tagNonHumanVampire 69 on a Park Bench

Vampire 69 on a Park Bench


"Oh god...Chris, anyone could just walk up and see us any second," Alejandra panted. Chris could feel her hot breath on his neck as she sat sidesaddle in his lap on the park bench. Her hips thrusted slightly against his hand, which was inside her pants, teasing her clit.

"Come on, Jandra, what are the chances? No one comes to Central Park in the dead of night. It's the most deserted part of the city right now."

"Deserted, you say?" He could hear the devious grin in her voice as she continued to ride his hand. "So there's no one around to hear your screams of terror, eh?" He froze as her fangs grazed his neck. "Oh, relax, you. I'm only kidding. You know I'm not the sadistic type."

"Thank God for that," he said, slipping his free hand under her blouse to knead her breast.

If she had told him right of the bat she was a vampire when they first started dating three months ago, he would have turned around and run for his life. After his first vampire girlfriend had made him an unwilling blood slave and subjected him to innumerable tortures and humiliations, he was wary of the species on the whole. By the time he found out about Jandra, though, he was already too crazy about her to consider leaving.

"Chris, you're driving me crazy," she moaned as he drew circles around her pert nipple with his fingertip. "Goddamn it, take off your clothes." Her hand came to the collar of his shirt and she started to undo his buttons one-handedly.

"Jandra, don't--"

"Nobody's here to see you naked," she reminded him.

"Except you with your night vision."

Not knowing what he was talking about and not exactly caring, she finished unbuttoning his shirt. By the feeble moonlight, she could make out ridges of scar tissue slashing across his chest and abdomen, evidence of deep, painful cuts. Jandra let out a shuddering breath, subconsciously grinding harder into his hand. "What are these?" she asked, tracing a deep scar line under his collarbone. "Chris, are you a self-injurer?" she playfully bantered, her glinting eyes fixing his with a curious smirk. "Is this going to be a problem? Am I going to come home one day to find you've hanged yourself from the ceiling fan?"

"They're...they're from my old mistress," he nervously confessed.

"The vampire you told me about?" she figured. "I thought it was traditional to bite on the neck, not go knife-crazy."

"It is. She was a little nonconventional."

Her smirk still in place, Jandra said, "Chris, did you think I was going to be disgusted by this?"

He looked off to the side like a disobedient child caught in some act of delinquency. "Yes."

"And you know what happens when we assume, right?"

He cocked an eyebrow at her odd fascination as she traced another scar running down his abdomen and under the waistband of his pants. "What, do you have a scar fetish or something?"

"Uh-huh," she answered. She carried on exploring the roadmap of scars on his body with her fingers before lowering her mouth to his flesh, taking in the feel and texture of his old wounds with first her lips, then her tongue. More than just aroused, she was rendered dizzy and breathless. Fighting with her higher moral reason was the burning desire to add to his multitude of cuts and greedily suck down his blood. The need to fight off this temptation set a fire in her brain that trickled down her spine and into her loins. "Harder," she urged him on. "Fuck me with your fingers."

He thrust his fingers into her pussy, which was now slick with her juices. The hand that was in her shirt moved to the back of her trousers and he gently worked a finger into her anus. She gasped as he inched it inside, feeling his cock hardening against her thigh as her fingers and mouth continued to venerate the desecrated altar of his abused body.

He fucked her two holes in turn, pushing in frontwardly and pulling out from behind, then driving in behind while withdrawing from the front. Each time, he pried deeper into her pussy, his fingers curving to rub her sensitive G-spot until she came copiously into his hand with a loud, desperate gasp. A wave of arousal overcame him as his fingers were drenched with her discharge. "God, I have to eat this pussy," he groaned.

She wore no panties, so her naked ass was exposed to the moonlight when he yanked her pants down around her ankles. He grabbed her by the waist and raised her sopping wet pussy to his mouth. As her high-heeled feet found purchase on the park bench on either side of him, her pants acted like a strangulation device, pressing into his throat. The resulting light-headedness only added to his pleasure as he licked her pussy clean.

Her breath came out in shuddering gasps as she approached a second orgasm. Her head was level with his crotch and she could see his cock was straining the zipper of his pants. "Do you trust me not to bite off your dick?" she asked, but he was too lost in an erotic high to hear her. Without waiting for his response, she undid his fly and sprang his erection, teasing the head with her tongue before she took his full length into her mouth. As he alternatively sucked on her clit and fucked her with his tongue, she came again and again. She tongued the length of his shaft, licked his balls, and sucked him off harder and deeper until he shot his load, which she gagged down and swallowed as if it was vital medication.

That's it. What are you still doing here? What, you thought I'd wrap it up with some sentimental crap? Seriously now, she's over. Both characters reached orgasm. Isn't that what you came here for? Well, you got what you wanted, so move it along, you pervert. Also, you just lost the game.

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