her back. (I'd been practising my technique!)

I pulled Val by one arm down into the basement. "Stand against this pole, young lady!"

Val leaned against one of the poles running down the length of our basement. I quickly went into my work room and came back with some shackles I'd purchased online. Her eyes got big when she saw them. I also noticed a flush spreading across the upper part of her chest, a sure sign of Val's arousal.

One pair of shackles went around Val's ankles with the chain connecting them behind the post. Then I removed my necktie from around her wrists and fastened on the other pair of shackles, again with the chain behind the pole.

Putting my necktie around her elbows and tying them tightly behind her, forced Val hard against the pole which must have been pretty cold because she flinched and goosebumps immediately started forming all over her body. Her nipples rose magnificently.

I stood in front of her slowly raising my eyes from her feet, along those gorgeous long legs, her freshly shaved pussy with its carefully trimmed 'landing strip' of black hair, her taut stomach, those magnificent breasts and finally up to her face which still made my heart skip when I looked at it.

"Should I have my dinner now and punish you later, you naughty girl?"

Val's nostrils flared. "Punish me now! I deserve it."

She probably thought that I would do my usual, fasten her to the Sybian and then leave her alone while I went upstairs. I'd done that twice before. A few other times, I'd stay down to man the Sybian's controls, changing them often and make her writhe and beg to be allowed to cum.

What she didn't know was that I'd hidden one of those little spy cameras and a mic so that I would know if she was being really naughty and using the pleasure machine when I wasn't around. So far, she hadn't, but the mpegs I had of her two times riding it while I was upstairs, showed that Val could enjoy the sensations of the Sybian far more than she let on. I often wondered what was on her mind as the machine drove her to orgasm after orgasm.

Stepping forward, I lifted her T-shirt and sucked her left nipple into my mouth. Val's sharp intake of breath followed by a deep sigh, showed how much it turned her on. Using both hands, I stroked her sides and stomach, eventually moving down to her hips and butt. It was hard to tell if her shivers were caused by the cold pipe she was forced against or the effects of my hands and mouth. As I moved over to her right nipple, she let out another deep groan. The middle finger of my right hand slipped between the lips of her pussy. My beautiful wife was absolutely dripping.

Standing up to my full height, I pressed against her and sucked on her left earlobe. Then I whispered, "This isn't the first time you've been this excited today. You've made yourself cum at least once, I'll bet."

As I started kissing Val's neck (a HUGE turn-on for her), she sighed, "I couldn't help it."


"Sometimes I just get these urges. I can't control them. You know that."

Val's voice had a dreamy quality as she drifted on her sexual high. My cock was straining in my pants, but that was part of the game too: teasing myself as well as her.

"Did you have to use any of your toys?"

As I asked my question I pressed my palm against her pussy. Her clit felt hard against it as it stuck out from her lips. This was a woman on the knife edge of an impending orgasm.

"Did you have to use any of your toys?" I repeated as I slipped a finger into Val's gushing pussy.

She moaned loudly, "Yes! Yes, I couldn't help it."


I kissed her hard. She sucked my tongue into her mouth and pulled gently.

I wasn't about to be distracted. "Why?"

"I, ah, walked by that health club at the mall during my lunch break. There was a guy using one of the machines near that big window at the front. He... Oh, god, Mike. He had the most amazing package. Claire, the new girl at the store, and I stopped and gawked at him. He knew we were there and spread his legs wider and it started to swell up. I thought I would cum right on the spot."

I stuck a second finger into her pussy and moved my palm lightly over her clit. Val writhed against her shackles, trying to press her body down harder against my hand. Keeping a smile off my face, I lift my palm away from her and she moaned in frustration.

"So what did you do when you got home?"

"I almost had to do it at work! But I waited, and when I got home I used my-"

"Your 'big blue buddy'?" That's what she called her largest dildo. "I'll bet you had to fuck yourself hard with it. How many times did you make yourself cum?"

"Just once," she answered and I immediately started to remove my fingers. "No, please... I made myself cum a few times."

"How many?"

"Three, I think. It might have been more."

I again pressed my palm against Val's pubic area and she immediately began humping herself on it. It was an outrageously sexy thing to do, but I knew she was in heat and only had an orgasm on her mind. When she was right on the verge, I pulled my hand away.

"Michael, please! You have to let me cum! Please..."

I kissed her cheek. "No, my love. You have to be punished a bit more for being so naughty. You know the rules." I started up the stairs. "Now, I'm going to have my dinner and then I'll be down. I want you to think about what you did."

As I got to the top of the stairs, I flicked off the light. Val called after me, "Michael, please! Just one orgasm. You can't leave me hanging like this. Please!"

I shut the door and imagined what she must be feeling. On the days where she took control of our lovemaking and would tie me to the bed, she'd often tease me seemingly for hours. Release, when it finally came, was like an explosion ripping through my body. I wanted her to experience the same thing.

My wife has the most outrageous clitoris. When we were engaged, the first time she finally let me slide my hand down the front of her jeans, I bumped into it as it as it forced its way out from between her lips. I couldn't believe what I was feeling.

A few weeks later, I actually talked her out of those jeans and got to examine it up close. Wow! Not being all that experienced with female apparatus, I got busy researching it. In those days, we didn't have the Internet the way we do now, but just finishing up university, I had access to a very large library. Since then, I've widened my knowledge.

I'd found out that Val has one clit in a million, maybe ten million. Her outer lips are small and not all that fleshy, and because that amazing nubbin is over 1/2" long when fully erect, it pokes through when she's excited. I also now knew the reason she kept her pubic hair trimmed short, the little vixen. She WANTED her clit to rub against her panties.

To say the least, I was fascinated. It was like a little cock and could be rubbed along its length and was definitely made for sucking. In those pre-marriage days, we'd quickly moved into pleasuring each other orally and Val never failed to have several massive orgasms when I did her. Wanting to respect her wishes to remain a virgin until our wedding night, it had become a very servicable alternative to intercourse.

Shaking myself out of my reverie, I sauntered back down to the basement. Val's head was hanging, her long black hair hiding her face and she was breathing hard. When she lifted her head, her flushed skin and glazed expression told me that, if anything, she was even MORE turned on than she had been. Hmmm...

I walked up to Val and blindfolded her. I also used the opportunity to suck on her nipples and slide a finger down her slit. Her inner thighs were slick with lubrication. She was ready -- but she wasn't going to get what she expected.

A week or so earlier, I'd purchased something special and had been modifying it for just such an occasion as this. It was called The Rider and it was sort of a rocking seat with a dildo attachment. Rock forward and the dildo goes up, back and it goes down.

My modifications involved special set of shackles I'd put together. These had a cable that went between them and I'd drilled a hole through The Rider near its base where I ran the cable through. I'd also attached a chain that would go around Val's waist, locking her firmly on the seat. Then there were wrist restraints attached to the handle. Last, I'd put a pin in that would keep The Rider immobile until it was removed. Once Val was locked in and the pin removed, she wouldn't be able to go anywhere -- other than back and forth.

I brought The Rider out of my workshop and set it up in the middle of the floor (right where the camera would pick it up best). Then I unfastened Val from the pole, took off her heels (very pleasurable since I was close to those gorgeous gams of hers and could smell her arousal. I wasn't being too careful and she actually tried to mount my face.

"My you ARE horny tonight!"

"Please let me cum," Val almost sobbed.

"Soon, my love, very soon."

I led her over to The Rider and helped her sit down.

"What's this?" she asked, puzzled as I manacled her wrists.

Since The Rider couldn't move with my pin in it, Val had no idea what she was in for. It only took a few moments to fasten the chain around her waist and then lock her ankles in. I put a dab of lubricant on the very impressive dildo I'd purchased as an extra. I wanted it to slide right in the first time.

Leaning over, I kissed my wife. Her lips hungrily devoured mine. "Do you want to get fucked?" I whispered into her ear.

"Yesssss..." she hissed. "I NEED it."

"Okay then, Valerie, my lovely," I said as I removed the restraining pin, "fuck yourself silly."

I grabbed the handle and pulled forward. Val gasped as the dildo slid in smoothly. Pushing back, it withdrew, then I slammed the handle forward again.

Val gasped again, writhing as she felt herself penetrated so roughly. I stepped back and watched as she immediately grabbed the handle and rocked forward as far as the machine would allow. Within three strokes she was going wild.

A minute or two later, Val leaned forward with all her weight and came hard on the fake penis, her moan seeming to rise up from the ends of her toes. As the orgasm washed over her, she kept up a light vibration with her legs, driving the dildo in fast short strokes that helped her to extend and ride the crest of the pleasure she was feeling.

Eventually she sagged back and the dildo slipped reluctantly from her pussy. My cock was doing its best to bore out of my slacks, and while I longed to release Val and 'have my way with her', I knew that the best part was yet to come if she stayed true to form.

"Would you like something to drink, my love?" I asked as I took off her blindfold.

She looked down between her legs and laughed. "Oh my god, this is an 'infernal machine' if I ever saw one. Where did you get it?"

"I saw it online and thought you'd like it. You seemed to."

"Oh, yes!" She looked up and I kissed her deeply. "Now, help me off. My legs feel like jelly."

I grinned wickedly. "Sorry, Val, but you're going to have to stay there awhile longer."

Once more, I started up the stairs.

"Where are you going, you bastard!" Val laughed but I could hear her struggling against her bonds.

"I want to look at my email and take a shower, then I'll be down to get you."

Despite her protestations, I went upstairs. My computer was always on (so it could catch any surreptitious behavior in the basement) and I sat down with a bottle of beer and called up the camera onto the screen.

There was my wife, sitting on The Rider, looking slightly put out. In truth her legs might have been a little cramped since they were curled under her. Then she shifted a bit in an attempt to get comfortable and The Rider did its thing. I could tell by her wide open eyes that the dildo had slipped inside her again.

Val leaned back, then I noticed her butt muscles flex and again the dildo must have slid inside her, just a little more.

Within ten seconds, Val was once more going wild as her rocking motion drove the dildo up inside her again and again. Her breathing became ragged and an intense expression washed over her face. Then I noticed her saying something very quietly in time with her rocking. As the dildo drove her inexorably towards another climax, Val's voice got louder.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," then, "I want your fucking cock! Oh god, yes! Pound it into me! Make me cum! I want to cum!"

Val only used language like that when she was REALLY turned on and totally out of control. Something was going through my wife's head and I would have bet it involved that guy she'd been drooling over in the gym's window earlier that day.

I watched Val bring herself to two more massive orgasms before I jumped in the shower and then went down to the basement to unfasten her from The Rider. Carrying her over to the sofa, she still had a dreamy, faraway look, but now it was of sexual satisfaction.

Even so, I began stroking her body, kissing, licking down towards her delightful pussy. She didn't say a word, occasionally sighing, and as I got closer, her legs opened up, one of them thrown over the back of the sofa, and the other off the edge with her foot on the floor. The sight was magnificent! The tip of her clit peeked out from between her nether lips, looking red and hot. As I sucked it gently into my mouth, Val gasped and her buttocks raised off the sofa.

"Oh yes, Mike, oh yessss!"

I worked a few more minutes until she was ready to peak and then slid my cock into her right to the hilt.

Val leaned up and grabbed my butt, pulling me tightly against her, rocking my pubic bone against her clit. "That was beyond punishment this evening."

"You didn't enjoy it?"

"That's not the point. You went too far." She released my hips. "Now, do me good, or next time it will be your ass getting punished!"

I did my best, starting slowly to make it last, but Valerie still had one more good orgasm in her and wasn't to be denied. Inexorably the muscles in her pussy started to tighten as she squeezed herself to her usual width and kept going. She'd been working on her Kegels a lot lately, I guessed. It felt as if my cock was being gripped in a velvet vise.

I managed to hold on until Val's eyes rolled up into her head and one last orgasm washed over her. My own seed exploded out filling her with warmth, a feeling she loved.

As I collapsed down on her, my head was spinning a bit from the force of my own finally-released orgasm. Val's arms gripped my back, then relaxed and she began tracing little patterns on my skin.

"So, do you think I was punished enough?" she eventually asked.

I nodded my head, feeling totally relaxed and at peace.

"What would you say if I told you that the guy Claire and I were oogling today was her husband?"


I have the greatest husband in the world and I often feel I don't deserve him. I'm not talking about the sex thing, either. He's just a good, kind and understanding man. Where I can be volatile and not think things through well at all, he's steady and thoughtful and always seems to make good decisions. I am so lucky that our paths crossed and we fell in love.

As for the sex thing, he's let me find my own way. Not many men would be confident enough in themselves and their relationship to allow anything like what I've done happen. I have friends who are on such a short marital leash that they're choking to death.

My upbringing has caused a lot of anguish between the way I actually feel and the way I was taught I should feel. My sex drive is VERY strong and I was led to believe that this made me a VERY bad person. Every time I so much as touched myself, I was immediately consumed by guilt. Michael, with his gentle ways, managed to bring me past that.

At the very beginning of our courtship, I told him that I was determined to arrive at our wedding bed still a virgin. I knew that disappointed him a lot, but he never questioned it. Having met my parents and wormed his way cleverly into their confidence so that they actually let me go out with him, he knew where I was coming from.

Getting me comfortable with my sexuality has been a very long and hard struggle for us. It took many years. Our sex life was almost nil when our children were young. We were both always too busy, too tired, too distracted. Sex was, more often than not, the farthest thing from my mind.

Mike was understanding and it was around this time that he started suggesting things in an effort to get me more interested in sex. Toys were first, but I resisted using them. The idea of shoving some plastic penis into me was NOT a turn-on. Why do that when I had the real thing? My refusal to try anything new put a fair bit of strain on our marriage. I kept feeling that somehow I was inadequate for Mike and he felt I was turning into a frigid old frump. I started to put on weight and dressed in more frumpy clothes so he'd leave me alone. The few fights we ever had were always about sex.

What changed? My childhood friend Stephanie came back for a visit, that's what. She'd never come back home since her college education ended and I'd heard that she'd moved out to California and got married. Part of the problem was that her parents didn't like her choice of husband. Hah! If my parents only knew the sorts of things their golden boy was asking their little girl to do, they would have had a fit!

So Steph called me up out of the blue and said that she was in town. Did I want to get together and chat about old times?

My face flushed as I remembered about what we'd gotten up to the last time I'd seen her. Sure I hadn't done anything to her, but she sure had done things to me! Surely, she wouldn't want to talk about that. I still carried around the shame of it 15 years later. Still, I did want to see her again. We'd been so close all through our childhood. I agreed to meet her at the hotel she was staying at. That was a bit odd too, because her parents had a large house with plenty of room. Guess she and her parents still weren't getting along all that well.

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