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Vampire Lust


It was Saturday night and she always went out. This night was like every other Saturday night. She was out dancing, Again. She was so tired of it all. All she wanted to do was settle down. Settle down with someone who can please her every need and desire. Someone that knew her better then she knew her self.

She had heard about this new club from all her friends. They where raving about it. She had to give this new club a go. No one told her this was a club for the people who walked the night, nor were they going to. She walked into the club wearing a striped fishnet mini dress with cut out side accents and low V front. It was pink and black with a matching thong. She's 23 years old, 5' and her measurements are 36DD-30-38.

He was on the second floor when he smelled her sweet perfume. Then he saw her. Her raven hair and plump lips all to alluring. His eyes moved slowly down her body. God look at her neck, her breast, her stomach, her ass and those legs. She was perfect to all of his senses. What was a vampire to do? Oh god and you can't forget her hips. Those lovely hips of hers.

As she was dancing she saw his beautiful face within the crowd, her hips twirling and her body going with the young male before her. She couldn't help but to keep her eyes locked with his as he slowly walked towards her through the crowd. He watched her dancing and her smell was intoxicating. He licked his lips and then he licked his fangs. He sparked her desire and she had sparked his.

Once he reached her on the dance floor the young male walked away and left her there. She looked at him and he gave her a wicked smile. She blushed and smiled back. He grabbed her hand and said, "Nice to meet you. I'm Matt," he gave her hand a kiss.

She cleared her throat and with nervousness in her voice she said, "Nice to meet you as well. I'm Angel."

He was still holding her hand. He pulled her close to him and started to dance. She lost herself in his eye and his movements. She couldn't help but to move with him. They weren't dancing anymore. They were having sex on the dance floor.

She turned her back to him and cocked her head to one side. He lowered his head into her neck. He thought to himself, 'God what a neck, what a smell.' He licked her shoulder and neck which made her moan. Her body shivered from the lick which made her grind her ass against his cock.

She was lost in his touch. There wasn't anything he could do wrong at this point. She wanted him, all of him. He would run his fingers up her thighs. She couldn't help but to moan his touch was amazing. She thought to herself, 'If he touches me anywhere else I'm going to lose it.'

He whispered in her ear, "Would you like to go sit down for a little bit and have a drink?"

She didn't know what to say but it came out anyways, "I'd love to but maybe somewhere less noise."

He just smiled at her and took her hand once again. He led her up some stairs which led to the second floor. He was taking her to his privet booth. He pulled back a curtain which they could see out of but not inward. She stepped into his little privet room. She had a seat on one of the soft sofa. He order two drinks. One for him and one for her.

She looked around the room and then she turned her attention back to him. He walked over to her slowly. He started to lean over her slowly, which made her lean back on the sofa bed that she was sitting on. He looked into her eyes, she was lost once again.

"You look so beautiful when you're nervous," he said with a wicked smile.

He slid his fingers up her inner thigh to her pussy. She let out a soft moan and thought to herself, "I can't believe this is happening but I don't want it to stop." She looked up at him as he leaned down and give her a very passionate kiss. Another moan escaped her lips into his mouth.

He looked down at her and asked, "Do you want me to stop?" He knew her answer before she could even get it out of her mouth. He pushed her thong to the side and slide two fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She couldn't help but to let out a loud moan. She thought "Oh shit, this feel so good. He knows just where to touch me." She didn't care if anyone could here her.

He started to slowly but passionately finger fuck her. She moaned with pleasure as he couldn't help but kiss her neck. He wanted to bite her neck and suck until he couldn't suck anymore but first he wanted to ravage her body. He wanted to make her his not only from biting her but from every thing he did to her.

He slid in a third finger as she arched her back. "Oh god your fingers feel so amazing inside of me." she screamed with pleasure.

"Do you want me to stop?" he said as she slammed another finger into her quivering pussy. He know what she wanted without her even saying anything.

"OH GOD MATT I'M GOING TO CUM," she screamed.

"Cum for me my Angel," he said as he now had four fingers in her.

"I'M CUUUUMNNING MAAAATT," she screamed.

He give her a wicked smile. She couldn't stop herself from having orgasm after orgasm. She thought to herself "All this from four finger. God he's going to make me his without even trying."

He looked at her and asked," My lovely Angel are you ready?"

Without her answering him, he pushed his throbbing rock hard cock deep into her sopping pussy in one sweet motion. He couldn't believe it, this was the first woman he's ever bottomed out with. He was now in love with her. She had to be his and this was the perfect way.

He started to slowly fuck her with so much passion and lust. Her hips met his every thrust which made him speed up. The smell of her orgasms mixed with the smell of her blood made him take her even harder. He pulled out of her which made her whimper.

He turned her around so that her nice tight ass was facing him. He slammed his cock back into her as he pushed his thumb into her ass. She let out the loudest moan she'd ever heard herself do. She thought, 'Oh god someone had to have heard me now.' At this point she was wishing someone had heard her.

He leaned down next to her ear, "Oh God Angel, you pussy feels amazing and I never want to leave it." She turned her to look at him, "Oh my God fuck me. Please fuck me. Fuck me, fuck me please!" She was in the heat of another orgasm. This was it he thought. It's time to make her his in every way he could.

He fucked her harder and faster. Her juices where squirting everywhere. He leaned down to her ear and whispered, "I want you to be mine for an eternity. I love you my Angel. I loved you the moment I smelled you're scent." Before she had a chance to look back at him or say something back to him, he bit down on her neck. She let out another moan and had another orgasm.


He sunk his fangs into her neck and started to sucked. He know that he had to stop so he didn't drain her completely but as he was sucking on her neck, he shot his hot sticky load into her wanting pussy. His cum splashed against her cervix. She let out a loud moan which was mixed with pain and pleasure. She'd never been pleased this much before.

He let go of her neck and finished shooting inside of her. He turned her over to finish making her his. He slit his wrist to let the blood drip from him to her. When she woke up she was now a vampire. A lust driven vampire.

He looked at her, "You are now my lustful Angel of the undead." He kissed her as he pulled her in close to him. They lay there on the sofa bed looking up at the ceiling.

She laid her head on his chest and thought 'This is what I've always needed. He never needed me to answer his question.' She kissed his chest and fell asleep as the sun rose.

Copyright 9/22/2011 by Amber Baldwin

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