tagNonHumanVampire Meets Werewolf Ch. 02

Vampire Meets Werewolf Ch. 02


Brock navigated the dark, labyrinth tunnels of the mountain with ease. Even without the aid of light, he knew where he was going. He kept walking and some time later, the light at the end of the tunnel emerged as a faint white glow around the edges of a door. Brock made a strange flicking motion with his free hand and the door swung itself open on noiseless hinges, revealing a large spacious cavern. In the center of the room, there rested a large, rough-hewn wooden table. The vampire laid down his burden and went to a smaller, adjoining room where he picked up a small black box of polished obsidian, handling it with care. Brock brought the box back with him to the main atrium, where Colin still lay, motionless except for the faint rise and fall of his chest.

He opened the lid of the box to reveal its glimmering contents. Brock pulled out a handful of silver chains, each handcrafted and custom made to his idea of perfection. He pushed Colin's limp body into position, then stretched out his arms and legs, encircling each limb with a length of silver, which was in turn, clipped to a ring in the table. Each chain was then pulled taut, effectively stretching the werewolf into a x-shape. Taking a step back, Brock admired his handiwork, his eye lingering amusedly over Colin's ribs, where bruises from his earlier beating were already starting to show. Pulling up a chair at the head of the table, Brock sat down with a book while he waited for Colin to wake.

About an hour later, the vampire noticed a slight change in his captive's breathing pattern and heard slight noises, as if he were quietly testing his bonds. Without looking up from his book, Brock commented dryly, "I wouldn't move too much if I were a lycan with broken ribs draped in silver." Colin made as if he were going to twist around to look for the vampire, but cut himself short and lay still with a yelp. Smiling to himself, Brock finished the page he was reading and marked it before setting it aside and sauntering over to lean over the table. Colin was concentrating on his breathing, making his breaths as shallow as possible.

Brock raised his arm so Colin could see it. "You're hurting right now." he stated. "I can heal you. Drink some of my blood." He leaned in closer, "I can make your pain go away."

Colin gathered himself and spat at him. The vampire jerked back and wiped the spittle off his cheek with a quick swipe of his hand. He looked at his fingers with consideration. "If that's the way it's going to be..." he said slowly. He laid a hand on Colin's bare chest, smirking at his futile attempts to squirm away.

"I can heal myself." Colin snarled, "Take these damn chains off and I won't even need any of your precious blood, you bloodsucking parasite." He lunged at his tormentor. The effort caused pain to flare along his ribs. He ignored it, falling back only when his muscles gave out on him.

"Poor you." The vampire mocked him. "Remember, I can fix this." He applied more pressure to the lycan's chest until he could feel the bones bending. Colin growled low in his throat, defiantly glaring at him. Taking that as a direct challenge, he pushed harder, till he felt something snap.

Colin's face went sheet-white. "Stop. Please."

"Well....?" Brock could almost taste his triumph. He gave an extra shove, just for good measure.

Colin snapped his mouth shut with a click. He was gritting his teeth so hard he wondered if he might break his teeth. Brock made as if he were going to give his ribs another shove and involuntarily, the words came pouring out of his mouth. "Alright, alright! I'll do it! Please stop, please don't do it again, I'll do whatever you want just stop hurting me!"

A smile broke out on the vampire's face and Brock traced his finger lightly over Colin's jaw. "That's a good boy, exactly what I wanted to hear." He fondly stroked Colin's hair briefly, then gripped his lower jaw. "I want you to open your mouth, and keep it open."

He used a knife to make a small cut along one of his veins. The vampire raised his arm and dripped the blood into Colin's open, panting mouth.

Colin struggled with keeping his stomach settled as the blood dripped. He'd heard all kinds of rumors about the properties of vampire blood. Healing was one of them, but there was talk that it was highly addictive, that it might turn people into vampires, that the blood would act as a sexual stimulant, that it might...

The blood was starting to leak out the corners of Colin's mouth. "Let's see you swallow, dog-boy." Brock muttered, watching Colin closely. The wound on his wrist was already beginning to close itself.

Colin took a deep breath, closed his eyes and swallowed.

The blood was hot, not cold like he imagined. It burned a hot trail down to his stomach and immediately he felt his bones fusing. It was like someone was holding a welding torch to his bones, then after awhile, like his bones were being immersed in glacier-ice-cold water.His stomach rebelled and tried to throw up the blood, but a strong hand clamped over his jaw, holding his mouth shut. Swallow it ALL." A voice that he must obey. With some effort, Colin forced his stomach to still and opened his eyes.

"That's right, I own you now." The hand fondly ruffled his hair. Colin's brain felt fuzzy, he couldn't quite remember what he was doing here, or why he couldn't move, or who this stranger was. "Go to sleep, little puppy." The werewolf's eyelids fluttered, then closed.

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