Valestock Ch. 02


Her and her boyfriend's friend's eyes blazed hotter and hotter with every word until his lips suddenly pressed down on hers when he could take it no longer. Kissing passionately where they stood, both gripped tightly to each other as their tongues danced furiously. Claire moaned into his mouth as they kissed as it felt so good to be touched. Oh, she needed this so badly. Her legs felt weak with anticipation.

Suddenly, Tony broke the kiss, his heart beating hard against her chest.

"The tent flap's open and Michael's just outside." He said as his eyes glanced over to the unzipped front of the tent as Claire's hands swiftly unzipped his jeans, pushing them and his boxers down to his ankles in one swift motion before her hand wrapped around his already solid cock, and Claire moaned.

"Ohmmmm. Fuck him," She growled playfully, "He should be in here having sex with me rather than letting his friend get his big dick in me instead."

With that she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and once more mashed her soft lips to his, probing his mouth fervently with her tongue.

That was all the convincing Tony seemed to need as Claire's body had long since succumbed to the burning horniness that raged through her body. Fuck, she was horny, and oh, how she needed a good hard cock inside her now...and between Michael and Tony, there was no doubt whose cock was the better or the harder right then.

Tony seemed to already know what she was thinking and reached under the skirt of her dress, forcefully ripping both fishnets and her panties in one strong pull.

Claire moaned and purred at his forceful dominance as Tony then wrapped his arms around her again before slowly lowering himself to sit on the floor as they continued to kiss each other hotly.

"Fuck Tony, should we be doing this?" Claire asked breathily as she continued to kiss him fiercely, placing her knees so that she straddled his lap, her back facing the wide-open entry flap to the 'communal' area of the tent.

Tony didn't answer, at least not verbally. Instead he made sure his rock-hard cock was lined up with her very hot, very very cock-hungry pussy, before he took hold of her waist and pulled her down forcefully.

"UUGGGHHHH!" Claire grunted loudly as all nine inches of her boyfriend's friend's huge naked cock was buried balls deep into her burning, unprotected pussy for the second time in two days.

Pleasure shot through Claire's body like red-hot lightning bolts at the feel of finally having a good, hard dick shoved oh-so-deep into her pussy once again. For a few moments all Claire could do was sit still, impaled rigidly on nine inches of hard dick, and relish the feeling surging from her completely happily stuffed pussy all through her hot, sexy, 20-year-old body, before she looked to Tony, her eyes burning with raging lust.

"You've got your dick in me twice in two days," The busty girlfriend said huskily, her body roaring with lust-burning passion, "That's more than Michael has."

Tony laughed smugly at that and flexed his hard dick inside her, causing Claire to squeal lightly.

Smiling as she locked her eyes with his, Claire gave her boyfriend's friend a dirty smile that made her green eyes glow before she oh so slowly began to lift herself up the long, thick, length of Tony's dick...agonizingly up every long, thick, oh so hard inch...before she suddenly slammed herself all the way down as forcefully as she could, grunting and groaning as the huge, hard cock rammed deep inside of her tight, stretched pussy, filling her swiftly and completely.

Slowly she pushed herself up and slammed down again and again, groaning deeply as the air was driven from her lungs, however the horny-need within her body quickly took over and so before long she began to rise and fall quicker and quicker until for the second time in two days Claire Nichols, the hot, sexy, red-headed girlfriend of Michael Archer, was bouncing relentlessly up and down Tony's thick, unprotected, nine-inch cock as she forcefully and repeatedly buried it deep into her hot, tight, very hungry pussy.

"Ohhhh! It feels soooo good having your big dick back in me again! Oh fuck yes!" Claire moaned, uncaring at how loud she moaned as the music continued to play loudly outside the tent.

Tony's arms were still wrapped around her back, his eyes staring intently as her large 38D tits bounced and jiggled lustfully within the thin material confines of her dress, pushed up and together lewdly by the corset she had on, while she rode his hard cock furiously.

"Fuck, I've been wanting to fuck you all day!" Tony growled as Claire's tight pussy worked up and down his rock hard dick, squeezing the solid shaft warmly. "I bet you wanted my dick rather than Mike's when you were having sex with him last night."

"Oh yes, yes, oh yes, oh fuck." Claire panted as she continued to fuck herself on Tony's nine inch shaft, her hands resting on his shoulders as she rose up and down his gorgeous rod. "Fuck, I wanted your big dick Tony, ummm yes fuck, ohhhh, I dreamt about it and thought about it all day! Fuck, I wanted your cock in me all day, fucking me like you did yesterday! OHhhmmm that was so hot! Oh yes! Ummm fuck! I love how you fill me! Ohhhhh!"

As Claire continued to ram herself down hard again and again it wasn't long before Tony was also breathing heavier. Claire could almost have smiled if she wasn't so horny right then, or too pre-occupied with the incredible feeling her boyfriend's friend's dick was giving her as it slammed in and out of her tight, hot hole, as Tony didn't seem to know where to look; at her beautiful, perfect, red-headed face or at those amazing, bouncing big tits.

"Ugh, fuck, yeah, ride my dick Claire! Fuck, Michael's just outside while your riding my cock." Tony growled as he reached down to cup her tight ass over the short skirt of her dress.

"Mmmmmm!" Claire purred before she lifted his face up and once more pressed her luscious lips against his, her tongue dancing erotically with his as she moaned deeply into his mouth while she rode up and down his long, hard cock. Fuck, it felt so good. Breaking the kiss Claire breathed hotly, staring into Tony's eyes. "You like fucking me while my boyfriend's outside? Fucking me where we sleep together?"

Saying those words sent waves of hot pleasure coursing through the stunning girlfriend's body causing her to moan loudly as she impaled herself faster and harder, rocking her hips back and forth rapidly and driving that wonderfully solid cock in and out of her oh so needy pussy.

"Do you like getting fucked while the tent is unzipped and anyone could walk in?" Tony growled and Claire threw her head back, moaning from the bottom of her being again, though the illicit sound was swallowed up by the loud music booming outside.

"Ohhh fuck I need this so badly! Mmmm fuck! Ohhmmm fuck! Fuck yes! Ohhh Tony your big cock feels so fucking good inside me...ughnmm just like it did yesterday! Fuck, I need to get fucked so badly!" She groaned tightly before she lifted her head up and unwound her arms from around his neck.

Leaning her hands back once more, Claire supported herself as she rocked her hips back and forth, driving Tony's big nine inch rod into her burning pussy again and again.

She couldn't believe that here she was again, cheating on her loving boyfriend for the second time with their friend. She was fucking herself so good on his big dick while Michael, her boyfriend, was just outside the tent, which wasn't even closed up! Fuck he could come in at any moment! The risky thought of what they were doing made Claire move her hips faster and groan deeply as she felt all nine inches sink deep into her tight, hot body plunging deeper into her than her boyfriend had ever gone.

"Fuck! Ungh, fuck yes!" Tony growled, running his hands up and down her fishnet-clad legs. "Fuck Claire, does this mean I get to fuck you again?"

A dirty smile lightened Claire's face as she pushed herself up once again and wrapped her arms around Tony's neck, kissing him passionately.

"Uh uh, mmhmm..." She moaned softly as she nodded, her beautiful eyes sparkling with lust. "Fuck...oh yes Tony, yes, ohhmm! You can fuck me as much as you want Tony. Oh fuck, yes, you can fuck me with your biiiiggg ohhmmm hard dick anytime you want baby! Fuck, it's so deep and stretching me! Ohhhfuuuck I've never felt anything so...unghmmm FUCK YES! Ohhmm yes, ohmm yes, you fuck me whenever Tony, as long as you make me cum, and...unnnmmm...and as long as you don't tell Michael that you're screwing his, ohhh, slutty girlfriend!" She added in a breathy growl as she ran her fingers through his hair and pulled his face into her tits; the words, the thought that she really did mean them, and the feel of her and Michael's friend's face buried in her luscious cleavage as she rode his impaling cock like she was desperate sent waves of pleasure burning through her hot, young body.

The scene was one to inspire lust in any that surveyed it. Here was a hot, knockout girl, her long, dark red hair falling down her back as her head hung back while her boyfriend's friend's face was buried in her tits, biting and kissing relentlessly on her large, round, soft mounds as she bounced up and down on his long, raging dick hard and fast. Her big 38D tits bounced and jiggled within her corset-dress, straining gloriously to be free, her fishnet-clad legs had Tony's hands running up and down them which sent tingles through both of their cheating bodies, while her black knee-high boot clad legs pushed her up and down his nine inch, hard, thick cock as it stretched and filled her burning hot, vice-like pussy. Moaning, groaning and erotic sexual grunts filled the sexually charged tent, unheard outside, despite the loudness and how incredibly heartfelt they were, by Claire's boyfriend of two years and the others due to the music they were playing and enjoying listening to while she fucked herself furiously behind the thin tent wall; a tent that was unzipped and that anyone could have walked in on. Hot? It was enough to make Tony's balls tighten as the busty red-head rammed herself back down his entire shaft.

As pleasure pumped and clawed through her sexy body at the feel of that thick rod sliding hard and fast deep within her, Claire began to feel all of the sexual need within her building together in her pussy and with loud moans and hot, horny panting, with every movement she quickly began to feel the need for release, and so pulling Tony's head from her cleavage, she briefly mashed her lips to his before she broke the kiss and lay her forehead against his, closing her eyes as she began to ride him for all she was worth.

"Uh uh uh uh uh! Ohhhh! Ohhh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes! Oh yes! Mmmm fuck! Oh fuck...I need this so bad! Ummmmyeah...fuck Tony, fuck your dick is so big! Oh fuck! OH FUCK it feels so good inside me! Oh fuck! I'm going to cum soon! Fuck, so close! So close baby, yeah!" Claire moaned incessantly as she held on to Tony's face, slamming herself up and down his enormous nine inch rod.

Suddenly, Tony pulled his face from hers and grabbed her waist tightly. Claire opened her eyes and looked at him with the dazed look of an impending orgasm.

"I want to fuck you doggie style." He growled and Claire stared at him for a moment as she continued to pant silently while riding his dick.

"I'm so close Tony, don't stop, please." She begged breathily, taking his hands from her waist and planting them firmly on her large bouncing tits. "Don't you just love having your hands on my big tits? Mmmm fuck, oh fuck...come on Tony, squeeze my tits while I ride your big cock...ohh fuuckkmmmm...soo fucking close baby, yeah squeeze my bouncing tits, unmmgh yeah, fuck."

Tony immediately began and continued to roughly squeeze her big tits through the thin material, relishing the feel of her soft but oh so firm breasts moulding themselves around his groping fingers and enjoying the memories of how he had always wondered what this would feel like...and Claire continued to fuck herself happily on his dick, slamming hard up and down as she rose and fell causing her luscious rack to jiggle and bounce in Tony's hands, fucking herself closer and closer to her oh so close orgasm, when Tony -- still squeezing her impressive rack hard -- spoke determinedly, though with a hint of breathy reluctance.

"Get on your hands and knees." He demanded after a moment, and Claire sighed as his hands once more, though reluctantly, slid down to her slender, corset-cinched waist. Although her boyfriend's friend obviously understood her reluctance -- not only because she was so close to cumming oh so hard and releasing all of that pent up tension that had built overnight, but also because she did not want to be away from the others outside too long, that would be suspicious and someone would eventually come looking, - as he reassured her. "Don't worry, I'll make you cum hard baby, I'll fuck you till you can't walk..." With that Claire smiled brightly, however her what made her eyes flash with lust was when Tony added, "...and Michael can just wait until we're finished having sex."

That last made Claire purr with lustful delight and so, with no little reluctance, she pulled herself all the way off Tony's long, pussy-stretching dick and quickly turned around, so that she was facing the open tent flap to the 'communal' area, and got on her hands and knees.

Looking over her shoulder sexily, she spoke hungrily.

"Give me that big dick Tony, hurry, I need to feel it in meeeeeeeohhhhhhhh!" She began, however the last word turned into a loud moan as Tony knelt behind her and thrust forward powerfully, once more burying his entire thick, nine inch cock into her oh-so-tight burning pussy from behind. As he grabbed hold of her waist, Claire began to moan louder. "Ohhhhhhh yeah Tony, ohhhhhh fuuuucckkk give me that big dick! Ohhhh! Oh! Oh yeah, fuck! Fuck me Tony, ohumm fuck me, ohmmm fuck, oh fuck, mmm harder, faster! Give me that fat cock! Oh yes, fuck your friend's girlfriend Tony! Oh yes! FUCK! Ohhhh, fuck her good and hard baby! Ohhhhh yeeeaaaahhh!"

Claire's big tits were bouncing and jiggling violently within her very low-cut dress, threatening to spill out as Tony fucked her raw from behind, slamming his dick into her so mercilessly that Claire felt as if he was spearing her tight pussy.

It only took a matter of seconds as her boyfriend's friend fucked her ruthlessly until once more the horny girlfriend's orgasm was building to a new height, and as Claire felt her orgasm getting closer, she pushed back as hard as she could to meet Tony's powerful thrusts forward, slamming his hard, long, thick meat deep into her hot pussy rapidly while Tony held her waist tightly giving her the hard and fast fucking she had been gagging for all day.

As the tent filled with the increasingly frantic moans and groans of pleasure from the illicit fucking pair with Tony screwing the life out of Claire, little did either know that life was about to get a whole lot more orgasm-filled for Michael's hot girlfriend...

The music blared loudly as the companions sat singing and joking around the fire and soon both drew others from the camp site to enjoy the sounds and celebration. Michael sat next to Matt and his stereo laughing so hard to the random song his friend had found that he had fallen over more than once in his mirth.

All that filled Michael's mind at that time was the music and good time he was having with his friends and the random people who had turned up and joined in uninvited, yet completely welcome. He did not even notice that his hot girlfriend was missing, let alone consider that she was actually having his friend's big dick stuffed into her tight pussy again and again just a few feet away inside the tent.

In fact, while Michael focused on the music and his 'good time', Claire was riding up and down his friend's nine inch cock before he flipped her over onto her hands and knees and drove his ragingly hard and unprotected dick deep into her again, grabbing hold of her slim waist so that he could pound her relentlessly from behind. Michael was completely unaware that just behind that thin tent wall, in the compartment that he shared with her, his hot girlfriend's tits shook, swung and jiggled within the tight confines of her corset-dress as Tony and she had passionate sex doggie style. The music covered the lewd moans and groans Claire made as she begged Tony to screw her harder and told him how so much better he was than Michael, amongst other obscenities.

And so, while Michael continued his 'good time', Claire and his friend continued theirs...

Matt barely held back a roaring laugh as Michael almost rolled over again as a particularly funny line was sung. Man, he loved this song. It always made him feel so good.

Looking around at all of the random people that had gathered around, singing, drinking, dancing and talking, the long-haired black man couldn't think of any better atmosphere or any better thing in life than a gathering like this. Zach and Sam were already getting drunk from what he could see, and Tony was...Matt looked around again, still smiling as he thought of Michael almost rolling over in hysterics. Where was Tony? As he continued to look around he couldn't see him anywhere. For that matter, he couldn't see Claire either. He had noticed those two had been acting strange ever since last night though he hadn't thought anything of it as they were probably having an argument of some kind. Though that would be a little odd, not unheard of, but the group seldom argued...well, unless it was Zach arguing with Michael or Claire arguing with Sam, but that was just usual family stuff.

"Hey Mike, is everything alright between Claire and Tony?" Matt asked curiously, unaware of course just how 'good' things were between the illicit pair at that point.

Michael looked to him and nodded, half to the music and half in reply.

"From what I know man, she hasn't said anything to me." The head-bopping boyfriend replied before he went back to listening to the music.

Matt looked around again. If everything was ok that meant that they had probably wandered off to one of the fair rides or something. The last thought in Matt's mind was that they were fucking doggie style like mad in the tent right as he spoke to Michael.

Shrugging the thought off, Matt grinned once more as Zach almost fell over as Sam punched his arm for some unknown jest, and continued to listen to the awesome was getting to one of his favourite solos now...and as the guitar broke in, the intricacy of the notes played suddenly brought to mind a song that Tony might like and had been meaning to show him for a couple of days.

Patting Michael's shoulder and telling his friend that he would be right back, Matt stood up and after taking a look around decided he would check the tent first to see if they had gone inside to sit and talk or something. Tony was the poetic kind, he often liked solitary conditions at odd times.

As Matt came to the tent flap and pushed it open, stepping in, his ears were confronted with a sound he had not expected.

Loud grunts, hot panting moans and deep illicit groans came from his left - lust-filled and loud.

"Oh! Yes! Give it to me! Oh fuck! Fuck me Tony! Give me that big dick! Ohhhhh fuckk mmmmmm it feels sooooo fucking goooood!" Matt heard a woman's voice groan erotically and as he turned to look his eyes went wide.

Unbelievably, there, a few feet away, Michael's girlfriend was on her hands and knees facing where he stood. Her large tits shaking and jiggling lustfully within that low-cut, corset dress that she was wearing. Her face was contorted in ecstasy, her mouth moaning lewdly and her eyes shut as she obviously relished in the feel of Tony's dick pumping into her from behind...and as Matt looked up in stunned silence, he saw Tony behind her, holding her slender waist, naked from the waist down, slamming his hard dick into Claire's obviously welcoming pussy for all he was the two of them were boyfriend and girlfriend and alone, far away from anyone else rather than a few feet from Claire's actual boyfriend and Tony's supposed friend! Sweat poured down his face which had the look of both epic concentration and incredible pleasure from the feel of the hot red-head's pussy clamping tight around his jack-hammering cock.

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