Valestock Ch. 04


For what seemed like an eternity, Matt's dick erupted thick white seed all over Michael's hot girlfriend's big tits, covering them in the slimy, pearly goo until finally Matt collapsed back against the chair of the van, his dick already growing soft from the exertion and Claire knelt there, staring up at him with a playful smile, topless for all the world to see in the festival's parking lot, with bucket-loads of Matt's cum covering and dripping from her large, naked tits.

"That's the third time you've cum on me." Claire said amusedly as she stared up at Matt as she knelt soaked in his cum in front of him, "You must like seeing me painted in your cum."

The large black man smiled as he tried to catch his breath. Fuck, but this girl was the best fuck he had ever had.

"The thought of seeing my friend's girlfriend covered in my cum is quite hot, but after seeing you yesterday, and seeing you topless today, I just had to cover those glorious tits with my cum. I had to do it at least once." He replied breathily, a broad smile painting his dark face.

Claire laughed lightly at his words before she looked down at herself, completely uncaring that she was topless and covered in another man's cum, not her boyfriend's, in the middle of the open car park to Shorehaven's biggest music festival. Those random people who were walking passed were getting quite the eye full...and enjoying it too from the little Claire noticed.

"Can you grab one of my tops out of my bag, I think I'm a little messy." She asked as she looked down at her heaving chest, literally covered in Matt's slick, pearly seed. "Fuck me, you guys can cum!" She added in disbelief, though with plenty of admiration too.

Matt chuckled as he unlocked and opened the door on the side of the van and reached in, a few moments later he tossed Claire the top that she had worn yesterday, when he and Tony had both covered her beautiful face with their cum at the same time.

Wiping her impressive tits, Claire looked up to Matt once more.

"Mind passing my bra and top?" She asked him as she finished running the cloth over her soft, cum-shining breasts, folding the thin material top as it soon became covered in Matt's hot, sticky seed again.

Matt grinned as he obliged and handed Claire her black bra and top after she finished wiping the cum from her body. Shaking her head, she smiled as she slid the black bra over her shoulders, reaching back to hook it together as she still knelt there in front of him.

"You guys are going to have to stop cumming on me here, you know how much money I'm wasting on these showers?" She chided amusedly and heard Matt laugh as she pushed her arms through her black lace top.

"You shouldn't look so good covered in it then." Her and Michael's friend joked and Claire rolled her eyes with an amused smile, pulling the semi-see through top over her head, flicking her long, dark red hair out of it before pulling it down over her sexy, slender body.

"Why is it guy's like cumming on me and in my mouth rather than in my pussy? I would've thought it was hotter shooting your cum into your friend's girlfriend rather than in her mouth or on her face and tits?" She asked, genuinely questioning.

Matt grinned at that as he climbed out the side of the van, shutting the front door as he moved closer to it.

"Trust me, it's hot as fuck cumming inside you, but sometimes you want to do different things. Besides, it's just as hot seeing you covered in cum, or drinking my cum, and knowing that every time I see you, with Michael or not, I'm going to remember you like that." He answered and Claire laughed.

"So when you go back and see me sitting next to Michael, you're going to be thinking of me doing what? Riding your big black dick? Sucking on it while Tony fucked me? Cumming in my mouth? On my face? Or maybe me kneeling here with your cum all over my tits?" She asked as she stood up and walked to the side of the van, shoving her now cum-covered top in with the others.

"Probably a mix of all of them." Matt replied as he slapped her ass unexpectedly, bringing a quick squeal from Claire, "That is until I fuck you in your own bed. Now that will be fucking hot!"

Claire laughed again and shook her head as she stowed the bag back under the chair and climbed out of the van, pulling the side door shut behind her.

"You guys really are insatiable." She teased amusedly as Matt locked his van.

"Coming from you!?" He exclaimed with a grin and Claire laughed again. "So, shall I walk you back?"

Claire smiled and gently shook her head.

"I think I may need to take yet another shower. I swear you guys do this on purpose." She answered and Matt, grinning amusedly, nodded in return.

"Alright, I'll let Michael know." He replied with a wink and Claire smiled amusedly.

"What? That you just came on his girlfriend's tits after fucking her in your van?" She asked playfully and Matt smiled once more, half proud and half amused.

"I'll tell him when I give him these CD's." He answered as he smiled, and Claire laughed, realising that in the heat of the moment she had actually forgotten the things.

Waving him off, Claire smiled contentedly, feeling very happy inside after releasing some of the pent up horniness within her, before she began to head towards the shower stalls for what seemed like the millionth time in the last few days.

The day had already begun to heat up after her fast little fuck-session in the van with Matt, and so Claire was glad when she finally reached the shower stalls again, already feeling the stickiness from Matt's drying cum on her chest. The woman at the counter had gotten to know her face despite the mass of other people around due to how often she had made trips there in the last few days, though it was blazingly hot, so it didn't seem at all that odd least Claire thought that the woman didn't think it was hot anyway.

Still, Claire paid her money and with a quick smile headed into the stalls. A few of the small cubicles were already being used, but she still found herself one and slipped in, quickly slipping out of her clothes and placing them in the waterproof hamper box that was provided there before she switched on the water for her ten minute shower.

The blast of the water felt cool in the slowly growing heat of the day, but most refreshing after a hot sweaty fuck in a cramped van, despite how good it had felt. It seemed that most of her illicit sex sessions had been cramped, in one way she couldn't wait to get home, at least then she could choose where to have sex. Still, it was hot having unexpected sex in random places behind her boyfriend's back while he was off at the festival. The thought made her smile as the water soaked her long, dark red hair down her back and she ran her hands over her large tits, washing Matt's cum from her skin.

A sudden blast of cold air ran across her back after a moment though and Claire turned around and would have jumped and screamed if Tony hadn't placed his hand over her mouth. He was naked, having apparently dared to strip outside the small make-shift cubicle. Odd how that hit her first when she should have wondered what he was doing here in the first place, how he had even gotten in to the girls' stalls for that matter.

Tony removed his hand when he saw that she wasn't going to scream anymore and smiled down at her as the water soaked both of their naked bodies.

"Tony, what...?" Claire began to ask in a hushed voice, conscious that there were cubicles right next to her on either side, however Tony placed a finger on her lips, smiling playfully as he quieted her.

"We don't have much time in here." He replied and Claire wondered what on earth he was talking about when suddenly it dawned on her. He couldn't really be suggesting that they...not here...not right now...

Claire was about to protest, they couldn't, there was no way...however Tony forestalled her by pressing his lips against hers, his tongue darting into her mouth as his arms wrapped around her tightly. It only took his expert kiss and Claire instantly melted into his arms as her large, naked tits squashed flat against his hard chest as the water cascaded over them both, running down their naked bodies.

Feeling her give in to her desire, Tony broke the kiss and placed a finger to his lips, instructing her to keep quiet as he moved behind her and gently pushed her forward. Resting her hands on the waterproof box that held her clothes, Claire looked over her shoulder as Tony lined his hard, nine inch cock up with her pussy and swiftly pushed the entire solid length deep inside her pulsing, clinging hole.

A soft sigh of pleasure breathed from Claire's now open mouth as her boyfriend's friend's dick, the second of the day and not long after Matt had stuffed her full of his hard cock either, pushed deeper into her than Michael had ever been. Claire's large, 38D, tits hung from her chest lustfully as she was bent over, leaning on the box as best she could in that small cubicle. The water still fell, slicking her already wet hair mostly to her back, though some fell by her face as she heard the person in the cubicle next to her hum for a moment.

This was so unbelievable! Here she was, about to fuck the second of her boyfriend's friend's that day, bent over naked in a shower cubicle with people all around her and she had less than ten minutes before she had to be out! Tony was obviously aware of the latter part as the moment he had his dick buried inside her pussy, he wasted no time in swiftly pulling almost all of the way out and thrusting deep into her, establishing a fast, hard rhythm as he pounded her hard from behind, holding her slim waist.

Her boyfriend's friend hammered his rock hard dick into her pussy like a jack-hammer, ramming his thick cock deep into her unprotected pussy as if he meant to drive it right through her mouth. Pulling her back onto his slamming cock by her slim waist, Claire soon reached with one hand to grasp hold of the cubicle curtain tightly, clutching it hard as she tried her best to hold herself up on the box with the other, all the while straining hard not to moan and scream at the hot, lust-filled pleasure Tony's hard cock was giving her. Her huge, luscious tits swung violently beneath her naked body as she bit her bottom lip, trying so hard not to groan, as Tony slammed his nine inches into her again and again.

The water rained down on them, running along their naked bodies as they fucked ruthlessly, desperately trying to keep quiet in a room so full of people, yet silent except the sound of running water and a few voices singing as they washed themselves.

Silent grunts escaped Claire's tightly clenched mouth as she longed to scream in ecstasy or as Tony slammed his hard cock into her so forcefully that he drove the air from her lungs.

The water felt so amazing, coursing over her body as Tony rammed his hard dick into her over and over again, filling her balls deep with his big cock like only her boyfriend should be doing. Michael. Her loving boyfriend. Claire wondered what he was up to as Tony's hard, nine inch cock continued to pump relentlessly into her hot, tight pussy from behind as the two of them screwed in the shower cubicle, unbeknownst to anyone but themselves. Was he thinking of her as his friend stuffed her full of his dick? Did he wonder where she was as her big tits swung while Tony fucked her? Was he thinking about how much he loved her as she was dying to beg his friend to fuck her senseless, to tell him how much bigger his dick was than Michael's and how much better he was at fucking her than he was too?

Claire struggled desperately to keep the moans and screams within her as Tony fucked her hard and fast from behind, all the while, wondering naughtily about her innocent, unaware boyfriend.

"'Give it to me! Oh, I love your big dick!' That's what she was shouting, man, she loved it!" Matt exclaimed and Michael almost split his side with laughter as his friend grinned broadly.

"A one night stand in your van ah? You'll have to let me know which seat, I don't want to sit on it." Michael joked happily as he took a large swig from the can of beer his brother had bought from some stall. "I can't believe you got it on with some random chick while we were all sitting here eating breakfast man."

His friend smiled at him, taking a deep swig from his own can. Michael grinned at his friend, shaking his head amusedly.

Matt had come back a few moments ago only to dazzle them all with the reason he had been gone so long. He had apparently met some random girl, and through working his magic charm, had ended up with her riding his dick in his van before he came all over her tits. From anyone else the story would have been unbelievable, well, not from Tony, but somehow Matt had that look of just being freshly-fucked about him, so Michael didn't doubt it was true.

What the unaware boyfriend did not know however, was that the random girl his friend had screwed had in fact been his own hot 20-year-old, dark red haired girlfriend. The rest of the story about how he had fucked her was completely true, however Michael was completely oblivious that he was actually listening to how his girlfriend had not long ago rode his friend's black dick and more than enjoyed it before he came all over her large, heavy tits.

Even more so, the unbeknownst boyfriend was completely unaware that right then, his loving and faithful girlfriend was naked in one of the shower cubicles, bent over with one hand resting on the waterproof box for clothes while the other gripped hard to the cubicle curtain, her large tits swinging violently beneath her as his other best friend fucked her tight, horny pussy hard from behind, completely unprotected.

While Michael listened to one tale of how one friend had screwed his girlfriend, though he was unaware of it, the other was actually banging her so hard Claire had to fight her urges to scream and moan lustfully, whimpering softly and breathing raggedly through her nose as she enjoyed the hot sex they were having.

As Matt answered Michael's question as to which seat his girlfriend had rode him on, Claire felt her orgasm growing inside her as the heat of the situation, her thoughts about Michael, and Tony's hot cock drove her towards the edge, hard and fast.

Tony's big, hard dick pumped ruthlessly in and out of Claire's body so hard and fast that Claire didn't know how much longer she could hold herself up. Her grip on both the box and the curtain were now both white-knuckled and her beautiful face was contorted in lust and pleasure, not to mention strain at having to keep quiet.

Suddenly a soft, low moan escaped her luscious lips and Claire finally gave in to her passions and was about to scream in pleasure when Tony suddenly wrapped his arms around her and pulled her up, his mouth instantly locking on to hers as his tongue darted into her mouth. One hand rested on her stomach, holding her close to him as he continued working his hard nine-inch cock in and out of her, pleasing her pussy oh so much. His other arm held her to his water-slick chest as his hand squeezed and groped her large tits, his fingers sinking into the soft, firm flesh of her 38D tits as they kissed and fucked passionately.

"Mmmmmmmmph!" Claire moaned happily into Tony's mouth as he continued stuffing her full of his cock while the shower water ran down their entwined bodies.

Again and again her boyfriend's friend's dick slid in and out of her, feeling so big in the position they were in, while Claire, no longer being able to hold back, moaned into Tony's mouth as they kissed hotly, her hand reaching back to curl a fist in his hair.

Despite her loud screams of passion being muffled by their hot kiss, the sound still must have been audible to the cubicles next to it. Once Claire heard a girl laugh lightly next to her, however apart from that, no one else seemed to notice that someone was getting stuffed full of hard cock right then and there.

All thoughts of Michael had vanished from the stunning girlfriend's mind, and all that remained now was Tony's hot, hard nine-inch cock pumping in and out of her, his mouth and tongue as he kissed her, and how hot his hands felt as they held her stomach where his big dick was filling her so good and played with her large tits and nipples as water cascaded down all over them, so commandingly in both cases.

Despite the amazing sex feeling like it had been going on forever, Claire soon felt her second orgasm of the day, already!, building swiftly within her and soon the world began to spin and she reached back to grab hold of Tony's hair roughly with both hands. Clinging forcefully to him until he grunted in pain as they kissed, Claire suddenly felt her pussy tighten before her body exploded in a rushing wave of pure gratification. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as electricity shot through her and she shook in rapid, body-tearing convulsions. A deep, heartfelt scream welled up inside her and she could no longer return Tony's kiss as she screamed in ecstasy into his mouth. The muffled sound, though louder than anything before, still did not seem to stir any reaction from the cubicles, though right then Claire wouldn't have cared if it had brought Michael to see her wondering what was going on...she was quite simply bathed in ecstasy.

Her powerful orgasm wracked her body until finally, after what seemed like hours, it ended and Claire's mouth came from Tony's and she moaned quietly, sounding very satisfied as Tony thrust his dick into her a couple more times before he grunted, and Claire knew what was about to happen.

"Get on your knees." He growled into her ear, and for the second time in the last half an hour, Claire sank weakly to her knees in front of one of her and Michael's friends.

Looking up at Tony as he took his dick in his hands, Claire stared into his eyes as his face twisted and he grunted before suddenly the thick head of his nine inch dick exploded, shooting huge globs of cum all over her beautiful face.

Again and again Tony's hard cock fountained huge loads of cum, spraying into her hair, across her cheeks, forehead, into her eye, across her nose and lips and over her chin and ears. More and more potent, thick white cum coated her beautiful face as her boyfriend's friend emptied his balls giving her a complete facial in the shower cubicle as the water ran down them.

Despite the water washing some of Tony's cum from her face, running down her neck and body, more pumped out to replace it until finally her boyfriend's friend sighed and with one last spurt directly onto her soft, luscious lips, his dick finally stopped erupting and began to slowly soften.

Raising her hands to use some of the water to wash the cum from her eyes and lips, Claire stood up, albeit weakly after being fucked by both Tony and Matt in such quick succession, and smiled contentedly at her and Michael's friend, using the water to wash his seed from her face.

"That was so fucking hot." Tony whispered sounding completely satisfied as he watched his friend's beautiful, not to mention incredibly hot and totally soaking wet and naked, girlfriend wash his cum from her gorgeous face as they stood naked in the shower cubicle.

"Fuck, you're crazy." Claire replied just as quietly, though she too sounded more than content.

"Yeah, but you loved it, didn't you?" He asked her as he ran a hand down from her shoulder over her large naked breast.

Smiling playfully at him, Claire replied, "Yes, I did, very much, but you have to go. I have to get out myself, and I can't with you in here with me."

All of that was true enough, even though Claire didn't want to say it, she really had to. As hot as that quick fuck had been, time was limited and she didn't want to risk having the stall woman catching Tony in the cubicle with her, despite how horny the risk of the situation made her. Tony understood the necessity, and the hot risk, of the situation as he smiled as she finished washing his cum from her face and looked at him with a playful, though stern, smile.

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