tagIncest/TabooValestock Ch. 05

Valestock Ch. 05


~Conclusion: Lightening The Load~

Claire Nichols woke up the next day, and despite the fact that she had only a few hours sleep, she felt wide awake and fully rested. As her eyes opened Claire smiled at the empty space in the sleeping bag next to her. The sounds outside the tent told her that Michael and the others were already awake and beginning to pack things up ready to take to the van, and so Claire wasted no time in getting up and changing into the clothes she had kept for the journey home.

She had decided to wear her black leather trousers as they showed her legs and ass off beautifully, with her knee-high boots of course underneath, and a tight, black, short-sleeved shirt that she left unbuttoned at the top to show a very generous amount of cleavage. Adding her dark red lipstick and the rest of her make up, Claire bundled the rest of her things together so that they were ready to take to the van before she headed out to meet the others.

The moment the others saw her of course, all eyes fixed on her chest and the impressive amount of cleavage on show, the very impressive amount, she had left three buttons undone which revealed almost half of her succulent, round breasts to the warm air.

"Good morning sunshine." Michael said happily as he put down a case of beer and came over to give her a good morning kiss. "Ready to go?"

"Heading off early?" She asked as she placed her hands on the small of her back, emphasising both her half-exposed tits and her tight ass in those trousers, though she kept her eyes innocently on Michael despite the other four guys almost drooling on the spot.

"It's best if we do, the roads will be crazily packed back into the City today I reckon." Her gorgeous and loving boyfriend replied and Claire nodded with a smile before she looked around at everyone.

Sam was whispering something to Matt, who nodded, and Tony was grinning like a Cheshire cat, while Zach ogled her half-exposed tits as if nothing else existed. Smiling to herself, feeling good about life, Claire spoke.

"So, what am I doing to help then?" She asked with a smile and noticed Sam and Matt smirk.

"Alright, it'll be quicker if we don't all try and do everything, so how about this..." Matt replied to everyone, "Mike, you load the van. Me, Tony and Zach will carry the stuff from here to the van while Claire and Sam take things down here?"

Claire smiled amusedly to herself as she looked between her black friend and her brother; they were up to something. Despite that thought, Claire nodded her approval, as did the others, and so soon Michael headed off to the van with his case of beer and the others all turned to watch Claire with big grins. Keeping her hands where she had placed them earlier, she smiled innocently at them all.

"Did you four just send my boyfriend off so you can take advantage of me?" She asked playfully and all four of them laughed before Sam made his way towards her and took hold of her slim wrist.

"Come with me." Her brother said, leading her into the 'communal area' of the tent with the others following. Once they were inside, he stood in front of her with a smile. "Matt told me the van can only carry so much weight, so I suggested that I knew a way you could help lighten the load."

Claire eyed him confusedly, glancing at the others who all grinned broadly before looking back to her brother. Sensing the obvious mood however, Claire smiled slightly.

"And how's that little brother?" She asked teasingly, still actually confused, though she had a feeling this was going somewhere sexual.

"Well," Sam began, "Tony, Matt and Zach will pack things up here and take them to Mike, while you get on your knees and suck my dick."

A flash of fire shot through Claire's body at the blatant words her brother used. She knew everyone gathered there knew she and her brother had had sex last night, but hearing him suggest that she give him a blowjob right in front of them...oh fuck that made her horny as fuck!

Smiling playfully, Claire bit her lower lip as she glanced at Matt, Tony and Zach.

"Let me get this straight." She said deliberately, "You three are going to pack everything away while I suck my brother's dick, and I'm guessing you are all going to watch as you pack up and head to Mike at the van?"

As she had guessed they all nodded with smug smiles, and so what could a girl do but sink slowly to her knees and reach forward to begin unbuttoning her brother's jeans.

Looking up as she knelt before Sam, Claire smiled.

"You guy's better get busy." She said sweetly.

"So had you." Matt replied with an amused grin and the others laughed.

As the other three began to pack away, Claire pulled her brother's jeans and boxer's down to his ankles, freeing his now hard ten-inch dick which was shoved right in front of her face immediately.

Feeling her pussy tingle and her mouth water, Claire looked up into her brother's eyes as she reached out to wrap her fingers around his thick cock, all the while the other three watched her closely as they continued their work. The whole thing was incredibly hot. Here she was, about to cheat on her boyfriend once again, on her knees about to suck her own younger brother's dick and swallow his cum, while all the time being watched by two of her friends and her boyfriend's brother. The thought put a dirty smile on Claire's soft, dark-red painted lips as she once more turned her attention to her brother's hot cock and began to slowly jack her fist up and down its length.

As Michael Archer reached his friend's van and unlocked it, pushing the case of beer he had been carrying underneath one of the seats and turning to wait for the first load of things from the tent, he was blissfully unaware that right then his knockout girlfriend was on her knees in front of her brother, her fist pumping up and down his thick ten-inch dick before she very slowly, while keeping her eyes locked on his, lowered her open mouth over his dick, pushing inch after thick inch into her hot mouth, sucking hard as she danced her tongue over the head and shaft, sucking noisily while Michael's own younger brother and his two friend's watched on and readied the first load to bring to him...while Claire's brother readied his load for her...

Sam groaned in ecstasy as his hot, busty sister continued to suck his cock on her knees as Matt, Tony and Zach busied themselves around them. Staring down into her big, green eyes, Matt ran a hand through her hair as Claire shoved another inch deep into her throat and bobbed her head up and down his thick cock faster and faster. Her hot mouth formed a lewd 'O' around his thick shaft, her dark-red lips clamping tightly as she sucked up and down his fat cock, dancing her tongue amazingly as she fucked her mouth again and again. Her half-exposed big tits jiggled hotly within the confines of her tight shirt that Sam could see down perfectly as she knelt in front of him while her hand jacked furiously up and down the four inches of his cock that Claire hadn't yet shoved into her tight throat.

Staring down at the hot scene made Sam want to cum, but the feel of his sister working her throat, her tongue and bobbing her head swiftly up and down his dick stirred his already tingling balls as it was. Grabbing a handful of her long, dark red hair, Sam grunted as Claire literally tried to suck the cum from his balls.

"We'll have to have a fivesome sometime with her." Zach was saying as he passed Tony something to take to Michael.

"MMmmmmmmph!" Claire moaned lewdly around Sam's dick in horny agreement before she worked harder at sucking his dick, bringing another grunt of pleasure from her brother as he reached down to grab one of her soft but firm big tits over her shirt.

"Fuck! You suck dick so fucking good Claire! Ungh, so going to have to get you to suck my cock every day from now on!" Sam growled tightly as his sister's tongue slashed furiously around the head of his cock and her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked as hard as she could. "Fuck yeah! Suck your brother's dick slut while your boyfriend waits at the van!"

"MMmmmmmmmmmmph!" Claire moaned hotly, her eyes rolling, before she began bobbing her head up and down with increased fervour.

"Fuck! I can't believe I'm actually watching a real sister sucking her own brother's dick like a cock-hungry slut!" Matt exclaimed with a grin, and Claire breathed heavier, obviously enjoying his observation as she sucked harder, "I can't wait to actually see him fuck her!"

Sam let out a deep breath, the feel of his hard ten inches sliding swiftly into his sister's hot mouth and tight throat while she danced her tongue across his length and she sucked harder and faster was making his knees go weak, and that was without thinking how hot she looked on her knees in front of him.

And so the hot, illicit, incestuous scene continued with older sister sucking younger brother's dick on her knees, his hands holding her head and squeezing her tits roughly, while Tony, Matt and Zach alternated between watching the incredibly lust-inspiring incestuous scene and taking some things to Claire's boyfriend at the van.

The whole thing was so hot that Sam had to fight to hold back from cumming, he wanted this to last as long as he could, however the more Claire bobbed her head up and down his cock, her lips soft yet tight around his thick shaft, sucking hard and fast, the closer he came to losing control and emptying his balls down her throat. That thought itself was almost enough to push him over the edge right then.

Claire grabbed hold of her brother's hips with both hands as she slid the last inch of his thick cock into her tight throat, filling her mouth with his incestuous dick before she continued to rapidly bob her head up and down the entire ten inches, all the way up and down, filling her mouth and throat as fast as she could, sucking hard, while Sam's hands held onto her head with fistfuls of hair.

Sucking and slurping noises filled the tent as the others worked away. Claire was certain they mustn't have much more left to pack away by now, however she didn't look, not that she actually could have with ten inches of her brother's hard cock shoved in her mouth.

"Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmmph!" Claire moaned around Sam's thick cock as she revelled in the amazing feeling of having his huge dick in her mouth. She had never thought about sucking her brother off before now, but oh it felt so hot, and it made it hotter that others were there watching who knew that this was her brother who was stuffing his big dick into her mouth causing her big tits to bounce within her tight shirt as she fucked her mouth with his hard cock. No doubt all of them wished that she was doing so topless...fuck she would have to remember that for next time, they would cum in seconds!

"Argh, yeah, fuck, suck my dick sis! Ugh! Fuck!" Sam growled tightly, his hips moving lightly to match Claire as she sucked furiously on his dick. "Keep sucking my dick and I'm gonna cum in your mouth!"

"Mmmmmph!" Claire moaned again and redoubled her efforts, sucking for all she was worth, desperately wanting to tell her younger brother how much she wanted to taste his cum, to tease him about what she was doing...but fuck, actually sucking her own brother's cock was just too hot that right then all the stunningly hot girlfriend wanted to do was have his dick between her lips, filling her mouth, and pushed hard down her throat until he filled her mouth and belly with as much cum as he had pumped into her pussy and womb the night before!

Suddenly Zach, who had been the last to head with a load of things to Michael, burst in to the tent.

"Guys, Mike's outside..." He managed to say and Claire's eyes widened and she moved faster than she had ever thought she could.

One moment she had ten inches of her brother's dick buried deep within her throat, and the next she had pulled her mouth from his cock and spun around and stood up, while Sam still stood frozen behind her.

A moment was all it took, and thankfully it was just enough, as no sooner had Claire gotten to her feet, her hair still a bit messy from where Sam had been holding handfuls as he guided her mouth up and down his cock, not to mention her lipstick being slightly smudged around her lips and her cheeks red from sucking hard and fast, no sooner than she was standing did Michael walk through the tent flap. He must have been right behind Zach as he came bursting through.

Smiling at her loving boyfriend, Claire stood in front of Sam who hadn't had time to pull his jeans up and so stood directly behind her with them around his ankles and his big, hard, wet-from-her-sucking dick exposed and naked right behind her.

Her heart was pounding in her chest and her big 38D tits were heaving, mostly from sucking her brother's cock so intently, however Michael simply smiled at her lovingly, not noticing the state of her hair or lipstick, as he turned to Matt.

"We should be done with everything in here now ah Matt? We should start taking the tent down?" Michael asked and Claire felt her heart jump at the thought of her boyfriend remaining with them, she had been looking forward to a belly full of her brother's cum.

"Err, no not yet Mike, still a couple of loads to go." Matt replied with a glance at Claire; the meaning of the word 'loads' was obvious.

Michael nodded before he turned to her with a caring smile.

"Soon be on our way. It'll be nice to get back now I think." He said and moved towards her.

Claire smiled and quickly moved towards him instead so that he didn't get close enough to see her brother standing with his dick out right behind her.

"It will babe." She replied more than a touch breathily, "You better head back to the van, the quicker we're done, the quicker we'll get going."

Smiling and nodding, Claire thought Michael would head off then, but instead he leaned in to kiss her lips gently. Her heart almost leapt from her chest at how hot it felt having her boyfriend kiss the lips that had moments ago been wrapped around her own brother's big dick, the same big dick that was still naked behind her.

Smiling a smile that Claire tried hard to stop appearing dirty, she waited impatiently for Michael to leave. The moment the tent flap closed behind him she spun around and sank to her knees, grabbing hold of Sam's dick without waiting to see if her boyfriend had actually gone or not.

"Fuck me that was so hot!" Claire breathed heavily as she knelt in front of her brother, "I need to taste your cum now!"

Without waiting for any comment Claire shoved six inches of her brother's thick dick into her mouth, sucking furiously, for all she was worth. With two bobs of her head she had the entire ten inches once again buried in her mouth and throat and holding on to Sam's hips she bobbed her head up and down his raging cock so fast that her tits bounced lustfully in her shirt, trying hard to jump out of their bare confines and her hair flew in front of her face as she gripped tightly to her brother's hips, trying desperately to swallow his cock.

The hard dick that belonged to her own younger brother felt so good sliding between her tightly clamped lips and filling her mouth before pushing deep into her tight throat. It felt so hot knowing that this was her brother's dick and that she had so narrowly escaped being caught cheating on her boyfriend! Both of those thoughts made Claire suck harder, desperately hungering for Sam to empty his balls down her throat. Fuck, if this felt this incredibly hot, what would sucking and fucking her own father feel like!? Or both her father and Sam!!? Both of those thoughts made Claire work her mouth faster and suck harder than she ever had before...fuck she was horny as hell now!! She really would have to take care of that fantasy when she got back now...it would just blow her mind completely!

The tent once again filled with the illicit sounds of the incestuous blowjob as Claire looked up, staring deep into her brother's eyes as she slammed her face up and down that rigid ten inch shaft, literally fucking her mouth with the big dick of her brother. Sam once again had both hands tightly gripping handful's of her dark red hair and began thrusting his hips forward, fucking his sister's mouth and throat as she held on to his hips for dear life sucking hard and dancing her tongue across his cock as it pistoned in and out of her tightly clamped, dark red lips...hoping to hell that Michael would stay gone long enough for her brother to give her his hot, sticky seed.

For a few more minutes the lust-inspiring blowjob continued with brother ramming his cock into his sister's mouth, and older sister sucking and moaning around her younger brother's hard dick, desperate to taste his seed, when suddenly Sam began to grip her head harder and thrust his dick into her mouth erratically. She knew he was about to cum, to fill her belly with his hot cum, the cum that belonged to her brother!

Holding on to his hips, Claire looked up into Sam's eyes as he suddenly jerked and grunted before he rammed his hard dick completely down her throat, pulling her lips all the way to the base of his dick as he stared into her eyes with a face contorted with lust and ecstasy.

"FUCKING DRINK MY CUM SIS!" Her younger brother growled harshly and as if on cue, his dick expanded before it suddenly exploded down her throat.

The first huge load of her brother's hot, sticky cum pumped straight down Claire's throat and into her stomach before Sam pulled his dick from her throat just in time for the next load to explode in her hot mouth. Blast after blast of the sticky seed shot into Claire's mouth as her brother's dick emptied his balls into her mouth, blasting against her tonsils and shooting across her tongue. Load after heavy load of cum pumped into her mouth, filling her mouth quickly as more and more shot from Sam's huge dick.

Claire quickly began to work her throat, swallowing convulsively and deliberately noisily as she looked up into Sam's eyes, aware that Zach, Matt and Tony were all watching closely.

Swallowing as fast as she could, Claire's throat worked to swallow as much of her brother's thick, sticky cum as fast as she could, however more kept pumping out of the thick cock in her mouth until his hot cum began to leak from the sides of her lips and began running down her chin quickly as more was emptied forcefully into her mouth. Fuck he must have been horny as hell to cum so much! On her knees with her brother's big dick in her mouth, Claire felt Sam's cum run down her chin and neck while some dripped from around her mouth onto her huge half-exposed tits and running down into her impressive cleavage, all the while her throat convulsing noisily as she swallowed as much of his thick cum as she could.

Finally, with a loud grunt, Sam shot two more huge globs of his thick cum into Claire's mouth before he pulled his dick from her mouth with a satisfied heavy breath. Claire tilted her head back and looked up at him, opening her mouth slowly. Thick strings of her brother's cum momentarily joined the top of her mouth with the bottom as Claire showed her brother and the other three the full mouth of cum she had. Her chin, neck and tits were covered in her brother's thick, hot, sticky cum as she closed her mouth and swallowed slowly and gulped noisily, relishing in how hot it felt having her brother's cum slowly slide down her throat before she smiled satisfied and wiped her mouth and chin with her fingers, sucking the cum from her hand before she looked at the others deliberately.

She knew that all four of them were staring at the cum on her half-exposed tits as she rubbed the sticky seed into her neck. She considered leaving her brother's pearly seed on her tits before deciding against it, it would be hard to explain to her boyfriend after all, though as she slowly, and deliberately rubbed the sticky, white cream into her soft tits, she decided to leave the cum that had run down her cleavage, Michael wouldn't see that, and feeling her brother's cum in between her big tits made Claire shiver with horniness.

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