tagLoving WivesValerie the Magnificent Ch. 10

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 10

byval wrangler©

The elevator door closed behind Steve and me with a soft hiss but to me it could have been clanging shut, so profound was its psychological effect.

I made my decision and was about to do something I hadn't done before. So far I had made love with someone other than my husband (in itself something that certainly caused me pause), but all of those times it had just sort of happened. This time I'd actually gone out looking for it.

I'd half expected Steve to be all over me as soon as the elevator door shut, but to his credit he kept his cool, if not his distance. Standing next to me, just barely touching my right side, I was VERY aware of his presence -- and now that we were away from the bar --his scent: clean hair, freshly washed clothes and just a hint of spicy after shave. He smelled delicious.

"What floor are you on?" I asked as the elevator passed my floor.

"Top one. I had the best area sales this past year, so I get a suite as part of my reward." He moved a bit closer. "You'll like it."

With that he leaned in further and kissed me lightly. It was the first time our lips had met, and while both of us knew what was about to happen, he didn't lunge at me. His lips met mine with surprising gentleness. More of a warm "Hello," than "Baby, I'm going to have you screaming in a few short minutes."

The effect of all this was to just key me up further, and I was actually the one who lunged. Our second kiss was hot, very hot, and it was all my doing.

Too soon, we reached the 35th floor and had to break our sweet kiss.

"Lead on," I said, taking Steve's offered elbow.

His suite was at the very end of the hall. "Wait here a minute," he said as he swiped his key card. "Let me open the curtains. I want you to have the full effect."

He was inside for more time than it would take to open a set of curtains, and I wondered what he was doing. I was also impatient. Now that I'd made my decision, I wanted to get on with getting it on!

After about two minutes, the door swung back and Steve ushered me over the threshold where I immediately stopped in my tracks. The view did take my breath away.

The windows ran from ceiling to floor and made up the complete far wall. In a nod to safety (and probably legal action), the only thing apparently between us and the outside was the glass and a very thin metal railing about mid-chest high with supports every six inches. You could easily forget that anything was there. Outside the last light of the sun had set the very tops of the distant mountains alight with glowing oranges and reds. The color of the clouds ranged from deepest purple overhead to salmon and gold as the fanned out to the darkening horizon. Far below, the lights of the city twinkled like tiny fairy lights in the clear air.

"Like it?" Steve asked.

I nodded my head. "Well worth the price of admission."

"Would you like something to drink? There's a well-stocked bar fridge. Perhaps another glass of white wine?"

"Yes, but just a small one."

"I may as well join you then."

He busied himself getting them and I took the opportunity to look around.

The sitting room of the suite was quite large with a sofa, two matching chairs and a coffee table. The TV was in a credenza made of walnut, and over by the windows they'd placed a desk and two more chairs. The whole thing was even nicer than our living room back home. They even had a book case.

Steve pulled the two stuffed chairs over to the window and invited me to watch the last of the sunset which we did silently, each of us lost in our own thoughts.

Over the past few months, I'd watch Claire do everything she could to entice Mike into bed, and for all her trouble, the best she'd gotten was a chaste kiss on a couple of occasions. I knew that it was driving her nuts. It wasn't just her current lack of sex, either. She viewed the whole Mike thing as a challenge.

As for me, I couldn't understand why Mike wouldn't jump. I'd told him flat out that he could have her. I wanted him to get out of the "I'm only interested in what happens to Val" rut he was in. If we were truly going to walk this path we'd started down, he'd have to do it too. I didn't think I could ever "perform" the way he seemed to want me to. To me sex was a private thing, not a show, but I didn't want to be the only one doing things, either.

I glanced at my watch. Claire should be over at our house by now. I wondered what kind of reception she'd gotten from Mike?

Steve noticed what I'd done. "Are you under any sort of curfew?" he asked jokingly, but I knew what he was getting at.

"My husband knows where I am, if that's what you mean," I answered as I put my empty wine glass on the floor next to me, "and what I'll be doing." I got up and pulled the sash cord, closing the curtains. I walked over and stood right in front of Steve. "So what happens now?"

He stood, taking both my hands in his, then leaned forward to kiss me. It was deep and rich and made me tingle right down to my toes. This man knew something about kissing a woman!

Keeping hold of my hands, he led me over to the sofa where we sat facing each other.

"You are so beautiful, Valerie. You take my breath away."

I got the feeling it wasn't BS and I blushed furiously.

"Your husband is a very lucky man."

"My husband is a very generous man," I answered, "and very special. It's not everyone who would let their spouse do something like this."

Steve smiled coyly. "Like what?"

"Like this," I said as I leaned forward to kiss him again. "Or this." My hand drifted down from his cheek, over his chest and came to rest on the substantial lump in his pants.

Steve broke the kiss and moved my hand away. "No. I want to savor you. I have never been with a more desirable woman and I refuse to rush. I'm assuming we have the entire night?"

I nodded. "Possibly."

"Why possibly?"

Feeling bold and very naughty, I leaned back against the arm of the sofa, putting my hands behind my head. "If you please me."

Steve leaned into me again for another deep kiss. Somewhere in the middle of it, he stuck his tongue in my ear, and after removing it (leaving me moaning), he whispered, "Oh, I think I can assure you of that!"

I had my hands around Steve's neck as our kisses became even hotter. He reached up and cupped first one breast and then the other. My nipples came alive under his fingers as he squeezed and twisted them gently, causing them to stiffen and grow. In short order he'd undone my blouse and bra, and the cool air in the room was feeling delicious as it played across my skin.

Leaning back further, I drew him into me, encouraging him to take a nipple and the puffy cone below it into his mouth. He tugged at it firmly, pulling, sucking and driving me absolutely crazy. Even with my jeans still done up, I could smell the musk rising from the apex of my legs.

Then suddenly, the crisis was on me and I came hard. It wasn't noisy and I didn't thrash around like I often do, but it was pleasantly intense. I just gasped loudly and went rigid. Steve kept up some gentle suction until I came back down.

"Wow! That's never happened to me before."

Steve looked up and smiled. "That was definitely erotic. Do you think that you can stand?"

"Possibly?" I sighed. "Why?"

"Because I want you to take the rest of your clothes off. The time has come for me to see the rest of your gorgeous body."

I stood. "Just take 'em off?"

Steve got up. "No. I want some music. You move so well. Will you do a bit of a strip tease for me?"

Normally, I don't think I would have been able to do it. I did once for Mike and felt totally inhibited and embarrassed, so I didn't enjoy it.

That night, since I was walking on the edge anyway, I had no qualms.

Steve fiddled with the remote and found a radio station playing some soft rock. The beat was easy but strong so I moved into the center of the room and began swaying with my eyes shut letting the rhythm flow into my body.

Since my blouse was already open and the back of my bra undone, there wasn't much of a tease I could use there. Having never seen anyone strip before (except in a movie), I did the best I could, turning and looking over my shoulder at Steve as I slid my shoulders out of the blouse, letting it drop to the carpet. The bra soon followed, but that I tossed at Steve.

My jeans were a little tricky since they were quite tight and wouldn't slip over my hips and down my legs easily, and I'd also decided to keep my high-heeled sandals on. A lucky brainstorm made me think of the chair over by the desk and I made good use of it as a prop (figuratively as well as literally) so that by the end of the second song (a real rocker), I was completely nude except for my jewelry and sandals, bumping and grinding like a bitch in heat -- and loving every minute of it.

Steve obviously liked it too because his pants were dangerously tight in the crotch area and down one leg of his pants. I made sure that when the music ended I was standing right in front of him, legs apart, hands on hips.

I was absolutely dripping, turned on in a way I'd seldom been before. Steve stared at my crotch intently. "Holy shit..." he mumbled to himself.

I looked down.

The past few months, Mike and I had been playing quite a lot with the clit pump, the result being that it was very gradually getting even bigger. At first, I resisted because I didn't want to look like some kind of freak, but when I saw how excited it made Mike (and me, to be truthful), I gave in and let him pump away.

Because of its hood, I guess, my clit extends downward at about a 45 degree angle, and that night it was sticking out farther than I'd ever seen it before, over an inch past my pussy lips.

Finally looking up Steve said, "I've never seen anything like that."

Still feeling bold I stepped between his legs. Because of the way he was sitting and my height with the sandals still on, my clitoris was on a level with his eyes and no more than a foot away.

Hands on my hips again, I asked, "Do you like it?"

He seemed mesmerized by what he was seeing and didn't respond. I stepped closer, forcing his legs farther apart. Now my clit was only inches away and still he just stared.

"Go ahead and touch it. It doesn't bite!"

Slowly Steve reached out with a forefinger and pushed on the end as if testing my its hardness. I let out an involuntary gasp as sensation shot down it, spreading heat over my whole groin.

Using his fingers to scoop up some of the lubrication dripping from between my lips, he rubbed his thumb and forefinger together, spreading it out and then reached up for my clit again. This time he gripped it like a tiny cock, sliding from the crown to root and back again a few times.

My legs were getting decidedly shaky as my orgasm built. I spread them further and tilted my hips up to give him better access as he began gently jerking me off. My clit rose higher, sticking out more like a cock than ever and taking my cue, Steve pulled me forward to engulf it in his mouth.

I haven't mentioned before that one thing that first caught my eye with Steve was his full lips. He'd already proved their value (and his skill) with his hot kisses earlier, but now I got the full effect. Pursing his lips but keeping them soft and pliant, he sucked my length into his mouth, gently flicking his equally soft tongue on the underside.

That was all it took. One long, delicious suck, and I went off like a rocket. My orgasm was a complete out-of-body experience. My head went back, my eyes rolled up, and feeling as if it came all the way from my toes, a long, low groan escaped my lips, as Steve continued orally pleasuring me. My legs began shaking, and I was vaguely aware of his firm grip on my hips the only thing that kept me from collapsing to my knees.

Waves of erotic bliss washed over me as I orgasmed continuously until he finally released my clit from the warmth of his mouth. I had no concept of how long I was in la-la land, only that it was mind-bogglingly enjoyable. He told me later that it lasted over two minutes.

I remember Steve finally standing up and taking me in his arms, holding me against his chest as I came down from my sexual high. Everything was fuzzy and I felt very wobbly.

It wasn't as if no one had every done this to me before. Over the past few months, Mike had greatly enjoyed himself sucking on my clit. Maybe it was the forbidden nature of what I was doing now, here in the hotel room of a man I barely knew. Maybe it was my increasing comfort with the strength of my sexuality. I don't know, but at that point I knew I'd had the orgasm of a lifetime.

Finally, Steve whispered in my ear, "Ready to stand on your own?"

"Uh-ha. I think I can manage it - just barely," I added with a grin.

We sat on the sofa again. Well, to be truthful, he sat; I sort of collapsed.

"More wine?" he asked.

"No, just something cold. My mouth is a bit dry."

He smiled warmly. "So is mine, especially after what just happened."

I looked down at his lap and saw the hard outline of his cock going down the left leg of his pants. It was almost halfway to his damn knee! My goodness, I couldn't imagine how long it must be. More importantly, the girth was pretty impressive too. Steve caught me staring.

He got to his feet. "First, a cool drink for the lovely lady."

"Then do I get to unwrap my present?" I asked, putting one foot up on the sofa, as I leaned back. I didn't want him to mistake what I was saying.

He shut me right down again when he returned. It was maddening. Here I was, pretty well naked as a jay bird (him still fully clothed), having already had a mind-numbing orgasm, and we sat there for several minutes making idle chitchat about work!

Finally he asked, "Has your clit always been that, um, large? I've heard of that happening when women athletes use massive amounts of steroids, but is yours, you know, natural?"

I didn't want to go into the whole clit-pumping thing at the moment, so I just answered, "Yup, ever since I first noticed I had a clit. Perhaps it explains why I'm the way I am."

"And how is that?"

"Usually horny."

He laughed. "And your husband still lets you out of his sight? Isn't he worried you might not come home sometime?"

"He has nothing to worry about on that score. Other men may enjoy my company, but they will never enjoy my love. THAT belongs to my husband only."

"You mean to say you get even better than this?"

"I'll never tell..."

Steve began kissing me again, warm, tender kisses that got my engine revved up for round two. As my heat rose, I thought of Claire and how she might handle this situation.

"Stand up," I told Steve.

He got to his feet slowly, almost insolently. I got the feeling he knew the game I was playing.

"Kick off your shoes. Good! Okay, now lose the shirt."

He took his time, teasing me with slow movements and the heat from his eyes. I felt a stirring between my legs as my stiff little clit made her second appearance of the night. From the way I was sitting, it would be very obvious to him how aroused I was becoming.

Steve had almost no body hair -- bit of a bummer, that; I like my men hairy -- but his muscles were well defined, especially his abs, and spoke of long hours at the gym.

"The slacks. I want those slacks off now!"

"Yes, ma'am," he said and turned his back.

I was treated to the very slow revealing of the most exquisite set of buns I'd ever seen live and up close. He flexed them deliberately as his slacks dropped over his hips and fell to the floor. Even though his legs were apart and I leaned this way and that, I couldn't catch a glimpse of his manhood. He stepped out of his slacks and lifted one leg to remove a sock.

"No. The socks stay on."

He seemed surprised. "Why?"

"Because I think they make a man look sexy and those are nice socks."

"Do you make your husband wear his socks?"

"Always," I lied.

"Can I turn around now?"


My eyes must have bugged out when I saw what this man was packing. Robbie was big, Davey was too, but they had nothing on Steve.

"How long is that thing?".

Steve had his hands behind his back and was jutting his hips out a bit to give me the full effect of his cock. "I'll never tell," he shot back with an impish grin.

I continued staring, now mesmerized myself. It looked like I'd been very fortunate with my choice of companion for the night. Davey had definitely been fatter, Robbie maybe a bit longer, but for a size queen like me (Claire had taught me that term recently), Steve had the best of both worlds. The head of his cock was especially tantalizing -- and enormous. Sadly, though, I knew it would be very uncomfortable to take in my mouth, much as I wanted to. Still the thought of the edge of that helmet sliding up and down my vagina made me a little bit lightheaded. The way Steve's cock had a slight upward curve at the end also presented tantalizing possibilities. With us lying front to front, it would certainly rub my G spot deliciously.

My sexual temperature rose to dangerous levels.

"See anything you like?" Steve asked playfully.

"Oh yes, and I think I can find a place for it to live, at least for the next little while." I looked into his blue eyes. "But there is one thing we need to discuss first."

"I'm clean, if that's what you're concerned about, but I also have condoms."

There seemed to be no guile in his expression. I knew that it was foolish to have unprotected sex with any man I barely knew, but I'd just gotten over my period and I'd been running like clockwork for years, so I decided might be worth taking a chance. It would be a shame not to experience the cock of a lifetime with skin to skin contact.

"I'm trusting you."

"You can, Valerie; believe me. I wouldn't lie about something like that."

"Well, all right then. Let's get busy!"

I got to my feet, grabbed his cock and dragged him to the bedroom. Once there I pushed him down sideways on the bed, then climbed aboard, sprawling out next to him, partially on his chest. I spent the next few minutes attacking his mouth and working both of us into a frenzy.

Stopping for a moment, I repositioned myself so I was straddling his left leg. As we went back tongue wrestling, I started humping it, rubbing my clit with short little jabs. I could feel his cock pulsing where it pressed into my side. We were both ready.

But first, I had to do something. Rising up on my arms, I shifted again and dragged my slit all the way up his leg to his groin, pushing hard against him and leaving a trail of my juices behind me. I did the same on his right leg.

His face had a puzzled expression. "What the heck are you doing?"

"I'm marking you as my property. I don't want any other women getting ideas while I'm around. You're my man now!"

I shifted once more and was now astride his torso with his erection trapped between us. Sliding downward, I slowly moved my pussy lips up along its length until my clit met the head. Then I started all over again. Mmmm. Delicious. After several more glides, I finally stopped and pushed my clit against the underside of his throbbing glans using quick little jabs.

Steve groaned. "God! You're as hard as I am."


"Are you going to put it inside soon? I'm not going to last long if you keep doing that."

"Oh, we can't have that. I want my first fuck with you to be nice and loooong." I got off him and studied his cock. It definitely was too wide to suck comfortably, but I suddenly had a good idea. "Wait here a moment."

"I have no where else to go."

"You'd better not!" I said over my shoulder as I hustled out to the sitting room. This was going to be fun!

In my handbag I had a few lubricant samples in plastic packets, part of a handful that Claire had given me ("for emergencies"). I was rummaging around for them as I reentered the bedroom.

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