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Value Of Non-Virgin For Wife


I picked up my boxes after a long wait. The flights to Chennai from Dubai are always crowded with returnees bringing goods for distribution to friends and relatives in over sized boxes packed to bursting point. I wheeled the trolley out looking for my brother in the crowd that was lining five deep all along the 100 metres fenced off path. He waved. It was a very special home coming for me.

I had been away for three years during which period my brother got married and had a baby. I was excited to see the baby, the first in our family after me, twenty two years before, and Anni too about whom I have been receiving glowing reports even from my hard-to-please mother. (Incidentally her name is not Anni. In Indian culture it is disrespectful to call elders by name. Elder brother's wife is Anni. Anni will call her husband Athan, which means uncle's son even though in this case she was not related to us before marriage.)

Father and mother were at the gate to receive me but not Anni. She was standing at the door. She smiled as she greeted me with folded hands. She was pretty. She led me to the cradle and removed the thin sheet that covered the little fellow. He was sleeping with head turned to one side. He was lovely.

"Carry him," said Anni.

"He may wake up," I said.

"What if; I can put him back to sleep." I hesitated for I have never carried a baby.

Anni held him up and I placed my hands over her hands. My hands were only partly over hers so that I could feel the baby's back. Of the two Anni's hands were the softer.

I was on two months leave. I settled down quickly. My brother was in handloom textile business. He was often out on tours to weaver's colonies in all parts of the country. My father, a retiree from government service, and my mother spent their spare hours attended religious discourses, and whenever possible both went on short pilgrimages to temples all over southern India. Thus I was often alone with Anni. I made myself useful. I soon became very friendly with little Bommu and was able to take care of the baby whenever Anni had other work to do.

One day mother and father were away, and brother was on tour. Anni was suckling Bommu. She always covered herself with her pallav of her sari while she suckled but today her pallav was awry. There was no way I could prevent my eyes from darting to her bare breast. Anni could not but have noted this.

"Mother says that Bommu suckles the way you used to do," she said. "He munches. Athan did not it seems." She then exposed the breast totally to show me how the baby fed. "Come closer to have a better look." I was trembling with excitement. I was ashamed that I should be having an erection that was at bursting point. I moved from the chair I was on to her sofa.

"Come to this side," she said. I squeezed in the space on the other side. Our arms and our thighs were touching. She now exposed her other breast. The nipple was large and tense and pointing like an index finger. She turned the baby over.

"Watch," she said and she brought the baby's lips closer and closer to the nipple. No sooner did Bommu's lips come in contact with the nipple he took it in as well as whatever he could get of the breast and munched heartily, his jaws moving the same way a toothless old man's does. I laughed. Soon both his tiny hands were holding the breast. From time to time he jerked up to get better purchase of the nipple, and then settled down to more sold feeding.

"Lovely is it not?" she said. I had to agree not once but twice. My Anni sitting with breasts exposed was indeed a lovely sight.

"Hold his head for a moment," she said. I did so. I thought she was going to cover herself properly. She was not thinking of covering herself. She tied up her loose hair in a chignon and then did something astonishing. She removed her pallav altogether and undid the remaining top hook of her blouse and opened out her blouse for good measure. And there was my pretty Anni exposed above her waist with her breasts in grand display. Lactating breasts have a beauty all their own.

"This way I am more comfortable," she said. I sat holding the baby's head and drinking in the sight of her breasts now suddenly without any inhibition whatever. My only fear was that I might ejaculate.

There was a tap at the door. I turned towards Anni. She took baby's head from me and covered herself. It was postman delivering a parcel. When I came back Anni had returned to her room. I went straight to the bathroom and masturbated.

When I saw Anni later that evening she gave no indication that anything unusual had happened. I was unable to explain her action. It was not as if she was an immodest person. She was as careful to cover herself as any Indian woman. When next day I saw her suckling she was fully covered.

Nothing happened the next two days but on the third I was coming out of the narrow aisle of the bath room when Anni crossed on her way to the store room. She held me in a gentle embrace and kissed me on the lips. She pressed her breasts on my chest and her thighs against my thighs. She swiftly moved on without a backward glance. Luckily it all happened in seconds. If she had done it more leisurely she would have felt my erect penis pressing against her vulva. Shivers ran down my spine. It took me a moment or two to recovery my composure. One part of me was excited, but another part trembled with apprehension. 'Was my Anni in love with me'? If my kissing her gets to be known it could break up my family. I thought long and hard. But it was Anni who was prompting me. It was she who was tasking the initiative at every point. What could I do? To say no to her would be even more unworthy of me. It was quite unthinkable.

Three days later my parents were off to Samayapurum for the annual festival. They left in the afternoon to return the next evening. My brother was off to Kanchipurum and was expected late in the evening. After lunch I was in my room reading a magazine when I heard Anni call me. I went to her. She was in her room. The baby was sleeping in his cradle.

"Is he full?" I asked.

"Greedy fellow. He drank till his stomach was at bursting point. See," she laughed and exposed his abdomen. It was bulging like a balloon. "But I have so much milk that my breasts are still heavy."

"The next feed should empty it."

"It will not. I will have to remove it."

"By pumping?"

"Pumping is not comfortable at all. I want you to drink it off." I jerked backwards. She laughed. "I know you have no recent practice," she laughed again, "but it is really simple. What a new born baby can do a graduate can do better." As she said this she removed her blouse altogether. Her luxuriant hair was hanging in front of her chest. She removed the impediment by tying a chignon. My Anni was bare above her waist.

"Rinse you mouth and come. Do not use tooth paste. Just rinse it." I went into the bathroom and gave my mouth a thorough gargle. I felt my penis under my dhoti. It was stiff as stiff as it can be. Anni sat on the bed with back to the wall. She asked me to lie down with my head on her lap. Her thigh felt smooth under the back of my neck. She lifted her breast and gently brought the nipple to my mouth. I took it between my lips and pressed. Nothing happened. I sucked. I got just enough milk to moisten my lips. Nothing more than that. I sucked with greater and greater force. Still nothing.

"You must bite." said Anni. "Cover your teeth with you lips and bite." I did so gingerly. Milk gushed into my mouth. It was very different from unsweetened cow's milk. Mother's milk, my Anni's anyway, has a salty tinge to it.

"You can use more force," said Anni. I did so and soon milk was pouring in. I have read somewhere that the baby does not suck but milk squirts into its mouth. It is so. Then something happened that did not happen when Anni suckles her baby—she moaned the unmistakable moan of a woman in sexual excitement. Whatever inhibition I had melted away at that moment. From then on I was in it without any reservation. Instinctively I brought both my hands and held the breast in imitation of what the baby had done. Anni was cooing and moaning, and in between softly called me her darling. And then she bent down and kissed me on all parts of my face. 'My darling,' she said repeatedly. I was now is sexual frenzy. I got on to my knees and suckled furiously and Anni was responding with equal fervour. She then pushed me away and got up. She undid her sari. Anni now stood before me naked. It was a thrilling sight. Her large breasts, and narrow waist and broad hips and in the centre her vulva beautifully curved and gleaming from recent shaving. I had to honour it. I undressed quickly and went on my knees and kissed the vulva. Anni obligingly placed one foot on a stool and spread her thighs and holding the back of my head she pressed my lips on her vulva.

"I'll lie on my back. You lick me," she said. She did not quite lie on her back. With thighs spread and crouching forwards she held my head by the temples and watched me as I licked. Helpfully she spread out the leaves with her fingers to bring the clitoris out for my benefit. I must have done a good job for soon her hip moving to the rhythm of my licks.

"You are close but not touching," she said. It must be the G spot that she was referring to. "Closer but not yet," she said, a note of annoyance creeping into her voice. I placed my hands over her hands and opened out the inner leaves of her vulva and with the tip of my tongue I teased the clitoris. I must have touched the G spot for her buttocks started vibrating. Up and down it went.

"Stop and slowly swipe." she ordered. I did so and she clicked and hissed and sighed and moaned as she had a powerful orgasm, and when as a final gesture I gave her clitoris the treatment I had recently given to her nipple, namely bite on it with covered lips, she screamed.

"Enter me quickly," she said. I was on top of her. She guided me in. She had an orgasm as I ejaculated. I waited and gave her one more orgasm, and then another. We lay huddled in each others arms.

I was not quite able to understand my Anni. She and her husband are quite lovey-dovey. Many times I have seen them hugging and kissing. From my bed in the next room I could follow their activities at night. Almost every night I could hear both go to the bathroom for a wash most surely after sex for the sluicing sounds were unmistakable. My conclusion is that my Anni is over sexed. She needs more than one man to satisfy her urges. I have read somewhere that it takes two men to make any woman sexually happy. I thought it was an absurd notion, but now I do not.

From then on sex with my Anni was a routine whenever we were alone in the afternoons, but my joy lasted only for two weeks.


Though I was only 22 my parents were pressing me to get married. They had chosen a girl too. They unveiled her when in the presence of the family I viewed the wedding video of my brother. Everyone was directing my attention to a pretty girl they called Nitya who happened to be Anni's sister. Apparently she was a unanimous choice. Later my parents asked me if they could go ahead with a proposal. Anni said that Nitya would be a perfect match for me. I did not need any further recommendation. To cut the long story short Nitya and I got married just three weeks after my arrival in Chennai. One of the Five Star Hotels was the venue of our nuptials.

Girls brought up in conservative Indian homes view the First Night with a strange mixture of excitement and dread. Ever since they came of age, and even before that, their mothers had been dinning into their ears to cover themselves and keep their thighs close to each other. Then suddenly one night they have to spread out their naked thighs and receive an erect penis deep into them. This amounted to a quantum leap of the most severe kind. They spread, and they receive the penis of course, and enjoy it, for instincts are strong. Nitya was different. She not only did not display any coyness, but her eyes sparkled with mischief. The body language was unmistakably that of one who has an ace up her sleeve. It was strange. Before day break I was to experience more strange happenings.

Weddings take a lot out of one mentally, but Indian weddings are physically demanding too. The ceremonies start before day break and in an atmosphere filled with the smoke of puja fires one has to stand the incessant chanting of the priests that continues till late afternoon. Then at the reception one has to stand for hours to receive the greetings of a long line of well wishers. By the time one is alone in the room one feels totally exhausted. This may not be the ideal setting to make love for the first time. (For many Indian middle class men and a most women it is the first time.) Many who have been through this experience however say it actually adds an extra dimension to the event. I agree.

After a bath I put on a dhoti and thin shirt. I was waiting for Nitya to appear after her bath. When she did after a long while she was a surprise. The most I expected was to see her in a night dress. She went several steps further. It was a delicately blue night dress so thin that it was almost a see through, and it came only up to mid thigh. Voluptuous was the word to describe it. Coming to think I of it should have expected such daring from one who shares the genes of my Anni. I hugged Nittu and we kissed passionately.

I felt the zip on the back of the dress and pulled it down. It went all the way. I opened the dress gently and eased it off her shoulders. It dropped, and my darling was naked in front of me. We kissed again but this time I was fondling her as I kissed. Even as I was fondling her magnificent breasts I was aware that they sagged a bit.

I was her turn. She removed one button of my shirt. I pecked her cheek. She removed another button. I pecked her other cheek. Another button, peck on one eye; another button, and a peck on the other eye; another and a pick on the lips. One more button needed attention, but my penis, rigid as a soldier presenting arms, was guarding that last button. (My dhoti fell off very early in the proceedings.) She touched the button. Her hand touched my penis too. She looked up and smiled, and then she did something that only Anni's sister can do. She removed the button, and pulled off my shirt and stepped back and bent down to take a closer look of my penis. Its tip was pointing upwards and it was throbbing. She grasped it with both hands, gave it a shake, laughed out aloud and ran to the cot and fell on it face downwards.

I turned her round. She lay with legs stretched out. I kneeled in front flaunting my penis. We made eye contact. She smiled. As if in slow motion Nitya lifted up her legs and widened her thighs till her feet were hanging in mid air. She displayed her vulva before me in all its glory. She guided my penis into her vagina. Soon I ejaculated. She did not have an orgasm. I do not think any woman has one on the first effort of the first night. We hugged and lay in each others arms.

"You go and wash," she said. When I came back she got up and went into the bath room. I saw a red smear on the sheet. Suddenly she stopped and turned and caught me watching the spot.

"Red crayon," she almost screamed as she threw the crayon on the bed and went into the bath room and locked herself in. I could hear her screams of laughter. I stood bewildered. I did not know what to make of my new bride. I had to admit that she was an original. Soon she was to stun me with more demonstrations of her originality.

We sat just inside the open balcony. We had not clothes on. Nitya seemed quite comfortable being naked, and with lights on too. The windows in the next block were too far away anyway. I was excited at the uninhibited nature of my wife. We sat opposite each other on easy chairs. I was looking at her crotch. Her vulva was perfect. A faint suggestion of the lesser leaves protruded at the cleft with a prominent clitoral hood. That is how I like them. Nitya's was even better than her sister's. She smiled and parted her thighs. Then she smiled broadly and parted them more. This drove me crazy. I went down on my knees and kissed her vulva.

"May I lick?" I said. She rendered no verbal reply. She slid down and rested the back of her knees on the arms of the chair. I prodded her clitoris with my nose. Then I licked the sides of her inner leaves, both shiny with the secretions she was pouring. I parted the lips with my fingers and protruded my tongue into the vagina. I then dragged my tongue along the cleft and licked the clitoris. Her clitoris was the size that one could hold captive between the lips and work on with the tongue. Nitya was moving her hips and soon they were vibrating. Thanks to the training her sister had given me I knew when to stop and swipe. Nitya exploded in an intense orgasm. As I bit into her clitoris in a final gesture she moaned.

"Do it," she said, "now." I carried her to the bed. I was on top. She inserted deftly. We had our orgasms at the same time. I gave her one more. We lay hugging each other. It was the moment Nitya had chosen to stun me.

"Am I as good as your Anni?" she said softly. My heart stopped, and then it fluttered. I recovered my composure. I laughed that even to me sounded hollow.

"Nice attempt to catch me off guard," I said.

"Not quite," she said smiling. "Sister told me all. We have no secrets. I want our relationship to be like that too.

"What did she tell you?"

"That you suckled her and both of you got into frenzy, and that you gave her the best sex she ever had."

"She did, did she?"

"Yes, now tell me about your other experiences."

I knew I can develop a healthy relationship with Nitya only if I tell her all. I made a clean breast of my past experiences with women. I told her about my visit with five friends all aged nineteen to Pondicherry and where we got two women and how we spent a night with them.

"You mean all seven in the same room?"

"Not so exciting, Nitya," I laughed. "We had three rooms and it was a strictly one-on-one private affair.

"Did you have both women?"


"The next was a class mate in college. I took her out several times. That's all."

"In Dubai?"

"Scary place that. If without knowing I break some law the price to pay would be heavy."

"How heavy?"

"A few have lost their heads."

"You have left off one more from your list."

"Yes Anni."

"Do you want to know about me?"

"I do of course, but I cannot ask. It is up to you to tell me or not."

"You seem not so keen that your wife should be a virgin."

"I am keen, but not being a virgin myself I am open to a wife having had some experience."

"Really? You are noble. Shall I tell you? Promise me your feeling towards me will not change after I tell you."

"I promise," I said. She came to me. I hugged her; with one hand I cupping her breast. "Tell me, darling." I felt tender towards this imp when I should have been blazing in anger. I could not understand my attitude. Was I a wimp or is man's attitude to sex so variable that anything can be normal.

"My first was a neighbour boy," she said quite casually. "I knew him since we were little kids. We used to hold hands and rub shoulders and occasionally kiss. One day I was walking in our back garden reading my college lessons when he came and stood against the wall railings. 'Shall I climb up,' he asked. I must have nodded for he deftly jumped over the wall. We hugged and kissed, and for the first time he fondled. He knew that my parents and sister were attending a wedding. I do not know how it happened but we were inside the house and in my bedroom. He took out a condom packet and showed it to me. It was his way of asking my permission. Then it happened."

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