Valestock Ch. 03


"Yeah." Zach replied, clearing his throat and deliberately not looking down at her, as no doubt his eyes continued to fall on her deep cleavage. "We should, er, let the others know."

Claire smiled dirtily to herself. It was so obvious now that Zach had been checking her out and was trying his hardest not to ogle her now. The thought made Claire's body blaze hotter as she decided that it would be quite fun to tease Michael's brother.

"Your phone in your pocket?" She asked not waiting for an answer as she reached into the tight pocket of his jeans.

The contact pulled his body closer to hers and this time Claire did feel the large, hard bulge press against her stomach. She almost giggled to herself at that point, and considered making a playful comment, however right then that would probably make him feel uncomfortable.

So, taking his phone from his pocket, Claire looked around them as she dialled Matt's number. Once she had managed to tell them where they were, she dialled her brother's number and told him the same, all the while looking around to see if she could see them, before she turned her attention back to Zach.

As her eyes fell back on Michael's brother's face, his cheeks immediately coloured a deep red and he lifted his eyes from her cleavage to her face. Claire smiled playfully at him, though she did try to look playfully shocked and angry.

"Were you just looking down my top Zach Archer?" She asked in mock indignation, though her smile and amused eyes gave away that she wasn't angry at all. "You know I'm your brother's girlfriend?"

"Shit, I'm sorry Claire..." Zach began, however Claire cut him off.

"Don't worry about it, you're a guy after all, and guy's can't help looking, but I do think it's odd that you find your brother's girlfriend hot, I mean, you must have all the women after you." She said playfully, however Zach's cheeks just turned a deeper red.

"Well, you are hot, well, you know, I mean..." He replied without thinking, and then suddenly began to stutter over himself to try and drag himself from the hole he thought he had dug himself into.

Claire almost broke out in laugher at him, however the feel of her tits pressing against his hard chest, the feel of his large, hard bulge pressing into her stomach, and the knowledge that this was her boyfriend's brother and that they were in the middle of a huge crowd drove Claire wild inside with lust. Her pussy ached now for attention, and how hot it would be to have Zach, Michael's own brother, take care of that for her.

"So, do you check me out often?" She asked in a little more of a sultry voice as she slipped his phone back into his tight jean pocket. "And be honest."

"Claire, I don't think I should..." He began to say, however Claire pressed her impressive rack a little harder against his chest and gave him a look that said she wouldn't take his not answering, "...Well, erm, a couple of times, every now and then, when I can't help it." He finally admitted and Claire felt her heart pounding in her chest as her body seemed to burn with lust. This was Michael's brother!

"Did I do this then?" She asked, deciding to finally cross the line and uncaring about it right then, as she let the hand which had slipped his phone into his pocket drift slowly onto the large, hard bulge between them.

"...Claire..." Zach's breath caught as her hands gently touched the large bulge and he spoke, his voice far from steady.

He was obviously going to say that they shouldn't be doing this, which Claire knew all too well, which fed the flames of her horniness twice as much, so she gave him no chance to finish, and so taking one of his hands, she ran it up the side of her slim waist and slowly onto one of her large, braless tits.

"Have you ever thought about touching me? Feeling your brother's girlfriend up like this?" She asked in a more husky voice as she moved his hand onto her tits. Her own hand cupped his large bulge through his jeans, squeezing hard through the tough material.

Whatever resolve Zach had had about it being wrong for him to feel up his brother's girlfriend disappeared the moment his hand cupped her large, firm, round breast. His fingers eagerly squeezed, sinking into the soft, firm flesh.

"Fuck! Your tits feel better than I ever imagined!" Zach exclaimed as he continued squeezing her breast with his one hand as Claire dropped hers from his, moving both hands to his bulging jean button and zip.

"So you have thought about me." Claire replied a little breathily as she undid the button and began slowly unzipping his jeans; her heart pounded in lustful excitement. "Have you ever thought about fucking me, or sticking your dick in my mouth?"

"Oh fuck, all the time!" Zach breathed out and Claire slowly rose on her toes.

"Do you want to kiss me Zach? Do you want to kiss your brother's girlfriend?" She asked him, her voice low and sultry.

Zach's fingers sank into her large, soft tits once more, however he hesitated.

"What about Mike..." He began but Claire interrupted, raising one of her hands to his neck.

"Shut up and kiss me Zach." Claire growled and Michael's brother seemed to need no more encouragement than that as he swiftly pressed his lips against hers, mashing them together as he opened his mouth, his tongue dancing with hers as they kissed passionately.

Claire felt a fire rush through her body as she thought that here she was, making out with her boyfriend's brother in the middle of a crowd when her boyfriend, her brother and their friends were making their way towards them. His hand was roughly squeezing her firm, heavy breast while hers slowly pushed underneath his boxers, moving down to deftly wrap around the thick shaft of his very hard cock.

"Ommmph!" Claire moaned breathily into Zach's mouth as her fingers wrapped around his naked dick. Oh fuck, it felt so hot in her hand.

Quickly her fist began to move up and down the thick shaft beneath his boxers as they continued to kiss passionately, tongues dancing as their lips mashed vigorously together.

"Fuck!" Zach panted in appreciation as he broke the kiss while Claire's hand flew up and down his hard shaft.

Claire smiled dirtily as he rested his forehead against hers, his hands now moving down to hold her waist.

Lowering herself back to her feet, Claire moved her free hand, the hand not jacking her boyfriend's brother's cock, to pull at his boxers, freeing the hard member from its confines and making Claire's eyes widen.

"Fuck! How big are you?" She exclaimed before she realised she had said so in a loud voice.

Zach, now having gotten over his aversion to letting his brother's girlfriend jack his dick off, smiled proudly, obviously telling by the question that his dick must be bigger than his brother's, or she wouldn't have asked.

"Eleven inches." He answered proudly and Claire looked from the enormous cock in her hand to Zach's face. "Bigger than Michael's then I take it?"

Claire gave him a mock-'you should be ashamed of yourself' look while she once again began to move her fist up and down the long, hard shaft.

"Your brother's good at fucking me." She chided playfully as she wrapped her other hand around Zach's hard cock. Fuck, this thing was huge!

"Think he'll be as good as me?" Zach asked and Claire felt a bolt of electricity lance through her body. It seems he had regained all of his self confidence again.

Claire, however, didn't get a chance to reply. While her hands jacked up and down Zach's eleven inch, thick cock, she suddenly caught some movement from the corner of her eye, however she heard a voice before she could make any move.

"Well, seems like Claire's got her hands full here." Tony suddenly said with amusement, making both Claire and Zach jump with the suddenness of their arrival.

"With Michael's own brother too. Damn you're really a cock-hungry slut now ah Claire?" Matt added and Claire smiled, her heart leaving her mouth as she saw who had caught them. Zach however was quickly trying to stuff his solidly hard dick back in his jeans and failing miserably.

"You two should know." Claire teased back before she looked to Zach with a smile of amusement, and still deeper horniness.

"Look guys, it wasn't what it looked like..." Zach stuttered, uselessly trying to explain the situation.

Matt and Tony waved him off however.

"That one wouldn't work Zach, trust me, not after watching Claire's hands wrapped around your dick pumping it like mad." Tony teased Michael's brother amusedly before he added, "besides, it's alright, we won't say anything."

Zach froze then, his dick bulging obscenely in his boxers and open jeans as he looked between the three of them, his mind suddenly clicking on to the situation.

"You and Matt and Tony...?" He began and Claire simply smiled as she glided closer, once more sliding her hand down his boxers, her hand wrapping tightly around his thick cock before slowly moving up and down.

"It all just kind of happened." Claire explained in that sultry voice once more as her fist continued to tightly glide up and down Zach's hard cock, "Then they ended up with their big cocks in me, 'fucking' me..." She made sure to emphasise the 'fucking', "...if you'd prefer I stop though, I was going to let you screw me too, but..."

"No, no, I was just wondering." Zach protested, his hands gripping her waist and pulling her close to him as she began to let go of his dick.

Claire smiled lustfully at him and was about to once more pull his enormous dick from his boxers for the second time, when she heard Tony yell.

"Mike, over here." He called out before giving Claire a quick glance which told her that he had deliberately done so to give her a warning her boyfriend was coming over.

Letting go of Zach's impressive dick instantly, Claire spun around to stand in front of him, watching Michael push through the crowd to them as she felt Zach once more trying to force his huge, hard dick down so he could manage to zip his jeans up once more. Claire smiled faintly at that, she doubted he'd be able to manage with how big and hard he was. The thought that her boyfriend's brother was vainly trying to swiftly stuff his eleven inch, hard cock into his jeans after she had just been jacking it, because his brother, her boyfriend, had just turned up, made Claire's pussy cry out for the enormous rod that was only a couple of inches right behind her. The feeling almost made her groan in frustration and need.

"Finally, never thought we'd get through that mass of people, everyone must be here today." Michael stated as he came to stand with them, still unaware that his brother was stuffing his dick back into his jeans behind his girlfriend. "You found a good spot then, this is great."

Claire smiled warmly at him before she replied.

"Yeah, hopefully we can get right to the front, that would be amazing." She replied, although a little half-heartedly as her body ached desperately for attention.

"We'll have to see about that." Her loving boyfriend replied as he turned briefly to look at the last few rows in front of them. That was when he said something that made Claire want to scream. "Oh, after this I was thinking we could spend the day together, I know we haven't seen much of each other the last couple of days."

Claire forced a smile on her face as she nodded slightly. It wasn't that she didn't want to spend time with Michael, she loved him dearly, but why couldn't he have suggested that after she had gotten a big cock driven into her and been satisfied? Oh, she could have sex with Michael, which was always good, but there was just something extra about cheating on him that now needed to be fed within her, it made the sex...intense. She could also have tried to talk him out of it, but with the way his eyes were set, he would have found a way around anything she had suggested. She could have screamed in frustration.

As the thoughts flitted through her mind, suddenly a great shout arose from the crowd around them, and they all turned to look at the stage. Achilles Dawn were making their way onto the large stage area and all other thoughts seemed to disappear from all of their minds as all of them turned to face the stage. Placing her arms on Michael's shoulders as he stood in front of her, Claire kissed him excitedly on his hair before she stared up at the band as they took their places with their instruments.

The band raised their hands in a salute before wasting no more time. The moment the song began, the entire crowd jumped up and down in excitement and shouts and screams filled the field while the crowd began to shift and push as people moved, danced and strained to get to the front.

Suddenly, as the singer began the first verse, Claire felt a hand rest on her slim waist, while another rested on her tight ass, squeezing gently from behind. Glancing around her quickly, she noticed Michael, obviously, Sam, Matt and Tony. Then it hit her and as she turned her head to look behind her into the face she knew she would see, Zach's hand that was on her waist slid up to cup one of her tits, squeezing gently as she turned to look at him, lust once more blazing within her.

The crowd pushed forward and Claire pressed hard against Michael's back, trapping Zach's hand between his brother's back and Claire's soft, firm breast. Claire couldn't help but shudder at the thought when she felt Zach's other hand move under her skirt and struggle as he pulled at her panties. What was he doing? Michael was right there, and here he was, trying to pull his brother's girlfriend's panties off in a crowd of people while groping her big tits! Claire knew she should stop him, but she just couldn't, all she could do was moan lightly, the vast noise of the crowd swallowing up the faint sound.

Doing her best to help, it was not long before Claire felt her underwear slip down her legs. Stepping out of them instinctively, she felt Zach's hands come away from her as he reached down through the mass of people to pick her panties up before smiling at her and with one strong toss, throwing them on the stage.

Claire's eyes followed her lace underwear as they flew onto the stage, and she saw the others watching them too, and even heard Michael laugh as he pointed them out to the others. Claire wondered what he would think if he knew they were hers and that it had been his own younger brother who had stripped them from her and had thrown them up there for all to see.

Michael turned to look to her, asking if she had seen what had been thrown, Claire simply smiled and nodded as she once more felt Zach's hand hold her waist as his other hand moved once more below her skirt. What was he planning on do....the thought vanished from Claire's mind as fire and electricity blazed through her body as she felt Zach press the hard, thick head of his eleven inch cock against her now unprotected pussy from behind. He couldn't really be thinking of fucking her right here in the crowd? Not with his brother, her boyfriend, right in front of them!

Claire was about to turn around to tell him to wait when the band launched into the chorus of their song and with a yell and singing of lyrics, the crowd lurched forward. Claire's eyes and mouth shot open as the crowd's surge hit Zach causing his entire eleven inch, thick cock to thrust hard balls-deep into her very hot, very welcoming, and oh-so-fucking-tight pussy. A scream of pleasure and pain at being filled so quickly by the biggest dick she had ever taken as it ruthlessly speared deeper into her than any cock ever before, tore from Claire's mouth as she threw her head back and grimaced in intense pleasure and pain, however the heartfelt scream was swallowed in the mass of shouts and singing from the vast crowd around them.

The world stopped existing for the stunning red-head for a good few moments, all there was, was her boyfriend's brother's huge, eleven inch thick dick buried completely in her hot, clinging pussy. Sandwiched hard between Michael and Zach, Claire struggled to breathe, and each time she did all she could feel was the enormous baseball bat rammed so far into her that she could feel it deep in her stomach, and fuck did that make her want to cum. Finally, though, she began to breathe again and with a wild-eyed look of intensity she turned her face to Zach's, listening as he spoke loudly into her ear, though in the surrounding noise, Claire could barely hear him.

"Fuck you're tight! Damn, Mike hasn't been fucking you good, I'll take care of that though." Her boyfriend's younger brother growled into her ear as he flexed his big dick inside her, and Claire brought her lips to his ear, her body raging in lust at the unexpected, much needed, erotic situation as she panted and whimpered in horniness as she tried hard to adjust to his mammoth cock.

"Fuck Zach, oh fuck!" Was all she could pant for a minute or two as she ran one hand across his face and felt tingles rush through her sexy, big-titted body. "You've...oh fuck! your BIG dick in me! Fuck! Fuck it's so big!" Kissing his cheek softly as she felt her head spinning, the pain in Claire's cock-stuffed pussy slowly began to subside and with it pleasure at the feeling of being so full began to suffuse every inch of her. "If I'd known your dick was this big I'd have let you fuck me way before now." She breathed sexily as her hand once more returned to Michael's shoulder...the crowd's rocking pushing her against his back and his brother's enormous cock hard into her stuffed-full hole. Her boyfriend's brother seemed to like those words as his big cock began to pulse within her tight confines...and that was all Claire could take, and so she all but begged in horny lust, "Fuck me Zach, oh fuck! Fuck me right here behind Mike's back."

With his dick now firmly buried inside her, Zach held her slim waist with both hands before he pulled his dick from her and with a force aided by the shifting crowd drove his enormous cock back into her hot, tight, cheating pussy as hard as he could, which of course drove Claire hard against Michael. The movement of the crowd and the shouts and screams not only disguised the fact that Zach was now fucking his brother's girlfriend, literally right behind his brother's back, but also helped as the crowd would sway and shift, lurch forward and push back, all the time helping Zach ram his huge dick in and out of Claire's burning vice-like pussy.

With each deep, stretching, and powerful thrust of all eleven inches hard into her Claire gripped tightly onto Michael's t-shirt and shoulders, her nails digging into his skin harder and harder as his brother repeatedly rammed his big, solid cock into her from behind, slamming her hard against Michael's back over and over and over again, though Michael seemed to take it all as just the crowd moving. Her large, braless tits mashed lustfully into her boyfriend's back as his brother held her slim waist tightly, doing his best in that tightly packed crowd to pump his dick in and out of her very needy pussy...and fuck was he doing her good!

Claire moaned and groaned lustfully, louder and louder and with increasingly more uncaring of being caught, and though she began with her beautiful face buried into Michael's back, she was soon leaning her head back and groaning and screaming as loud as she could. Her lust-filled pleasure at being drilled hard by her boyfriend's brother's unprotected cock was, of course, swallowed instantly by the vast noise of the crowd and band, though right then if everything went quiet Claire doubted that with Zach's unbelievable cock pounded into her hard and fast she 'could' be quieter than she was. Fuck but he was good! And with each deep thrust as it drove her solidly against her boyfriend's back, Claire's mind reeled with the illicitness of the situation - here she was being fucked by her boyfriend's younger brother while she held on to her unaware boyfriend for support, moaning and groaning lustfully right behind him, her big tits either bouncing lewdly within the thin confines of her top or pressing hard against his back while his own brother sank inch after long, hard inch deep into her pussy like she was his girlfriend! The thought made her pussy blaze and her body tingle as she felt Zach stuff her full of his entire eleven inches over and over with incredible ferocity...the truth was, right then, Claire didn't know whether she 'was' Zach's girl now...for that dick, fuck, she would do anything right then.

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