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Vampire Summer


Arrrgggg--- Sasha hated the summer, she had moved to the Pacific Northwest to get away from the sun and the heat. The long summer days depressed her. She could go out on a rainy day, walking through the rain forest in the rain excited her. She was a creature of the night, but on a rainy day she could go out play in the rain. That is why she had picked this area, it didn't get summer, it was moody, not sunny.

"This climate change thing is ruining my life, I can't believe it."

It sucked being a vampire in the summer, you could only go out after ten at night and needed to be out of the sun by five in the morning. The winter should have made up for the short summer nights, but it didn't.

The bright sun and hot weather had moved in by June, it was August, the sun was still burning hot. Sasha needed a distraction, she leafed through the paper's entertainment section, there was the usual nightlife, bars and such. She really needed something different, something exciting, a night-time beach party, perfect.

The party was in full swing when Sasha got there, she wandered the vendor the booths searching the wares, there was food as well, but she couldn't digest human food. She bought a margarita, sipping it slowly as she walked from one booth to the next. Sasha found a volleyball tournament going on, she sat right on the beach as close to the action as she could get.

The first few matches were girls in next to nothing swimsuits. The girls were flat chested, skinny, and tall, not really her type. She liked her girls with curves, squishy boobs, wiggly asses, something to hold on to.

The next match was a men's doubles, now this, chiseled chests, tall lean bodies, and those skimpy speedos, she was mesmerized. After a couple of matches, she decided to hunt one of these delicious morsels out.

She found a young man heading out to the beach for a pee, he stood in the water, waves lapping at his ankles. She slipped silently up behind him, slid her arms around him, caressed his chest, tweaked his nipples. His cock sprung to life, raising into the air.

"Is that you Linda?" he tried to turn.

"No! Does it matter?" she whispered in his ear.

She had his erection in her hands pulling, tugging, fondling it to maximum hardness. He moaned, the lust took all thoughts of Linda from his brain. She began slowly jerking his hard cock in her cool hand, sliding up over the knob, then slowly back down to the base. It spasmed in her hand, his breath became ragged, his arousal increased. Her hand had a firm grip on his erection, pumping faster, his mind focused on the sensation. He was about to explode all over the beach, she reached down pinching his orgasm off at the base, his mind blew into the orgasm without his cock, eyes rolling back, panting for breath, toes curling in the sand.

He had never experienced anything like this, usually he came, rolled over and went to sleep, he wasn't capable of multiple orgasms. Yet here he was, cock raging hard. She pushed him to the sand, taking his dick in her mouth, her cool lips closing around the head. She sucked greedily on the erect stiffness in her mouth, sliding it deeper in her throat with each stroke. She moaned on his cock, sending tremors through his body, his excitement seeking new heights. She stroked it deeper into her throat, till his balls pressed against her chin. Sasha sensed his impending orgasm, drawing closer with each stroke. There it was on the tip of his cock, she bit him just behind the glans on his penis, sucking hard, his cum mixing with his blood, starting her own ripping orgasm.

He surfed the wave of lust, spurting wildly into her mouth, catching the next wave, after wave, till his heart stopped beating. She licked the blood from his flaccid penis, tasting him one last time, she kissed his cock good-by.


"John, John are you out here? John?"

"Linda?" Sasha ask.

"Yes, do I know you?" she ask puzzled.

"I'm a friend of Johns, Sasha, pleased to meet you," Sasha extended her hand.

"John's never mentioned your name," she responded in a confused tone.

"He ask me to bring you to him," Sasha confided.

"Uh... OK, I guess. Where is he?"

"He is over here in this cave, waiting for us."

"Where? Where are you taking me," Linda asked, her confusion becoming deeper.

"Just over here," sighed Sasha in her ear.

Linda found her nipples becoming erect, her pussy juicing, a shiver running through her body. She had never felt this way from a woman's touch, she was repulsed by the thought of lesbian sex, but this woman was having an effect on her. Sasha pushed her body against Linda's back, rubbing her mound suggestively, against the girl's ass. She reached up to capture Linda's ample bosom, squeezing each tit through her bathing suit, nipples becoming harder by the second. Sasha pushed the girl down into the sand of the cave, stripping off her bathing suit as she went.

Linda let out a sigh, Sasha kissed first one nipple then the other, lapping just the tip like a kitten lapping milk. Linda's body trembled as a small orgasm shook through her. Sasha ran her tongue down Linda's ribs to the indent that was her navel, the girl giggled under the assault, she ran her tongue through the girls soft blonde bush, settling on her clit. Linda let out a deep moan of lust, she squirmed under the attention her pussy was getting. Sasha licked, lapped up her juice, she pointed her tongue, ever so lightly pressing against her clit, and flicked. She brought Linda to the edge of ecstasy; then stopped.

Linda hung in a hazy fog of lust, Sasha grabbed her head, shoving it between her thighs.

"If you want to cum, lick my pussy bitch!" she hissed in Linda's ear.

Linda licked like her life depended on it, she brought Sasha one orgasm after another. Sasha rode her face like a bucking bronco, Linda's face was coated with Sasha's pussy juice, her eye's were glazed over. She doesn't eat pussy, yet here she was back on the edge of orgasm by eating this girls pussy.

Sasha crawled back between the girls legs blowing lightly on her drenched pussy lips, sending shivers of lust through her again. She positioned her tongue on Linda's clit, reaching up grabbing the girls nipples, twisted hard. She flicked her tongue insanely fast across the clit. Linda's back arched;

"Oh,oh,oh,oh,oh, my god,oh,Aaaahhhhhhhhhh."

She came hard on Sasha's tongue, grinding her pussy into her face. Sasha bit on either side of the girls clit, sending her into an absolutely mind-blowing orgasm. Linda's eyes rolled into the back of her head, her body shook as if an earthquake was in her belly. Wave, after wave, of searing orgasm burned through her. Sasha sucked on the girls pussy licking up the blood with her pussy juice, it was nectar to her. She continued to lick till the blood stopped flowing, Linda's heart stopped pumping.

Sasha dragged Linda's lifeless corpse to the waters edge, the tide would do the rest. She licked her lips, her full belly felt like she had just had Thanksgiving dinner. She wandered back up the beach to were the party was still going.

"I think I need a margarita!"

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