tagNonHumanVampire On Cardiff Road

Vampire On Cardiff Road


Catherine is a 23 year old, young woman that's living in a suburban neighborhood called "The Baxley". She works in an advertising company, but is pretty bored with the job. She's single with no children and lives alone. For the past 5 years she didn't have the chance to hang out with her friends because she's a workaholic. She's very independent, graduated college at the age of 19 and was the top of her class. She had the perfect life for people her age could ever dream of having. A house, a car, but Catherine wasn't happy. She wanted to enjoy what life had to offer, some excitement, and even some danger.

She is at home doing an assignment for her job when, suddenly she hears a vehicle coming towards her driveway around 10pm. Catherine looks out the window to see who it is. She notices a moving van at the house next door. Meanwhile looking out the window, she discovers the movers are bringing a coffin.

"Why would they bring a coffin?" she asks herself. She turns the lights off in her room and looks for awhile to see what else they are bringing. Catherine thinks it's the weirdest thing ever to bring something like that next door.

Everything is getting interesting for her until her the doorbell rings. It is her co-worker and best friend Geneva; Catherine forgot that she was coming over tonight to help her with Catherine's assignment. It is kind of strange to her why would the movers come at night? She doesn't know much about the new neighbor. But is willing to investigate what's going on. While the movers are leaving, a young woman is walking towards next door neighbor's door. Is she clueless to what is going on? The doorbell rings again; she gets to the door with quick feet.

"Hey, how come you didn't return my call the first time I called?" Geneva says.

"Girl, you have to come to my room"

"What's wrong?"

"There's something I need to show you."

As they both go upstairs into Catherine's room, she tells Geneva what happened. She thinks Catherine drank too much coffee this morning. Finished talking, they both start to peep out the window. Suddenly they see a young woman upstairs and candles light up. Then, a man comes up to place his hands on her hips. He stood about 6'4, with a muscular build. He has a face women would read and fantasize about in romance novels. Black haired, blue eyed pale man with a goatee equals gorgeous.

Catherine couldn't believe it. She is so wet by just one look at him. Catherine and Geneva have become voyeurs of the next door neighbors. The man is caressing the woman and suddenly his fangs grow and close in on her neck, then he looks at Catherine. She can't believe it. She is shocked that he neighbor is a vampire. The strange man looks at her with a deep stare and pulls the blinds with his long fingers. They are so scared she quickly closes the window and doesn't speak a word for almost five minutes. Geneva is a little more curious of what is going on with the next door neighbor.

"Close the blinds," Catherine cries out

"Alright girl, shit."

"He could be walking toward my house in the mist and we won't even know."

"I think they're trying to scare us, he could be a vamp wannabe."

That's when the loud scream comes. The girls are both alarmed when they hear it. Geneva wants to call the police but her conscience told her otherwise. Geneva hand is shaking while reaching for the phone.

"Listen Cat, I am getting ready to go home."

"Be Careful." Catherine is worried for her friend. Both of the girls pick themselves up from the floor and head downstairs. Catherine rushes for the door to walk her out. She opens the door, and the tall pale beauty was standing right in front of her door step. Her jaw drops in surprise and she chocks back a scream. The man looks at both of the girls with a lustful stare. Licking his pink, full lips like Catherine is a full course meal and Geneva is a desert.

"Invite me in" The man says with a thick Romanian accent.

"Why I should invite you in?" Catherine wonders.

"Because I saw you, and your lady friend spying on me."

"It was just in curiosity... I didn't mean to do it I swear!" she stammers.

"I came over to introduce myself to the both of you."

"Ok, but please don't kill us, I have an important presentation to do tomorrow."

"My name is Dee, it's a pleasure to meet you."

"So, your name is just Dee?" Catherine says confused.

Dee has one of those accents you hear in romantic French movies. He has on a grey suit with a red scarf hanging out, along with matching grey shoes. Catherine secretly likes Dee's looks and doesn't want to admit she is aroused by him. Her panties are getting little damp as she looks into his icy, blue eyes. Dee's body language is very playful, suggestive, and seductive. He is quite taken with Catherine when she opened the door. Catherine's panties go from damp, to dramatically moist, as he stares at her.

She knows she has heard his voice before. She had a dream about his voice, begging her to come to him. Could that have been him?

"Come in," she croaks as he stares at them.

The man oozes sex as he swaggers into the room. He is the only vampire that lives in the neighborhood that Catherine knows about.

"I have a bone to pick with you ladies."

"Uh. What seems to be the issue sir?" Geneva says with a shaky voice.

"You girls have been snooping though my window is that right?" Dee asks with his sexy accent.

"Please, we were just curious to see who is moving in that's all," answers Catherine.

Dee is circling the girls trying to figure out if he wants to kill Catherine, or do the unthinkable. He stands there silently to think about it. Catherine wants to run from him but she knows she won't.

"Who's the lady of the house?" asks Dee.

"Catherine is!" Geneva blurts out with a nervous smile.

"So Catherine, you're the owner of this house?"

"Yes, that's right."

"Ok, May I go home now?" Geneva asks desperately.

"Yes!" Catherine and Dee both say.

"Thank God!" Catherine's legs feel like lead as she walks Geneva to the door. She tells her goodbye and they will see each other tomorrow. As Catherine is closing the door, Dee comes up behind her and kisses her neck, while palming her breasts. Catherine is more aroused than ever before.

They start kissing, scratching, biting, and squeezing. Dee pushes Catherine up against the wall. He lifts her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. With one hand he whipped out his cock, and then rips her panties off. His dick felt like about 8 ½ inches long and 3 ½ wide as is slides inside her. Catherine gasps when he is fully sheathed. He starts humping her like a wild dog.

"I wanted to do this since I noticed you," Dee pants in her ear.

"Well, what the fuck took you so long?" Catherine manages to get out between thrusts.

Dee can tell that Catherine is vulnerable by the look in her eyes. She allowed this to happen even though she didn't really want it.

"You want some more?" Dee rumbles in a husky voice

"Oh God Yes! Make me come!" Catherine screams very eagerly. Then her orgasm rips through her and stars are in her eyes.

Next thing she knows, Dee is carrying her upstairs with his cock still inside her. Every bump or jostle causes more aftershocks. Dee automatically throws her onto the bed and spreads her legs. Lowering him mouth he begins to eat her pussy, sucking out all her delicious juices. The aroma of their sex is all over the house. Dee's hand is pressing on her stomach to feel the pressure of her next orgasm. When he finally finds her sensitive spot, she comes again, bucking wildly into his face. This time it is a lot more fluid than Dee could handle. She comes all over the bed and her legs are shaking. Dee wasn't done with her yet. He flips her over on the bed and slams his hard cock back into her from behind. Catherine moans loudly. He begins to ride her like a jack rabbit. Catherine could not get enough of his pounding. While the pair got down and dirty, she comes again on his thrusting cock.

He pulls out and pushes her onto her back. Moving up he places his swollen head at her lips. She opens wide and sucks his huge 8 ½ inch cock inside. His pre come is leaking into her warm, moist mouth. Catherine tries to swallow the whole thing. It is more than she can handle.

"That's it Catherine, suck me dry!" Dee moans with a rough but gentle voice. Catherine goes to town at his hard, succulent dick. She continues licking, biting, and sucking.

"Oh, Catherine... I'm going to come" Dee roars powerfully. Catherine's blow job is so intense for Dee; he finally comes in her mouth. Jet after jet shooting down her throat. She milks all of the semen out of him.

After they catch their breath Dee rips off all of her clothing. He starts at her toes and works his way up. Dee kisses her lips and tugs her bottom lip gently, then worked from her lips to her neck. He wants to bite her, to know the taste of her sweet blood. He nibbles her neck a couple of times. He fondles her breast before he starts kissing and sucking on her erect nipples. Her nipples become raw and sensitive. Catherine is pulling his hair as he continues to work down to her pussy. He is working his tongue into the sensitive area of her clit. His warm moist lips suck the nectar of her fruit. Catherine moans very loud and anxiously. Grinding on Dee's face as he is eating her out. She has to admit so far this is the best sex she has ever had. Catherine feels like she is finally getting what she craved for so long. Dee grabs her legs to put them on his broad, powerful shoulders as he devours her. His nails slightly scratching her torso. Catherine couldn't take it anymore, the wonderful sensation beginning to spread through her. When he hits her spot once more, she comes all over his face. Dee couldn't get enough of her coming for him.

Her hands are wrapped around the head board bed post while he pushes his rejuvenated cock back into her. Dee has grown his fangs for the first time while making love to her and his eyes turn red. A low, dominant growl coming from his chest. Catherine is shocked, but also turned on by his transformation. While Catherine is still in shock, he bites her neck and starts sucking her blood slowly. Catherine felt her life being drained out of her as he is sucking more, and more of her precious blood. She is suddenly falling over the edge again


"Be my beloved wife, forever." Dee demands with blood dripping from his lips.

"I will yes! Make me yours." Catherine answers with an exhausted voice.

"I just want you to know that I am 1800 years old. Since my wife drowned herself into the river. I have never found another bride to call my own. You remind me so much of her." Dee had bloody tears streaming down his face.

"I have traveled oceans of time to find the one, and that's you my dear."

"That's why your voice sound's so familiar. I didn't know if it was real or just another dream I had."

"That was me my dear, I know you been alone for so long and I just can't bear to see you like this." Dee says with compassion.

Catherine felt the pain in Dee's voice a she talked. Her boyfriend was killed in a car crash 2 years ago. He was the only person she ever loved. She was lost without him cold, and alone. Just like Dee. Dee kisses Catherine with his bloody lips and then continues to suck her dry. Catherine can't resist the pain and the pleasure. It is worth every second to her, feeling the pull of his mouth. When Dee is done, he bites his wrist and feeds her his blood. She is almost dead but when his blood hits her lips she begins feeding greedily.

"Good, is it not my lady?" Dee asked in an aroused voice. Catherine sucks so much of his blood Dee has to take his wrist from Catherine. While Catherine is recovering, Dee is also, being grown weak from the blood lost.

After two hours, Catherine is a vampire. Her eyes change from brown to yellow. She gets up from the bed and looks at herself in the mirror. Come to find out there is no reflection. Catherine is a little overwhelmed, but happy because she can spend the rest of her days with Dee. They sleep together through the next day. As for Geneva, she'll figure it out soon enough.

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