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Valerie's Chyna Fantasy


I'm in a nightclub when I see the wrestler Joanie Laurer a.k.a. Chyna walks in with a small group of people with her. I've always been hot for her, for her tall, muscular body. Less than a minute later, she walks from her entourage to the bar. I walk in a casual manner to the bar and stand next to her. She looks at me. I smile.

"Hi." I say. "I'm your biggest fan."

I then walk away from her, making my way to the ladies room. Halfway, I look to Chyna. She's watching me with interest. I smile again.

I'm alone in the ladies room. I check my make-up when Chyna enters. I feel my pussy tingle. She walks to me until she's right behind me. I turn and look up to face her. I can tell she wants to fuck me. I have that way with some women.

But I don't make it easy for her. Before she does anything, I move away from her to walk to the door. Leaving the ladies room, I walk to back door nearby. Chyna leaves the ladies room and follows me outside. As I walk home, I look behind me, seeing Chyna behind me at a distance.

When I'm home and about to shut the door, Chyna suddenly barges in. My heart begins to races as I look at her lust-filled eyes. She slams the door and locks it. I back away from her as she slowly approaches me. As I walk backwards to my bedroom, I get slowly excited as I watch Chyna takes off her clothes. Finally she's naked, my pussy tingles more as I see the rippling muscles of her magnificent body.

I back into a wall as she walks to me. Standing in front of me, she grabs my min-skirt and pulls it down, exposing my lace panties. She then takes hold of my panties and rips them from my body. My halter-top is pulled over my head exposing my lace bra. Chyna forcefully turns me around. Facing the wall, she undoes my bra and flings it aside.

Chyna again turns me again and looks at my naked body. She forces to go on my knees. As I look at her shaved snatch, I can smell the aroma from it showing her need for sexual gratification. Chyna grabs a hand full of my hair and pulls my head forward. My mouth finds her puffy clit and I suck and lick it with devotion. As I taste her spicy juices, Chyna purrs from my oral task. This goes on for a few minutes.

Stilling having my hair in her fist, Chyna pulls my face from her snatch and pulls me up. She presses her mouth to mine, giving me an open-mouth kiss. She forces her tongue in my mouth and it wrestles with mine. As we continue tonguing, her hand slides two fingers in my wet cunt and begins probing me. I shiver as goose bumps cover my naked flesh. Chyna pulls my head from her face and orders me to show her my bedroom. I smile and obey.

In my bedroom, Chyna embraces me again and we resume tongue-kissing again. Her hands grab my firm ass, I feel her nails dig into my skin. As I hold her close, I lift my legs from the floor and wrap them around her waist. With my back to my bed, Chyna falls to the bed. As she is on top of me, Chyna and I continue with our loving tongues.

Chyna rises herself and orders me to lie on my stomach. I do so. I feel Chyna grinding her moist pussy on my ass. I keep my ass firm for her enjoyment as she pussy juices lubricates my ass until her moans ends with a satisfied whimper of an orgasm. My ass is now wet with Chyna's discharged love fluids, which the smell turns me on more.

Chyna turns me around on my back and kisses me more intensely than before.

"Do you want to cum?" she asks.

I say yes and beg her to make me cum. She forces two fingers in my wet pussy, that alone set my senses on fire. It gets more physically exciting as her two fingers dance with my g-shot. She then lowers herself down my body to eat my pussy, putting me in absolute ecstasy. That goes on until my body trembles and I yell out in the thrill of my climax.

Opening my eyes, I see Chyna pull her wet fingers from my twat and suck on them, savoring the taste. As she leans back to the head of the bed, I crawl to her. I lick and suck the areolas of her tits and leave a wet trail of licks down to her pussy. Chyna is pleased with me wanting to give her another orgasm. I pull the fleshy hood over her clit and then softly caress it with my tongue. I then gently suck on the clit, causing Chyna to faintly groan. I quicken the pace as Chyna's orgasm approaches. She grabs hold of my head, pressing it closer to her sex and orders me not to move or stop until she climaxes. I continue to eat her snatch and taste her spicy juices until finally she lets out another whimper expressing her gratification of her orgasm.

Chyna pulls me to her and we tongue-kiss while I fondle her huge tit and she squeezes and rubs my ass. We brake from kissing and gaze deep in each other's eyes. I can tell she wants more from me. So I lean back, spread my legs like a pair of scissors and begin to grind my pussy against Chyna's. As we bump our beavers, our eyes lock again. I can tell that she's close to climax again, but suddenly she grabs my legs and she bangs my snatch hard, as if she's fucking me like she's a man.

I then realize Chyna wants me to cum before her, like it's a competition, a contest, a sexual wrestling match. Without a word, I know Chyna's rules: First one who cums, loses. As the heat from our slapping snatches grows and grows, I try to keep my love juices from escaping but at the same time I want to let go. Finally, my body has no choice but surrender to Chyna, I give a long groan as my pussy explodes, overwhelming me with mind-numbing bliss, which causes Chyna to give in to her orgasm.

When the pussy grinding stops, Chyna, fatigue from the latest orgasm, wills herself to kneel up near me. She pulls me to sit up and guides my mouth to her sweat-covered tits. I figure another of Chyna's rules: Loser does what the winner wants. While I lick the sweet-tasting sweat off her nipples of one of her spectacular tits, I slip two fingers in her wet pussy.

As I finish with the other tit, Chyna pushes me down to have me on my back. She then positions her snatch above my face and lowers it down to my mouth. I obligingly orally please her pussy. As she sighs with pleasure, Chyna reaches behind and slides two of her fingers in my pussy. The faster her fingers plunge in and out, the faster I eat out her pussy.

As the pleasure builds between us, Chyna turns herself around and lean forward to eat my pussy. Now in a 69, the competition begins again as we try to make each other cum first. The licking and sucking and tonguing get more intense as we both feel our orgasms coming. Both of us try to win by fingering each other, but it just causes us to simultaneously scream out our delight of another incredible climax.

Chyna rolls off me as we take a few minutes to recover and reconnect with our senses, I crawl to her and lay next to her. We embrace and softly kiss until we fall asleep in each other's arms.

By Chyna's "rules" of her "game", I guess we both lost.

Or we both won, depending on how you look at it.


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