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Vampire Sex Goddess


I met Carmedelia in a tavern on a dark night at the tavern in our small country town after a long hard day's work in the fields of my lord's land. She was a young, beautiful brunette with wild, long, brown hair that hung below her shoulders.

Her eyes were a dazzling deep sparkling green that hypnotized all that gazed upon her. She had a sensual soul stirring low, velvety voice and creamy white skin that drew me to her.

Carmedelia was a mesmerizing, slender yet busty woman with deep red rouge on her cheeks. She had a seductive, sexy smile, thin, blood red lips and long, slender red fingernails that she ran haphazardly over the wooden planks of the table when she spoke.

I ordered a tall mug of bitter pale ale and talked to my fellow surfs in the tavern trying to keep my mind off of the seductive beauty, Carmedelia, but it was impossible to keep my mind and eyes off of her svelte form as she seemed to float around the tavern.

Every time she caught my eye I felt strange yearnings and my loins felt like they were on fire as though I was under some kind of spell.

When she looked my way and began to walk seductively swinging her hips towards my table her eyes seemed to be ablaze with a passionate fire that I'd never seen before in a lady. My fellow surf quickly moved away leaving me alone at the table to await my fate with Carmedelia.

As I gaze at her my heart becomes ablaze with the strange and mysterious fantasies that I see in her deep, lifeless yet sensuous, fiery, green eyes which make me long for the thrills of her darkly passionate and forbidden desires of wanton, amorous lust as I become lost in the hypnotic spell of her darkest unquenchable needs.

She reaches for my hand with long, ghostly, cold, white hands and wraps her long, dagger like blood red fingernails around my hand and pulls me into her chilling embrace and leads me into the eerie darkness of the moonless night.

Then she lifted me into the chilly air and we float above the dank earth of the fields to a high dark ledge high above the raging waters of the deep blue seas.

We alight on the ledge and I look down to the water and see it raging violently with seeming evil intent and disturbing thoughts enter my mind. As I gaze into the waters Carmedelia takes me by my trembling hand and begins to lead me down a dark passageway through a cavernous cave lit by the eerie, hypnotic glow of the dancing flames of oddly carved torches.

We glide through the wet, rocky, dank passage way until we reach the other side and I see a huge castle with gothic spires on every corner and a tall bell tower.

As we approach the bells begin ringing playing a spooky, mind numbing tune that makes my mind weak with terrible fright. I am led through a tall dark gate with frightening, eerily glowing skeletons hung upon it then Carmedelia binds my hands with thick, silken, black cords.

She leads me through the courtyard to a large ivy covered door in the castle and opens it forcing me to enter the dark cavernous great hall.

She pushes me to the ground and places a black collar around my throat and attaches a long leather cord to it and begins to pull me toward a dark, frightening chamber adorned with weird cult-like symbols at the far end of the great room.

As we enter the dark chambers candlelight suddenly, magically blazes to life and I can see a large stone alter adorned with iron shackles and a small trench circling it in the middle of the room. Its walls are adorned with long, silken, blood red curtains that glow mysteriously in the flickering firelight.

I am led by Carmedelia to the far wall and forced to my knees before long, weirdly chiseled ornate marble columns with bloody shackles and chains attached to a slumping half decayed skeleton.

From a small marble table she picks up a silver chalice and pours some sweet smelling deep red wine into it and places it back onto the table. Then viciously pulls on my leash constricting my throat causing me to gasp in the dank air and leads me to the dark, bloody alter.

Carmedelia binds my feet with more of the thick, silken cords and begins to chant in a strange language causing me to rise from the floor and float above the bloody alter. She places her hands upon my chest and pushes me onto my back and leaves me to hover above the horrifying alter as she begins to chant again.

A few minutes later she stops chanting and walks over to a dark doorway and enters leaving me horrifyingly alone and frightened out of my wits. After a long agonizing wait Carmedelia returns adorned in a long, black silken robe and hood with a slender, curved, sliver dagger and sheath with mystic symbols carved into its handle attached to her side. She begins to chant as she slowly walks to the table and picks up the chalice and raises it into the air.

The room begins to spin before my eyes making me dizzy as smoky, white mist begins to rise from the floor engulfing me with its hypnotizing, toxic scent.

Pretty soon I become unable to move my arms and legs nor can I speak or move and lay suspended in the smoky air. Carmedelia floats over to my and begins to cut my clothes away with the dagger. As she begins to push me onto the bloody alter and my tattered clothes mysteriously fall to the ornate stone floor and lay in a heap.

As she begins to chant again she circles the dark, bloody alter tracing my naked body with her long, blood red nails ghostly, skeletal figures with glowing red eyes begin to float into the room and encircle the cold alter moaning eerily. My paralyzed eyes gaze into hers and I see that they've turned from dazzling green to a translucent grey and become more frightened.

Carmedelia moves away from me and beckons the ghostly figures to come to her. As they reach her svelte form one by one they begin to bow paying silent homage to the dark mastery of the beautiful Vampire goddess. She begins to recite some ancient incantation and rise to the air and floats over to my bound form.

Her skin is ashen and has a deathly, translucent pall to it and her lips are bloodless. She whispers something to me in an ancient language that I don't understand and raises her hands in the air and begins twirling them around making the mist dance in ghastly circles around the alter.

I look into her colorless eyes and gaze upon her shriveled face then her dark, haunting thoughts invade my weary mind and dance through my brain and I am forced to embrace her inhuman lust for my rich, living blood. She begins to evilly smile at me revealing her long, white, gleaming, razor sharp fangs.

Carmedelia again traces my sweaty body with her cold, razor like fingernails drawing blood from my throbbing veins. She leans down and licks blood from my arm and I see her lifeless, colorless body begin to change to a vibrant, glowing creamy white. She leans over me and places her lips upon my throat and begins to sensually suck the blood from me causing her cold heart to pound with renewed life.

As her heartbeat continues to grow Carmedelia begins to chant and slowly dance erotically around the alter tracing my body with hungry fingers as her eyes become a glowing and dazzling green once more.

I notice that she is wearing silky red panties and thigh high silky black hose and a red garter belt under her robe which was slit down the sides. As her life becomes revitalized with my living blood flowing through her veins she removes the hood from her head and dance before my stricken form stripping the blood red robe off revealing her stunning, sexy undead body.

Slowly she begins to trace her long fingers over her large breasts and smooth stomach down to her hairless pink, pussy in a sensuous manner that somehow began to excite me.

She began to caress her tight round ass then slid her fingers into her wet pussy, fingers it for a few minutes then pulls them to her mouth and licks the juices from them before wiggling her long fingers in my face dripping her warm juices into my mouth exciting my deadened senses.

Suddenly Carmedelia began to rise into the dank air and floated over me then slowly lowered herself onto my immobile body straddling my face then released me from my shackles.

Then she began to writhe sensually pressing her pussy against my face and ordered me to kiss and lick it. Her sweet pussy's perfume wafted over me intoxicating my senses hypnotizing me causing me to do as she ordered.

I began to run my hands over her cool body as my tongue found her tight pussy and began to slide in and out of it with a mind of its own.

She pressed her hands against the back of my head and moaned suck my clit too, so I began sucking on her plump, pink clit as I slid my finger into her and began slowly sliding it in and out of her.

As Carmedelia began to shake and quiver on top of me I reached around and began to squeeze her tight round ass. She bounced up and down on my face faster and harder as I licked her pussy until her eerie moans shook the room as she finally came shooting her warm juices into my mouth and over my face.

She rose into the air and turned to face my groin then slid on top of me again and began to lick the head of my cock with her long, snake-like pink tongue causing me to moan deliriously as the electricity of her passion lit up my senses.

Slowly she began pumping her mouth up and down on my long, rock hard cock taking my shaft deep into her throat as she ran her tongue around it teasingly.

She took my ass into her hands and squeezed it hard then spanked it before sliding her long finger into me. She pounded her finger in and out of my ass as she sucked my cock until I was close to cumming and quickly pulled her finger from my ass.

Then Carmedelia pulled off of it and began to lower her wet pussy onto my cock and began to ride me fast and hard wildly bucking up and down on it like the demons of hell.

She moaned eerily and her green eyes began to glow as she writhed wildly on my cock. She pounded herself onto me for a long time and ran her hands sensually down my body as she lowered her large, cream colored breasts to my face and forced her nipple into my mouth.

I began to suck on her long, fat, pink nipple as I began to play with her tits moaning loudly. Carmedelia began pulling my hair and pressing her tit deeper into my mouth making me suckle it. I worked her tit for a long time before she pulled it away as she began to moan and shake against me again.

She pulled off of my cock faced my feet and slid it into her tight ass and started riding me again as she fingered her tight pussy. I pounded my cock up into her and worked her ass hard for several minutes until she began to scream as she came all over my cock.

Carmedelia got off of me and stood at the end of the cold alter and began to lick my cock slowly before taking its head into her mouth and began sucking on it. She wrapped her lips tightly around my cock and worked her mouth fast and hard up and down my thick shaft as she idly fingered my tight, quivering balls.

I could feel her long teeth scraping my cock as she sensually worked it and soon began to moan as my orgasm began to build. As I began to moan louder and shake in the throes of my orgasm I felt Carmedelia's sharp teeth sink into my cock and screamed as she drained the blood from me.

As I began to fade from consciousness I saw her float over to the decaying skeletons on the pillars across the room and sink her fangs into their rotting flesh. Then she began to let the blood from her mouth drip into theirs until they began to quiver and shake as they began to come alive.

As she chanted some old incantation they began to flesh out and I watched in horror as she unleashed them from their shackles and led them to me. As I finally began to close my eyes I heard Carmedelia laugh with evil delight as their sharp fangs sank deeply into my flesh as they began to ravenously feed on my flesh and blood until death at last came for me and took me into the dark recesses of hell.


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