tagIncest/TabooThe Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 14

The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 14


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 14

Valerie's Tales -- Part 2

It had been nearly two weeks since she'd enjoyed a fantasy encounter with her son. Valerie understood the reasons well enough. Peter had gone through a series of mid-terms and his attention was where it should have been. His class-work was entirely more important than her sinful fulfillments, after all. Besides, her work-load had greatly increased over the last month with two of her floor nurses taking time off, and one of the Hospice RN's now on maternity leave. Valerie had been asked to help pick up the load, and as a woman who seldom said no to a request when it involved helping others, she had ended up working seven straight days, ten or twelve hours each, with only a single day off to recover before starting a fresh seven.

So it was that even though she was quite tired after yet another long day, capping off her second seven in a row, Valerie felt herself revived by a jolt of excitement when she discovered an e-mail in her in-box tagged simply, "Instructions". She guiltily looked up and glanced around the nurse's station to insure that none of her colleagues were nearby before clicking on the line.

The instructions were as follows: "When you leave work, go to room 613, take a quick shower, dress in the surgical gown only, and get into the bed. Put on the blindfold you will find in the serving table. Once prepared, ring for the nurse."

Valerie realized that this time she was to be taken in the hospital, and although it would not be the first time, it was the first time she was to present herself as a patient. Her excitement built quickly as her last hour slowed to a crawl, but even as she began to gather her things and pass on the floor instructions to her relief, Valerie was finding it difficult to think about anything else.

"You seem distracted, Val," her friend Connie Holmes observed as she also began to gather up he own items. Both women had been on duty since six a.m. and were exhausted. Connie however was due back on duty in twelve hours, whereas Valerie was off for twenty-four.

"I guess so," she replied with a hint of a smile. "I've got plans tonight, is all," she added.

"I wish I had that kind of energy. This is only my third day and I'm so tired I'm going straight to bed when I get home. If Charlie want's any dinner, he'll have to make it himself." Charlie was Connie's husband. Valerie and Connie were very similar women in that they were both middle-aged mothers. Connie, unlike Valerie, was still happily married and enjoyed a warm relationship with her husband. She also enjoyed reminding the other nurses she worked with of this fact, many of whom were in a similar situation to Valerie. But Valerie didn't grudge her co-worker at all. She was happy that Connie was happy. Of course, Connie was completely unaware that Valerie was enjoying a secretive, fantasy relationship with her own son.

"I'll see you Friday morning," Valerie waved as she headed for the elevator. She had to go up, instead of down to the lobby, from the third floor wards she worked. Room 613, where she had been instructed to go, was not in this wing, but in the North wing. Valerie stepped off of the elevator into the fifth floor reception area and tried not to look at the nurses seated in the centralized station. This was the children's ward, and she seldom ventured up here. Valerie worked almost exclusively with older, geriatric patients, many well over the age of eighty, and in need of almost complete care. Her duties required her to pay special visits to the Majestic Hospice Center across the hospital campus to visit with the men and women she had cared for in the hospital. For Valerie it was at times very sad work, watching as people she had come to know and care for grew ever frailer as their particular conditions overwhelmed them. Years ago, she would pay her respects at their funerals, but she'd long stopped going. She realized that she had begun living in a state of perpetual grief. That had stopped when she had first opened a letter, slipped under the door to her apartment, and followed its instructions.

Now Valerie was once again following her instructions. She'd discovered just recently that it had been her youngest son, Peter, all along who had been fulfilling her need as a fantasy lover. She should have been appalled and put a stop to it at the time. Instead, she gave herself to Peter and his own desires, and in return she was herself fulfilled.

Not stopping as she passed through, Valerie stopped at the far end of the hallway and called for the elevator. Taking this elevator up one floor, Valerie stepped out onto a floor that was used mostly for overflow of other floors. There was rarely more than two of the rooms in use. The last time more than that had been used was when a mumps outbreak on the university campus laid up nearly a dozen students and faculty. Six-North, as the floor was often referred to around the hospital, had been nick-named "The Plague Zone" after that. So it was that the lights had been dimmed and the nurse's station shut down. None of the rooms would be in use, she recognized. Whatever her son had in mind for her, odds were that they would not be disturbed.

Her heart began to race as she walked along the dimly lit hallway to room 613. All of the doors were closed, and this one was not different. She pushed the door open and stepped into the room. The light was off so she found the switch and turned them on. The room was empty except for the usual furnishings. A large hospital bed was centered on the far wall. Three uncomfortable leather-bound chairs and a small table sat along the outer wall, beneath two large windows that faced East and the Majestic Mountain Range in the near distance. Deep shadows cast by the big hospital buildings stretched up the foothills as the late autumn sun settled in the West. Valerie found the gown, laid across the foot of the bed, ready for her. She checked the wheeled table used for bed-ridden patients and beneath the lid she found the pink eye mask. Valerie took it and laid it out with the gown.

She was excited, but frightened as well. There was no built-in safety here, as there was in her own apartment. That gave rise to a greater thrill, of course, which she assumed was her son's plan to begin with. Leaving her work carry-all bag on one of the chairs, she turned to the small bathroom. Inside was a carbon copy of all of the other private baths in the hospital. A toilet, a sink, and a tub-shower combination. A small vanity mirror over the sink. A stack of towels at the end of the sink. A waste bin for trash, and another for used linens and towels. Very sterile in every way. She turned on the harsh light and slowly began to strip out of her work scrubs.

Valerie relaxed somewhat under the warm spray of the shower. She washed off the sweet and funk that had built up on her soft, curvy body during the day. She scrubbed her breasts, her thighs, her ass, and her crotch. She could only imagine what her son would do with her, to pleasure her, and wanted to be ready for him. When she had finished rinsing off the soap, she felt revived. She toweled off and then brazenly walked barefoot and naked into the room to retrieve the gown and mask.

Although the bed had a sheet and blanket, Valerie settled atop both. She realized just how quiet it was in the room, and on the entire floor. It was definitely frightening, and scenes from various slasher horror films flashed through her mind in that instant, making her heart race, even as she reached for the call button at the end of the long cord, hanging on the wall behind her head. She hesitated but a moment before pressing it, and she could plainly hear the chime in the hallway as the light above the door came on. She placed the mask over her eyes as she had been instructed, and then let out a deep breath that she'd been holding in.

It had only been a moment since she'd pressed the button, but in Valerie's mind it seemed hours, when she heard the door swish open. She was no longer alone. When her son's voice whispered into her ear, very near, she jumped.

"Just relax, and enjoy," he told her. His hands stroked her hair, pulling it back from her face and caressing her cheeks with his finger tips. Her heart began to race then as her right arm was lifted and the gown removed, but only from that arm. She was still covered when her arm was replaced at her side. A band was wrapped around that arm, and suddenly both arms were being strapped down. A second person was in the room with her. She started to ask, but knew that she shouldn't. Her heart raced even more as her breathing grew more rapid and shallow.

"Relax, Valerie," her son's voice again in her ear soothed her. She realized then that he hadn't moved, and that it had been two other people strapping her arms down. His hands had never stopped stroking her hair. "Relax and enjoy." He then kissed her lightly on her lips. And then someone else kissed her. A woman's soft lips. So were the lips of the third person.

Valerie was both agitated and aroused. She'd never in her life been with another woman, and had never even felt the curiosity. She knew that men enjoyed seeing multiple women in the act of love-making, and her son would of course be no different, not with the imagination he was displaying to her. But he had never asked of her anything along this line. And to add to the thrill and fear was the knowledge that they were in the hospital where she worked, and that in all likelihood these two women, however old they were, worked there as well. "Who are they?" her mind screamed, even as she felt hands stroking down her thighs and calves.

Her feet were lifted slightly and then Valerie heard a solid thunk, which she also felt in her hips and back. She recognized then that the bed she was lying on was a maternity bed, and that the foot of it had just been dropped down. With hands holding each of her ankles, she knew immediately what was next. A few more clunks and clicks were heard, echoing in the room as well as in her mind, and then her ankles were lifted and parted. When her feet were set into the stirrups and strapped in place, Valerie felt the overwhelming need to call of this fantasy. Yet she needed to go on, to discover what her son had in mind for her.

Valerie gasped when, a moment later, hands stroked down the insides of her thighs. They were rough hands, her son's hands no doubt. "Such a beautiful pussy," she heard him sigh, and a moment later, she felt his breath on her labia. He blew warm air across her folds and clit, exciting her and making her body tremble on the bed. And then his tongue flicked across her slit, ever so lightly, making her moan.

"Oooohhh, please!" she groaned, hoping to bring his mouth fully into contact with her cunt. She was so desperate that she tried to push her hips towards him. His hands took hold of her ass to steady he as he began to kiss lightly along her inner thighs, always going towards her aching pussy, but never crossing it or kissing it.

After just a few moments, the gown was lifted from her body and laid to her side. Her breasts and belly were now fully exposed to the women, forgotten up to that point as her pussy was teased. Fingers began to trace up and down her body then, ever so lightly, sending electrical jolts through her as they tickled and teased. Her nipples were circled and stroked, and each was flicked repeatedly until it was hard upon her mounds. All the while, Valerie was panting as her pussy again was blown on by her son.

Suddenly, his tongue pressed hard into her slot and slowly stroked upward. "Oooohhh! Aaaahhh!" she groaned as an orgasm hit her unexpectedly. Her entire body jolted as her pussy spasmed. She felt her cream gush out as never before to flood Peter's mouth, which he had planted fully on her. His tongue thrust in and out of her hole, pulling her cream out and drinking it down. As she peaked, each of her nipples had been captured by mouths and were being chewed upon by the two women to either side of her. One had long enough hair to fall across her chest and side, and Valerie felt the tickle adding to her sexual excitement.

Suddenly, he pussy was naked and cooling as her son's mouth withdrew. She trembled, knowing that this had only been an opening round. She was in store for much more. As each of her nipples were released in turn, Valerie found herself panting on the bed. Some whispered voices, nothing said that she could make out, and a scooting of furniture, filled her ringing ears as she awaited.

Softer hands, a woman's hands, began to lightly stroke down her inner thighs, sending shivers through her body. She began to pant expectantly. Valerie had never been with another woman in her life, and now she was anticipating soft feminine lips upon her sex. When she felt the woman's breath upon her heated clit, she just about screamed. Again, instead of diving right in, she was teased. Warm lips began to kiss her inner thighs, starting right at the junction of her leg and crotch, and working back up, towards her knee. About halfway up, the lips reversed track, yet even as Valerie felt the tickle of hair upon her crotch, the lips jumped across with little more than a breath, to begin a track up her other thigh.

"Oooohh, please! I can't take this!" she moaned. She was visibly trembling as a giggle of pleasure sounded in the room.

"Take her," she heard her son whisper a moment later, and then the lips which had been teasing her descended onto her pussy.

"Oooohh, yeessss!" she huffed as her pussy was kissed deeply by the unseen woman. She rolled her hips upward, pressing into the mouth, as the tongue slithered across her folds before thrusting into her honey hole. Valerie moaned again as the tongue pushed incredibly high into her, a good three or four inches she imagined. When it withdrew, she felt a rush of her cream follow, which her unknown lover began to lap up hungrily.

A moment later, the mouth pressed hard into her pussy and let out a deep, "Uuuunnngggg!", which vibrated her clit. "Uuummmm, uuummmm, uuummmm," the mouth hummed, and combined with the rhythmic pushing against her crotch, Valerie realized that the woman eating her out was now being fucked from behind, most likely by her son.

"Oh, god, that's so good," she moaned happily as she saw the scene in her mind. Her son, fucking the woman who was pleasuring her with her mouth, in a hospital room. A scene straight out of a porno-movie, she imagined, even though she had never watched porn in her life.

As Valerie enjoyed what was being done to her, she felt a presence near her head. Hands stroked her hair down once again, and then a soft woman's voice whispered, "Relax. Don't move while I get up here." Valerie turned her attention momentarily from the delights taking place between her thighs and to the movement at her head. The bed sunk at her right shoulder, and then evened out a moment later. She felt flesh against her shoulders. She breathed in an unfamiliar aroma, very near her face.

Suddenly, her son's voice filled her ears. "Open your mouth, Valerie," he told her, and she hesitantly obeyed. "Now stick your tongue out, as far as you can." Again she obeyed. She felt a tickle on the tip, and then something warmer. She immediately knew what was happening.

"Oooohhh," she moaned as the pussy of the second woman, now straddling her head, lowered to her mouth. "Uuuunnngggg!" she moaned as she kissed another woman in the most intimate fashion for the first time in her life, even as she was being kissed. There were no hairs around the woman's crotch, and Valerie could feel the slight stubble of a recent shaving. Valerie began to lick at the folds pressed into her mouth, and tasted the tanginess of this woman's juices. The hips rolled slightly, forcing the pussy to open more against her mouth, and she pushed her tongue up into the vaginal chute, just as the tongue between her own thighs was doing. Valerie began to mirror that which was happening between her own thighs, stroke for stroke and lick for lick.

"Uuummmm, that's it, Valerie. Lick my pussy," the voice above her demanded. Part of her mind tried to place the voice with a face, but she was unable to concentrate, not with a tasty pussy pressing down into her mouth and her own pussy on the brink of a tongue-lashing orgasm. Hands took hold of her breasts and fingers dug into the flesh, kneading them in time with the banging of the mouth against her cunt, and the gyrations of the pussy against her mouth.

"Uuummmm, uuummmm!" was all that Valerie could mutter, completely smothered by the thighs and crotch of the woman above her. Her nose was pressed hard against the woman's anus and she could smell her deep scent, yet it wasn't at all unpleasant. She wanted the hips to raise, just enough to flick her tongue up and across her anus. She wanted to bath her entire crotch with her saliva, to taste her entire essence. Instead, the pussy was ground down harder against her mouth, and she responded by rapidly thrusting her tongue up into the dripping hole. Again and again she thrust until she began to feel the thighs quivering against her cheeks.

"Oooohh, yes! Make me cum! Make me cum, Valerie! Aaaahhh!" The pussy pressed slightly harder to her mouth, and then Valerie was treated to a warm gush of even tangier cream. Fingers dug into her nipples harshly, pulling and twisting as she climaxed on Valerie's inexperienced tongue. Valerie lapped hungrily at the juices, tasting them as they washed across her tongue and drinking them down, even as her own pussy began to quiver against the mouth planted there.

"Uuuunnngggg!" was all she could get out as her own orgasm began to wash through her. She thrust her hips upward, hard against the face at her crotch, as her juices released and the tongue between her folds lapped them up. All the while, Valerie could hear the steady rhythm of thighs slapping thighs, as Peter continued to fuck the woman between her legs.

Valerie continued to lap away at the wet slot pressed against her mouth, although at a more leisurely pace. The mask had slipped just enough that she could see with her right eye a dark-skinned buttock. She imagined that the woman who was sitting on her face, whose cunt she had been lapping away at for more than fifteen minutes, was a black woman, possibly of middle-age as herself. Ideas of just who it was raced through her mind even as she hoped to be introduced to her mysterious lovers at the end. After all, shouldn't she become more acquainted with the owner of the first pussy she'd ever tasted, and brought to orgasm?

Even as these thoughts ran through her mind, she could feel the face pressed into her crotch banging harder and faster. The grunting of that woman grew steadily until she was no longer licking at her at all. Instead, she had her cheek pressed against Valerie's heated pussy as Peter, so Valerie imagined, pounded the woman through a mutual climax, given the grunting she could hear her son doing.

"Aaaahhh, fuuuuuuck!" Peter grunted as his semen flooded into the woman's vagina. It was a growl Valerie had heard numerous times, and surprisingly, she felt a tinge of jealously flutter her heart, knowing that another woman was receiving her son's semen. The woman above her rolled to the side and Valerie made out more of her flesh, noting that she was indeed a dark-skinned woman. A flick of curly black hair, quite long in fact, was all she caught as the mask was pushed back into place. Valerie moaned with disappointment, compounded by the face between her legs lifting away. Cool air washed across her naked, damp flesh and sent a shiver through her spine. Although she hoped it wasn't over yet, she also wanted it to be, so that she could thank her son, and his friends, properly.

Instead, Valerie heard the shuffling of feet, the rustle of fabric, and even the soft mutterings of whispered voices. Suddenly, lips pressed to hers, and she kissed them back. They were a woman's. They pulled away, to be replaced by a second set. She kissed them back, tasting a tanginess that suggested that these were the lips that had been latched to her pussy just moments ago. When they left her, she expected her son's to replace them. However, it was his voice in her ear that came next.

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