tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVal's Agreement

Val's Agreement

byBig Darrell©

My name is Dennis Calvin, and the story I am about to tell is true. This is the story of the best summer of my life. I've never told anyone before. I am 19 years old now, but the story began last year when I turned 18. My birthday had been celebrated in late May, and shortly after that Val arrived for the summer. She was the daughter of my mother's best friend from college. She was also 18 and wanted to spend the summer in California before going off to college. Her parents wouldn't allow her to go alone but said ok when mom and dad offered to look after her for the summer. We had a back yard pool and the ocean was only 10 minutes away so it seemed like the perfect answer.

I hadn't seen Valerie since we were 13. Growing up, we had been pretty good friends. We would always hang out together at family get-togethers. One week each summer our families shared a rental house down at the New Jersey Shore. We would spend hours talking and body surfing. She was the first girl I had a crush on. Then my father got a big promotion and we were off to California.

Living a continent apart, we hadn’t seen each other in five years. When she arrived in early June, I noticed that things had changed dramatically. She had grown up completely. She had changed from a gangly, awkward teenager into a beautiful woman with a terrific body to match. She made some new girlfriends quickly and didn't have much time for me. As for myself, I couldn't care less, but it was nice to have a gorgeous 18-year-old around for eye candy. She wore a yellow bikini most of the time, and seemed to enjoy the effect it had on me. Her girlfriends were great looking also and liked to spend time sunbathing around the pool all day. This was ok by me and I spent many afternoons in my room with my binoculars. I had a tremendous close up view of the incredible bodies only 10 feet below my window.

That summer I was working part time at the auto body shop owned by my friend Danny's father. I had always hung out there and had become pretty good at the work so I was given a summer job to earn some money to buy a car. I had always been interested in cars. My dad was into them too and in fact, was the proud owner of a super-cherry, 1972 Mustang Fastback. He rarely took the car out of the garage, only venturing out on some Saturdays when the weather was perfect. He spent a lot of time working on it and waxing it.

It was truly his second love, and he treated it like gold. No one else was allowed to drive his baby, not even Mom. The second weekend in June, my parents decided to go to a car show in northern California for the weekend. They didn't take the Mustang because there was a chance of rain and hail, and dad wouldn't risk damaging the car. I couldn't go cause I had to work and Valerie didn't want to go so they left us to keep an eye on the house.

My parents left on Friday afternoon after work and things were going smoothly until I got home from working that night. I found Val in tears on the sofa. I started to ignore her but she sounded so sad and miserable, I went and sat next to her

"What's wrong," I asked, but she was crying too hard to be understood. I put my arm around her and held her until she settled down a little, and then she started to explain.

"I'm dead," she said. "I really screwed up this time. I'm dead for sure." I told her nothing could be that bad, but she just kept saying that she was in big trouble.

"Tell me," I said, and instead of saying anything she took my hand and led me out to the garage and opened the door.

The light was dim in the garage, but I could tell immediately that the Mustang didn't look right. Then I noticed the scratch that ran along the rear quarter panel.

"Oh my god, what happened," I whispered. Valerie explained that she had taken the car only to drive her friends to McDonald's and back and that she thought no one would ever know. She had parked too close to a metal post and when she pulled out she heard the sound of metal on metal.

"Valerie, you're right, you are dead," I said.

At this she started to cry again and ran into the house and up to her room. On taking a closer look, I noticed that the damage was not as bad as I originally thought. The scratch was mostly paint from the post and not really too deep. I called my buddy Dan to come have a look.

"It's not that bad really," he said, and went on to say that we could fix it as good as new with a little body putty, paint and wax. We still had some of the paint at the shop from when Danny's father had painted the Mustang last year.

“Bring it in tomorrow and we can have it as right as rain in four hours or so," he suggested.

"You're lucky," said Danny, "Your dad would kill you if he knew you even drove his car, let alone damaged it." I didn't tell him it wasn't me, and we agreed I'd bring the car in the morning, since his dad didn't work on Saturday, and we'd fix it up real fine. Just like new he said. After Dan left, I went up and knocked on Valerie's door to tell her the good news. When she didn't answer, I opened her door to see if she was ok and heard the sound of the shower and of Valerie crying.

Quietly crossing the room, I looked into the bathroom and saw Val crying loudly and hugging herself in the shower. I had never seen her naked, and the sight was captivating. Her bikini showed a lot but this was 10 times better. Her breasts were perfectly formed and her nipples were like hard little erasers. My eyes were immediately drawn to her tight belly and below that a perfectly trimmed small patch of sandy blonde hair guarding the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

It was also the first real one I had ever seen, but it put to shame all the ones I had seen in my collection of magazines. My hand started to caress my engorged cock as I watched her lather up and rinse off, still crying. As she turned off the water, I snuck back out the door and closed it behind me. Back in my room I lay down on my bed and fantasized about Val's body and how bad I wanted to have her. As I neared my climax, the beginning of an idea began to form in my mind and I had a tremendous orgasm that shot 2 feet into the air.

The next morning, Val was sitting at the kitchen table and she looked terrible. She had obviously cried herself to sleep and hadn’t slept very well. She was truly distraught and scared. Just perfect, I thought.

"Let's talk about the car," I said. "Danny came over and we had a look at it. There appears to be about 400 dollars worth of damage, and that's only if we can find a replacement fender in time." At that, the slightest glimmer of hope appeared in Val's eyes. She jumped up and threw herself into my arms.

"Dennis, do you really think you could do that? You would be truly saving my life."

I pretended to think it over for several minutes.

"Tell you what, I'll do my best. No promises of course. That's a lot of damage to repair. Do you have any money?" She hesitated for only a moment before saying yes. She had a few hundred dollars for college saved up that her parents didn't know about, and she had it with her. She went on to say that she would do anything she had to do to get out of this mess. Those were the words I was waiting to hear.

"Tell you what," I said, "If I can make this right, you can be my slave for the rest of the summer. Make my bed, do my chores, anything I ask, ok?" Valerie never hesitated.

"It's a deal, thank you so much for helping me, Dennis." With that she jumped into my arms again and kissed me all over my face. As I walked out to the garage, I couldn't help thinking that this could be the best summer of my life. And it was.

Val had given me 300 dollars in cash before I left and that felt great in my pocket. Two bulges are better than one, I figured. Once at the shop we finished up all the regular work by 10 am and I pulled the Mustang in once everyone was gone except Danny and I. It took no money and only about 2 hours of work since the putty, paint, and equipment was already there. In due time we stood there and were amazed at how well it had turned out. We left it in the shop to dry, and I got home about 3 PM. Val was waiting for me with a very concerned look on her face when I walked in.

"Well," she said, "what's the verdict? Should I start making out my will?"

I gave her a look that said not so fast.

"We got the new fender and put it on and we'll finish it tonight. These old parts are expensive and very hard to find." The look of relief on her face was very obvious and she started to cry again.

"I don't know how I can ever thank you two for this, you are absolutely saving my life." I suggested we sit down and discuss it.

"Remember what we talked about this morning?” I asked.

“About being your slave for the summer? Yes I remember."

“Good. I decided the best way to do this is to make a contract. Nothing fancy, just a paper laying out the terms of the deal, ok?” Valerie agreed hesitantly, so I pulled out a piece of paper that I had prepared earlier. She began to read it as I let my eyes explore her lovely legs in the short pants she was wearing. This is what the contract said:




"Sounds pretty strict, but ok, where do I sign?" We both signed the paper and I put it back in my pocket. My first request was easy.

"How about some lunch, I'm starved and then I have to go back to working on the car." She just smiled and headed for the kitchen, seeming to accept the new arrangement easily.

"Coming right up, master," she laughed. I decided to let her ease into her new role for a while before my demands got extreme. I had the mustang back in the garage by noon the next day. When my parents got home at 6pm the first thing my dad did after unloading the station wagon was to check out his baby. Valerie and I held our breath, half expecting to hear screaming coming from the garage. None came, and then dad came back in showing no signs of anything wrong. Val and I passed a look of relief between us and I patted the pocket containing the agreement.

“I love you” she mouthed. She gave me a big smile and headed up to her room; giddy with the release of tension she had been feeling.

“You have no idea,” I thought. “Wait till tomorrow." The next day my parents were back at work and I decided to come home for lunch at noon. When I came in Val was out by the pool alone so I headed out there.

"Hi, Den, can I make you something for lunch?" I said ok and followed her into the kitchen. Watching her making a sandwich dressed only in her yellow bikini, I was soon very erect. We went into the living room and I started to eat.

"Hey I have an idea. How about practicing your Yoga for me while I eat?" Valerie looked at me with a confused look on her face and then the implications of my request sank in.

"Wait a minute. There's nothing in our agreement about that.

“Take a look and see," she said defiantly. At that, I pulled out the paper and began to read it aloud.

"It says," I replied, "anything I request without complaint and with enthusiasm." Just then her hand shot out and ripped the paper from my hand. Running into the dining room, she began ripping the contract into little pieces and laughing hysterically. She threw the shredded paper into a wastebasket triumphantly.

"I wondered how long it would take for you to ask for something sick like that. Well, no dice, bucko, no more contract, no more slave."

She seemed so smug and superior about what she had done that I got kind of mad.

"Only one problem, Val, you forgot about this one," I said, reaching in another pocket and pulling another copy of the contract. "And there are several more copies hidden around here. I thought you might pull a stunt like that." This totally deflated her and she sat down and began to cry softly.

"Don't be upset, you know I'd never hurt you. But you did sign the contract and you do owe me big time for fixing the car," I reasoned. "And don't forget about the hundred bucks you didn't have." She was now completely defeated and seemed to resign herself to her fate.

"All right, what do you want," she asked.

"First of all," I answered, "from now on when we are here alone I want you to be naked." She flinched at this but didn't move. "Why don't we start now," I suggested. Valerie stood slowly and reached around to undo her bikini top.

"You are a sick little prick, Dennis," she said quietly as her incredible breasts came into view. All the sunbathing had done a wonderful job. Her milky white breasts contrasted with her tanned skin and the effect was dizzying. Her nipples were hard and pink and I wanted to touch them but I didn't want to freak her out too soon.

I had her walk around the room for a while and enjoyed the way they swayed and moved. She asked me if she could keep the bottoms on, and I decided to be a nice guy and said ok.

"I'm going back to work now," I told her, "but remember I want to see those beauties whenever we're alone." She seemed relieved and as I headed for the door she hurriedly retrieved her top and put it back on.

I walked over and gave her a hug. "I will never hurt you Val, Ok?"

“I know you won’t. You’ve always been nice to me,” she said. Then she kissed my cheek. With that I closed the door and walked down the walk, trying clumsily to rearrange the jam-up in my pants.

The rest of the day my head was spinning with all the possible things I wanted to do with Valerie. A few hours after dinner that night, I was very ready.

"I'm hungry again. Val, would you consider driving me to McDonalds?” Val looked at me and then at mom and dad.

"All right, I could go for some fries." As we walked out of the room, I whispered in her ear. "Go upstairs and take off your bra. Put on a T-shirt and cut-offs with no panties." She looked at me with dread and I just patted the pocket with the agreement and she lowered her eyes and started up the stairs. As we turned off our street I laid out my instructions.

"Head for the interstate. You just drive, I'm gonna do some exploring." She didn't say anything and just looked straight out the windshield. I slid over next to her and put an arm around her shoulder. With my right hand I lightly touched her breast through the T-shirt and she jumped.

"Relax," I said as I massaged first one then the other.

"Has anyone ever done this to you before?” I asked.

"Yes," she said in a quiet, breathy voice. I then slid my hand under her T-shirt, making her jump a little.

"Has anyone ever felt you up under your bra before?" Again she said yes. Her breasts felt like silk to my touch. So soft, softer than anything I had ever felt. As I felt and lightly pinched her nipples, I could feel them hardening in my fingers.

"Damn," I breathed. They feel so good. As I continued working her nipples gently, I thought I heard a little moan escape her lips. Taking this as a good sign, I changed my position until I was lying on the front seat facing the seat back. I slowly lifted her T-shirt up to expose her breasts and put my mouth on the closest one. The feeling of her nipple on my tongue was so exciting I though I would mess my pants right then.

"Valerie you are so beautiful," I said between licks at the hard button, "your breasts are incredible." Looking up at her face, I saw that her eyes were sort of glazed over and her knuckles were white from squeezing the steering wheel. I began to stroke her long tanned legs while working on her nipple, and as my hand approached her now warm and musky crotch she shifted her weight and spread her legs a little. I worked a finger inside the leg of her cut-offs and was rewarded with a feel of her dripping slit.

"You like this don't you, has anyone done this to you before," I asked.

"Yes damn it, but I can't drive this way, you are gonna make me wrap this car around a telephone pole," she said.

I instructed Valerie to pull into the rest area that we were approaching and we parked in the far end of the lot. There were only a handful of cars and they were parked close to the bathrooms. There were no cars around us so I decided to get a little bolder.

"Let's get in the back seat. There's more room." Once in back, I added "Could you take your clothes off, I want to see you naked. You are so beautiful." She did as I asked and then looked at me to see what was next. In the dim light of the parking lot I just stared at her beautiful body. This was the first naked woman I'd seen and it was an awesome sight. Her pussy had a light dusting of silky blond pubic hairs, and I could smell the sweet aroma of her dampness.

"Now kiss me," I said. She seemed ready for this command and put her mouth on mine. I couldn't believe how soft her lips felt, and then her tongue was in my mouth, exploring and trying to pull my tongue into her mouth. I slipped it between her lips and she started to suck on it, gently at first and then harder as she surrendered to her passion. I felt like I was in a dream. Here I was in my mom's station wagon with this beautiful, naked 18-year-old, sucking my tongue and moaning. My cock was so engorged it was beginning to be painful. As if reading my mind, Valerie began rubbing my hard cock through my jeans. It felt great but I knew it would only get better.

"Go ahead and take it out," I said. The relief of being unconstrained was tremendous, and my cock swelled even more. It seemed to be bigger and harder than I had ever seen it. As she began to gently caress it, she lifted my shirt up with her other hand and began licking and sucking my nipples.

I had never heard of this but it felt real good so I didn't stop her. After a few minutes of this, I couldn't wait any longer and suggested that she suck my cock. After a slight hesitation she started to lick and suck the head into her mouth. The feeling of my blood-engorged penis in her soft warm mouth was like heaven.

"Aaaahhh, that's it," I moaned, "it feels better than I ever imagined." She seemed like she didn't know what to do next, and since it was my first blow job I wasn't sure either, so I told her to take as much into her mouth as she could and then slide it almost out and then back in again.

She soon had a good rhythm going and I knew I couldn't last long and sure enough I didn't. I could feel my orgasm coming.

"Please don't cum in my mouth, Dennis, I've never done this before," she begged. I figured that there was a whole summer ahead to train her so I pulled out my handkerchief and asked her to suck my balls while I came. She did as asked and soon I filled the hanky with my hot love juice. I must have pumped out a gallon of spunk and it felt so good I couldn't believe it.

"Did I do ok for my first blowjob?" she asked. I told her it was the best feeling I had ever had.

"Would you please do the same thing for me, my pussy is on fire." I just smiled and kissed her.

"Ok, but I've never done that, you'll have to show me what feels good."

"No problem," she said, "This is something I have had done to me. I'll teach you to eat pussy like a champ." She laid back and put one leg up on the back of the seat, exposing her complete pussy to me for the first time. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her lips were swollen with desire and as I approached it with my face, she lowered her fingers and spread it open even further.

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