tagLoving WivesValerie the Magnificent Ch. 08

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 08

byval wrangler©

We all lay there for a moment catching our breath. Val was the first to get up.

"I need a shower," she mumbled as she put a hand between her legs to stop the flow of juices down her legs and left the room, avoiding my eyes.

Davey got up next. "Claire, I think we should head out. C'mon, let's go find our clothes."

"What if I'm not done yet? You two had an awfully long time alone in here and Mike and I didn't have much of a chance."

"Get your clothes on Claire. We're going home."

We both watched him head down the hallway towards the back of the house.

"I think somebody's feeling guilty about what just happened," Claire observed.

"You may be right," I answered, "two somebodies."

"I was afraid this might happen."

"Me too. Valerie has a hard time dealing with her, um, urges. She eventually gives in to them and then feels guilty as hell afterwards. You, on the other hand, seem to have the same urges and no problems dealing with them."

"Could be the fact that I'm a redhead." Claire grinned up at me, as she reached out, grabbing my cock. "We're just a mass of contradictions, you know."

It was still slick from our combined juices and her hand felt heavenly as it slid up and down my length. After a few moments, she gripped harder and led me by it around the room to blow out the candles, then over to the bottom of the stairs.

"As much as I'd like to continue, I think there's a pretty lady upstairs you might need to check on."

"You're right." I looked down at her. "Well, thanks for an interesting evening."

Claire rose on her tiptoes and planted a kiss on my lips that made me feel as if steam should be coming out of my ears. "It was my pleasure," she whispered. I reached out and gave both her nipples hard twists and she groaned. "Oh! You remembered, you nasty man!"

She grabbed my cock again and it took all my self control not to lay her down on the floor and mount her to take my pleasure. From her smoldering expression I could see that she was thinking the same thing.

"Go now, Michael," she said, pulling away. "I don't think this is the time or place for us to get into this. Davey and I will l let ourselves out. Tell Val I'll see her on Monday at the store." She padded off down the hall, then turned. "Maybe my washer will have another breakdown. You never know."

When I got upstairs, Val was in the shower. I waited a long time for her to come out.


It took Val five days to talk to me about what had happened. During that time she'd hardly talk or look at me. I tried to be as loving and close as possible to let her know that I had no problem with anything that had transpired. As a matter of fact, my cock was nearly always hard since I couldn't get that picture of Val slowly taking in Davey's massive girth and the look of sheer ecstasy that had been on her face. I knew better than to push the situation.

Finally, on that fifth night, after a very long day, we got into bed and Val pushed her bum back against me with a sexy little wiggle.

"Do you want to play?" I asked.

She pulled my arm over her, settling my palm on her left breast. My cock immediately started to swell and stiffen.

"Would you tell me something, Mike?"


"When you came into the room last week when Davey and I were...you know..."


Val clucked her disapproval, then shrugged. "I guess that's what we were doing. Anyway, when you walked in on us, what did you think? Please be honest. I want to know exactly what your first impression was."

"Well... I guess that I was a bit taken aback that things had gotten on as rapidly as they had. I also was a little taken aback by Davey's size. For a moment, I wondered if you could ever be happy with my cock again." I pulled Val hard against me, grinding my erection into her bum. "Then that all got swept away by the expression on your face as you sank down on his cock. It's the most sexy thing I've ever seen."

"Really? You never thought that I was just another slut? That you're wife was turning into a cock-hungry slut?"

I pushed her hair out of the way and kissed the side of her neck. "Not even remotely."

Val spun around onto her other side and buried her face in my chest, her arms tight around my neck.

"Is that what you've been so blue about all week?" I asked.

She just nodded.

I reached down and cupped one butt cheek. "Well, I still think you're the most sexy woman imaginable."

"Sexier than Claire?"

"She's not even in the running."

My wife's hand snaked down between us and gripped my throbbing erection. "It looks like my friend supports everything you've been saying."

She threw back the covers and climbed onto me sliding down to my knees. I could feel the hardness of her nipples the whole way.

Looking up with my cock in her hand, she smiled coquettishly. "As for Davey's cock. It's way too big for me even think of doing this with it."

Popping the head into her mouth, Val slowly slid all the way down my length until her nose rested against my public hair. I could feel her tongue swirling as she tightened and loosened the muscles of her throat in a swallowing movement. It felt like heaven.

Then she slowly slid back up until my cockhead sprang from her mouth with a loud pop.

"My God, I gasped. "Where did you learn how to do that?"

Val looked up at me, mouth poised over my cock once again. "Um, I bought a book, one of those ones about how to please your man. I take it that you approve?"

A loud groan was her answer as she slowly worked her magic again. I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more of this.

After the second mind-blowing time, Val said simply, "Just tell me when you're going to cum. I need to take a big breath."

After that, she sent me to heaven and I had one of the most massive orgasms of my life. Val just stayed there with her nose pressed against my pubes as her throat action milked every drop of semen from my prick.

I felt like a pile of wet spaghetti when she finished. She slithered up my body and stopped with her twat right in front of my face. "Now will you return the favor?"

She didn't have to ask. Square in my face was the top of her slit, that glorious clit of hers poking from between her lips, swollen, red and proud and just begging to be touched. This was one turned on woman!

"Don't tease me tonight, Mike," she hissed as I gave it a lick, then hunched forward until it was tight against my lips. "Just suck me off! Make me cum!"

Who am I to argue with a lady?


Things got back to normal after that. Val didn't mention Claire very much, and as I was really busy at work, I didn't question it.

Some evenings, Val just wanted me to suck her off (as she now always called it). I knew that she was using her big blue dildo quite often when she was alone (I can't get over this spying thing!) and so she probably was too sore to make love. Since I was still getting those mind-shattering blowjobs when she didn't want to make love, I really didn't care. Anyway, I didn't think I'd be able to get it up a second time anyway if she'd wanted to continue. Ah, the shortcomings of growing old...

About a month after our big night with Claire and Davey, I got a call at the office.

"Mike? It's Claire. I've got the day off. Do you think we could meet somewhere for lunch?"

Little alarm bells went off in my head. I didn't know what a young, beautiful, vivacious girl like Claire could see in someone my age, but we definitely had made a connection that night. The last thing I wanted was to get caught up in something with her.

"I'm pretty busy today and-"

"I think my ever-loving husband is sticking his dick where it doesn't belong," she interrupted, "and I'm referring to Val."

I almost dropped the phone. "What?"

"Dave's been acting sort of strange the last few weeks and I started keeping closer tabs on him. I discovered a few things. Look, I don't want to talk about this on the phone. Can we meet for lunch?"

I picked up a pen. "Just tell me when and where."

It's a wonder a didn't have a car accident on the way to a restaurant on the far side of town, someplace where we were very unlikely to run into anyone who knew us. Claire, dressed in a pair of very snug jeans and a white peasant blouse was waiting, a glass of beer in front of her.

How could anyone entertain thoughts of double-dipping on this delectable female? I thought. Then I realized that we were talking about my Valerie who could give a dead man an erection. The memory of her sliding obscenely down Davey's massive boner flashed through my head. I should have expected she wouldn't be satisfied with only one taste of that.

I slid into the seat across from Claire as a waitress came over.

"Bring me a beer, too, I guess," I said to her after ordering a club sandwich. Claire ordered the burger special.

We were silent until the beer was delivered. I drank about half of it in one gulp.

"Are you sure about what you told me on the phone?" I asked with no preamble.

Claire looked up with huge eyes and nodded. "About as sure as I can be. Yesterday, I tried to reach Dave at work and they told me he wouldn't be in until about 2:00. That wasn't all that strange. Sometimes he has things to do and I don't expect him to tell me everything. But for some reason, it made me uneasy. I knew that Val had the day off too.

"Then when I jumped in the shower after I got home, I saw three or four strands of long black hair in the bathtub. I felt as if someone had kicked me in the gut. After I got out, I scoped out our bedroom and the living room. There was a wet spot on the sofa, not easy to spot because of the fabric. I found another one on the bedspread. Ditto.

"The final straw was when Davey told me he was too tired to screw. He claimed it was because of the long hours he's been working. He actually complained to me that he hadn't had any time off in three weeks! What a load of BS!"

Our meals were delivered and Claire bit into her burger as if she were biting off her husband's head.

"But are you sure he's messing around with Valerie?" I asked, but that was just stalling for time. I knew the truth. The evening before Valerie had seemed very withdrawn and preoccupied. She'd told me she felt as if she were coming down with something and had gone to bed early.

Now it was my turn to feel as if someone had kicked me in the gut.

Claire continued eating but I pushed my food away. Her eyes were kind as she looked at me. "Mike, I guess we have to be sure. Do you have any more of those little cameras like you set up in the basement?

I blushed in spite of myself. "Yeah. It came in a set of three."

"Well, Dave has a dentist appointment on Friday morning and Val has the day off. You set up the rest of the cameras in your house and come Friday, tell Val you have a meeting out of town. I'm going to suddenly come down ill that morning. If Dave and your wife are up to anything, they'll get up to it at your house. Sound like a plan?"

"Yes, but one that I hope bears no fruit."

Claire looked at me sadly. "As if..."


The next day, Val was at work, so I took some time off and got a camera set up in the living room and our bedroom and put the basement one in the guest room. I hoped that this would cover it.

That evening at dinner, Val had seemed back to normal, although I did catch her several times with a very distant look on her face, and my stomach knotted up every time I saw it.

Later, in bed, Val had been waiting for me with the covers pulled up to her chin. As I got in, she pulled herself to me very hard, but said nothing. I began rubbing her back with my free hand. She moaned and said, "Love me, Mike. Just take me any way you want."

Up until then dozens of scenarios had been going through my head, all the way from immediate divorce to forgiveness. I honestly hadn't known how I would respond to her the next time we went to bed. Without concrete proof, I had no reason to accuse her of anything, and if Claire were wrong, I would really be kicking a bee's nest if I opened my mouth wrongly. Maybe I could get some more information if I were clever...

I pushed Valerie over on her back and kicked the covers down to the bottom of the bed. Reaching into her bedside table, I took out our blindfold and slipped it on her. She tensed up a bit.

"No, you haven't been 'bad', Val," I told her as I fastened a velcro strap around her wrist. "I just want you to lie back and not interfere with what I'm going to do to you."

If David had been plowing a furrow in my field, I was determined to show Valerie that I was the superior lover, giant weenie or no.

I gave her a full body massage back and front, that lasted almost an hour. My devilish teasing eventually had Val squirming all over the bed, begging me to do something stimulating for more than a few seconds at a time. Long before I finished, her juices were flowing and her clit erect and throbbing. Every time I got near her opening, she'd thrust her hips trying to get my fingers inside. Since I had her legs fastened to the bedposts, causing them to be rather widely open, she was kept from moving too much.

At that point, I stopped and left the room. Val called to me with no response, wondering what was going on. I went downstairs and got our video camera and something new I'd been saving for the perfect time.

The camera took only a moment to set up to the right of the bed. I wanted a record of what happened tonight.

If anything, the break got Val even more turned on and she was sweating, straining at her bonds in an effort to get something free so she could stimulate herself.

"Valerie, stop! Or I'll leave you here for an hour or two with nothing."

She stopped dead, and lay there panting.

What I'd bought for Val was a vacuum tube to use on her clit. You slip it over and apply some suction by means of a hand pump. What's supposed to happen is the clit expands up into the tube and swells, making it VERY sensitive. That's the theory, at least.

With a touch of lubricant to provide a good seal, I slipped the short, 1/2-inch diameter tube down over her clit,separating it from its hood.

She immediately stiffened. "Mike? What is that?"

"Hush? You'll like this; I guarantee it."

With a mere three strokes on the hand pump, Val's clit swelled further and was drawn up into the tube, turning an angry red.

She went absolutely nuts, grunting, panting and moaning as the suction caused her clit to keep expanding. Within a minute or two, it looked to be almost a full inch and twice its diameter.

"I'm going to release your legs now."

"Oh God, Mike, stop toying with me," she moaned. "I have to cum! Now!"

I gave the pump another stroke and Val sucked her breath in, VERY close to an orgasm.

"Soon, my dear."

Next I went to the closet to retrieve her largest dildo and found (big surprise) that it had a new brother, in length and girth pretty well the equal to Davey, with even the huge mushroom head. It hadn't been there two days ago. I brought it over to the bed and lubed it up, not that it looked as if she'd need it.

I gave the pump another stroke and then removed the tubing attaching the vacuum tube to the pump. The suction held marvelously. Val's clit was now certainly over an inch long and filled the diameter of the tube. Every time her heart beat, the tube would jump a bit, and her heart was obviously racing.

Kneeling between her legs, I moved them until they were up and wide apart. With the dildo at her opening, she sucked in her breath, knowing what was coming.

I pushed, and nothing happened. Pushing harder, still nothing.

Finally Val had enough. "Just hold it tight and let me!" She moved herself up on the bed a bit and then, taking a breath, pushed down hard. The huge head of the dildo popped inside along with about an inch of the shaft.

Val immediately came violently, shaking and writhing, which forced even more of the dildo inside.

After about 2 full minutes of this, she lay on the bed, panting, with about half the length of the 12" dildo buried in her pussy. I thought she looked more beautiful than I'd ever seen her.

"Must rest a minute."

I got a cool wash cloth and wiped off the sweatiest parts of her body. Bumping the vacuum tube on her clit almost sent her into orbit, so I made sure I bumped it several times.

After about 5 minutes of rest, I grabbed the dildo and slid it out a bit. Val immediately pulled her knees back as I slid it forward again.

"What are you thinking, love?" I asked, afraid of the answer I knew I'd get.

"How incredible that big cock feels," she sighed.

"Does it feel as good as Davey's cock did?"

Another inch slid from view as Val hunched down on the plastic monster. "I don't know if anything could feel that good."

"Bet you'd love to have his cock inside you right now."

"No, I wouldn't! I thought this evening was about you and me. Now stop babbling and fuck me with that thing!"

I was quite surprised at the change in Val. This aggressiveness was not what I was used to from her.

Okay. She asked for it, so I gave it to her. Still as I sat there ramming the huge dildo into her pussy, she was doing as much, hunching herself down onto it. As the rapidity of her breathing increased and her hips churned and ground onto the dildo, I pulled on the vacuum tube enveloping her clit.

"Oh Christ, Mike! More! Do that more! It feels goddammed amazing!"

Val exploded into her second orgasm and as it died down, I began working the tube and dildo in earnest. For the next ten minutes, she lay there writhing through rapid fire orgasms until it seemed that they blurred into one continuous "O".

When I stopped, she was a whimpering sodden mess, the bed was soaked from her continuous ejaculations and I had the biggest hard-on ever. Coming up to the top of the bed to release her wrists, Val took off the blindfold and found my cock right in front of her face.

Grabbing my butt cheeks, she pulled me forward, sliding the entire length into her mouth.With only a half-dozen strokes, I shot stream after stream of cum down her throat. Her eyes gazed up at me lovingly.

Later, as we cuddled like spoons in the guest room (having made our bed uninhabitable for the night), Val sleepily said to me. "In answer to your question, Michael, you are the best lover I could ever ask for. Dave's cock is wonderful, but no matter how good it is, it will always have something wrong with it: it isn't attached to you!"

When Friday night rolled around, the day's recordings on my secret cameras showed absolutely nothing. That evening, Val, having recovered from the dildo's assault, fucked me like a mad woman.

My doubts about my wife slept -- but uneasily.

Almost three months later, I got the big wake-up call.


It was a Friday evening and Valerie had go into work at the last minute to cover for someone who'd gone home sick. Since she'd had the day off, she wasn't happy but that's part of being the manager. Our meeting was no more than a peck on the cheek as I came in and she went out.

I wandered out to the kitchen and threw together a sandwich, then went back to the computer to surf the web a bit. Lately, I'd been forgetting to erase the recordings made during the day because the hard drive could fill up very fast. To check it, I'd run all three of the camera feeds at the same time at high speed. A number of times, increasingly in the past few weeks, I'd caught Val masturbating, usually in our bed, but also several times in the living room while obviously watching porn.

This day started with Val straightening things up. It was funny watching her race around like a cartoon. When she stripped off her clothes to take a shower, I slowed down to normal speed and enjoyed the show.

When she came out of the bathroom, she sat cross-legged on the bed and brushed her hair for a long time. Once it was glowing, she stood and crossed over to the mirror on the closet door and stood looking at herself, finally tying her hair back with a ribbon. It was also obvious she'd shaved her pubes in the shower. I was a little sore at that point because that meant that tonight would have been special since Val generally shaves herself when she's especially horny.

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