tagErotic HorrorVampire Micheal Ch. 03

Vampire Micheal Ch. 03


The week had already gone by faster than I would have thought possible. It was now three days after my first surprise encounter with Brianna. I couldn't stop thinking about what we had done that night. It was now Tuesday afternoon and I was busy washing dishes in the kitchen sink. I happened to look up to see a girl out in Brianna's backyard. She was swimming around and seemed to be enjoying herself rather well. I noticed that she didn't seem to know that she was being watched. She climbed out of the pool and laid down on the cement to soak up some sun rays. I could tell that she wasn't fully American but looked to be of Latin descent.

"Brianna, why don't you introduce your friend to me tonight?" I said unto Brianna through thought speech. She didn't answer immediately and I thought she might not do it; however, she came out of her house just after the sun had set. She had somehow convinced her friend to join her and they walked right over to my house. This was something that I was starting to notice about Brianna. She had a way with words and could easily get people to do what she wanted them to do. This would be another trait that would come in handy for her later down the road but only if she learned to the best way to use her powers.

I had been in the living room watching TV when I heard the knock at the front door. I opened it to a much better view of the girl with Brianna. She was quite different than all the other girls which I had the pleasure of having so far. I really couldn't tell just how old she really was, but she looked to be around nineteen. She had long, silky black hair and brown eyes that begged for personal attention. The girl's face made her appear even younger and I wondered if she might even have a bit of Asian in her. My eyes scanned her figure all the way to the bottom and my mind centered on one word for her body which was, "Steamy." She was the type of girl who could leave you short of breath. I just couldn't wait to try her out because her body was positively "tempting" in her little black string bikini. He could see that she was still wet from the pool as droplets of water were scattered all over her skin and in between, in all her special places. He wondered how the two girls knew each other but there would be time to discuss that later?

Brianna was wearing a short, black mini skirt along with a torn black T-Shirt that had lots of holes in it. Michael could see her red bra underneath her shirt through the holes. Her face was a bit whiter than normal which meant that she would have to feed soon or she might grow ill. Vampires didn't get sick like humans did but the type of sickness they suffered from was the risk of losing control over themselves.

Brianna finally smiles at me and wrapped her arms around my body to hug me before she introduces her friend as she said, "This is Mary."

I was surprised by the girl's name. I would have thought her name would be something a little more appropriate for the latin culture but she had a well-known, familiar name that people would know. I turned my eyes back to Mary and spoke to her next and took that chance to let my vampire eyes feast upon her lovely body,

"Do you know why Brianna has brought you here?"I asked her. I wanted to make sure that she knew what she was getting herself into.

Mary nodded and licked her lips and pushes her hair behind her shoulder as she answered,

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't know what I was up against, but I am fine with it. I actually think it might be a lot of fun."

I suddenly realized something about this new girl. She was a smart ass but also the curious type which didn't mind getting her hands dirty. I removed the distance separating us from each other and stepped up to her, before I laid my hand on her waist. I gazed down into her bright green eyes and then slipped my in between the strings of her little black, bikini bottoms and answered her,

"Oh, I don't know about you, but I intend to have lots of fun tonight. I already have something planned and can't wait to get it started; indeed, I have been waiting for you and Brianna to come visit me all afternoon." I let my eyes lower again to her body as I smirked and added, "Yes, but I believe the wait was worth it."

I turned next to Brianna and spoke to her while pulling her towards me. I held her as I said, "I want you to take your friend to the bedroom. There you will find a white dress that I have personally picked out for her to wear. Help her get dressed and meet me back out here and then we can get this wonderful night under way."

Brianna nodded and turned to leave but before she had moved beyond my reach, I smacked her on the ass in a seductive way. She giggled and looked back over her shoulder at me with a look that resembled the very same look a homeless person would give a hamburger after having not eaten in over a week.

"Hurry back now, because I wouldn't want you two to miss out on all the fun." I called back to them as I had turned around to sit back down on the couch. I was already getting a hard on, by just thinking about the two of them.

Brianna pauses for a moment and stood in the doorway to the bedroom. She gave me that seductive smile again as she was leaning against the door frame. "Now, would you really want to start without me? You know you can't even resist what I have and the services I can offer you." She told me and then performed a move that instantly made me want to tackle her to the floor, right then and there; strip off all her clothing and fuck her until she screamed out in pure pleasure. I watched as she dropped down to the floor like one of those exotic dancers, I had seen at the local night club. It was so hot, watching her with her back against the door frame and her hand now on the floor. She proceed by licking her fingers and then places them in between her legs along her thighs; rubbing her soft, smooth and warm skin with her wet fingers. That made me bite down on my bottom lip, because I knew just how soft and smooth her legs really were which only turned me on more. She twisted her legs around and I caught sight of the lacy underwear she was wearing underneath before she rises back up to her feet. She turned around and let her hair fly out behind her as she entered the bedroom. I also noticed that she had made sure to swing her sexy ass like a model walking on a fashion runway and that she was obviously trying to tempt me.

The door shut behind her and I was left thinking about what she had just done. It was why I was so attracted to this girl and why I would not let her go. She had it all and even more. Brianna and Mary finally came out of the bedroom after maybe half an hour but I wasn't any less worked up than before. They joined me in the living room. I got up off the couch as they entered and walked over to them. I circled the two of them, looking over them as they stood in the area just beyond the door to the bedroom. I split them up and they were now on either side of my body as my hands slipped down over their backs to their nice round asses. It was then that I turned my attention upon Mary. Her white dress was silky and moved perfectly with her body. It wasn't tightly fitting around her body, but it did flow freely and loosely against her incredible form. I held her arm in front of her chest while I turned her so that her back was against my chest.

I whispered into her ear as I held her there, "I bet you have never had a man touch you in the right way or treat your body like a delicate flower. These touches I speak about are simple and soft touches, but the kind that will awaken your body's senses; releasing pleasures that cannot be felt anywhere else."

I moved my hand to pull back her soft black hair and inhaled her amazing scent which was of lavender and some other scent of berries. I began to kiss along her neck. Starting just below the ear which filled her with even more lust and Mary tilted her head back to give me better access to her neck. She parted her lips as a soft moan escaped out from in between them and I could tell that she was becoming even more aroused because of the pleasure she was feeling. Her nipples were hardened and erected against the fabric of the white dress. I moved my hands down across her body, pressing the dress against her side and then my hands settled on her waist again before moving on to her thighs. She turned around and kisses me as she attempted to grind against my body.

I turned to Brianna now and pulled both girls towards the bedroom door. I pushed the wooden door open and let go off them as I motioned for them to get onto the bed. They did as they were told without any objection and then waited on the bed for whatever I would do next or say next. I pulled off my shirt and got into bed with them. The two girls looked momentarily at each other, before they both reached up and ran their hands over my bare chest. Their hands were soft, smooth and warm. I loved the way they were touching me. Brianna moved her hands down to my pants and unbuttoned them. I had to grin because of this and I felt her put her hand inside before wrapping her fingers around my hard cock. She began to stroke me with her hand as she kisses me. I could hear her purring and she licked her lips and stared down at my open pants. Meanwhile, Mary pushes me onto my back and both of the girls removed my pants and tossed them onto the floor. I was now only in my boxer briefs and these two girls were still fully dressed but they were probably burning up with lust by now. I knew it wouldn't be long before those sexy clothes came off their hot bodies. Brianna finally growled at me with burning lust and pulled down my boxer shorts. She wrap her hand around my cock again and started to jerk me off.

I shoved her down onto the bed and climbed on top of her as she did this. I quickly removed her shirt and then her skirt before I went down on her. I kissed her perfectly formed petite body; starting from her neck and proceeding down to her stomach. I then returned my lips to her neck and my hand rested on the front of her lacy white panties. I gently rubbed my fingers up against her soaking wet pussy and that made her moan against my neck which was now within reach of her lips. She held me against her and I pushed my body up against hers while she was grinding against me. She arches her back and her moans grew much louder with every push of my hand against her panties. I then slid my fingers into her panties and began to touch her directly and this caused her to become wetter under my touch. She was breathing harder and whimpering as my hand worked on her and she whispered my name several times.

I was then rolled onto my back by Mary. The steamy, red hot Latin girl had pulled off her dress and was now only in her underwear. She leaned down over me and began to kiss my chest. I smiled and stared down at her as she did this and I loved this more than anything. She kept working her lips down to my stomach before I felt her hand take hold of my cock again and preceded to stroke me in the same way as Brianna had did. It amazed me how two girls could do the very same thing and give different results. Mary acted as if she had did all of this before and I became even further convinced, when she started to lick the tip of my hard cock. Mary began to suck harder and pushes her hair aside. She licked me with her tongue and her mouth moved down the length of my cock. I felt her swallow and take me deeper into her mouth and I moaned loudly. She did this several times until I thought I would cum but she seemed to have a lot of experience with this and withdrew, pulling her mouth away and straightening up. She had did all of this like a professional porn star and it was doing nothing but turning me on further but I loved it. I didn't want her to stop.

Brianna stood up and settled herself with her legs on either side of my face. She was cupping her hands over her breasts and breathing hard. I started to lick her warm pussy as it connected with my tongue and moaned deeper into Brianna, when I felt Mary's lips settle again on my shaft but she was teasing me.

"No, I don't want you to finish just yet. I want for you to finish inside of me." Mary told me. I didn't know if she was a virgin or not but she sure seemed way to experience to be a virgin anyways. She stripped off her lingerie and dropped herself onto me and began to ride my hard cock. She moaned and started grinding against me. I was enjoying myself. I was having my hard shaft ridden by this hot Latin girl and eating the pussy of an equally hot brunette. I could hear the two girls were moaning in unison and I gasped when Mary's pussy tightened more around my cock and came with her organism after several minutes. I wasn't through yet and pulled Brianna down under me. I stripped off her bra and panties as I said to her. "I was thinking about the other night. We didn't finish what we had started; therefore, I am going to fuck you hard and make you mine for good."

Brianna seemed to like this because she grinned and pulled me closer to her. I began to rub on Brianna's pussy once more as I spoke again to her, "You are so wet. You like this don't you?" I moved forward as Brianna nodded and she reacted with a loud gasp as soon as I put the tip of my cock up against her pussy. I let it sit there for a second or two and then inserted it into her body. Brianna cried out from the sudden sharp pain before she relaxes and I quickened the pace inside her. She tightened harder around me and I loved the way her body felt as I fucked her hard and fast. It wasn't long after that when I came inside of her and pulled out. I was breathing hard but I couldn't imagine a better situation then to be here in the bed with two beautiful girls.

I knew that I had to continue with the process of turning these girls into full vampires. I finished Brianna by sinking my fangs into her and drinking the rest of her blood till she was bone dry. I then turned and pulled Mary to me but she seemed a little scared to give into vampirism. It wasn't any fun to force the girl into being a vampire and so I placed my hand in between her legs and began to rub up against her. I let a wave of pleasure wash off my fingers and send shock waves up into her body. She relaxes against my touch and moaned as I was fingering her. Her eyes closed and I knew she was ready. I sank my fangs into her and finished her off as well. I dropped her onto the bed beside Brianna and got up off the bed. I stared down at the two naked girls who were now full vampires. I grinned and licked the blood off my lips because I knew the fun had only just begun.

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