tagBDSMValued Customer Ch. 01

Valued Customer Ch. 01


This is my first time submitting and really writing about anything of this nature. I'd love some thoughtful input and recommendations.


Vincent Carter was no hacker. Far from it in any way, shape, or form. Though well into his twenties his technical aptitude was that of a sixty-five year old grandmother. Which made it all the more surprising when he stumbled onto the site.

It was well past midnight and he was still trying to upload a photo from his recent family vacation. Google had proven useless, every well known upload site requesting a myriad information to set up an account. He was getting frustrated. He didn't care where it was uploaded as long as it was uploaded. After entering his search results of "Image Upload" he finally cursed and clicked far into the search results to page twenty-six. He was wandering far from the reputable sites of the every day surfer, not that he knew it as he clicked the first result at the top of the page.

His darkened bedroom flashed briefly as a bright white page loaded, crisp black lettering and an upload box appearing on his screen. Now he was getting somewhere. Finally something that looked easy! He clicked browse and went to select his photo. A shot of a boat and his uncle Roy holding up a fish Vincent had no desire to know more about. The photo was labeled "PC23567.jpg" a number randomly generated by his camera. Briefly Vincent considered renaming it to something more descriptive, but decided 'screw it' It was late and that was far to complicated. He nodded in satisfaction and hit "Upload".

The browser hung. Then the Screen flashed. What appeared on his monitor only confused him further.

"Password accepted. Welcome, Valued Customer!" The only option was to hit continue.

Customer? Something wasn't right, but he hit the button anyways. All he wanted was his stupid photo.

Dozens of images loaded. Girls. Beautiful girls. Some of them nude.

Vincent blinked and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. What on earth just happened? Before him shown a colorful collection of images. Girls of every nationality in lingerie and sultry poses. He felt his cock stir, all thoughts of Uncle Roy's catch left his mind as he began to browse. He'd looked up porn before but this was different. He wasn't sure exactly what it was he stumbled on, only that he liked it a lot.

Half way down the page she caught his eye.

She was thin, long black hair, pale skin and dark blue eyes. The girl was wearing a cream colored chemise and was lounging languidly on some sort of couch. She had a fulness to her cheeks and lips that reminded him of a pre-Raphaelite painting. She was intoxicating. Her name was Anna. He clicked, wanting to see more of her.

What he found was an order screen with a select number of "preview" images. In each photo the girl was wearing something different. Lingerie. An evening dress. A cheerleader costume. An oversized sweater. She seemed happy, though one shot seemed oddly candid. The girl looked rushed, distracted, as she stepped into a cab. The photo was distant, almost grainy. The final image made his breath catch. The girl was looking up at the camera, flat on her back, naked and retrained to a bed. Thick black ropes holding her in place. Her cheeks were rosy and the look in her eyes showed...need. It was almost too much as he let his hand caress himself through his shorts. What he wouldn't give to have a girl like that.

He tore his gaze from the picture, looking at the rest of the page.

"Dear Valued Customer, You have seven rentals remaining."

Rentals? Oh hell yes.

Somewhere in his head a rational voice tried to reason with him. "This isn't your account, Vincent. You shouldn't be here" the winning side didn't care. The owner of this account clearly had a rental or two to spare. He began to fill out the order form. If this was a porn DVD he had to see it. He had to see more of her.

Aside from inputting the delivery address there were two additional options. Theme and Format.

Theme? He looked over his options.

"Sultry, Classic, Cheerleader, Co-ed, Submissive...."

He looked at the preview images again, the photo of the girl tied to the bed, silently begging.

He'd never thought of himself as kinky, though he'd heard the women from his office cooing over what ever Grey Shades novel was popular with the sheltered housewife type. He had heard hushed chatter around the water cooler about ropes and being submissive. It piqued his interest mildly but If that was what this was, he was firm about his selection.

Format? Only two options listed here.

"Formatted, Raw"

Vincent had no idea what that meant, he could only assume it referred to the DVD. Formatted was what disks had to be, right? He made his second selection and hit "Submit."

"Thank you, Valued Customer. Your order will be rushed and should be received in one business day. Please anticipate delivery between the hours of 7pm & 8pm by private courier. Your rental is scheduled for twenty-four hours. Read the special handling instructions before playing. "

Vincent gave a frustrated groan and sat back in the chair, his member still hard.

"It will be worth it." the winning side of his brain told him..

A day seemed like such a long time away but he had to give them credit for the rush order. That was customer service.

There wasn't enough coffee in the world to keep Vincent focused on his work Friday morning. He had gotten very little sleep. He got himself off three times over the course of the night but every time he pictured Anna he'd become hard again. By the time lunch finally rolled around he found himself hovering near the water cooler.

The resident hens had gathered with their patterned coffee mugs to gossip. It was a lunch time tradition. Vincent stood nearby, attempting to play the part of the uninterested wallflower, while straining to overhear their conversation. He couldn't get close enough to catch it all and instead was only able to catch snippets when they raised their voices in shrill excitement.

"And Jenny's gonna have a baby."

"About time I always figure she was..."

"Didn't you loan her the book?"

"I predict a baby boom nine months from now."

"I don't blame them. It was HOT"


Finally! Now they were getting to the good stuff! He sipped his fifth cup of coffee, leaning closer casually.

"I don't see the problem with it. I'd let a man like that tie me up any day."

"Harold is such a bore, not into bondage at all."

"Shh, Rachel! Not so loud!"

"Whose going to hear us? Besides - Lunch is over I'll see you gals at the bar tonight. "

There was a peal of laughter as they parted ways, Vincent left disappointed and resigned himself to his cubicle. The hours crawled by and seemed to get slower the more he looked at the clock. This was ridiculous. He needed a distraction.

"Damn the IT Department. " he thought as googled the terms "Submissive & Bondage"

The next four hours were gone in an instant. Vincent briefly wondered if he'd risked his job as he signed out of his terminal. He didn't care. He'd spent hours reading about BDSM and hours hard as a rock. If the DVD contained anything he'd read about online, he was going to have a very good night.

Oh yes, it would be worth it.

By the time 7Pm rolled around he was in pure agony. Any time now the door bell would ring. He could almost feel the weight of the DVD in his hand. His mind was running wild after all the research he'd done.

Maybe they'd show her hanging by her wrists like one site described? Naked and vulnerable. Swaying from the chains. Her legs just barely parted. Her cunt expo-

The bell finally rang. Vincent jumped to his feet and rushed to the door.

Some folks have certain expectations as to what a courier looks like, the man in front of Vincent was not it. While he had expected a sweaty bike courier, he didn't expect a tall man in an Armani business suit.

"Sir." the man said curtly, offering Vincent a slim leather binder. The name "Anna" was printed in gold on it's front. It looked expensive.

"Uh. Thanks." Vincent took the binder from the mans hand. The courier turned his back, waving to the large white van that sat previously unnoticed in Vincent's driveway. Two burly men in blue jumpsuits got out and began to unload a crate. A very, very, large crate.

"You will remember from you last rental, Sir, to read the special handling instructions. She'll have no limits but no permanent marks are to be left. Please return her as clean as she arrived. " He said over his shoulder as he watched unloaders wheel the crate into Vincent's living room.

Her? What on earth was that?

The courier handed Vincent a document to sign, reciting more terms and conditions in the process. Vincent's signature was nothing more then a distracted scrawl.

"....and remember you will be billed for any damage or breech of terms. Everything appears to be in order. We'll expect her to be ready for return promptly at 7pm tomorrow evening. Enjoy your rental."

The courier and unloaders retreated to their van. Leaving Vincent alone in his living room with the large box.

The crate itself was similar to the type professional bands use to haul their equipment. Large and black, hundreds of latches, and silver metal trim to protect the corners from being scuffed. It appeared to open like an old time steamer trunk.

He looked down at the binder in his hands, opening it.

"Dear Valued Customer,

We thank you again for your order. We constantly strive to provide excellent service.

If our product is not what you ordered or you're in any way unsatisfied, call our toll free hotline for immediate pickup. A complimentary rental will be credited to your account.

Your rental, Anna, will awaken ten to fifteen minutes after unpacking.

Please enjoy these complimentary pictures while you wait.


The Staff"

Vincent set the binder aside, more concerned about what was inside the trunk as he hastily began unfastening the latches. The box made an odd hissing noise as he lifted the heavy lid, which he almost dropped as he caught sight of what was inside.

She was inside. She. Anna. The girl from the photos. Curled up like she was sound asleep, completely naked.

He sat back on his heels, looking down at the raven haired beauty in front of him. She looked like a doll.

This couldn't be real. He needed a drink.

He turned and made his way to the kitchen, not hesitating as he pulled a glass from the cabinet.

He briefly surveyed his options before reaching for the highest proof alcohol he owned. A bottle of Wolfshmitt from New Years. He topped the glass off and turned back to the living room.

It was horrible stuff, which is why he didn't mourn it when the glass clattered to the floor.

She was kneeling by the crate, but swiftly moved forward to collect the glass, offering it up to him. God she was as beautiful

"You're awake." He stammered.

"Yes, Sir. " She remained kneeling, holding up the glass.

"Uh, thanks. " He took it awkwardly, silently cursing his limited vocabulary and rolled it between his palms.

There was a very long and pregnant pause.

Vincent looked her over. Her pictures really did not do her justice. Her breasts seemed larger then he remembered, her nipples rosy and stiff. Should he have turned up the heat?

He absently set the glass aside. Even folded under her, her legs were graceful, toned, and that little patch of hair between her thighs. Oh god, he was staring like an idiot. He cleared his throat, his member hard yet again.

She seemed to pick up on this and kneeled up, reaching for the buttons of his shorts.

"Whoa! Whoa.." He yelped, slapping her hand away from him. She looked confused and leaned back on her heels.

"Does Sir, not want me to pleasure him?" She asked, lowering her eyes.

"Yes! No! I mean yes! I do. Just, let me get this straight. You'll do - Anything? You don't have a problem with this?"

She shook her head. "No, Sir. I'm here to please you. I have no limits."

He ran his hands through his hair. This was insane... but something inside was thrilled at the idea. He couldn't speak and only made a vague motion to his pants.

The corner of her mouth raised slightly and she kneeled up again. Reaching for the buttons of his pants and undoing them. There was no hesitation as she leaned forward, slowly taking the tip of him past her lips.

Dear lord, that was hot.

Slowly she moved to take him further, rolling her tongue around his head as she pushed him deeper, engulfing him. He leaned back, her mouth felt amazing. He couldn't help but think what it would feel like to take her in other ways.

He finally found his voice. "Take all of it."

She raised her hands to steady herself as he pushed himself the rest of the way. He felt her throat relax. "Yes, that's it." She began to move her head, but he beat her to it, something growled inside him as he wrapped her dark hair around his fist.

"Hold on." She had just enough time to take a breath before he began thrusting. "A little teeth, lightly." Where were these orders coming from? She pulled her lips lightly grazing across him, sucking a bit

"Yes." He moaned lightly. It was real, she was here.. and all his.

The thought alone pushed him over the edge and he began to twitch. "Swallow it. Swallow it all." She did just that as he unloaded into her mouth, gulping down every spurt.

He pulled out of her mouth, his breath heavy. That was amazing.

She wiped her lips, leaning back on her heels again.

He pulled up his pants, looking over to the crate she came in. He hadn't noticed before but the lid contained a variety of items strapped to the top. He moved over for a closer look. The girls stayed where she was.

Toys, Toys of all sorts. Ropes and restraints. Almost everything he'd read about was strapped inside the lid like items in a picnic basket.

He turned back to the girl and motioned for her to stand. "My room is the first down on the left. I want you on the bed an waiting." She nodded and stood making her way to the directed room. He grabbed the rope, some cloth, and few additional items. He felt odd, powerful.. He wondered how far he could take this.

He entered the room sometime later after taking an inventory of what he had to work with. She was on the bed, laying back. Her legs bent and knees spread giving him a clear view. He almost blushed.

"Close your eyes." She did and he affixed a blindfold. He'd read it heightened other senses.

He was surprised at how easy it was to tie the rope, he'd always had a terrible time with it in boy scouts. He took extra care regardless, he wanted to see her like she was in the photo. Flushed and begging.

Vincent tugged on the ropes, making sure they were tight. Her arms were pulled out to her sides, her long slim legs free.

She looked some vulnerable tied down and blindfolded. Completely at his mercy.

He stood there for a time, letting his eyes roam her body, he couldn't take his gaze from her chest. Her breasts were so full, he wanted to touch them. It took him a moment to remember he could.

He reached out and slowly tweaked her nipple, she gasped, her chest rising to meet his touch. He liked it when she did that and decided not to neglect the other breast. She was incredibly sensitive.

Her body tilted slightly as he sat down on the bed next to her grabbing each of her breasts a bit roughly. He squeezed and kneaded them, she seemed to be enjoying every moment of it.

Vincent leaned over her, taking her nipple in his mouth, savoring the taste. She gasped again, her breath becoming rapid when he began to let his hands roam all over her. Exploring every inch of soft skin.

He let his finger tips drift to her abdomen, stopping just short of the patch of hair between her thighs. She groaned, lifting her hips as if to encourage further exploration. He chuckled at how easy it was to get her worked up, but as much as his cock strained, he wanted to hear her first.

He relinquished her breast from his mouth and removed one of the items her unpacked from the crate, a small vibrating bullet. It was almost silent as he turned it on, but she certainly felt it when he held it against her nipple. Anna licked her lips, mouth parting as the vibrations began to work their magic. Every so slowly he ran the bullet over her body, frustrating her as he moved up her body and over her lips. She wanted it to go the other direction. It wasn't long before he obliged her, she'd been behaving so well. He ran the bullet down her body, stopping to tease her nipples briefly before finally moving it to the cleft between her thighs. She moaned, lifting them, wanting more contact, friction.

The room seemed to be growing warmer and Vincent realized he was over dressed. Anna gave another groan of frustration as he switched the bullet off, he could smell her wetness. It was driving him mad.

He disrobed and moved to the end of the bed, taking in the view. She was glistening, it was a beautiful sight.

She felt the bed shift again as he moved between her legs. He was getting anxious and couldn't wait any longer, he reached out, just barely caressing her outer lips. She shuddered and raised her hips, finally uttering a pleading whisper. "Please, Sir."

He drove himself into her deep and sharp, her moans echoing through the room. He pushed more, stretching and filling her. Every nerve in his body tingled. He moved slowly, inching his way out before slamming forward again. He felt her lift herself and took her hips in both hands as he began to rock himself back and forth. This time he moaned, giving and rough thrust as he pulled out and slid himself back in.

"Are you ready?" He asked, slamming back into her before pulling out completely. She whimpered and began to pull at her restraints frustrated. God she looked just like the picture. He thrust into her again. Again and again and again. Pushing deeper into the bed with each hard thrust. She answered each thrust with one of her own, lifting her hips further, wanting him deeper.

Vincent because to feel his climax building with each slam of his body. He moved above her, holding her restrained hands against the bed.

"Come for me." He panted and she did. Her body tensing and shuddering as her orgasm ripped through her. He thrust once again, then held still as she came around him. Her orgasm was to much for him and his muscles tensed and he unloaded into her.

Her breathing slowed, her breath shallowed. Skin still glistening from sweat. He rolled over, he could get used to this and it was only 11 o'clock.

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