Valestock Ch. 03


Suddenly, while everyone else was lost in the song, Zach grabbed a fistful of her long, dark red hair and pulled her head back, mashing his lips to hers in a hot, passionate kiss. As their tongues danced, Claire's grip on Michael's shoulders instinctively tightened, though luckily the oblivious boyfriend didn't look around to see why as he was too in to the song right then to look over his shoulder and see his brother and girlfriend making out while Zach pistoned his hard dick in and out of her body...finally though, Michael's younger brother broke the kiss, and once more he spoke into her ear.

"Fuck Claire, your pussy's incredible! Unn fuck! You're so fucking hot! Do you like me fucking you?" Zach growled into her ear as he kept his hand entangled in her hair while the other gripped her waist hard, pulling her ass back onto his ever impaling cock.

"OOoooooo fuck! FUCK! Oh yes! You're UGH...FUCK...FUCK...ING...dick is...OHHHHH...the best!" Claire groaned loudly in reply as she smiled wickedly at him. "Uhh fuck me Zach, oooooohhhh fuck me with that big fucking dick!"

With those words Zach rammed harder into her, repeatedly drilling her clinging hole hard and full before once more growling into her ear.

"You should talk to your boyfriend with that, ughn fuck, with that slutty mouth of yours." He said before he let her hair go and once more gripped her slim waist with both hands firmly, holding her still as best he could while the crowd rocked madly and he pounded into her gripping pussy over and over.

With a shrill purring cry of pleasure Claire leaned forward and kissed Michael's neck, feeling electricity rage through her body as she revelled in the feel of his brother's dick slamming home, deeper than he ever had, into her pussy. At the soft touch of her lips, Michael half-turned his face to her, a great beaming smile on his face as he excitedly watched the crowd, ignorant of the fact that the blazing fire in his girlfriend's eyes and the fixed expression of pure excitement and ecstasy was excitement alright, but not about the band, but more about his own younger brother's eleven inch cock fucking hard and deep into her behind him.

"Enjoying yourself?" Claire's loving boyfriend called out to her as he divided his attention between her and the stage.

"Oh fuck yes! OHH it's so fucking good!" Claire blurted out in a gut-wrenching, hot groan of pleasure before she could restrain herself and her fingers gripped harder onto his shoulders as she felt Zach's thick length stretch her harshly as it rammed deep inside her. Michael didn't notice that it was a moan of pleasure, though, instead he thought she meant the band, not his brother's pistoning big dick.

"We should have done this a long time ago, don't you think?" Michael asked and instantly Claire thought of all those times that she could have had Zach's enormous cock pummelling into her at Michael's house when he wasn't there...ohhh to have been fucked in his bed while he was heading home...fuck...

"Umm, definitely. I'll make sure we...ummm do this again, Ohhhh, over and over, often as we umgh can." She replied heavily, her mind and body reeling in a lust-blazing daze.

Michael smiled at that before he suddenly kissed her deeply. As his lips met hers Claire suddenly felt her body surge with electricity! She was kissing her boyfriend while his younger brother fucked her ruthlessly from behind! This was so hot!! Claire couldn't stop herself from moaning lustfully into Michael's mouth, her nails digging deep into his shoulders as Zach pumped his eleven inches into her again and again.

"Ohmmm! OHHmmmmmmmmphhh! MMMMPH!" The stunning red-headed girlfriend moaned passionately into her boyfriend's mouth, panting hard and squeezing her eyes tightly as she felt her orgasm suddenly jolt closer with every hot, illicit second!

"Are you horny baby?" Michael grinned teasingly as he broke the kiss, and Claire stared deep into his eyes, her own blazing, stoked higher as his brother continued to fuck her silly and her breathing came short and sharp, the air being driven from her lungs each time Zach rammed eleven solid inches deep into her.

"More than you know." She growled loudly in more of a groan than anything else, though Michael once more took it that she meant it for him.

Smiling deeper with a look that promised a whole lot of hot sex when they got back to the tent, Michael turned back to look at the stage and Claire rolled her eyes in pleasure, moaning softly to herself from the hot sex she was having right then, right before the stage suddenly went quiet.

A momentary concern fled through the big breasted girlfriend's mind as the song ended and a cheer went up from the crowd, when suddenly Zach buried his dick hard into her with one strong thrust that pressed her firmly against Michael's back, and held himself inside her, gently rotating his hips, but not pulling out. It seemed he was waiting for the next song to fuck her hard again.

Purring contentedly at the lustful naughtiness of the situation, Claire pushed her ass back, impaling herself as much as she could on Zach's dick when she caught sight of Tony watching her with a knowing smile. Casting a quick glance around to see if any of the others were watching her, which thankfully none were -- although if Matt had been that certainly wouldn't have mattered much -- Claire bit her bottom lip as she reached out to fumble with Tony's jeans as Zach began to slide his long, hard, pussy-stretching cock in and out of her tight, burning pussy slowly but steadily...each inch of movement made the sexy, cheating girlfriend want to squeal in pleasure as her toes curled.

Tony didn't need anything else to know what she wanted and so quicker than Claire thought possible he unzipped his jeans and released that hot, thick cock of his. Claire quickly wrapped her fingers around it as she had the day before yesterday and instantly began jacking her fist up and down it's hard length furiously, all the time leaning firmly against Michael's back while Zach continued to gently screw her from behind as best as he could in that tight crowd. The whole situation made Claire hotter with every thrust into her Zach made and as she let herself take in the thought that here she was, fucking her boyfriend's younger brother while jacking one of his best friend's dicks, right behind his back in a crowd full of people!! The thought made her moan loudly before she could stop herself, though luck must have been with her as just then the band chose that moment to strike the chords to the next song and the crowd roared loudly in appreciation, swallowing Claire's sex-inspired, deeply-erotic, appreciative moans into their noise.

"OH FUCK YES ZACH FUCK ME!!" She shouted as her head fell back, and without needing further urging Michael's younger brother let loose once more, and in time with her own hand flying up and down Tony's swelling cock and the crowds jumping and pushing, Claire screamed in pleasure as Zach began fucking her ruthlessly.

For three more songs Zach fucked her as best he could while the crowd swayed and lunged, in fact it was that movement that really drove his incredibly huge and amazingly hard dick deep into his brother's girlfriend's tight pussy more than anything, all the while Claire's fist pumped up and down Tony's hard cock as he stood close like she was possessed. For her part Claire pushed her ass back as best as she could, desperate to feel Zach's enormous eleven inches bury as deep into her as he could and for him to fuck her as hard as he could. Soon Michael's brother's hands moved up from her waist to cup both of her large, 38D, braless tits over her thin vest-top, squeezing roughly as Claire squeezed and jacked Tony's dick while holding on to Michael's shoulder with her other. The feel of her boyfriend's younger brother's hands mauling her big tits -- his fingers sinking into the soft but firm flesh as he groped and squeezed like he was trying to milk her dry in a minute flat -- was incredible, and from the sudden intensifying of his thrusts, Claire knew that Zach thought so too. There was little doubt that he was enjoying feeling up and nailing his older brother's girlfriend as much as she was enjoying it too!

Twice during the hot, erotic action Michael looked over his shoulder at her, though the fact that her face was red, that she was sweating and literally looking well-fucked only appeared to him that she was enjoying the show, not his brother's eleven inch cock fucking her unprotected pussy raw. Claire was thankful that the crowd was so energetic as it hid Zach's forceful thrusts, pushing her repeatedly into Michael's back, even while his brother's hands squeezed and groped her big tits ravenously. Each time she kissed Michael and felt a surge of intense burning pleasure blaze through her when she did, however each time when he looked back around Claire was secretly grateful...there was only so much a girl could do to hold back while an eleven inch rod pummelled balls deep in and out of her horny pussy and another throbbed in her hand after all!

Hanging her head or throwing it back, Claire moaned and squealed in pleasure continuously, groaning lewdly, not worried that Michael would hear as the crowd and music swallowed up the sound so much that none of the hot, lust-filled words that she or Zach growled at each other could be heard, and the only times that she fell silent and Zach slowed his movements was when each song ended and all went quieter for a moment. The moment the next song began, however, Zach instantly resumed his merciless pounding of her. Claire's hand, though, never stopped jacking Tony's hard cock furiously, even when the music ended. Throughout what seemed like an age of pure, hot sex, Claire moaned in pleasure from the fucking her boyfriend's younger brother was giving her and the sheer beauty and intensity of what she was doing and how.

After the third song finished however, Sam, who Claire just noticed was standing beside Michael, leaned in and whispered something to him. For a moment all she could do is watch and pant breathlessly as Zach was slower to stop this time -- he was obviously getting close -- however when he did Claire leaned against her boyfriend panting and barely able to open her eyes as his brother kept his cock buried inside her from behind while his hands squeezed and played with her large tits roughly and hers flew up and down Tony's nine inch rod. Due to the sudden silence what the two said could be easily heard.

"Fancy heading to the pit? I'm betting they'll play Ridicule next, and you know that will be a pit song." Claire heard her brother ask Michael and through her barely open eyes Claire watched a smile grow on her boyfriend's face.

"Sure." He replied excitedly before he turned his head to face her. In his excitement at the show and the idea of the pit he didn't appear to notice the obviously 'just been fucked' delirious expression on his girlfriend's face as he simply said, "Me and your brother are gonna head to the pit, fancy coming?"

Claire, breathing heavy and desperate to have Zach fuck her with that beautiful cock again, tried her best to appear casual and calm, smiling lightly as her head spun and her body tingled. Michael's brother's hands continued to fondle her big tits happily just between them. She almost replied that she would indeed be 'cumming' soon, however right then her mind wasn't quick enough to think of the quip.

"No, no, you two go ahead, I'm good where I am." She replied half-dazedly and more than a little breathily instead and Michael nodded before he looked over her shoulder at his brother.

"You coming Zach?" Michael asked as the band talked to the crowd on stage.

At that the stunningly sexy red-head girlfriend felt a thrill of pleasure course through her and she barely stifled a deep moan behind a cough as she stared at her boyfriend's face. She couldn't believe that here was Michael, her boyfriend of two years, talking to his younger brother over her shoulder while Zach had his huge, hard, unprotected dick buried completely inside her well-fucked, desperately horny pussy! What was more, if he had looked down he would have easily seen his brother's hands still mercilessly squeezing and happily mauling her large, soft-but-oh-so-lusciously-firm tits over her tight, low-cut vest-top! Fuck, he hadn't even noticed that his girlfriend's hand was flying up and down Tony's hard, naked dick beside her as he asked him and Matt too.

"Nah, bro, I'm in a good position here, I'll cum soon though." Zach replied with a smile and Claire fought to hold back an amused laugh as he flexed his enormous dick inside her. He had a perfect right to be smug, he had his big dick inside his brother's girlfriend and his hands all over her tits!

"I'm good too man, you and Sam go ahead though, we'll all cum soon." Tony replied Claire squeezed her hand around his dick, as if telling him that he was a naughty boy. He grinned at her for that.

"Alright then, Matt?" Michael asked as he turned to their black friend who was standing behind Sam.

Matt looked to the others before shaking his head, obviously catching on that something was going on.

"Nah, not in the mood for the pit, I like being this close." He answered, obviously not adding the 'to your girlfriend' that Claire knew he meant, Michael however didn't, and so he simply nodded.

"You're all just scared." Sam jibed with an amused smile, however Tony gave him a smug smirk as he replied.

"Scared? Nah, we'll just enjoy ourselves more here. We'll have a good time while you two go off and occupy yourselves, you just leave the men to their games Sammy boy." Tony teased back and Michael laughed amusedly, unaware that his girlfriend's hand was now slowly stroking his dick up and down, squeezing hard.

With that, and a sweet kiss for Claire -- that would have made her feel bad for cheating on him if she wasn't enjoying it so much -- the two of them made their way off through the thickening crowd. Zach waited only until none of them could see either of them any more before he lowered his hands from Claire's large tits, bringing them down so he could push his hands under her tight vest-top to grab them both naked underneath.

"Fuck, I thought they'd never leave." He said as his hands once more found her big tits under her top.

"What, you thought that Michael would never leave so you could fuck your older brother's girlfriend, Zach?" Claire asked playfully as she looked over her shoulder at Michael's brother.

Sinking his fingers into her soft, bare tits that now filled his hands beneath her top as he groped them hungrily, Zach grinned.

"I've already been doing that right behind his back." He replied and Claire smirked; she had to hand it to him, he was right. "But I wanted to fuck you properly, couldn't really get into it before." He added as he pulled her back to rest against him by her tits.

Claire's eyes sparkled hotly at that -- if he hadn't been able to screw her good because of the crowd before, she was desperate to see just how good he would be when she was underneath him in the tent!

Purring hotly, she squeezed Tony's big cock as her other hand ran up over her top and grabbed his groping hands, helping him tenderly through the thin material.

"Mmmmm, squeeze your brother's girlfriend's big tits Zach...ohmmm fuck I love your hands under my top." She breathed sexily into his ear and smiled wickedly at the look of intensity that flashed across his face.

"Fuck I love your tits!" Her boyfriend's brother moaned softly and Claire grinned this time as she bit his cheek softly.

"Well you'll get to feel them whenever you like from now on." She teased, once more squeezing her breast with his strong hand through her top. Breathing intensely in that moment's silence though, she heard a few practice notes struck on the stage and knew the next song was coming...and so with a look of pure intense horniness Claire squeezed her big breast as hard as she could and growled into her boyfriend's brother's ear, "Now fuck me Zach, make your brother's girlfriend cum!"

Michael's younger brother did not waste a moment at that, and so with a guttural growl he rapidly pulled his enormous cock from her pussy before he once again began jackhammering his entire eleven inch rock into her as hard and as fast as he could.

Claire instantly let out a loud moan of ecstasy, uncaring if she was heard this time as electricity and pure pleasure tore through her sexy 20-year-old body the moment Zach's dick slammed deep into her. Her hand, wrapped so elegantly around Tony's hard shaft, instantly began pumping furiously up and down as Zach held her up by her tits, and literally began fucking the life out of her from behind.

Matt, seeing the lustful scene, wasted no time in pulling his hard, ten inch, black cock from his jeans as a few more practice notes were struck on stage and the singer began calling out for the crowd to stir them up.

"You look a bit unsteady there Claire, better grab on to something." The large man said with a broad, horny grin and Claire would have laughed if wave after hot, body-wrenching wave of searing pleasure had not been coursing through her body as Zach pummelled her pussy ruthlessly with his huge cock.

Even so, her fingers instinctively wrapped around Matt's big, thick cock, her lungs empty or air and her mind empty of words -- even if she could have spoken anything but deep moans of lust -- and began jacking up and down in time with her other hand.

As the music once more exploded on stage, the illicit scene did not go unnoticed by those around them now Claire wasn't hidden behind her boyfriend. Here was a hot girl who had her top almost pushed over her impressive big, 38D, braless tits as two hands gripped the soft, firm fleshy globes tightly while the guy behind her fucked her ruthlessly as she wore a short plaid skirt and knee-high socks, and all the while each of her hands pumped eagerly up and down two other large dicks either side of her while she moaned loudly and obviously from the very soul of her oh-so-horny-being, right smack bang in the middle of the first few rows of the concert. That the guy fucking her was her boyfriend's brother, and the cocks in each hand belonged to her boyfriend's best friend, only made the whole scene more erotic...not that anyone other than the three of them knew that, of course, but it did make Claire more vigorous in her movements and way more vocal in her pleasured moans! Besides, if the sexy girl was willing to have three guys in public like this...who knows who she might allow next! And so, after the first person noticed, soon their came whistles, shouts and cries of encouragement...even from the band's singer as he looked down at what had riled the crowd so much.

'Wooo, yeah, give it to her!', 'Fuck her good!', 'You like dick baby?', came the lewd calls of those guys who watched Claire being fucked ruthlessly in that tight space, and quickly many backed away so that they could watch this hot chick being gangbanged.

"Alright, now this is what I want to see! Fuck yeah girl!" The singer said with the biggest grin as the guitars came in for their melodic chorus battle, and then stood watching with very intent pleasure.

Claire groaned lustfully at the encouragement and the attention, and most of all, at having three big dicks around her. Those who couldn't see tried peeking around and Claire smiled naughtily at the three friends as she panted and moaned hungrily, wondering whether Michael had heard about some 'hot, busty, red-haired chick getting screwed by three guys near the front'...fuck that would be hot, there was no way he'd think it was her! Oh that should have made her feel bad but all it did was turn her on even more!

While her hands jacked Tony and Matt's dicks furiously beside her, Zach continued to support her by holding her by her large tits as he fucked her harder and faster in the extra space those watching had given. Right then she would have loved to have taken Tony or Matt's dick into her mouth, however even now there wasn't enough room, so Claire simply held on, while all three of them used her for their pleasure, and she loved every second of it.

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