tagSci-Fi & FantasyValley of Water

Valley of Water


In the Stardust forest a women is lost, confused and without a memory. She was wearing a bracelet that's the only thing that is connected to her past.

Suddenly a man captures her and place her in a wagon cage with the rest of the prisoners.

"Where are we going?" She turns to another girl who is opposite to her.

"Were going to the Kingdom of Dart to be sold to our owners."

"We are to be slaves?" She asked horrified.

"Yes. I'm Bea a village girl of Vile they bought me from my family. I heard you are an escapee from that village but I don't remember you face."

"I don't know I don't remember who I am."

"What shall I call you then? You shall pick your own name so that your master will not have to name you."

"I think my name is Elora. I don't know where I've heard it before but it is familiar to me."

All of a sudden the carriage had arrived to a crowded market full of people gathering and there was a stage where people that were chained by hands and legs were sent in the front and people were betting.

"One hundred. Sold to the man with a red Scarf."

When it was there turn she was standing in front until a female dress well came to the stage in front of her and then the man handed the lady Elora's chain.

"You just ran off without your memory. Its a good thing you were found by men that recognized you."

"I'm Philia. And you are Elora?"

"I'm called Elora I knew it sounded familiar. Did you buy me as your slave?" She answered as she was release from her chains and lead to the carriage to sit across her.

"No. I'm more like your ladies maid. Don't you not recognize me. Its a good thing the people in the slave market recognize you and call upon me to get you."

"No madam I don't."

"I suppose that wont matter now you are back."

"What do you mean back where?" She asked as she was handed a purse.

"You were gone for 2 years. You will soon know the rest. But right now you shall be cleaned and be dress well."


In a really nice castle she was sent to her quarters and bathe well with good scented water to soak and be clean.

"Where am I?" She asked the ladies maids who was helping her dress.

"My lady we can't say."

"Do you know me? Have I been here before?" She looked at her silver bracelet.

"We can not say my lady." They finished brushing her hair and perfumed her. And she saw herself in the mirror dress with a silky golden robe without anything else but her silver bracelet and a rope that tied up to her waist.

"Is this how a slave look." The ladies maid laughed and it was all she got out of them.

Later on she was sent to a very large room and was greeted by a strange creature. A figure of a man but a giant beast.

"Who are you?" Strangely she seemed familiar like she has seen a lot of strange creatures before so it wasn't startling.

"Elora its really you. I miss you." He wanted to go run and hug her but she back away before he could approach.

"So it is true you have lost your memory and don't remember me. I'm called Kran."

"Why do you look like that?" She said as she step forward to him again when he turned away from her and looked to a mirror.

"I'm a Wolfen and when the moon turns red I'm force to shape shift to this figure."

"Am I like you do I shape shift your kinds seemed to be familiar."

"No. Unlike me you don't posses this curse. You have other mysteries though. And yes my kind are familiar to you."

He looks at the window and suddenly the moon had turn to its normal color and he transforms into a human form and turned to her.

Suddenly she was amaze at the handsome man in front of her and quite conscious at the clothes she's wearing.

"I miss you Elora. Your kiss. Your touch. 2 years you've been gone. I thought I'll never find you." He said and walked towards her again. "I've been waiting for you." He walked closer to her. "This is my real form. But I can shape shift anytime I want and freely."

He hugs her and as she release her she tries to cross her hands towards her chest for she knew the cloth were almost transparent.

"What do you want?"

He holds out a hand to her hair and he uncovers her bare shoulder.

"You." He says as he caress her shoulders and arms. Shock at the skin to skin contact he made she step backwards and tries to escape from him.

But he caught her by the waist and stopped her from walking farther. "What do you want from me?" She reacted from his further advantage.

"You should remember at least my touch." He steps closer to her but she extends her hands to his shoulder only making her vulnerable.

He sees an opportunity to slide the sleeves off her dress exposing her breast.

"I must remind you then."

Quickly she tries to cover herself but he holds her wrist down and slides the rest of her dress to the floor.

"Please don't." She said as she looked away and he caress her breast from the back of his hands without hesitation.

"Your skin is so soft as I remember." He cups her breast and pinch her nipples.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked as she shivers from his fondling.

"Because you are beautiful." He continues to fondle her breast and take her nipples to his lips to suckle on it.

"Did we often do this?" She wondered as his touch and his lips grew to her liking.

"Yes we did a lot of playing, touching and such.. But never more than foolish games. And often as you might think."

Her legs starts to tremble and she holds out to his shoulder for support.

"Hmm.." Her pleasure was suddenly release from her.

"Did you like that?" He takes her chin and look deep to her eyes.

"No." She answered to quickly and he answered it with a kiss.

His tongue tasted her mouth to eagerly that she forgets to breath and almost lost her balance. Though he carried her to the bed she felt like she was floating from his arms.

He placed her at the center of the bed devouring her with his eyes.

"Amazing just as I remember." He kneels to her side. "Open your legs I want to see all of you again." He demanded but she didn't listen.

"Shall I open it for you?" He asked but didn't wait for the answer. She tries to cover herself but was unsuccessful. Kran then knelt in front of her legs although she tries to push him away she had no strength to resist.

He caresses her legs until his hands found her soft inner thighs.

"Please don't" She tries to close her legs and hide cover her face.

"But I shall my lady. You use to like touching you between your legs. But now I shall do more like you always wanted." He opens her legs further to view her most intimate place. "Even your pussy looks and smell amazing."

He puts a finger in her. "I see you are excited by all this." He extends his tongue to her bud. "You taste soo good Elora."

"What do you mean I always wanted this to happen?" She asked curiously and hoping to distract him from continuing.

"Yes. You always beg for more when were at it." Kran playfully massage her things and proceeded in tasting her pussy.

"But I never do. But when you disappear I regretted that I never made you mine and vowed that as soon as I see you I will not waste that time." With that Kran lubricated his finger from her juices and he enter her pussy slowly.

"What are you doing?" Alarmed she tries to twist and turn away from his invading fingers."

He didn't answer but continue to invade her pussy. Fingering her until her pussy was pulsating steadily and rhythms with his strokes.

"Two years and you're still a virgin. I'm so happy. And you seemed to be liking my fingers in you my lady. Just as always when I stroke your wanton pussy."

His tongue then follows and tasting her flowing nectar as it overflows from her beating hungry pussy. And he inserts his fingers farther and deeper, in and out until she shivers slowly and he open his trousers and takes out his rod to feel her pulsating wet organ.

He massage his thickness across her soft witness and stroking while lubricating the hot throbbing rod."I must have you Elora." He cried out.

He couldn't wait to dip his manhood deep in her pussy and he regretted the teasing sucking noise of her pussy while the head of his penis teases the outside of her tight hole.

He pictures himself inside of her and breaking her in until he could not wait for his hot rod to enter her.

He covers her weight by his figure and sucked on her nipples hard, pinching and munching on her breast until it swells up he guided his penis inside of her walls and enters her slowly.

"Oh. oh." She yells out. And he kisses her lips as he finished trusting his manhood completely with a quick solid trust to let her take all of him.

"Your magnificent." He says as he devours her and passionately sucked on her tongue and then finding her nipples and munching each one until it looks peach red.

She moans even more as her body shake from unfamiliar sensation and the desire for more.

"You are mine." He says without thinking as he proceeded with entering her deeply while on top of her. He stared at her and she closes her eyes fearing of the man making her feel strangely.

He decided to proceed with the motion gently as he could. Kran found her soft lips and she offers her mouth without hesitation which startled him all of a sudden.

Soon each stroke built up more desire and she was becoming more wanton. Her fluid gushing from her and he felt it lubricating his rod.

Her moans became harder and her thighs gripping to his hips eagerly arching upward to meet each of his stroke.

"Hmm.. Oh.. Please. Oh Kran. ohh."

She grips her hands to his shoulder and stroked his Chest and he forgot he had just taken her virginity. Even more as ..

She opened her eyes when he withdrew from her and she stares at him wildy almost like a dare or invitation. He could not resist the invitation she had offered and cant help but ravish her. He enters her hard and sent more shivers and electricity to her organs.

Her eyes sent an invitation to urge to fuck her even harder.

"Do you want this?" He stopped for a moment to ask and place a hand between her things to her wetness and she eagerly follows his fingers stroking her. "Your so wet and eager. Do you want more?" He joked.

She answered by gripping her ankle to his back demanding and arching her hips even more eagerly. He found her nipples again and sucked on it as he enters her in and out.

Swiftly Kran flips her to her side and he enters his hot throbbing rod to her soft moist entrance and rocks himself sideways from behind going much deeper into her and grips her breast savagely.

Her pussy sucking his hot rod, tightly gripping each stroke and attempting to stroke his organ dry until he could no longer stop himself from leaking. And slowly offering his own liquid to her.

He found himself biting her shoulders and sucking her nape and push himself with one deep final stroke to empty himself inside of her.

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