Valestock Ch. 02


Neither of them had seen him yet as he stood there, dumbfounded. Matt didn't know what to think. On the one hand, his dick instantly grew hard as he watched Claire's big tits bouncing and swinging as Tony fucked her hard doggie style. It grew harder as he listened to her hot, erotic moans, and harder still as he thought how hot she was and how just as a man and a woman, he would love to nail that slut's ass hard too. However, on the other hand, Claire was Michael's girlfriend, and Tony was their friend. How the fuck could either of them do this? And with Michael just outside the tent too? Fuck, it all made sense now why they had been acting weird with each other. Fuck, how long had this been going on?

As Matt stood there frozen in shock, he watched as Claire lay her arms down and rested her head on them, moaning deep and heartfelt into the sleeping bag she and Michael shared as Tony continued to ram his dick into her pussy from behind.

The scene was unbelievable, it was was fucking hot.

Tony grunted as he continued to bury his hard nine inch dick into Michael's girlfriend from behind, pulling her back by her slim waist as he thrust forward, stuffing her full of the thick, solid, unyielding rod.

Fuck, it felt better than he remembered screwing her. At first he had felt bad after what had happened yesterday, but when he saw her in this dress, he knew he wanted to have his dick back inside her no matter what. Michael was an idiot if he wasn't here banging his gorgeous red-headed and busty girlfriend whenever she wanted it. Still, it was good for him, because he was more than happy to fill in for his friend.

"Oh! Uh uh uh! Yes, yes, yes! Fuck! Oh fuck Tony yes! Fuck me Tony! Oh, give me all your big dick! YES! FUCK! Ohhhh, I've been needing your big dick all day! Ohhh, fuck the shit out of me Tony! Oh fuck, yes! Harder! Fuck me!" Claire groaned into the sleeping bag as he continued pistoning his long, solid shaft into her very hot, very tight, and very welcoming pussy.

Tony still couldn't believe that here he was, fucking Claire doggie style while her boyfriend, his friend, was just outside, and while the tent flap was open.

Leaning his head back, Tony laughed triumphantly to himself as he rammed his dick into her tight pussy hard. He would get to fuck her whenever he wanted now, there was no way she would go back after coming back for more.

As Claire moaned hotly into her arms, Tony growled as he picked up his pace, thrusting his hard nine inch cock into her as hard and as fast as he could, knowing that he wouldn't be able to hold back much longer, and that they had been gone long enough already. If they were in here much longer someone was going to come look...that was the moment his eyes looked towards the tent flap and noticed a pair of eyes watching him.

Concern would have rushed through him then, however right at that moment Claire pushed herself back onto her hands and knees and threw her head back, moaning so loudly in one long lust-filled groan that for a moment she almost rivalled the music blasting outside, and she tightened her pussy around Tony's pistoning dick as her own orgasm began to quickly approach. The feel of her hot, tight pussy clamping around his hard, thick cock, drove any concern for who was watching them out of Tony's mind and he redoubled his efforts, grabbing a fistful of Claire's long, dark red hair as he fucked her like both of their lives depended on it, before looking back to the watcher. If it was Michael, surely he would have stormed in by now after seeing his girlfriend being fucked the life out of, however Tony knew it wasn't Michael by the colour of the skin. The watcher had to be Matt.

Claire was one long incessant moan now, panting at how good it felt, how good his dick was, as Tony smiled smugly at Matt. He knew exactly what his friend was thinking. It was the same dilemma Tony had been in earlier that morning. Claire was his friend's girlfriend, but she was also the hottest piece of ass any of them knew, and here she was doing the unthinkable, having sex with one of her boyfriend's friends right in the tent where they slept while her boyfriend, their friend was outside, and Tony knew the view Matt had of Claire's face and tits must have been incredibly hot. Right then, as Tony pounded Claire harder and harder, he knew Matt was on a razor's edge, but the fact he was still standing there and had not gone to inform Michael meant that Tony knew which side was winning, all he needed was an invitation.

"Matt..." Tony said to him in a tight voice, motioning him over. Claire was still moaning and concentrating too much on Tony's dick fucking her good and hard to hear what he said right then. "...come here, you've really got to try a piece of her, she's so tight. The hottest fuck I've had man. Ungh fuck!"

His and Michael's black friend walked forward oh so slowly, staring at Claire seemingly in a daze, and when he spoke, he spoke to Tony, though his eyes never left Claire's luscious body.

"Tony, what the fuck? She's Mike's girlfriend man? How can you fuck his girlfriend?" He asked incredulously, Claire still moaned and panted, seemingly oblivious to the black man right in front of her.

"Claire's hot to fuck man, she's been begging for it, and Mike hasn't been giving her what she needs." Tony replied in more of a growl than a level tone, slamming into Claire hard again.

Matt stared at Claire's body as it moved back and forth, her mouth hanging open as she panted heavily, obviously completely enjoying the whole experience and completely complicit in the erotic cheating.

"Fuck, Matt, you know she's a hot piece of ass, ugh fuck, yeah, and if she was single you wouldn't waste a thought in fucking her." Tony grunted, letting Claire's hair go and grabbing her waist again. Claire's head hung down once more as she began moaning and grunting as Tony's big dick filled and refilled her tight pussy.

"She ain't single though, she's Mike's girl man! He's our fucking friend." Matt protested, though for all his words Tony could see his jeans bulging and his eyes still hadn't left Claire's sexy body.

"Come on Matt, don't you want to feel her lips around your dick? Her hot mouth as she sucks your cock? Fuck, don't you want to grab those big, creamy white tits and fuck this hot, tight fucking pussy? She'd love it, and you would man! You know it!" Tony growled tightly in reply, knowing the descriptions may just tip Matt over the balance. His and Michael's friend hesitated however, and so Tony added, "Go on Matt, get your dick out and shove it in her mouth, she'll suck it like a lollipop man, she's the best fucking cocksucker...fuck...she'll swallow it all down her tight fucking throat man...unghmm fuck!"

For a moment Tony watched the battle in Matt's face as he continued to pleasure his friend's girlfriend relentlessly, fuck she was so fucking good, however the hotness of Claire's body soon tipped the scales and the battle was done.

Reaching for his jeans, Matt undid them before pushing them and his boxers down, and kicking them off he moved to stand in front of Claire with his huge, rock-hard ten inch black dick jutting straight up like a massive, thick flag pole. Hunger now painting his face, Matt reached down and grabbed a handful of Claire's dark red hair and pulled her head up, her eyes remained closed as she was lost in the intense approaching orgasm that Tony was powerfully fucking her towards...and so she moved instinctively. Looking down at her, Matt pressed his hard cock to her lips and Claire's mouth opened without thought and then without any hesitation the long-haired black friend of Michael's pushed forward, sliding five inches of his thick, solid, naked black cock deep into Claire's mouth. Watching the hot scene Tony waited until those five inches filled Claire's mouth before he slammed into her from behind and drove another inch down into her hot, tight throat. Claire's lips wrapped instantly around Matt's dick in a tight but soft seal and she sucked hard, her mouth quickly beginning to move up and down the thick, black shaft as Tony pulled her back onto his dick and slammed her forward with his powerful thrust from behind.

Lost in lust, Claire had been oblivious to anything but the hard fucking Tony had been giving to her, however suddenly she realised that she had two dicks in at either end, and opened her eyes and looked up. The first thing she saw was a huge, thick, black cock being stuffed into her mouth forcefully before she looked up to see Matt staring down at her, hunger and burning lust filing his eyes.

By that point though the stunning red-head was too far gone to care, her orgasm was rapidly approaching, her body felt like it was on fire and crackling inside and out with electricity, and the feel of two huge, hard dicks slamming into her - one driving her onto the other, back and forth, quickly and forcefully - just made it come closer quicker.

As she looked up into Matt's eyes, he smiled down at her and Tony smiled to himself as they both began to fuck her hard and fast from in front and behind.

Claire moaned lustfully around the thick mouthful of Matt's incredibly huge black cock as Tony relentlessly plowed another hard nine inch dick into her from behind, driving her hot body forward and Matt's big, fat cock deeper into her throat. At first realising that Matt had found her and Tony fucking had sent a chill of worry down the slender girlfriend's spine, however that had lasted only a moment as the abrupt realisation of his big dick buried in and filling her mouth and throat had convinced her that he wasn't actually going to let on what she and Tony were doing. It was odd though, she had never thought of either Tony or Matt sexually in any way, oh they were handsome, but she had never thought of either that way, and now here she was, with both of their solid, unprotected dicks stuffed into her, sucking and fucking both at the same time, while she cheated on Michael who was just outside the tent! Even more surprising, she was loving every second of it! If anyone would have asked her a day ago if she would have even looked at another guy sexually, let alone screw two at the same time behind her boyfriend's back, she would have laughed in their face! And now here she was, stuffed full of two impressive cocks, being spit-roasted between the two, and loving every magnificently hard inch of it!

"Fuck, Claire, you suck dick good!" Her and Michael's black friend groaned as he ran his fingers through Claire's dark red hair while her soft lips slid up and down his solid black shaft quickly and smoothly.

He had rapidly managed to shove almost eight inches of his big cock down her throat in the short time since he had stuffed it into her hot mouth. Claire found it hard to hold herself up on her hands and knees as Tony and Matt fucked her hard and fast from both ends, however somehow she managed, and she kept her eyes locked on Matt's as he continued thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth and throat, her lips tightly wrapped around the thick, black shaft as her tongue slashed wildly along its hard, veiny length.

She could barely think as Tony pounded her relentlessly from behind and Matt thrust his hips forward each time Tony did, driving both dicks deep into her body powerfully. She felt so full of cock it was unbelievable. She had never had a threesome in her life....but oh fuck it felt amazing having two big dicks servicing her every need. Her body felt so incredibly alive with pleasure as both men screwed her to her quickly approaching, ever-closer orgasm.

"That's it white girl, suck my big black cock." Matt growled hotly and Claire felt a shiver run along her spine.

"Mmmmph!" She moaned lewdly around her mouthful of hard dick as her nostrils flared, trying to draw breath. Fuck, she had never slept with a black guy before. Sucking a black dick suddenly seemed oh so erotic.

"Shit, Claire, fuck!" Matt groaned as he breathed heavy as Claire began to bob her head up and down his thick cock as best as she could while Tony continued to ram into her from behind.

Leaning a little to her right, Claire lifted her left fishnet-gloved hand and wrapped it around Matt's dick, jacking it as best as she could while being fucked by Tony, balancing and bobbing her head up and down Matt's black cock that was shoved lewdly between her soft, luscious lips.

Her boyfriend's black friend grunted in appreciation as her mouth worked harder on his cock and Claire heard Tony laugh behind her.

"Fuck, yeah, suck that dick Claire! Fuck! Ah!" Matt groaned loudly as Claire continued to do just that; sucking and slurping on his dick as hard as she could. As she did he looked down at her, a look of absolute pleasure on his face as she worked her mouth up and down his long black shaft, before he grabbed hold of one of her large tits through the thin material top of her dress, squeezing roughly as he his other hand tightened in her hair. "Damn, you've got a great set of tits! Fuck, I always knew they'd feel good!"

Claire simply felt like her body was on fire. Tony's hands still held her waist as he drove his entire thick, nine-inch cock into her pussy relentlessly, while Matt's hand groped and mashed her large tits violently as she jacked and sucked his big, black dick for all she was worth.

Suddenly Tony thrust into her harder from behind and Claire suddenly lost her balance. Quickly she released her grip around Matt's dick and grabbed onto his hips with both fishnet-gloved hands, however not before her slip had buried Matt's entire ten inch black cock down her throat. Instantly her eyes shot open and watered profusely, however Matt just grunted happily as his dick was stuffed deep into her tight throat and Claire would have screamed loudly in ecstasy if she could as for that brief moment she was stuffed with nineteen solid inches of cock altogether...the feeling almost made her cum on the spot!

As the two pulled back, Claire quickly pulled her mouth entirely from Matt's dick and held onto his hip with one hand before she once more began to jack the entire length of his cock with the other. She needed air after that, and so staring into Matt's dark eyes, the busty red-headed girlfriend smiled the dirtiest smile she could, biting her bottom lip as her hand flew up and down his long, hard cock.

"Did you like me sucking your big black dick Matt?" She asked as she panted heavily and erotically as Tony continued pounding her hard from behind.

"Fuck! Yeah, suck my dick Claire." Matt growled as he squeezed her large tits forcefully.

Claire purred amusedly before she returned her lips to his dick, sucking it hard for her moment before slowly pulling her mouth from his cock again, jacking again furiously. Her body surged with electric bolts of pure pleasure.

"Fuck! Uh! Oh fuck, you guys really know how to please a girl! Ummm fuck!" She groaned lustfully as she revelled in the feel of one dick in her hand while the other pounded her pussy hard. Licking the head of Matt's dick, she looked up at him again, purring sexually. "Are you going to fuck me with your big black cock Matt? Ohhhmmmmm! Fuck! Ohhh that's hot! Are you going to ohmmm bury your OHHH big black cock in my...umm...oh my tight white pussy Matt? Mmmmmm! Are you going to uughhohhhhmmm yeah mmmm, fuck Michael's white girlfriend with your dick while you grab her mmmm big tits!?"

By the end pleasure began to sear through Claire's body and she couldn't take it any longer, and so without waiting for him to reply, Claire wrapped her soft lips tightly around Matt's dick again and sank her mouth all the way down the long, hard shaft, burying the entire ten inches down her throat. Sucking and licking hard, she alternated between deep-throating the immense black tool and sucking as much as she could as hard as she could while Tony ruthlessly fucked her forcefully.

The tent was one big noise, a mix of sucking, slurping, moans, groans, obscenities, panting, breathing and the ever present sound of the sleeping bag shifting as Tony screwed Claire hard.

The hot sex was so intense and the scene so erotic that in a matter of minutes Claire felt her incredibly powerful orgasm growing so close that she felt like she may explode at any moment.

Here she was, a loving and faithful girlfriend until yesterday, being double-teamed by two of her boyfriend's best friends in a tent, not to mention the part of the tent where her boyfriend slept with her, while her boyfriend was just sitting outside of. One was fucking her hard from behind, the other, a black man, had his huge black dick shoved all the way in her hot white mouth and down her tight throat, while she sucked and fucked in unison and he mauled her large tits.

Claire was sucking and fucking, and literally being fucked, intensely, all the while her moaning and groaning, which would have been screams of pure lust-filled ecstasy if Matt hadn't had all of his huge cock buried ball deep inside her mouth, were now one long noise, growing as her body began to tingle with her oncoming orgasm.

"Shit, ah fuck! Claire, you're the best fuck...ugh!" Tony grunted tightly as his hips began to thrust erratically all of a sudden.

Claire breathed heavily through her nose as her body began to tense up. 'Oh fuck, fuck, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!' she wanted to scream, but the dick in her mouth wouldn't let her. All that went through her mind was 'give me more' and 'so full of dick, so fucking full'.

"Fuck, suck it, shit! Oh fuck! Uhh!" Matt growled through clenched teeth as his hand gripped tightly in her hair and he thrust his hips forward more and more harshly, literally fucking her mouth and throat with his hard ten inches.

The feel of both dicks alternately ramming into her mouth and pussy while she simply hung on in-between sent surges of lust-blazing electricity ripping through Claire's sexy body. Her moans began to grow as loud as they could while stuffed full of dick and her hands gripped Matt's naked hips until her knuckles would have gone white while her nails dug in deeper into his naked flesh.

Being fucked ruthlessly in her pussy and deep and forcefully in her mouth and throat by nineteen-inches of unprotected cock quickly became too much for the sexy slut of a girlfriend and so all of a sudden, as both her boyfriend's friend's continued to pound her relentlessly, Claire's body tensed and then, accompanied by a muffled screaming-moan of intense pleasure, exploded in absolute orgasmic ecstasy. Her nails dug harshly into Matt's legs as she screamed around his hard dick as her body shook and convulsed as an orgasm that dwarfed the one she had felt yesterday literally tore through her stunning 20-year-old red-headed body mercilessly. For a moment, nothing else but the extreme waves of rapture seemed to exist and then Claire felt the hottest feeling she had ever Tony buried his dick into her pussy deeply, Matt held his buried in her mouth, and then suddenly, at exactly the same time, both exploded fiercely, sending huge loads of cum blasting into Claire's body from both sides...without warning she came hard again.

Tony knew he couldn't hold back any longer as he slammed his dick erratically into Claire's hot body, when suddenly she tensed and her hot, tight pussy clamped down on his dick like a vice, sending him over the edge.

"OH FUCK! UGHHH!" He shouted and with one powerful thrust that drove Claire forward, buried his entire dick inside his friend's girlfriend before his balls tightened and he felt his dick explode powerfully as he emptied his balls for the second time in two days deep into Claire's hot, unprotected pussy.

Ropes of his thick cum blasted forcefully into Claire's unprotected pussy, shooting deep into her womb. Load after heavy load pumped thick and hot into her body as Tony grunted and held his dick deep inside her as he felt her shaking in orgasm, moaning loudly as best she could around Matt's huge dick as he too seemed to be emptying his balls into her mouth and down her tight, white throat...

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