Valestock Ch. 04


"Yeah, I know, but I couldn't resist having sex with you in the shower." He replied, before he smiled brightly and slapped her wet ass gently, "You still have cum in your hair by the way."

With that last comment he smiled cheekily and disappeared through the cubicle curtain, once more leaving Claire alone in the shower.

Not knowing how long she had left of her time in there, and grateful that she had been in the shower when they had sex, not to mention when Tony had decided to cum on her face, Claire washed her hair as quickly as she could and made sure she was as clean as possible before turning the shower off and swiftly drying herself and getting dressed before finally heading out of the stall. The stall attendant seemed as if she was going to say something as Claire came out, no doubt to admonish her for taking a little too long with getting dry and dressed, however Claire simply gave her a warm smile as if she didn't know she had done anything wrong and hurried on without stopping, though her legs felt more than a little unsteady as she walked on.

Reaching the tent, Claire found that no one was there, no doubt all having gone off to enjoy the rest of the last day of the festival. So, sitting down she rummaged through the things they had bought and started to make herself something to eat. All that morning exercise had really worked up her appetite and so she decided to make more than she usually would eat, just in case she felt extra hungry. That turned out for the better, as in perfect fashion for him, Sam turned up as Claire finished cooking her food and sitting down, eyed the pot over the fire with interest.

"Want some?" She asked her younger brother with a faint smile of amusement. He always had a way of appearing at the right place at the right time where food was concerned.

"Sure, only if you insist though." Sam replied with a hidden smile and Claire shook her head as she dished some up for both of them.

"So where is everyone?" She asked as she ate her first mouthful. Oh, it tasted so good, more so considering she had skipped breakfast that morning.

"Ah you know, darting around here and there." Her brother replied as he concentrated on his food. "Me and Zach are trying to see if we can find any beer lying around we can borrow."

Claire shook her head once more, eating happily.

For the next while, she sat and talked with her brother while the two of them ate. The conversation was surprisingly civil, and Claire found she actually enjoyed talking to her brother, which only happened on rare occasions, most of the time they were at each other's throats. Finally however, Sam got up, and in true style left his dish as it was, leaving Claire to mutter as she cleaned it up before she decided to go have a look and see which bands were playing. She hadn't seen many since coming to the festival, not that she hadn't had fun though, but she wanted to see if there were at least some she wanted to see today.

Fortunately there was, saving her from a morning and afternoon of wandering aimlessly, and so for the next couple of hours, the beautiful red-head flitted from one show to another, eagerly enjoying the performances of various bands. Some of the groups were famous, others were unsigned bands, but all of the ones she saw she enjoyed immensely. By the time the third show she went to see had finished, it was just after 1pm and Claire decided to head back for some lunch.

Walking through the crowd of people who were leaving the show area, Claire began making her way towards the stalls so that she could avoid everyone else tramping around the shows or on their way back to their own tents. As she was walking, someone suddenly grabbed her waist and shouted 'boo' behind her. Claire literally felt as if she had jumped out of her skin as she jumped and spun around so quickly it took her a moment to recognise Zach for who he was.

"You scared the hell out of me." She chided and slapped his chest as she felt her heart pounding in her chest.

Zach grinned broadly finding the whole thing highly amusing.

"I saw you coming out of the show and couldn't resist seeing you jump." He replied amusedly, his eyes drifting to her ample chest as he said the last words.

Claire smiled half amusedly and half playfully, remembering that this was her boyfriend's younger brother who was insinuating that he had wanted to see her tits bounce.

"So where are you off to?" Michael's brother asked her as he glanced around at the people streaming passed.

"Thought I'd head back to the tent to grab something to eat." She answered as she let her eyes drift over him. He looked so much like his brother, the only thing that looked different was his hair really, and that bandana he always wore.

"Well, think I could give you a little detour?" Zach asked with a voice full of insinuation as he moved a little closer to her and Claire smiled playfully as she looked up at him, her body beginning to tingle as she thought again and again that this was her boyfriend's brother. Oh, how it made her feel so good, naughty, but so fucking good.

"Hmm, I don't know, I'm pretty hungry." She answered teasingly and watched Zach's smile grow a little more amused.

"Well, I'll make sure you get something to eat." He replied and Claire felt her heart suddenly pound faster in her chest and her green eyes sparkled.

"You don't think your brother, my boyfriend that is, will miss me?" She asked intentionally, sounding innocent and playful at the same time.

Zach took her hand in his and began taking a few backward steps as he replied.

"Mike's got a big list of shows to see, I don't think he'll miss you too much, and Sam would be the only other one to worry about, but he's looking for drinks, so..." Her boyfriend's brother replied as he turned to lead her away and Claire followed him eagerly.

At first Claire wasn't sure where Zach was leading her, as they weaved through crowd after crowd, passed stalls and rides, until she finally saw the parking lot in the distance. Smiling amusedly to herself she knew then exactly where her boyfriend's younger brother was taking her, and she felt her hot body blaze with hot, horny anticipation. Yesterday Zach hadn't been able to really use his entire huge dick on her, well, he had but he didn't really have the room, now it would just be the two of them and Matt's van.

Sure enough, when Matt's van came into view, they made straight for it and Claire smiled as she let go of Zach's hand and ran in front of him. She reached the van first and turned around and leaned against the side of it as she watched Zach closely as he made his way towards her. Claire's body yearned for what she knew he had waiting for her and she bit her bottom lip as she watched him approach, thinking how hot and sexy he looked.

"So what have you got planned to do to me here?" She asked teasingly, her voice burning with lust as much as her eyes and body were.

Zach did not answer and simply walked up to her and pressed his lips hard against hers as he pushed her forcefully against the side of the van, gripping her waist. Their tongues danced passionately and Claire moaned hotly into Zach's mouth as they kissed furiously.

As she was pressed hard against the van's metal side by her boyfriend's brother, kissing him hotly like she should only be doing with his brother, Claire grabbed hold of Zach's arms as his held her waist, only once reaching up to quickly squeeze one of her big, heavy tits.

Breaking the kiss and leaving Claire breathing hard as she stared at him with passion blazing in her eyes, Zach stepped back slightly, a smug smile growing on his face.

"Get on your knees Claire." He said commandingly and Claire's smile grew more than a little dirty as she sank to her knees in front of her boyfriend's brother, right there in the open festival parking lot. It was the third time that day that she had been on her knees in front of some guy other than her boyfriend, but this time it was his own younger brother, and that just made it even hotter! "I told you I've brought you something to eat." He added, and with that began to tug open his jeans.

Claire felt her mouth water as she knew that he was about to pull out his impressive eleven inch cock. Her body tingled at the thought of having that monster driven back into her pussy, but sucking on it seemed almost as good right then, after all, two huge cocks had already pounded away at her pussy like raging bulls.

"You brought something for your brother's girlfriend to suck on?" Claire asked, once more trying to sound innocent though her voice radiated heat and horniness.

"For now, then I'll make sure to give you something to drink, but don't miss any, remember to swallow it all like a good girl." Zach answered in a heated voice as he finally undid his jeans and pulled his huge dick from his boxers.

A hot, teasing smile spread across Claire's lips as her eyes seemed to blaze with horny lust as she watched her boyfriend's brother's hard, long dick spring out only a couple of inches from her face. Looking up into Zach's face once more, Claire bit her lip before she reached up with her right hand and slowly wrapped her delicate fingers around the thick shaft. Electricity ran through her body the moment her fingers touched Zach's hard cock and Claire felt her breathing grow heavy as she thought that here she was, on her knees in the parking lot with her hand wrapped around her boyfriend's brother's dick, ready and very willing to suck on it so good. With that thought, she moved her lips closer and gently kissed the head of Zach's cock, once, twice, three times before she slowly let her warm, soft tongue circle around the head and then slowly run down the eleven inch rod all the way to his heavy balls.

Looking up once more into Zach's eyes as she kissed her way back up the entire length of his naked cock, Claire smiled dirtily.

"Show me what you want your brother's girlfriend to do." She almost growled heatedly, "Pull my cocksucking mouth onto your big dick Zach!"

Michael's brother smiled, and wasted no time in obliging her.

Zach reached down and grabbed a handful of Claire's dark red hair and pulled her face roughly towards his dick. The large, thick head pressed forcefully against her soft, luscious lips, smudging her lipstick before he yanked her face forward again and Claire's hot lips parted and Zach shoved his dick deep into her hot, wet mouth.

Inch after hard, thick inch pushed roughly into her waiting mouth until it hit the back of her throat, however Zach wasn't going to let that stop him, and so he continued to thrust forward as he pulled Claire's face onto his hard cock.

"Mmmph!" Claire half moaned and half growled, with just a hint of protest at his forcefulness, as Zach shoved the first inch of his hard rod down her tight throat.

Pulling back out, he thrust forward almost instantly, driving two more inches down her hot throat. Repeating this, Zach fucked his brother's girlfriend's mouth all the time staring down into her glazed, lust-filled green eyes as she stared up at him, her lips wrapped tightly, and hotly, around his thick cock.

"Fuck! I've wanted to fuck your face for years!" He groaned as he did just that, roughly forcing inch after inch into her mouth and throat until finally, much to his surprise, all eleven inches disappeared into Claire's hot mouth and she stared up at him, her soft, tightly-wrapped lips at the base of his cock while all of its hard, thick length was buried deep in her mouth and throat. "Ugh fuck! Fuck! I used to fantasize about doing this to you!"

"Mmmmmmmmph!" Claire moaned, her eyes rolling and Zach couldn't stop a moan escaping his own lips also as he felt Claire's throat tighten around his hard dick for a moment before she very slowly, and very deliberately, pulled her mouth along his thick cock, letting it fall from her mouth with a 'pop'.

Licking her lips, Claire looked up at Zach with a playful smile as she once more wrapped her right hand around the base of his large cock.

"Mmmm, you taste better than Michael." His brother's girlfriend teased as her hand slowly moved tightly up and down his hard dick. "I know I'm going to love sucking your dick from now on."

Zach smiled smugly as he relaxed his grip in her hair.

"Next time you come over to our house you'll have to make some excuse to leave Michael and you can come into my room and suck me before I fuck you while he's in his room across the hall." He teased in a deep, hot growl.

Claire's eyes flashed with lust and she smiled deeper before she moved her mouth less than half an inch from the thick head of his dick, her breath felt hot and heavy on his cock.

"You'd better turn the music up, 'cause I'll scream when you fuck me with your big dick." Claire replied breathily before she once more kissed his dick. "Mmmm, tell me about it Zach, tell me what you'll do to your brother's girlfriend."

With those words, Claire parted her lips and slowly began to lower her hot mouth over the thick head once more, clamping those lusciously soft lips around the hard shaft, forming an 'O', as she sucked hard on the head, her cheeks hollowing, as Zach groaned in pleasure.

"Fuck, Claire! Ughnn, fuck yeah!" Was all Michael's younger brother could grunt as his older brother's hot girlfriend began to slowly move her lips up and down five inches of his hard cock while her right hand slowly massaged along the thick length, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked harder and more fervently while her tongue began to dance along the solid shaft that was filling her mouth and brushing against her throat again and again as she gently bobbed her head up and down. "Fuck! Uh...first, ungnmm fuck...first I'd push you against...ugh...the wall outside Mike's room...the moment you came out of his door...oh fuck that's it!"

Claire stared up into his eyes, watching him intently as she began to work her mouth up and down his dick with a little more enthusiasm. Breathing heavier through her nose, her hand tightened around his dick as she began to pump up and down the thick shaft.

"FUCK! I'd kiss you....and fuck....and feel up your big tits right...UGH! outside his room!" Zach continued, his voice growing tighter as Claire fed two inches of his dick into her throat, sucking harder while her tongue slashed furiously around his hard cock as he continued to tell her all of the hot things that he was going to do to her. "Then...then....fuck....then I'd drag you into my room...and make you get on your knees...and suck my dick...while I had my webcam my friend's could see you being a dirty slut..."

"MMMMmmmph!!" Claire moaned loudly around his thick shaft at that, her fist began pumping up and down furiously as she sucked harder and harder.

Her beautiful head now bobbed up and down his large dick, swallowing eight inches of his hard, thick cock down her throat as her lips swiftly and tightly slid up and down the wide shaft. Her hand was a blur as it jacked relentlessly up and down until her wrist began to ache and she finally let go and grabbed his hips, steadying herself as she bobbed her head up and down and began to eagerly fuck her hot, wet mouth with his huge pole.

"Fuck yeah! That's it Claire! Umm fuck! Suck your boyfriend's brother's dick!" Zach growled and stared down at her, his face contorting in ecstasy, as her long, dark red hair swayed and her large, 38D tits bounced lustfully in their essentially see-through confines as she sucked and sucked with ever-increasing fervour. "Fuck, you look so hot with my dick in your mouth! Ugh, you're gonna look just as hot when I pull my dick from your mouth and throw you on my bed....fuck...then I'm going to bury my hard dick into your hot pussy and fuck you on my bed....yeah, fuck....ugh....all the while Mike's gonna wonder where you are...and you're gonna be taking my dick across the hall, begging me to fuck you...ahh, suck my cock Claire, fuck yes!"

Claire moaned lustfully, and with one passionate and determined move swallowed Zach's entire eleven inches into her mouth and throat before swiftly pulling almost all of the way off and quickly deep-throating him again. Again and again the sexy red-headed girlfriend swallowed all of her boyfriend's younger brother's dick as fast and as hard as she could, looking up after a while into his face, her lips lewdly wrapped around his huge dick, sucking for all she was worth.

"Does your brother know I'm sucking your cock? That you have his girlfriend on her knees with your big dick buried down her throat?" Claire growled breathily as she briefly pulled Zach's dick from her mouth, jacking it as she gasped for air.

"FUCK! Ugh...I'm gonna stand talking to him through his open door while your in the hall sucking my dick!" Zach growled and Claire moaned.

"What would you do if he knew right now?" She asked hotly, her eyes blazing with passion.

"I'd do this..." Zach replied as he once more shoved his dick into her mouth, instantly parting her soft lips around the solid invading head, and reached down to momentarily grab and roughly squeeze her large tits.

"Ohhmmmmm!" Claire groaned loudly around his hard cock as she once more began to enthusiastically suck his dick.

Her head bobbed furiously up and down the long, hard eleven-inch cock in her mouth and throat as her tongue slashed and danced while her cheeks sucked in and out. Zach couldn't believe how hot his brother's girlfriend actually was. She sucked dick like she needed it to stay alive...and fuck she was so hot and horny! She was literally trying to suck the cum from his balls and impale her mouth as hard and fast as she could on his enormous dick, right there in the parking lot!

Fuck, he knew he couldn't last much longer. He wanted to fuck her so badly, but right then he couldn't bring himself to stop the most amazing blowjob he had ever had. If she kept this up, he was going to blow his load right down her hot throat.

Suddenly however, Claire pulled her mouth from his dick, her eyes should have burnt him to ash they blazed with such intense lust as she quickly stood up and pulled him against her, slamming herself hard against the side of the van.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now!" Claire demanded amidst her heated panting and Zach was too horny and too close to cumming to reply.

Instead he reached under her and pulled one of her legs around his waist as Claire pulled his head down and their lips mashed together hotly. Their tongues danced as they breathed heavily while Zach lifted Claire up, supporting her with his hands and the side of the van as she wrapped both of her luscious legs around his waist as her arms wrapped tightly around his neck.

After a moment of positioning and pushing her panties out of the way, Zach's eleven inch dick sank deep into his brother's girlfriend's hot, tight pussy for the second time in two days. Both of them moaned and groaned loudly, and deeply lustfully, as they were about to fuck, fuck like he was her boyfriend and not her boyfriend's brother.

Michael laughed as Tony and he got off the small rollercoaster ride; it really hadn't been a good idea to take that ice cream onto a ride that had a loop in it.

"Next time, let's eat the thing before heading on to one of those." He joked as Tony brushed the ice cream that had landed on him off with a towel the attendant gave him with a very amused grin.

"At least it wasn't us who got the most of it." Tony joked as he handed the towel to Michael.

Michael laughed as he took the towel and began to wipe his clothes clean too. As he was doing so, his hot, sexy, and very horny girlfriend was sinking to her knees in front of his younger brother moments before she took all of his eleven inch dick deep into her hot, wet mouth and tight throat, over and over, again and again.

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