tagSci-Fi & FantasyVampire Games Ch. 02

Vampire Games Ch. 02


"You might think you're something, but you're not. In the end, you're ours. You'll always be ours."

"You don't own me."

"Oh, yes, darlin' I do. Once you stepped foot into our house you became our property or have you forgotten?!"

"Maybe, I should just move out then!"

Which is kinda funny since she's bound and on her knees before me in the spacious bedroom that belongs to my Mate and I. Raven, the slave I enslaved on the night she tried to kill me all those years ago, is looking up at me pitifully. Disgusted, I start pacing back and forth, which always makes her nervous. In mid pace I stop back in front of her and stare down at her.

"You wouldn't want to leave your Master's cock, would you? Or have me stop fucking you like the sex crazed vampy you are, right?"

She's looking at me and thinking. She bows her head.

"No, I wouldn't. My Master's cock is the biggest, most delightful thing that has ever penetrated my body next to you, of course, Mistress."

Not completely satisfied, since I don't exactly like being called "Mistress", but it'll do.

"What should I do with you?"

"Do with me as you wish."

"Tempting, but you know that I will not do anything without my Mate, your Master and he's gone."

Much to my utter dismay, because I am extremely horny. I just can't let HER see that. I am her Mistress, after all. She does need disciplined though and we aren't the kind of vampires to use violence unless absolutely necessary. Maybe I'll let our children play with her, they won't harm her of course, but she is terrified of them.

"I know just the thing!"

She visibly starts trembling, "What's that, Mistress?"

"You'll see... OH KIDS!"

Now, she's really trembling. I don't know what about our beloved daughter and son terrifies her so. Something I'll have to keep an eye out for, certainly. A few moments later, they enter the room, unsurprised at the sight they see before them as they have seen it all before. Open family and young sexual creatures that my Mate and I have created.

"Yes, Mother?", they ask in unison

"Take Raven to her room and do anything sexual with her as you wish. But, do not harm her! You know, your Father and I do not tolerate such poor behavior. Even to a submissive."

"Yes, Mother!", they say as they each go to either side of Raven and pick her up and carry her to her room.

"No, no, no, no, nooooo please Mistress, don't let them take me. I'll behave from now on and won't overstep my boundaries.", she cries as she is carried out of my room and into hers. I hear her screaming in the distance and begging my beloveds to let her go.

I walk over and close the doors to my bedroom, I then walk over to my bed and crawling on top of it, I lay down and think about my Mate. Who, really is, every female's wet dream, still comes home to me every night after he feeds. I miss him so when he's gone, my pussy quakes each time I think of him and see him. My Dark King, My Fantasy come true and he is all mine. Tall, dark, handsome, and mysterious. I wonder what he's doing or even where he is.

My hands have slid down to my stomach where I stop to pull my gown up, the gown I always wear unless I am fucking or sleeping. My pussy aching to be touched, but I can't. All my orgasms belong to him and I know he'll feel it, he always does. Inch by agonizing inch, my gown rises tempting my hands to wander down to my pussy and give me the release that I so desperately need. He's been gone far too long.

I close my eyes, concentrating on searching for him, and at least finding him.

"Baby, I miss you. I wish you were home!", I say to him, in my head.

"I know, Love, I'll be home as soon as I can."

"You don't understand, Raven has gone off the deep end and I need y-"

"What has she done this time?"

"She's overstepping her boundaries again."

"That's not very shocking, why can't you kill her or let the kids do it?"

"She's our plaything I can't just let them kill her."

"True, but we can always find another one. Who could resist such a beautiful creature such as yourself, Hope?"



Which is true, noone can. Human or vampire can't resist me. Nor can they really resist him.

"Come home to me, I need you."

"I'll be home soon. I love you."

"I love you too."

And the connection is broken. Which is fine, cause I really need to sleep, the sun is coming out and I really hate being bothered by it. I undress, making myself extremely comfortable in my big velvet bed, and sleep comes easily.

The moon is full, bright. Woods are everywhere.

I hear footsteps approaching me from behind, I stay still, listening.

A twig snaps and I quickly turn around to find my Beloved.

He smiles, his fangs bared. I smile and bare my fangs in return.

He quickly rushes me and I to him.

Colliding into one another, we rip each others clothes off and baring down onto the other's skin with our fangs.

Delicious blood.

He picks me up, making sure I'm above his hard cock, he plunges into my warm, wet pussy..

Making me cry out in pleasure, a pleasure I have not felt in months.

Digging my nails into his shoulders, I wrap my legs around him as tight as I possibly could.

He's holding my hips and thrusting in and out of my now dripping pussy.

He's now grunting and I'm cumming.

Which makes him cum...hard!

I wake up to find our bed soaking wet. Which makes me miss him even more. As short as the dream was, it felt like we were there for hours and maybe, just maybe we were. All is silent in the house that I call home, but something is in our room.

As I look around I see a shadow, that's darker than the rest, tilting my head from my pillow I stare at it.

"Hmm..", I think to myself

As I watch, the shadow moves closer to me. Unafraid, I move the blankets and 'it' climbs onto the bed and onto me.

"Hello, Love.", I whisper

"Why were you unafraid?"

"I have no reason to fear you, my Love." and I don't.

Pushing my thighs further apart, he slides down my body, and dives into my pussy. Gasping, I grab his hair and push him even more into me. He thrusts his tongue in and out of me, making me quiver. I moan, scream, and gasp with every thrust of his tongue. Oh, he so knows how to fuck me!


To be continued... :)

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