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Valkeric Favors


Experienced Amazons have been known to summon angel-like Valkeries to fight along side them in their time of need. They call upon the ancestors' warrior spirits who take the form of glowing pike maidens who do all in their power to assist the amazons. Tonight however, Jenna had something different in mind.

Jenna sat on the edge of her bed and contemplated the romance in her life, or rather, the lack thereof. In Jenna's past experiences with these glowing women, they had done exactly as she commanded. They sometimes even seemed to know her commands before she knew them herself. Therefore, it came as only a mild surprise when the ethereal warrior standing next to Jenna's bed began to disrobe.

The Valkery set down her spear and unbuckled her armor. She advanced slowly toward Jenna as her breastplate slid to the ground. Jenna let out a small gasp of surprise at her summoning's pert bosom. The half-angel took this opportunity to kiss Jenna full on the mouth, slowly swirling her tongue in exactly the right way. After the initial shock, the nubile Amazon began to return the kiss, melding their mouths into one whirlwind of pleasure.

Jenna was so caught up in the kiss that she hardly noticed as her own leather armor fall to the floor. The kiss ended without any time for regret, as the Valkery began kneading and caressing Jenna's breasts. Jenna sighed and removed her companion's lower garments. She relished every curve of the magnificent creature's body while waves of pleasure swept through her chest. The yet-unfamiliar feeling of orgasm swept through her body as she stared, transfixed, at her lover's nearly blinding cleft. "I must have you," Jenna breathed, "You shall be mine!" As Jenna gripped the lovely creature's buttocks, the mesmerizing crevice simultaneously grew and moved away, creating the illusion of remaining in place. However, as the Valkery fell back onto the bed and opened her legs, Jenna was pulled with her. She let the force take her, placing her face softly between this supple being's legs. As Jenna took the first taste of her creation, she was clutched in by the legs of her lover. For the first time since it all started, she was genuinely surprised.

She had not thought of, nor even desired her Valkery to embrace her head with its legs. She looked up the length of the half-angel, and saw the spark of impure lust and individuality. As she saw this, Jenna realized that her companion had become more than just a minion. She was now a sentient being, genuinely wanting of Jenna's timid tongue. Jenna felt the need to oblige this reborn person immediately.

She slid her tongue between her lips and drank in the Valkery's orgasms of Life. She tasted the near-ambrosial nectar of her lover and companion, feeling new energy and understanding flow through her. As the mortal Valkery's Life-throes ceased, she began to become aware of more than passion and lust. She gazed, earnestly, for the first time at the world around her, even if that world yet only consisted of her Amazon's bedroom. Sighing she uttered the first words ever to leave her mouth.

"Thank you, Mother."

The Amazon finished taking in her minion's nectar. She moved upward as the Valkery leaned her head down. They met in the middle, eagerly sharing the taste of her orgasm and moaning softly with pleasure. Jenna was proud of her creation, but felt the need for release growing within her. The Valkery felt this and brought two fingers down to her lover's hole. She slid the fingers easily into her, then brought her other hand down and began rhythmically rubbing her clit while pumping her fingers in the Amazon's love tunnel.

Knowing this would not be enough the Valkery traced her tongue down the curve of her body all the way to her needy vessel. She softly licked from the woman's anus to her pussy, causing a bestial moan to arise from the Amazon. She replaced her fingers with her tongue and began deeply licking the inner walls of her cunt. Jenna felt the strongest orgasm of her life hit her as she poured her nectar onto the tongue and face of her lover. They kissed once more, deeply probing each other's mouths. They tasted one another and sighed into each others' mouths at the passion of it all. They fell asleep on the bed, wrapped in each other's arms. Their relationship had changed from master and minion, to equal companions and lovers.

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