Valkyries & Vixens


"Good sex then?" Damian asked annoyedly.

"Whatever do you mean?" Paige said coyly, thinking back to a particular bit of the evening, with her perched on her bathroom sink with Courtney between her thighs after the shower.

"How cute is your boss they'll ask me? Terribly, terribly cute, is how I'll respond. And your fiendish plan will all come together." Damian said, going back to drawing. Paige stood still for a second and looked back to Damian to finally answer his question.

"Oh my god Damey, it was the single greatest night of sex in my entire life." She finally spilled, the words racing out of her "We got back to my place and we started kissing and tearing each others clothes off and neither of us knew who should do what first so I..."

"My sweet innocent ears, spare me your filthy deviant details." Damian cut her off.

Damian's sexuality had long been a bit of some puzzlement to Paige and everyone who knew him. Paige had never seen him with anyone or talk about anyone special despite many cute geeky girls who frequented the store asking Paige over hushed whispers near the front of the store if he was single. She always said she didn't know. The bolder ones would always approach him and he would typically be as brusque with them as he was with anyone else. The cute, geeky boys who'd ask her the same question about Damian would get the same treatment. Either way he didn't seem interested in hearing about anyone's sex life. Certainly not Paige's.

"Well, anyways, it was unbelievable." Paige said, particularly enjoying the song that was playing now. "What's this one?"

"Powerful Stuff. Sean Hayes." Damian said wearily "Should I just give you my Ipod and start a new one?"

Paige felt her phone buzz against her jeans pocket. She pulled it out. It was a text message from Courtney.

"Hey Beautiful" it read. Paige whipped her own phone, it's back marked up with little personal and phrases in white-out. She began typing back.

"Hey Red"

"Meeting. So boring. Want more U"

"Tonight?" Was Paige's hopeful reply

"Too long. Starting to feel sick. Going home with terrible case of life-threatening flu. Come and tuck me in."

Paige looked at the message for about 15 seconds. She thought back to last night and things that Courtney had done and had said they'd do later and....well, it wasn't much of a decision.

"Be right there." Was her hastily typed reply.

Paige put her phone back into her pocket and grabbed her bag from the counter.

"Close up tonight Damian."

Damian looked over at the Star Wars clock on the wall. It read 2:12

"Yeah, you've put in a full day of work." Damian said sarcastically as she left.

Chapter 5.

The beginning of Courtney and Paige's relationship was fairly indicative of how it had gone for the first few months. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other. Even if it weren't for the fact that they couldn't seem to be able to spend two minutes alone together without tearing off each others clothes and having mind blowing sessions of marathon sex, they actually did seem to really like each other underneath it all. Courtney, refined and serious Courtney, began hanging out at the shop after work and eagerly read every book that Paige recommended and seemed as engrossed as them as Paige was. She tried to learn every bit of Paige's geeky obsession. As dedicated a student as Courtney was she could still understand what Paige meant when she asked if Courtney wanted to go downstairs into the storage room and see some special "back issues". She was thoughtful and sweet and fun and Paige, even though she knew it was all horribly quick, could feel herself falling hard for girl. Sure there were still some doubts but it was as intense and exciting a start to a relationship as Paige had ever felt herself caught up in. Even for the bad times, such as this cold January night when Paige answered her door in her Batman pyjamas, her eyes red and her nose leaking.

"I wod to giss you" Paige choked out through her clogged up nose when she saw Courtney on her porch. Courtney had braved the elements, fought her way to their favourite Indian restaurant and had apparently bought every scrap they had of food in the place judging by the size of the bags she was now carrying.

"Yes, well, as enticing a proposition as that usually is darling I'm afraid I'm snowed under at work this week and can't risk it." Courtney smiled and held her cold hand up to Paige's forehead "Good heavens, you're just a mess aren't you?"

"I'b fide" Paige said as she blew her nose on the sleeve of her pyjamas.

"Yes, just the picture of health." Courtney smiled as she shook her head "Really making me want to tear those pyjamas off you too."

"Really?" Paige said hopefully. The three days she'd had this cold were the longest that she and Courtney had gone without having sex. Even though she felt sick and gross she still missed hearing the way Courtney would moan when she came.

"Yes. I'd like to tear them off and throw them in the wash."

"Oh." Paige shrank a little before trying to sound cute as she whined "Bud they're badban"

"Yes, they're Batman pyjamas, which is adorably strange. But you just blew your nose on them, love."

"Wash lader." Paige said, grabbing one of the tins of food from Courtney and walking over to the couch in front of her TV that had become her bed/dining room/living room while she was sick. Courtney smiled and unzipped her coat, and joined her girlfriend beside her.

"Awwww, you brod be food." Paige groaned appreciatively as she opened the tin, curling against Courtney on the couch.

"I did." Courtney kissed Paige on the forehead before grabbing another smaller bag. "And I swung by the shop and brought you your new comics."

"Dew Fables?" Paige said as she blew her nose again, this time with Kleenex. Courtney shook her head.

"I don't know what that means. But Damian said it was your entire list."

"Awwww, you're the best." Paige said as she looked through the bag and found that, yes, the new Fables was in there.

"And I swung by the video store on Damian's recommendation and picked up the first season of something called Battlestar Galactica." Courtney recounted. Paige brightened again. She'd desperately wanted to re-watch the show. She was so happy she didn't even ask why Damian hadn't just given Courtney the copy belonging to Paige that he'd borrowed.

"And you're going to watch theb with be?" Paige asked hopefully. Courtney checked her watch. She did have a very early meeting. But she looked back at the sick girl whose rich chocolate eyes looked even more gorgeous behind the thick framed black glasses she only wore when she didn't have the strength to put in her contacts and nodded. Paige kissed Courtney and said something that, while it was something that she'd known she'd felt for a while, hadn't said. She hadn't said it to anyone in a romantic sense other than Shannon. But she said it to Courtney.

"Di lub you." Paige said, not caring how silly it sounded with her cold.

"Mmmm, di lub you too." Courtney laughed as she returned the kiss and mocking the clogged up sound of Paige's voice.

Chapter 6.

It was a blissfully warm April and Paige and Courtney had made plans to, rather than do any work on this particular Saturday, have a picnic in the nearby Cumberland Park. Paige had needed to stop by the store first to grab the phone she'd left there the previous day and she was currently looking hurriedly through the place for it. Courtney was standing near the register, picnic basket Paige had packed in hand, and looking at the various merchandise at the front of the store. A young, hip looking guy came into the store and began looking near the front of the store.

"What's the song Damo?" Courtney asked mildly enjoying the upbeat tune piping through the shop.

"Mass Romantic by the New Pornographers." Damian

"How come you never play music people have actually heard of?" Courtney asked "Like Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguilera."

"I don't like you." Damian sighed, returning to his work. That tranquility was shattered by the young man who'd entered the store, being unable to find what he was looking for, approaching the counter with a question.

"Any copies left of The Mildly Interesting Adventures of Damo & PJ?" He asked hopefully

"Nope." Damian said, hard at work on the next issue of it. He'd only printed up the new one last week and it was already sold out.

"Going to have any more?" He said, dejectedly

"Nope." Damian said as though he'd heard the question dozens of times today.

"Dang. Well, I'll check the stacks." The boy said before heading back to look at the back issues.

This exchange had piqued Courtney's interest. She knew who Damo and PJ were.

"What's the Mildly something something of you two?" She asked, pointing at Damian and Paige, still looking behind the counter.

"The Mildly Interesting Adventures of Damo & PJ" Damian corrected her

"Yes, that's the one." Courtney nodded "What is it?"

"It's nothing." Paige said quickly. She'd feared this. That book was like a massive compendium of all of her most embarrassing, drunken mishaps in graphic form. She'd carefully shielded Courtney from the store on the days it was out. She didn't mind anyone else knowing about it but Courtney, well, it was still a relatively new relationship.

Damian brightened a little at sensing her reluctance.

"Nothing? Why it's only one of our top selling books!" Damian actually put his drawing down "About the hilarious adventures of two crazily familiar people."

"What, it's a comic about the two of you?" Courtney laughed "Who draws it?"

"Why, I do, of course. But the dialogue comes unedited from the mouth of one Paige Jeffries." Damian was doing his best impression of an actually motivated retail employee "And it's won wide acclaim and been named best locally produced comic in last year's Best of the City poll."

"Can I see it?"

"No!" Paige exclaimed before calming down. "Didn't you hear him? No copies left. And we don't keep back issues."

"Well that's for our idiot customers, PJ!" Damian was clearly delighting in the prospect of embarrassing Paige. "I just so happen to keep the complete run, all 26 issues, just behind the counter for my own reference while drawing."

"Can I read those then?" Courtney was ignoring Paige's protestations.

"Can you?" Damian exclaimed happily as he reached below him and picked up a small box, "I'm not only giving them to you, I'm going to carry them out to your car so that you'll have something to read on your picnic."

Courtney clapped excitedly as she followed behind him out of the store.

"They're awful!" Paige called out after them, finding her phone and putting it in her pocket. But she could see it was too late to stop.

It was a short drive to the park and the two of them found a secluded, sunny hill with a picnic bench. It was so warm that both had taken off their jackets and, after Paige had served them the meal she'd made, they were lying on the warm grass on a blanket next to their picnic basket. Courtney was reading the stack of books Damian had given her and was, intermittently, bursting out laughing. Paige was doing her best to get Courtney's attention off of the books by tracing her fingers around the stitched crest that was in the middle of the maroon soccer jersey stretched invitingly over Courtney's firm, full breasts.

"What's HMFC?" Paige asked, still trying to distract Courtney from her reading.

"Mmm?" Courtney asked, smiling before realizing the question. "Oh, Heart of Midlothian Football Club."

That had not done the trick. Paige continued.

"What's the Heart of Midlothian?" Paige was now more or less just groping Courtney. That too was not doing much to distract her.

"Mmmm, stop." Courtney giggled "I think it was a jail."

"And they named a soccer team after it?" Paige was trying to start an old argument. Courtney ignored that too

"Yes. They named a football club after it." Courtney smiled "I never understood why but, still, Glorious, Glorious Hearts."

Paige sighed. Courtney broke out in laughter.

"So you actually woke Damian up at 4 in the morning, completely pissed, and made him drive you for two hours so you could eat a donut with bacon bits on it you'd seen on the cooking channel that was being sold in another state?"

"In fairness to me..."

"And then you two waited outside for 3 hours until the shop actually opened and made the first batch."

"I'd never had a bacon donut." Paige sighed. It had not been her most dignified of nights.

Courtney laughed again. Paige knew why. Paige had hated the bacon donut, taken a bite and thrown the entire dozen she'd bought out the car window as they drove back home.

"You're a complete and total loon, you know that?" Courtney said, putting down the book to kiss Paige on the cheek. "But I love you all the same."

"Mmm, enough book time." Paige said, yanking the book from Courtney's hand and tossing it on the ground.

"Careful, Damian lent that to me." Courtney whined.

"Don't worry." Paige said, kissing her harder. "He'll be printing a lot more to cover for the pay cut he's getting."

"Mmmm." Courtney kissed back "I like where this is going. Should we head home?"

"No time. Going to have to take you here." Paige smiled wickedly.

"Can't...." Courtney protested, albeit with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. "What if someone were to happen by?"

"Then I'll get arrested for indecent exposure." Paige said, pulling her shirt over her head, to reveal her large breasts "For the sixth time."

"Oh yes." Courtney giggled "That was issue #5, wasn't it?"

"No more comics." Paige was tugging off Courtney's jersey, the red-head's naked breasts bouncing free. Paige began kissing at Courtney's cheek, nipping at her earlobe, as her hands undid the clasp of her bra. Her own breasts bounced freely and she crushed them against Courtney's as they fell to the ground, grinding against each other. Courtney was delighted. This was exactly the kind of thing she'd never, ever have done in a million years if she hadn't met Paige. There was some small bit of her that was deeply, deeply thrilled by it. The spring air and sounds and smells still all around as the two passionately made out, rubbing against each other.

Paige's hands went up and under Courtney's skirt and began pulling down her panties. Courtney covered her mouth with her hand, embarrassed.

"God, I can't believe you're going down on me in public." Courtney moaned

"I'm not." Paige giggled as she began rubbing the wet, smooth lips of Courtney's pussy with one hand while reaching for the picnic basket with the other.

"God, what else do you have in there." Courtney moaned as she saw Paige root around inside, sight unseen, still rubbing and kissing her girlfriend.

"There's a reason I stole this particular pic-a-nic basket." Paige giggled as she retrieved the two things she'd wanted from the basket. It was a large strap-on dildo and a bottle of lube. Courtney just gasped. Courtney had never been fucked with a strap-on before. She'd never fucked a guy before.

"What is that?" Courtney sighed. It looked....nice. It was somewhat weird, dark black, with a flared head, and it was a very substantial size.

"This is what I'm going to fuck you with." Paige said as she quickly stepped out of her pants.

"Really?" Courtney smiled "I mean, you know I've never..."

"You trust me?" Paige stepped into the harness, not waiting for the answer.

"Of course." Courtney nodded looking at the odd thing bobbing from her girlfriend's waist "But it's pretty big."

"That's part of the fun. Now hold onto something tight and don't stop until the ride stops." Paige laughed as, again, she was on top of her girlfriend, kissing her and enjoying the sensation of their breasts pressing together, their nipples rubbing against each others. Courtney felt whatever apprehension she might have felt just drain from her as Paige's gifted hands kept rubbing at wet lips of her cunt and brushing lightly against her clit.

Paige popped the cap on the bottle of lube and squeezed out a healthy dollop onto the head of the cock. A similar amount was squeezed onto Courtney's sex. She was wet already but Paige wanted to make this as easy a passage as possible. Courtney groaned as she felt the cool liquid hit her and then be rubbed all around her. She was so close to cumming just from Paige's fingers that she didn't even think she needed the strap-on. She didn't need it, maybe, but she wanted it.

"Fuck me, baby." Courtney pleaded. Paige smiled. When Paige was growing up she'd always fantasized about a girl with a posh accent similar to the one that Courtney had. Pictured it belonging to a princess. It was still so unbelievably hot to hear that voice saying dirty things.

"Ask again." Paige teased, wanting to hear more.

"Put your cock in me, please." Courtney said, desperately meaning the words she'd never thought she'd say. That was enough for Paige. She positioned herself between Courtney's legs and, while kissing her deeply, thrust inside. Courtney groaned at the intrusion. It was big, thick. Courtney had, at various points, had four fingers inside her and she thought that was feeling stretched and stuffed. This was more than that. Thicker and longer. It was a delicious sensation. Paige worked slowly, surely, letting Courtney get used to the size and sensation. Courtney found herself getting used to it very, very quickly.

"How's that?" Paige asked gently

"Good." Courtney admitted with a moan "So, so good."

"Ready for more?"

Courtney didn't have the words. She just nodded. So Paige went a little deeper. Paige had done this enough to know how to get herself off while fucking with a strap-on but that was not her focus. She began thrusting slowly, gently, keeping her eyes on Courtney's enraptured face. Paige wanted to make sure every minute of it was pure pleasure for the woman she loved. Courtney gave no indication whatsoever that it wasn't the case and so Paige went a little harder, a little deeper.

"Yes baby, yes." Courtney moaned, looking up at Paige in amazement. Paige was making her feel just incredible. Fit to burst in more ways then one. Nobody had ever made Courtney feel the way Paige did. Paige kept at it, now thrusting hard enough that her large breasts were swaying heavily as she did. Courtney was thrusting back, her hands taking hold of Paige's swaying tits and squeezing them, lightly rolling the nipples between her finger and thumb as she wrapped her legs around Paige's waist.

"Fuck me, sweetness. Oh please, fuck me." Courtney kept pleading. Paige kept providing. Keeping a hard, steady pace. Courtney almost felt her eyes rolling back in her head as the thick, relentless thrusting kept bringing huge waves of pleasure wash through her, one after the other and each seemingly bigger and spreading out further. Courtney's hands went from Paige's breasts down to her round butt, squeezing tightly and pulling her deeper inside with every thrust. Paige kept rubbing her own clit against the nub of the harness as she thrust inside. Paige was close herself. It wasn't the greatest of sensations but combined with the visual of Courtney absolutely losing control, it would do.

Courtney felt herself completely lose control as that final wave formed, curling outward from deep inside her and making every inch of her body seize and grip and tighten as she screamed in orgasm. Her toes curling and her scream piercing the relative peaceful silence of the picnic area. The sight of Courtney cumming got Paige off as well, a smaller, but still very, very pleasant spasm of blissful release after her exertion.

"Fuck me sideways" Paige groaned as she stopped.

"Yes, we'll have to try that too at some point" Courtney finally managed to get out.

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