tagGay MaleVal's Badminton Ch. 05

Val's Badminton Ch. 05


"In case you hadn't guessed, Gee and I have a very open marriage, don't we love?" smiled Val, my badminton tutor, putting her hand under her husband's chin. "And my gym is where we can let off steam in a very healthy way! Now I'll just go and have a quick shower, so why don't you show Andrew all this equipment? And Gee - you've still got your gown on! Cardies only please! - we can't have the host disobeying the rules now can we?"

"But I've got my cardy on under the robe, Val," he said, undoing the belt and slipping off the robe as he moved away towards the wardrobe.

He was wearing a thin black cardigan - it must have been one of Val's - buttoned up to the neck, with tight pale grey underpants, clinging to his bottom as he walked away. Then he turned round to face us, calmly smoothing down his cardigan and putting his hands on his hips. I was still sitting naked on the floor, and couldn't help notice the sizeable bulge at the front of his underpants as he stood there in front of us.

I didn't mean to stare, but you could easily make out the shape of his cock through the clingy tight fabric of his underpants, which seemed to be lying semi-erect to his left. I couldn't help wonder if he'd been listening as his wife had been having sex with me - and that's why his cock was now getting stiff. Then I had another though about Val's rules, and suddenly felt very uneasy.

Val had moved to the door now, but looked back at him with a frown.

"Er, Gee - aren't you forgetting something? You've still got your undies on!" said Val, opening the door. "Now strip off those underpants and show Andrew around the equipment. I've given him a good initiation but still needs to know what all the gym equipment is for, so why don't you show him around a little while I shower? I won't be long but I just need to freshen up after all the spunk Andrew left inside me!"

And with that she was gone and the door clicked shut. Suddenly I was acutely aware of the two of us alone in the room, me naked, and sitting up to hide myself a little, but Gee moving over towards me, black cardigan and grey underpants still on, and that bulge getting bigger at the front.

"I hope you enjoyed your warm-up," he said, pulling his underpants up slightly at each hip. They were a plain light grey, very smooth stretchy cotton, cut away so that at the hips it was just a broad elastic waistband, with a neat thin black stripe. It was as if he liked showing off his pouch in front of me.

"Val's very good with her exercises, isn't she?" he asked, looking down at me sitting on the floor, as he started to unbutton his cardigan from the top.

I wasn't used to seeing a near-naked man this close, especially undressing in front of me, but felt I had to say something as I wiped the last of my cum from my cock, knowing it had been inside his wife so recently.

"Yes, she's certainly very athletic and must be very fit."

"Oh she certainly is that - I can't keep up with her, that's for sure." said Gee, now standing with his cardigan open just in front of me. "Well up you get - and put those dirty tissues in the bin over there." He pointed to the corner of the room.

I rolled over, still half hiding myself, till I realised he could see me from all angles in the mirrors anyway. It felt so bizarre and wrong as I stood up, naked in the room with Geoff wearing just his wife's open cardigan and his own bulging underpants.

I put the tissues in the bin, pretending it was just an ordinary thing to do, and as I turned round I saw he was pulling his underpants down, then dropping them to the floor. He bent to pick them up, then grinned and moved towards me holding his pants, to put them in the wardrobe. I didn't mean to stare at his cock, but it was just there, hanging down, half erect and uncircumcised, bouncing with each stride as he walked. I noticed he also had a little necklet around his neck.

"You needn't worry about staring at my cock - you'll have plenty to see here in the Gym when we all get going!" he smiled. Gee was quite close to me now - only a couple of feet in front of me.

"Here, let me see you a bit closer - it looks like you've got a good length there!" he said, and just reached forward and put his fingers under my now sagging cock, squeezing me gently and pulled me slightly towards him.

It felt just so outrageous when his finger first touched me, and my cock twitched involuntarily with pleasure at the awful sensation.

"Yes, that's a very good one for a youngster - nice and strong too!" he said, staring at my cock now held in his hand. "I bet Val enjoyed having this up inside her."

I felt so outraged and embarrassed I didn't know what to do. Almost as a reflex I just reached back at his cock, and held it too. It was so thick at the base, and warm, but not that long - at least not until I touched it. He looked me in the eye, still holding and squeezing my cock which was now growing by the second in his hand.

"So you like this do you, Andrew?" he asked, and he pushed my cock downwards, somehow forcing it erect against my wishes. "You like me feeling you cock?"

I felt my mouth growing dry and couldn't think what to say, but I could feel his cock getting bigger in my hand as I held it, so without thinking I squeezed his too. It really grew as I gripped him. Now the end was beginning to peek out, as I watched it, and I swallowed hard at this amazing sensations as we held each other's cocks in Val's Olympic Gym. To my dismay my cock was now fully hard again despite the aching from cumming inside Val only a few minutes before.

"It looks like you'll like a bit of men's play as well, then, won't you?" Geoff smiled at me. "I can see you'll need some lessons with the boys! Let me show you how the big gym machine works and you can see if you like the way it exercises you."

So we simultaneously let go each others cocks and I followed him over to the machine in the centre of the room, watching in the mirror as he eased his own cock erect and pumped his chest out.

He held one of the machine's metal supports, then turned to face me, gesturing his hand down on the red bench.

"You need to lie on the bench with your head this end, in between these supports," he ordered, "bottom this end, with legs wide apart on the floor."

He was now in command, like I'd never seen him before, with his chest puffed out, tummy held in, and cock still firmly standing out. Normally Val was in charge, and quite often was shouting at Geoff during badminton games as he got in her way or missed a shot. Now it seemed with her away Geoff could be in command. And I was standing naked in front of him.

Fortunately, my cock had gone down a bit, and as I struggled into position on the cold plastic of the bench, it went down even more. But is was still such an amazing sensation, to be stark naked on an exercise machine, with another man old enough to be my father standing beside me. Not just any other man, but the husband of the woman you'd just cum inside. And apart from wearing one of her cardigans, he was naked too.

"Right, this is a good arm pumping exercise," he said, "So you grab these rings and pull your arms down, then the weight comes up through this pulley."

Geoff was standing just beside me now, his cock right in front of me, and his cardigan wide apart.

"OK, one, two, three" he began, so I pulled the weights down, then relaxed and let them fall slowly back down. I was just so aware of my nakedness as I pulled the weights up again.

"I'll just check your belly muscles when you pull." he said, and I felt his hands press into my stomach, then reach downward over my belly and press again.

"No, you need to be gripping harder, to get those arms and stomach all firmed up. Try some more!" he ordered.

So I did another pull, and felt his hands pushing at my stomach again, then I half closed my eyes as I didn't want to watch as he carried on his sensual massage of my belly. Despite concentrating and willing it down, I could feel my cock growing hard again as I lowered the weights and lay back. Then my cock must have twitched in front of him, as suddenly I felt his hand grab me. I gasped in shock and arousal.

"No don't stop," he said, "I'll just have a stroke down here in time with your arms, to see if we can get your belly muscles working. Up with those weights again!"

And with that as I pulled up the weights so Gee's hands started working up and down my cock, with one hand holding the base firm and now the other firmly getting into a tossing rhythm as he began to wank me off. It was just so wrong but so arousing too.

"That's better!" he said, "Nice and firm, getting strong, keep those arms going Andrew and we'll be there in no time!"

I knew it wasn't right, but it just felt so arousing and so awful at the same time, with his girly cardigan softly flapping against my body and his fingers wrapped around my cock. Despite my anguish I could feel my cum rising as he continued to wank me off, with my cock aching as I'd only just come inside his wife. Without meaning to or wanting to I was moving my hips now, and my whole body was starting to writhe as his tossing was just so firm and vigorous.

"Come on then, son, one last effort and we'll be there, come on strong for me now!"

He was now wanking me fast, just the way I did myself, and I could feel my cum rising despite my earlier action. Maybe if I half shut my eyes I could pretend it was Val there, with her cardy and her fingers, and so it would be OK to let those wonderful feelings happen, and to cum again.

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer as his tossing was just so powerful, and as I felt my cum right at the end of my cock and ready to spurt out all over me.

"Come on now, let's see that spunk of yours!" urged Geoff, slipping one hand lower between my legs.

I don't know how he knew my pleasure points, but he just slipped one hand between my legs, holding my cheeks apart as his finger tickled my anus. It was just such an arousing sensation, that I let out a long moaning cry and felt my cum just at the point of bursting out. There could be no stopping now, so with another louder moan I just felt my cum spurt out all over my belly. I kept on thrusting as he kept on wanking me, slowing down his movements gently as he felt my cock begin to subside.

As I lay there panting, head spinning, there was a slight movement at the door, and I realised that Val had been watching - at least the last few moments. Whatever was happening now?

"Well Gee, you don't seem to have wasted much time on getting to know Andrew, now do you?" It was is if she was telling off an unruly child.

"I only left you for a minute," she continued, "to show him round the equipment, and you've wanked him off already! I can't leave you alone with a boy, now can I? You always just want to play with them and give him a good wanking, don't you?"

"Well, but Val," replied Geoff, "He has got such a nice cock, and he's such a fit young man, I thought he'd quite like a bit of boy play - and judging by the cum all over his belly, I think he liked it!"

"Gee, I think you are forgetting who is in charge. And you two both owe me some pleasuring of my own, don't you? Now just wipe him up, and Andrew - up you get so I can have a nice lie-down!"

Geoff had stood up, letting my cock back down onto my belly, and he leaned forward to wipe up my spunk up with the sleeve of his cardigan, wiping his two sleeves together as the silvery slime showed off against the black wool. He was still nerly fully erect, I noticed, as I leaned forwards. Then Val spoke again:

"Right, well for you Andrew it's cardie time - and I've put you a special pink one in the wardrobe, so now you can put it on, and here, take my robe over too as I'm going to exercise now so won't be needing it for a while.

As Val stripped off the robe, leaving herself completely naked, I couldn't help admiring her full breasts and taught muscled body. God I wanted to fuck her again, even if my cock was fast asleep now. She handed me the robe and walked purposefully over to the bench where I'd been, before laying full length down on her back, her breasts sagging sideways in a beautiful wobbling motion.

"Well at least you've left the bench nice and warm for me, Andrew," she smiled.

I put her robe on a hook on the door, then saw the pink cardigan she'd told me to wear. It was a bright pink, round necked woollen cardigan, and felt so soft as I touched it. I wondered if Val had worn it recently - then had an awful thought as I wondered if Geoff had too. I pulled it off the shelf, holding it up to see where the sleeves were and to delay the embarrassment of wearing a lady's cardigan. Then I heard Val's voice ordering me:

"Come on Andrew, we can both see you very well, you know - so just pull it on and button it up, there's a good boy!"

Feeling very strange, I slid my right arm in the tight wool. It felt so gorgeously soft and so arousing - if only I hadn't just come twice. Then I pulled the left sleeve on, turning round to face them both, embarrassed beyond belief - not just at what I was wearing, which I could see in all the mirrors, but by what had just happened: my first sex with Val and then wanked off by Geoff.

I did up the buttons as fast as my shaking fingers allowed, seeing myself look like some kind of ridiculous girl, with a deflating cock clear for all to see. Soon I was buttoned up form neck to the welt, which fitted below my waist but left my cock and balls clearly on view.

Val was leaning over to face me, her lower breast sagging delightfully. "Oh yes Gee, doesn't he look gorgeous!" she joked, "And so sweet now that we've both had him. Come on Andrew, you girly boy, come over here to help me now. And Gee, come a bit closer, I can't get hold of your prick from there."

Val was gripping on to the weights with both hands, as Geoff - cardigan hanging loose - approached between her wide open legs, and I moved towards the two of them...

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