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Vampire Vacation


I didn't realise how right I'd be when I told my family that I would have an adventure when I did a working vacation in Australia. I was expecting that I'd meet some cute guys or maybe have a lesbian encounter. I was sure I'd see some interesting sights, and meet some interesting people, but wow, just wow.

My group had just finished a week of fruit picking. On the weekend Janice and I decided to try a surfing class, we were in Surfer's Paradise after all. I really didn't get all that much surfing in, I mean I pushed the board around in the surf, and then tried to stand on it, only to get knocked off into the water and have to drag the board back out again. Maybe by the end of the lesson I had been actually surfing for like 3 minutes. That said I had a wonderful time and couldn't stop smiling and giggling. Janice was apparently a natural surfer, it seemed like every time I was dragging my board back out, I'd see her actually keeping her balance, and gliding on the water. Of course it doesn't hurt that she actually looks like one of the surfer girls that the Beach Boys describe in their songs. Tall, blond, athletic, I mean I could almost hate her except that she is so much fun to hang around. She's always making new friends and has a knack for keeping things light and fun. I wondered if she would be interested in experimenting...

Took a quick shower to get the sea water off, then headed to the pub. There was a great pub about 5 blocks from the hostel, cheap-ish dinners and beers. We met up with some of the other people we were on tour with Tim, Alex, Jen and Erika. After the meal, we started to play drinking games. How to people in Australia play quarters? I mean they don't even have quarters. After digging through our change for the appropriate sized coins we started to play. A few "surfer dudes" asked to join us, and we explained how to play.

Everyone was starting to get a little buzzed, when a guy who was almost as pale as me asked to join. (The fact that I'm a Canadian who wears sunscreen practically made my skin glow white, especially compared to the Aussie surfer boys.) He introduced himself as Darren, and in a thick accent he asked to join the game. I scrunched closer to Janice on the bench and he sat down beside me. He was very, very good at quarters, I mean he didn't miss a shot.

Quarters was starting to get a little dull, and the drinks were starting to get a bit expensive, so we moved back to the hostel. Tim and Jen left us at this point, and all the surfer boys except Dale. So it was me, Janice, Alex, Erika, Dale and Darren. I'm not sure who suggested the game of Truth or Dare, but everyone thought it was a great idea.

Alex asked Janice, "Truth or Dare?" Janice chose dare, and Alex dared her to kiss Erika. A strange look passed Alex's face right after he asked, kind of like he didn't believe that he had just said that. Janice leaned over and planted a sisterly peck on Erika's cheek. Alex said that wasn't what he meant, but Janice replied that he should have specified what he meant to begin with.

Janice asked Darren how many girls he had slept with, he replied hundreds, which made us all laugh, since he didn't look much over 21, but he stuck to his story and wouldn't budge. Darren dared Dale to run and jump in the pool in the buff, which he did, very quickly, turning 20 shades of red in the process.

Dale then dared me me to kiss Janice, like I was deeply in love with her and hadn't see her for weeks. I looked into Janice's eyes, and she seemed ok or maybe even excited about the idea, so we started to kiss. Softly at first, almost delicately, then we opened our mouths and started to really french kiss. Eventually we sighed and stopped, and everyone in the room started to applaud. One of the guys said "damn that was hot." Janice and I both blushed.

For my turn I asked Alex to describe how he lost his virginity. Alex's story had most of us enthralled, it was funny and there was even a car chase after him and the young lady were caught by her over protective father. Dale and Erika had slipped away from the group, onto the other bed in the room.

After the story Alex noticed Dale and Erika on the other bed, Dale's towel had fallen open, and they were making out. It might not have been very classy, but we all started to watch as one of Dale's hands massaged Erika's tits, and the other started to explore exactly how short Erika's short shorts were.

Alex asked me truth or dare in a hushed voice and I replied dare thoughtlessly. He then said something, but I didn't hear it, as I was too busy watching as Dale's hand got in Erika's shorts, pushed aside her panties, and he started to play with her clit. Alex repeated the question, still very quietly, so that the couple in the corner didn't hear. He said "I dare you to take off your shirt and bra and go join them."

I swear that one moment I was sitting fully clothed and the next my shirt was on the floor and my bra was in my hands. I looked at Dale and Erika, and they seemed very into what they were doing. The towel that Dale had been wearing after jumping in the pool had become nothing more than another small blanket on the bed, Erika's clothing was still on, if you could call having her t-shirt sitting above her 34D breasts around her neck, and her bra hanging off one arm. I ogled Dale for a minute and wondered for a moment what his reaction would be. His chest was nice, no hair, and a nice 6 pack. His cock was a decent size, probably 7 inches, and nice and thick.

Again it seemed like I blinked and things changed. I was on the 2nd bed sitting beside Erika, my left hand was on Dale's thigh, my right hand was wrapped around Erika, lightly playing with her nipple, while I was going in to give her a kiss. Erika tilted her head and our lips met. There was nothing delicate about this kiss, it was an instantly tongue tangling, gasp for breath kiss.

I pinched her nipple, and moved my hand up higher on Dale's leg, so that I could feel his cock. Her nipple was tight and pointy, his cock was so hard it was like silk wrapped steal. I was not left out, and soon felt a hand on my tit and another going up my leg.

I'm not sure if the game of truth and dare continued and one by one the rest of the participants were dared to join, or if they just decided that what was happening on the 2nd bed looked like a more fun game, but the next time I looked at the 1st bed, I saw nearly nude bodies entwined.

There was a brief pause, where someone decided that we should push the beds together to make up one big bed. While the guys were moving the beds around the girls stripped each other out of our remaining clothes. The girls climbed back on the new and enlarged bed. Erika and I pushed Janice down onto the pillows, Erika started to nibble on her right tit, while I started to nibble on her left. I started to tickle Janice's knee, and Erika emulated it on the other side. We slowly worked our way up to Janice's pussy. Erika started to rub her clit, while I was tracing my fingers around her very wet pussy lips. I pushed a single finger into her pussy and Janice's eyes rolled into the back of her head, I add a second finger in beside the first making her writhe on the bed. A little while later I feel Janice's hand pulling my hair, moving her head towards my face, so that she could kiss me. Almost as soon as I'm kissing her she starts to scream her orgasm into my mouth.

The guys applaud our effort, and although I'm not sure if this was exactly their thought but I figure that they thought it was time to make the show a little more interactive. Janice was zoned out from the massive orgasm, and asked for a few minutes to recover. Erika decided that she had some unfinished business with Dale, and pretty much hopped right on top of him and started riding him cowgirl style.

Darren and Alex looked at each other and then at me, then Darren asked Alex if he was willing to share. Alex gave me a quick look, then said sure. I quickly grabbed some condoms out of my bag and handed them to the guys, safety first. I tossed a couple over to Dale and Erika, just in case they wanted.

With a gentle hand from Darren, I get on my knees in front of Alex. I start to shower light kisses on his cock and balls. I lick the tip and then start to suck his 8 inch cock into my mouth. Every guy I've ever sucked has said I give good blow jobs, if slightly sloppy and noisy. I did my best to suck him down my throat. I bob up and down a few times and then Darren pulls my pony tail yanking my mouth of Alex's cock with hardly a second to take a breath, Darren shoves his cock in my mouth and down my throat. He uses my pony tail to control his thrusting, I just do my best to catch a breath when I can. This is more facefucking than the blowjobs I've given in the past. I debate struggling a bit, but the thought disappears from my head almost as soon as I think it. Honestly I'm surprised how much of Darren's massive 10 inches are disappearing into my mouth.

Darren pulls his cock out of my mouth, I glance over and see Erika on her back while Dale is pounding into her pussy, and I notice that Janice is back in action, sitting on Erika's face and kissing Dale as he's thrusting. It's like watching a porno, except so much hotter.

I lean forward to get a better look, and Darren comes around from behind and shoves his cock into my dripping pussy. Alex blocks my view and I kind of growl a little, then he pushes his cock back in to my mouth. Darren starts to thrust hard, pushing himself all the way in. I make some sounds around Alex's cock, grunts, groans, almost purring at times. Alex pushes himself deep down my throat and seems to grow larger, he pulls out just a moment before he blows his load. It's a huge load, I do my best to catch it in mouth, but it gets all over my face. He then backs away, and I can see the other threesome, when I'm not enjoying the view of the inside of my eyelids.

Darren grabs me and throws me down on my side, facing the other group. He hold my hands together and continues to fuck me. Erika and Janice are kissing each other as Dale blows his load all over both their faces. Erika and Janice then go over to Alex, who is once again hard and ready for action.

Darren pulls my pony tail, and like a trigger I start to come, I have an amazingly intense orgasm, I'm panting and screaming and moaning what seems like all at the same time. Then Darren pulls out and sprays his load all over my tits.

Things get a little fuzzy after this, I remember sucking more cock, getting fucked in my pussy and I think that someone might have pushed a finger up my ass. I also remember licking out a girl as she was coming and tracing cum around a tit almost lazily.

The next morning we wake up. Darren is no where to be seen but the others are still in the room. Us, the bed, the pillows are covered in all various fluids. I have a strange hickey with twin cuts on my upper inner thigh. On the room's little table there is a 6 pack of powerade and a printed note.

"Dear travellers,

Thank you for last night. I enjoyed it immensely, as the lust and sex adds a very nice flavour to your blood, in addition to the enjoyment of the act itself. I hope you don't object to my helping to lower you inhibitions, and putting a few wicked ideas in your minds. I find that in order to complete before I must retire for the day, that I need to speed the process along.

The powerade will help rebuild the fluids lost and heal the marks, a nice side effect of my bite is that you will not have a hang over. I've been told eating red meat for lunch and dinner will probably taste amazing.

You are all very lovely, and if you are interested, I will be at the bar again tonight.

D "

We checked each other and found that we all had the same hickey, in various places. Janice's was on her left breast, Erika's right buttock was marked. Both boys had marks on the shoulder. We drank the powerade, and the marks faded. I was a little sad to see it go, it was such a nice souvenir of the trip.

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