tagNonHumanVampire Ch. 05

Vampire Ch. 05


In her sleep she loosened her grip but we were always touching, I had awaked very early trying to come up with an idea of how to handle this whole big mess I gotten myself into. Here I was in bed with the one person in the world that I connected to and possibly love, even though I've known her for only two nights. But how would I to tell her that I was not human. Gwen stirred and started waking, she looked at me sleepily she smiled.

"Good morning, someone's an early bird." She leaned over giving me a soft kiss.

I stroked her skin where my hand rested on her side, "It is a great morning, except now I have to get up and get to work." I had to get back to my place before the sun rose too high, already it was almost dawn. Although I was getting better about my tolerance to it with my age, it still bothered me.

"mmmmmm, that's too bad that the real world has to sneak up on our paradise." Then she got up onto her elbow and looked me in the eyes, "I know you said it was your first time, do you have any regrets?"

Truthfully I was taken aback by her; I had the very best time. "Truly I have none except that I hadn't met you sooner." Leaning into her I kiss up her neck making her shiver in need.

Her voice was just above a whisper, "That is fantastic and you are fantastic, you won't just run out on me now, will you?"

Kissed down to her nipples, "Never, just have to go somewhere else I don't want to be." Licked around and nibbled on one, "But I will definitely want to see you later today."

"Oh yes, I have today off too so we can really get to know each other." She gently placed her hands on my head and brought me up to her lips again. "But until then I think you have a job that you don't want to lose because you were having so much fun with a girl."

Sighing I knew she was right that I had to leave so I lifted myself off the bed and found my clothes on the floor. Each piece I put on I knew that I had to see her again and find a way to tell her that I was a vampire but I could already imagine the panic that would cross her face. Before I left we gave each other our numbers and I promised to call once I got off of 'work'.

During the day I slept and dreamt about all the people I've had both human and vampire. Each type different but no one person stood out, except Gwen. I dreamt that she was layered in Gold bathed in light upon a silken cushion, one finger curling towards me. I woke from that beautiful dream, if I wasn't just about to see her I would have groaned.

It was just before dusk, the sun was still showing a bit but soon it would be too low and then the moon would own the sky. I called the number she had given to me, half hoping that she wouldn't answer because I was still nervous, but on the second ring she picked up.

"Hey, I was just thinking about you." She said in her sweet voice.

Instantly my heart melted just hearing her voice, "I hope all good thoughts."

"Depends what you consider 'good'." She relied with a giggle, and then her voice turned more serious. "So did you want to see me tonight?"

I knew she was questioning if I still wanted to continue our little liaison or if I was having second thoughts. Truthfully I knew she was important to me, possibly the one I have been waiting for all these years. I instantaneously saw a future scene of us, both of us walking down a street in the dark enjoying each other while trying to find our next meal. Then I stopped myself, do I really want her to become like me. Shaking my head, "Of course I want to see you silly. So what are you up to this evening that you have off?"

"Nothing so far but I did get a movie, you know if you wanted to come over and watch it too, I was about to get snuggled into the couch."

"Yeah I'll be over as soon as I get dressed into better clothes." Or any clothes for that matter.

"Great! See you in a bit." She hung up after was had said our goodbyes.

If my heart could race it would have been. I felt like the giddy little girl that I looked like. I put on an outfit I rarely ever wore, a simple long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and walked to her place. My hand was already contacting the door in a knock when I realized suddenly that I hadn't fed yet, but she was already opening the door. She was wearing a cute, valor running suit that was popular these days for a casual setting. Feeling her eyes rake over my body as I was doing the same, I could almost see the energy sparking between us.

She stepped aside and let me in, I quickly noticed that the couch was a large deep one so that there would be plenty of room to spoon if one so desired. "Hey so I hope you like old horror films, I already have it in." She pressed a button and the screen lit up with a black and white version of a vampire flick.

I never really got to think about that much because she was unzipping her top and wasn't wearing anything underneath. She gave me a playful smile, "I always hate wearing clothes around the house, plus I like the feel of the blanket over me. Make yourself at home."

Giving a raised eyebrow and with a shrug I stripped out of my few clothes, and then I snuggled into the couch with the blanket covering my lower half. Busying herself she asked if I wanted any drinks, if only blood to make me warmer, but I told her no thanks.

She came around with a mixed drink and set it on the coffee table before her eyes took in my naked breasts I left on display. A look of true lust crossed her face, before she checked herself, "Are you sure you don't want any thing?" When I shook my head she lifted the blanket and sat down next to me, our thighs touching. "You seem so cold...I can think of ways to warm you up."

I loved the sexual growl to her voice but I doubted that I would be able to warm up. Soon enough my mind shut off and my body was a blaze of joy as her hands moved across my skin. Her tongue licking my nipple as her fingers stroked over my thighs and into my hotbox. I was so wet from her; a brush from her fingers on my clit sent a blot of pleasure. Shortly her mouth kissed down my body, I was panting almost to the edge of my orgasm.

Once I felt her tongue flick across my clit and her fingers push into my pussy, I went over the edge. My body rose off the couch as my vision darkened, but she held on and worked me to a fantastic extreme. Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore she stopped and I turned into a trembling mass. My breath was harsh and it took a few minutes before I could even talk.

"That...was the ...best I've...ever had!" she had cuddled into me and I leaned over to kiss her.

She giggled at me, "Well I'm glad you liked it so much, it was so fun to watch you."

Soon enough I was ready to copy her and once I got her to cum we cuddled as the woman on the movie was being bitten by the evil vampire. Instantly I felt guilty, "So what do you think if I did that to you?" I said in a joking voice.

She turned to me with a smile, "Well I doubt that you would suck me dry, you wouldn't be able to have fantastic orgasms." Then in a smaller voice, "but I have always loved the vampire theme, maybe someday we can have fun with it."

My emotions played over my body and my thoughts raced. So she likes vampires, but she doesn't know what we actually are. Should I trust her or will I ruin what I've just found. What I ended up saying, "Really, do I remind you of a vampire?"

Of course this backfired and she really started to look at me, "Well a little bit, you have the paler skin, and the fantastic good looks. But I haven't seen those pointed teeth or blood lust yet." She gave me a feisty look, "Personally I think it would be so much fun to be a vampire: to be able to have superhuman abilities and seduce your victims."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing from this young woman, she was excited about my life. She knew but then again she didn't know the day to day stuff, how could she. I decided to play a bit more to see if she was willing to hear my darkest secret. "You forgot the bad stuff: only coming out at night, always looking for blood, never able to eat real food again."

She mulled that over, "True there would be hardships, but that is the price of anything of worth. Still I think if I got to choose I would become one, of course looking at the movies choices don't come too often." She was staring at the movie again as the villagers started hunting down the vampire. In a whisper barely audible to my superior ears, "Too bad they aren't real."

I made a snap decision, "What if they are?" Her eyes widened at the fact that I replied to her statement. "What if one didn't have a choice when she was turned and has been trying to blend in for more than a century?" I looked into her and found surprise, excitement and a bit of hope so I continued. "What if one was sharing a blanket with you?" I couldn't look at her; I was too afraid that she would freak out on me.

"You have to be joking; I mean it can't be real." She looked at me and finally I looked up, "A century! How old are you?"

I decided to go for truth, "Well I am about 17, but I've been that way since the late 1800's."

"17! Holy shit!" I thought she was going to fully freak out, I was not expecting what she really did. "So how did you change? You said you didn't have a choice, so did he switch and leave? What's it all like?"

"Whoa, so you're not afraid to be next to a vampire?" I couldn't wrap my head around her excitement.

Laughing she kissed me, "No, because you haven't tried to kill me yet and I think I'm in the clear. Plus I've always wanted to meet one." Her eyes got really wide, "Do you think I could become one, I mean I really want to, you would wouldn't you?"

"Hold on. You know nothing of this, well not really what it is. And truly I don't know that much about changing a human to even be sure that I can do it." My mind was a blur of emotions; happy that she's still beside me, excited that she's wanting it, hopelessness at the thought that I don't know how to help us.

"Do you know of someone that would be able to tell us? Maybe the guy who switched you, could do it." There was such hope in her eyes.

"You know that you sound like you just want to become one, but you know that there are some rules in this day and age." Suddenly I remembered him, although I've seen him a few times over the years he has always found interest in me. I know that he wouldn't change her but I'm sure that he would know how to do it. "I know a vampire that might be willing to help us, but I can't be sure."

"Really! I can't believe it, I will get the two things that I've always deeply wanted but thought would never happen."

Looking at her glee, "Vampire being one, what is the other one?"

A huge smile broke over her face, "You silly, I never thought I would find another woman who was so passionate, challenging, and fearless and I barely know you. I can't think of anyone that I would want to spend eternity with." Then she jumped up, "So where can we find this 'monster of the dark'."

I searched mentally and found that he was only a few miles away, probably hunting. Oh well, she must see it one day, why not before she can change her mind. "Let's get dressed and I can find him in a moment, then only then will I ask you again if you want this."

She grabbed my hair and roughly kissed me, "You'll find out that I know what I want and I'm always going to get it." Then she sprinted to her bedroom to find some clothes to go out in.

My head was swimming; I loved her really and truly. Half of me wanted to run away from her and leave her to her human life, but I knew it was too late for that. I had to change her, for myself, for her. She wanted to and I needed someone in this life to make it worth living forever.

All too soon we were in a dark alley and there he was before us, my mind flashes back to the night he caught me after getting rid of the body. My body starts responding to the hot memory of that night, but then again it's a different decade. He startles then remembers my face, "My my is this the famous Scarlet back to see humble old me, and I would say that you brought dinner if not for the rapt attention instead of fear one should be seeing in her eyes."

He has grown slightly bitter, "I know that I shouldn't be asking for your help, I have not been a good person in the past but I don't know how to do it." I hoped that he would warm to us, but it wasn't until she spoke that the ice melted.

"You must think me a fool but I know of the risks, the joys, the hardships, and I know that I want to be like one of you. I love Scarlet and I know that I want to be with her forever, that we will have many wild nights together." I saw her get horribly flirtatious but he seemed rapt, "Not to mention that we would be more than willing to help with any issues that you need attending to, both of us." I looked at sweet, sexy Gwen and I wanted to throw her down again and I knew she was playing with him.

He looked like he was about to devour her, "I do know, but I will not do it to you. I am not strong enough to know when to stop." He had a guilty look on his face, "But Scarlet is more then strong enough, always was even when I had met her when she was young. Actually she should already know it; first she must suck your blood Gwen until you are nearly gone, then she will cut herself and make you drink it. Then you will be like us, you will need to feed every night for the first few years, sunlight will harm you and will no longer age." He sighed, "Scarlet you could kill her, or if she drank too much from you she could reduce you to a type of coma."

I thought through what he just told us, "Would you be willing to help us, I would do the actually changing, but if you can stop us. I know how to listen for the breathing, the pulse to take some not all, but I'm not sure if Gwen would be able to. Then she must feed right away too, the thirst was horrible in the beginning." A little shiver when through me at the memory of those first days, "I know it takes a while for it to work through the body, would you be able to help us tomorrow night?"

He looked at both of us and sighed, "Yes, I can see how important this is for both of you. I will watch over you as the change happens and I will get some blood from the blood bank, then she will not have to hunt so soon." I saw a glimpse into his mind showing the need of thirst and how easy it is to kill as he watched a young vampire kill their victim quickly.

Gwen spoke up in the silent connection that we were having, "Great, then we can show you how appreciative we are that you helped us tomorrow night."

That little snake in the grass brought a smile to my face, she really knew how to work a man, no wonder she made a great bartender. I turned back to him having already written down my address, I handed him the paper, "If you could meet us here tomorrow evening I think that would be the best. I'm going to show her how I hunt tonight, something my mast... er maker didn't do." He just nodded knowing that I was testing if she truly wanted to change once she saw what we had to do up close.

"Until then." He nodded and turned, I could watch the transformation a bit with my superior eyes but I know that Gwen only saw him vanish. In his place a bat took his place, a vampire bat.

"I had forgotten he could do that," I muttered to myself. Turning to Gwen I saw real excitement that seemed to pour over me and into me. Shaking my head slightly, "Well if I am to give you my blood tomorrow I'll need to hunt tonight. I want you to come with me, if it gets too much please just back out of sight and I will come back to you."

She put on a brave face, "I would love to start my learning tonight. Where do you hunt?"

I explained that I usually am I whore and she didn't flinch, just nodded her head saying that it was a good bait. God she already thinks like us, if only we all had the start she's getting. Although because tonight I wasn't dressed for the whore, I said we were going to hit close to the bars as it was already past 1, there was bound to be drunks that would be easy prey. I was right and after only a little bit of waiting we came across a man walking home alone after leaving the bar and his buddies behind.

Before I approached him I turned to Gwen, "Remember no sounds please, and if you can't handle seeing anymore just turn and walk away." Then without waiting for her reply I came up to the man and using my power of seduction asked the man if he would help walk me home. He got a greedy, lusty look on his face and slurred back a yes. I only walked a short distance towards Gwen before I turned to him and with a speed that was barely visible I held his head and bit into his neck. Instantly he tensed then relaxed into my hold, I drank only enough to black him out but not enough to harm him. If anyone were to find him he would look like he had too much to drink. I looked up and found her still watching, so I took my mouth off the wound before I healed it to show her what I could do.

She came closer as I positioned him and dusted myself off, "That was wonderful!" Her voice was in awe of me, "I want you to do that to me, to give me that bliss, then to change me so that I can give that bliss to you." With a soft sigh I knew tomorrow would go as planned, but she surprised me by taking my head and passionately kissing my lips. Her whole body mashed against mine her pussy rubbing against my thigh and a sexual growl built inside her. "I so need you now, let's go back to my place." How could I say no with my brain fuzzy with need and buzzing with alcoholic blood. I grabbed her hand and we set off to her apartment.

As soon as the door closed behind me she pressed me against the door and kissed me deeply again, then suddenly she stepped back and told me, "Undress now!" I didn't need any other command I stripped and once I looked back at her I found lust and dominance rolling off of her in waves, the strength of it took me by surprise. Her voice was solid, not angry but with authority, "Now I know you were trying to show me what you are truly like and I understand your need, but I will be a vampire and I will love it. Now I will give you a choice, I am a Domme and although you might not know it yet you are a submissive. I can show you what I do tonight and if you do not like it we don't have to go this deep again, but I want to show you what you have been missing for so many years."

I thought through what she said and instantly I remembered a statement from a different time, 'But I am your murderess, after I drink your blood and become strong I will never have another master!' A chill went down my back but I must have nodded because she commanded, "You are to call me Mistress and with each answer I expect to hear it, you will do everything that I tell you to do and promptly."

She stared at me, "Yes Mistress."

She gave me a smile and a nod, "Good girl, now undress me." I moved up to her and slid my hands under her shirt and pulled it over her head, her lovely breasts framed still by her bra, then I unbuttoned her jeans sliding those down, I noticed that her panties matched the bra. She lifted her legs and with me kneeling before her she lifted her legs to help me, although I'm sure I could have lifted her whole body without breaking a sweat. I removed her socks and then reached up and gently moved her panties down, loving how hot her pussy was to me. I couldn't help but to sneak a kiss on her thigh. Then standing up again I released her bra and moaned a little with need to take her nipples into my mouth.

She smiled, but it had a 'cat that caught the canary' look to it, "Good my little slut. Now get onto the bed with your back flat." Oddly I felt myself grow wet at the name of slut and jumped to follow her instructions. Lying down on her bed I felt her come in and then she grabbed one of my arms and I felt a click then a cool band surrounding it. She quickly did up the rest of my limbs so that I was spread eagle on the bed, I knew that if I needed to I would be able to break the bonds or more likely the bed, but I wanted to please her. That thought startled me a bit that I wanted to please her, however at that same time a sharp pain brought me back to her.

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