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Vampire Encounter


Here's a simple little Halloween story I hope you enjoy. On Halloween, when you see that stranger in costume, you just might want to make sure it's ONLY a costume...If you enjoy -- please make sure to vote! Thanks!


Mary sat at the bar, impatiently tapping her fingernails on the top of the bar. She felt like an idiot. She was sitting there, dressed as a peasant, long skirt, boobs popping out of the top of her blouse. If it wasn't Halloween, she would have fit in nicely with the other wenches at any Renaissance Fair. She was waiting for her friend, Sally, who had talked her into going out for Halloween, in costume. But here she sat alone.

She took a sip of her beer, while trying to look around unobtrusively. The place was packed with ghosts, monsters of all sorts, and lot of slutty cats, slutty nurses, and slutty everything else. Not like she could say much, she thought, trying without luck to pull the material up over her exposed chest. Someone sat in the seat next to Mary, but she didn't look up from her drink. If Sally wasn't here in 5 minutes, she was taking off. She felt so embarrassed sitting alone at the bar dressed up like a medieval hooker, and she didn't want any of the "monsters" in the bar to think she was available for pick-up.

"Excuse me."

Mary looked over at the man who had just spoken. Whoa! She tried not to let the shock show on her face. He was ridiculously good looking. He had shoulder length dark hair, pulled back off his face. His skin was light, which made his dark eyes practically seem to glow. And his lips, well, they were full and pink, and extremely kissable.

Mary had to mentally shake herself to not just stare and drool. "Yes," she finally responded.

"Sorry to bother you," the stranger said. His voice was low and smooth. Something deep inside Mary responded to the tone of his voice, and she felt butterflies in her stomach. "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't taking someone's spot."

"No, no," Mary sputtered. "My friend is late, and actually I was just about to leave myself."

"That would be too bad," he said, looking straight into her eyes, his hand moving to softly cover her smaller hand on the bar. "I don't even know your name."

The moment his hand touched hers, Mary sucked in her breath. A tingling sensation started there and moved up her arm, and then branched out to her entire body. She didn't seem to be able to pull away her gaze or her hand.

"Nice costume," she said, not able to get anything else out. Rational thought was pretty much gone.

"Do you think so," he said, smiling.

"Yeah. Vampire, right?"

He nodded.

"I like the cape, but aren't you missing the fangs?"

He chuckled. "Well, they are hard to talk in." He paused, never looking away from her. "You look nice tonight," he said, moving his hand away.

She felt her cheeks burn, feeling especially exposed. "Thank you. I'm really not much of a costume person, but"

"Your friend?"

"Yeah, and then she doesn't even show up."

"Well, I can appreciate it."

Mary finally was able to look away, and she took a nervous gulp of her beer. Her mind seemed to unfreeze somewhat, and she was asking herself what was wrong with her. She wasn't man-crazy like her friend Sally could be, and she wasn't interested in a hook up, so why couldn't she stop thinking about those lips, and wondering how he would taste.

Mary could feel his eyes on her, and decided she better call it a night before doing something she might, or might not, regret. She thought that until she turned back to the man sitting next to her. It must be the light in the bar or something, but his eyes looked so black and yet there was an odd light behind them. She looked back at her drink, confused.

"I didn't get your name."

"Mary," she blurted out before she could stop herself.

"Nice to meet you, Mary. I'm Devon," he said reaching out to take her hand and bring it to his lips. When she felt his lips brush against the back of her hand, she couldn't stop the shudder of pleasure that ran through her body, and her nipples hardened. She felt him smile against her hand.

Mary was mortified. She knew he could tell how excited she was. The hard nipple points showing clearly through the slight material barely covering her breasts were very obvious. She felt the warmth in her cheeks, as her heartbeat sped up.

He dropped her hand back on the bar, but his hand continued to cover hers, causing her to look over at him again. God, he is so sexy, she thought to herself, as his tongue slipped out to lick his lower lip. He leaned over to her, and whispered in her ear.

"Mary, you are the most exciting woman in this place. I was drawn to you the minute I walked in. Let's go outside so we can get a little quiet." He stood up and somehow Mary felt herself standing as well, and then following him out, as he held her hand. In her head, she was yelling, telling herself to stop, but her body kept moving.

They stepped out into the cool night. Mary took in a deep breath, feeling relief at the quiet, after all the noise of the loud bar. He still held her hand in his, as he turned to face her. He moved closer, until their bodies were pressed together. He leaned over and Mary felt his lips brush against her neck, and she couldn't prevent the strong trembling that shook her body. Her breath was coming in short gasps.

"Come this way, so we can get some privacy," he said softly but firmly, leading her down an alley next to the club. She was blindly led along behind him. It was completely dark, with no lights in the alley and a moonless night. Suddenly she was pushed against the wall, as he moved back to her neck, nibbling and licking. Mary was helpless; her body betraying her mind, need was overtaking any practical thoughts.

She felt a sharp pain in her neck, and she winced, but then warmth rolled over her, and her nipples hardened more against his chest. A wetness was evident between her legs, and she felt her skirt lift up as he moved back a little, and her underwear were ripped off. Before she could catch her breath, his hands were on her waist, lifting her up, and then she was lowered, as he entered her wet and ready pussy.

A groan from deep within slipped out as he filled her in a way she had never known before. Once he was inside her fully, he paused, allowing her to adjust to his girth, and moved back to her neck. Mary was overwhelmed by all the sensations assaulting her. Pain and pleasure became entwined, as he held her tightly, his cock buried all the way to the hilt inside her. Then he pulled out and back in, pounding her hard against the wall. She gave over, uncaring, needing him to keep fucking her, and she wrapped her legs around his hips.

Mary bit her lip to stop herself screaming as she felt her orgasm start to build, higher and higher. She was lost in the desire. He moved his head up to capture her lips, and she could taste something tangy and metallic in his kiss. She groaned against his mouth, and bit down on his lip as her body was wracked with the strongest orgasm she had ever had, and as her interior pussy squeezed him, he spurted his seed deep inside her.

He whispered in her ear to open her mouth, and she did. She felt the tip of his finger slide in, and she unconsciously closed her mouth, sucking. She tasted more of the metallic taste, but couldn't stop herself. After a few seconds, he pulled his finger away and Mary's head rolled back. She felt herself sliding away into blackness.


Mary felt the sunlight shoot pinpricks into her closed eyes, but she lay there unmoving for several minutes. Finally she forced her eyes open, and realized she was in her own bedroom, on her bed. She turned her head to look around, still foggy. She sat up slowly, putting her hands to her throbbing head. What happened last night? She looked down at herself. She was still wearing the peasant girl outfit.

Her eyes widened as she remembered the alley. Had that really happened or was she dreaming? She carefully pulled up her skirt. Her underwear were gone. With a tentative touch she reached between her legs, and felt the dried cum on the outside of her pussy and inner thighs.

She lay back down, with her hand still between her legs. Just remembering the stranger fucking her in the alley, turned her on all over again. As she fingered her clit, bringing herself to a quick orgasm, she could practically feel him nuzzling her neck. She may have to make a return trip to that club soon, and maybe her "vampire" would still be there.

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