The night was dark. The air so still it felt like a heavy robe wrapped around my skin. Everything was motionless as I continued my walk down the cobbled road. There were no lights to illuminate my way, nothing but the full moon to cast its eerie glow. I could hear my breathing and feel my heart beating in my chest. I had walked this path many times, but tonight there was something in that stillness that made me uneasy.

Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a movement, I turned my head to glance that way, but there was nothing there...not even a shadow. My footsteps quickened a little. I wanted to be home and behind locked doors. At the end of the road there was a small gathering of trees that stood between me and my destination. Taking a deep breath, I took my first step in. Hearing the crunch beneath my foot steps as they crushed the dead leaves sounded loud like thunder on this quiet night. Movement again! This time, I catch just a glimpse...a woman I think.

I turned and started walking in that direction. Then I feel her. I can sense that she is behind me...starring. I stand still. Not sure if I should turn and face her or run. I feel warm breath on my neck and my hair stands on end. I turned to face her. Her Violet eyes were piercing and almost seemed to glow against her pale skin and long jet black hair. Her full lips were succulent red and moist. I almost leaned in for a kiss before looking back up to her eyes...those mesmerizing eyes... a small smile played in them...almost daring me.

I took a few steps back. I could take her all in now. Her breasts were full and creamy the fullness pushing out of her tight black bodice. Her waist was trim and narrow, and then came the curve of her hips. She walked forward, those hips swaying...slowly she continued; those piercing eyes never leaving mine. I could smell the sweetness of her as she neared.

She reached up and ran her hand through my long red hair and down my cheek. I held my breath not knowing what to expect. Her touch was so cold, but I couldn't pull away. Her eyes so dark, but I couldn't quit staring at them. Those misty orbs held me captive.

Her hand went back up to the back of my head and pulled me closer. I could feel her breath on my lips and wanted to taste. She smiled and put her lips to my cheek, then to my chin then to the side of my throat before looking up at me and finally giving me a taste of her. Her tongue darted in and out of my parted lips, at first playful then becoming more insistent. I could feel myself warming under her kiss. I felt my hands come to rest on the laces on her bodice. As soon as I pulled the laces, her breasts spilled out of the top of her clothing. I let my hands slide up her curves until they reached her creamy flesh. I let my thumbs brush against her nipples and could feel them tighten. She stopped me there and with the flick of her wrist ripped my top from my body.

I leaned my head back letting my hair spill down my bare back. My neck was long and lovely and she placed little kisses there until she reached my ample chest. I let her tongue nibble and play with my pink nipples until I could hear myself panting. My hands slid behind her back and down her buttocks to finish removing her dress. The only thing she was left wearing was her black high heels.

Placing her hands against my chest, she pushed me back. Stumbling I fell to the ground. She again started to walk towards me. I wanted to run, I wanted to scream, but those eyes held me where I was. I couldn't move. I could hardly breathe. The air was mixed with arousal and fear. I lay there with out a shirt, feeling bare and exposed, yet totally entranced. I couldn't move a muscle. She smiled an eerie smile and she knelt in front of me and pulled up the bottom of my skirt to my hips. The garter and stocking left nothing hid from her view. She moved my legs wide open and just gazed down at my freshly shaved spot. I could feel a little juice escape me as she traced her nails down my inner thigh placing a finger on my hot flesh. I felt humiliated as she continued her exploration of my womanhood. At the same time, I could feel myself wanting more of her touch. She removed her hand and leaned forward letting her ice cold lips touch my warm flesh. I let out a gasp and the contrast in sensations. Her lips were full and soft and felt like pillows on my delicate skin. Her tongue seemed to know my soft spot very well. Almost as if she had been there before. I couldn't help myself as my hips rose to meet her mouth. I blushed at the thought of her knowing I was enjoying myself. She drew her lips back and blew lightly across my swollen wet womanhood. My back arched up to her, wanting to feel her against my skin. I could hear her laughing into the night. It was cold and hollow.

She ran her finger through the folds of my sensitive skin, spreading my lips lightly. With her eyes never leaving mine she placed her cold mouth back on my hot mound, her wet tongue swirling around my button, while her finger continued to tease my opening. I closed my eyes losing myself in the sensations she was creating. I could feel my hips reaching up to her, wanting her mouth to consume me. I felt her slip her finger inside, teasing me, playing with me, making my body respond to her command. I heard a small moan escape my lips and my breathing quickened. I could feel tiny waves starting in the pit of my belly and spreading downward to where my juices were flowing. Not one drip escaped her hungry tongue.

I could feel the waves of pleasure run through my body making me quiver. I felt her cold lips and hot breath start a trail of kisses up my belly and to my exposed breasts. I could feel her hot breath against my taunt nipples and she used the tip of her tongue to circle the swollen nubs. I could smell the sweetness of her breath as her lips trailed to my collar bone and then to the vein in my neck. I froze, afraid of what she might do, but she just continued to plant tiny kisses along the side of my throat. I could feel her bare breasts rub against my skin. She was so cold, so soft. I reached my hands up her sides before the came to rest on her full breasts. I loved feeling the fullness of them in my small hands. I felt her take a sharp breath as my thumbs rubbed across her nipples making them hard. She was naked and beautiful. I lightly pinched her tight nipples between my thumb and finger as I felt goose bumps spread across her skin. Her lips reached mine as she bent in for a deep kiss. I could taste myself on her tongue.

I continued rubbing her nipples with my thumbs, just lightly grazing their peaks and kneading her soft flesh with my hands. Her kiss was becoming more hungry with each touch. I let one hand slide down over her firm stomach to the soft patch of hair that was already damp. I didn't go lower, just let my fingers linger in her curly patch. I felt her body pressing against mine as she her face from me and looked at me with those cold dark eyes. I froze and she smiled. Always in control she was, and she knew it.

My fingers continued to comb through her soft hair below, never quite reaching her spot of desire. Her hips began to grind in search of my hand. I let one finger trail below into her smooth wetness. I heard a small gasp escape her lips as my finger slid through her lips. She was wet and slippery making it easy for my finger to easily glide over her softness. I continued to tease her nub with one finger, just gently tracing and sliding through her soft folds. I could feel her hips reach in search of more. I slowly let one finger slide inside, just the tip before pulling it back out and sliding it back to her hot button. Her body was tense as her eyes stayed locked with mine, I could see the intense desire burning in those violet pools of darkness. Her breasts were pressed against mine, her nipples taunt, waiting to be kissed. I let my mouth wander to the first peak, the tip of my tongue circling before taking her breast in my mouth. Cupping her breast with my free hand, I continued to lick, suck and nibble on the firm pink bud while my other hand continued to stroke her soft wet petals below.

Her head dropped to my shoulder, her breathing becoming more ragged. Her hips began to thrust into my hand. I moved my hand in little circles against her button, matching the rhythm of her dancing hips. I could feel my own wetness starting again between my thighs as I watched pure lust and desire raging in her eyes. I could feel her hot breath as her mouth began to again kiss my face and the side of my neck. Her hands began to knead the creamy flesh of my breasts. I could feel my own desire building as I watched her beautiful body climb the ascent of her orgasm. I could feel her juices flowing on my hand as I continued to stroke her softly with my fingers.

I felt her body let go as she collapsed against me, her soft flesh melting into mine, her breathing ragged. I could feel twigs and leaves pressing into my back as her body pressed against me. The air around us was still and stagnant and not a sound was to be heard. I was becoming alarmingly aware that we were deep in the trees and no one would know I was there. My body started to tremble from my fear and the cold. She laughed as she read the fright on my face. Her cold hands left my breast as she began to trace my lips with her finger. I closed my eyes as her soft touch again began to warm me. She traced her finger down my cheek and down my neck then to my collar bone. Her hands ran down the length of my arm to my hands then to my hips and back up my sides. Her cold skin left a tingling sensation in their path. Back to my breasts she placed a cold hand on each side before reaching down and taking one erect nipple into her mouth. I could hardly believe I was here in the woods with this lovely, terrifying creature. I felt both anticipation and fear for what was still yet to come, but for now I closed my eyes and lost myself in her touch.

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