tagGay MaleVampires and Lovers Ch. 02

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Inner Demons

The dark haired young man moaned softly as sharp teeth penetrated his skin. The gentle sucking that followed was a potent aphrodisiac, his fully risen shaft weeping its desire as he whimpered sub vocally. The hot lips at his neck moved to lave the beads welling at the head of his engorged penis, a low, rumbling purr revealing the other's pleasure.

"Vincent, please," Wyl begged softly and then wailed his approval as his aching length was swallowed to the root. A masterful hand reached to fondle at his breast, tweaking erotically the small, dark nubs that were tight with passion. Another hand rolled his sac, squeezing and releasing the precious orbs hidden within and which were heavy with unspent need. The hand dropped lower and teased at his hidden opening. A second rumble accompanied the discovery of the lubricating fluid Wyl was now beginning to produce for himself when he and Vincent made love. As a finger slid inside his heated depths, Wyl was unable to resist the demands of his highly-aroused body. His body arched, forcing his shaft deeper into Vincent's demanding maw and an incendiary climax wracked the slender frame.

Vincent eagerly swallowed all his mate could offer. The salty-sweet nectar merged with the coppery taste of Wyl's blood to produce a taste that was seductive, addictive, arousing and for Vincent, and Vincent alone, to savour. He gave another purr of pleasure, relishing the flavour of his beloved. As the offering finally ceased, he flowed sensually over the open, pliant form to nuzzle once more at the exposed and vulnerable throat. He licked proprietarily over marks that would be invisible to human eyes and which would soon leave no record of their existence. Shifting slightly, he pressed his throat to his lover's panting mouth, feeling Wyl's warm breath.

"Taste me, My Own," he commanded tenderly. As he felt Wyl's teeth break his skin and begin a soft suckling, Vincent coated his fingers with oil and slid them into his lover's slickened channel. Soon this preparation would not be necessary, Wyl would lubricate and dilate from arousal alone and Vincent felt his shaft throb at the thought. A muted moan accompanied his action, but it was desire and need which produced the sound. He felt Wyl pull back to lick closed the tiny wounds and Vincent mated their mouths as his fingers delved deep to prepare his beloved. Satisfied that Wyl was ready, and at the edge of his own control, Vincent draped slender limbs over his shoulders and lined up his hard, hot length at the glistening portal. He locked eyes with his bonded mate: smouldering sapphire with sultry sienna.

"Take me, Vincent," Wyl murmured. "I love you."

"I love you, mine," Vincent replied, as he pushed steadily into tight heat.

As he was fully enveloped inside the searing channel that rippled erotically around him, Vincent held still, waiting for his mate's body to adjust to the welcome intrusion. Wyl's hands gripped tightly to his shoulders and the heat surrounding his intimate flesh threatened to incinerate him. A relaxing of the smaller body told the older man his lover was comfortable and he began a slow slide in and out of the slick sheath. A hitched cry heralded his deliberate caress of Wyl's hidden jewel and Vincent's grin was feral. He loved to see his mate lost in sensual sensation, to bring his lover to completion and to bury his own seed in the beloved body.

Wyl began to mewl in pleasure at the glide across his sweet spot and at the feeling of completion that being so intimately connected with his husband always engendered. His head tossed, sable curls fanning out over the pillows, and his hands began to seek out the taut nipples on his mate's lightly furred chest.

"So good, My Own," Vincent growled. "So tight, so hot, your body sears me with your love." He bent to lick at Wyl's ear to a cry of passion from his smaller mate. "Tell me what you feel, Wyl, tell me."

"I'm on fire for you," Wyl panted. "I burn for you, only ever you. Take me, claim me, make me yours."

"You are mine," Vincent replied, his voice a dark, silk caress of Wyl's ear. "Now and for eternity." He slid a hand to stroke his mate's resurgent erection as Wyl's body met each thrust of the powerful male, trying to take Vincent deeper inside him. Vincent gave a primal grin of triumph as Wyl came a second time. The beloved face seemed to alight with joy as the younger man's pearlescent seed flowed between their sweat-slick bodies. Wyl's head was pressed down hard against the pillows and his hands were gripping with surprising strength to Vincent's biceps. Vincent rode out the first almost-brutal clenches around his shaft and then thrust as deep as possible before he found release in his lover's precious body.

Wyl was enveloped in soul-deep ecstasy. His climax seemed to firestorm throughout his sensitised form to create a warm glow in every cell of his body in its aftermath. It left him sated and floating. He heard the bellow of his name and he moaned wantonly in response. Wet heat filled him as Vincent reached his zenith. Wyl shuddered with pleasure as Vincent's seed pulsed deep inside him. Only when the older man was fully spent, did Wyl feel the thrusts begin to decrease to leave them both contented and spent. In the blink of an eye, Wyl was positioned across Vincent's powerful chest and he rooted out a succulent nub to suckle slowly at as his body continued to thrum from their shared passion. He gave a purr of appreciation as Vincent's hand began a slow caress of his back and the two men shared loving touches in the afterglow of their intense climaxes.


In a different bedroom, another couple sought to be as one. The ethereal, diminutive blond sat astride his dark love's powerful body, undulating slowly on long, hard, thick flesh. His hands were braced on strong, furred thighs whilst his lover's hands stroked at his erect rod and tweaked at diamond-hard, reddened nipples. Every movement, every touch from each man, expressed the love they shared.

The bigger male looked up in a mix of awe and adoration. They were a couple of such contradictions; dark and light, tall and petit, broad and slender, furred and smooth and yet he loved his angel and was loved equally in return with all the passion the small, pale, perfect body possessed.

"So close, my love," the blond whispered. "Make me yours."

With a low, feral growl, the bigger man manoeuvred their bodies and loomed over his slighter mate. Turquoise eyes glowed with love and trust and Gabriel felt himself melting under their gaze. He nipped tenderly at a smooth shoulder and his hips began to snap hard and fast into welcoming, heat. He rumbled appreciatively as slender arms and legs wrapped around him with deceptive strength, urging him to completion. He felt the nip of sharp teeth at his own flesh and he burrowed a hand between their bodies to work his lover's solid shaft. A cry of his name coincided with wet heat over his hand and between their bodies. He howled his triumph, pumping rapidly into the erotically clenching sheath before his own release flooded the smaller man. As the last drops of his essence found their home in his mate's body, Gabriel rolled them over. He rumbled happily as David's teeth tormented one of his nipples that peeked from his abundant chest fur and internal muscles teased his slowly softening sex. He stroked the golden silk of his lover's hair and their eyes met.

"I love you, David, my beautiful angel," Gabriel murmured, reaching to tenderly caress a smooth cheek.

"I love you, Gabriel," came the soft, seductive reply, as the smaller man nestled in the strong embrace. Twin sighs of pleasure and satiation were the only sounds for a long time.


Out in the spacious sitting room, Seamus sat and stared out of the impressive windows. Despite the darkness his eyes could pick out the humans scurrying about their business, unaware that sentinels like him, and his chosen family, were watching them. Melancholy dimmed his green eyes and he ran a hand through his dark blond hair. It was no fault of the couples that he knew exactly what they were doing. Even if they loved in silence, he would scent their arousals, their joy.

Previously, he would have had Vincent for company when David and Gabriel retired to their room, now he was alone and he felt the loneliness acutely. For a brief moment, he had considered leaving the apartment, but he had never done so before. He feared that if he did, Wyl would in some way feel at fault. The young man still accepted guilt for failure too readily. It would take a long time to finally rid him of that phantom. Frowning, Seamus hoped one day to encounter Wyl's stepfather. Lost in his musings, the older man failed to notice the lithe brunette who was on his way to the kitchen. He blinked as he looked up into concerned chocolate depths.

"Seamus, is everything ok?" Wyl asked hesitantly.

"I'm fine, little one," he replied. He took in the blush staining Wyl's cheeks.

"Did we ... did we disturb you?" the younger man asked, his teeth worrying at his lower lip.

"No, no," Seamus soothed. He opened his arms and Wyl moved to sit, the men hugging tightly. "I am beyond happy that you and Vincent found each other. I get a little ... down ... sometimes. But when I see you and Vincent or David and Gabriel so happy together it gives me both joy and hope."

A low growl heralded Vincent's appearance. His bonding with Wyl was still new and, although he normally trusted and respected the other blond, his baser instincts were kicking in. He scented the air to see if there was a challenge for his mate and was instantly at the chair in which Seamus and Wyl sat. He felt reassured as the blond tipped back his head, offering his throat.

"No challenge, Vincent," a soft voice declared.

"Only yours," Wyl added, reaching to his beloved.

"Mine," Vincent said, possessiveness colouring the tone.

Seamus smiled indulgently as Wyl gave him a last hug before taking his place at Vincent's side in a protective embrace. He could not love the young man more if Wyl had been the son of his flesh, it was the same feeling he had for David and he gave Vincent a wry grin.

"Sorry, Seamus," Vincent muttered. He scented his mate, the sweet yet masculine fragrance soothing him. "I'm still a little possessive."

"No more so than Gabriel," Seamus replied. "Perhaps even less so."

"I don't think I've seen Gabriel anything less than protective, especially of David," Wyl said quietly, with a gentle smile.

"In part it is his Lycan nature," Seamus said. "But it is also because he almost lost his Chosen before David ever knew Gabriel existed. He and his Sire, the vampire who turned him, were set upon by several rogues. David loved his Sire and, despite being badly hurt, tried desperately to protect him when he fell. We arrived too late to save the one and almost too late to save the other. David was barely alive when we brought him here. He was too weak to feed for himself. We called on friends and several of us took turns trying to get blood into him. In part he didn't want to live, feeling he had failed his Sire." Seamus voice dropped in timbre as he recounted the events.

"It was the second day David was with us that Gabriel came home. Even as he approached, I felt the change within him and when he raced into David's bedroom, the cry of grief, pain and denial is one I never want to hear again. David was his Chosen and David was dying. Unlike humans, our kind can instantly recognise our Bond-mates, Wyl. Gabriel stripped and crawled into the bed to cradle David's beaten body. We are certain that, as close to death as he was, David recognised Gabriel as his soul-mate and responded to him. When we next looked in at them, he was feeding, with difficulty, but feeding none-the-less. We did fear that if we lost one, the other would fade, but we were spared that pain. David accepted feeding from Vincent and me and began to heal."

"And I am fit and well and this was many years ago," a melodic voice, tinged with amusement, declared. "You look as though the event was recent," his tone softened as he regarded Seamus affectionately. He came up to Wyl and hugged the brunette. "Just to prove how fit I am ..."

Wyl gave a yelp and then laughed. For all that he was a couple of inches taller than the blond, David had lifted him with ease and swung him in a circle as Vincent was wont to do. The two men smiled at each other as Wyl was lowered to the floor and then both gave yelps of surprise. Neither had noticed Gabriel enter and he now held both blond and dark and spun them round. Laughing softly they were lowered, David remaining in the circle of his mate's arm and Wyl burrowing with a blush into Vincent's.

"Perhaps we could go away together, Seamus," Wyl suggested shyly, his voice muffled against Vincent's broad chest. He wanted to find a way to dispel the melancholy affecting the older man. A holiday seemed a reasonable idea.

"Walking, running, swimming," David said, his eyes alighting at the thought. He glanced lovingly at Wyl who had emerged to look at Seamus. The brunette was regarded as a baby brother by the small blond. He was proud of the way Wyl was adjusting to his new life and becoming more confident in regards touching and being touched by the rest of the group. He thought the pink colour staining the youngest vampire's cheek made him look simply adorable. He hugged his Lycan mate, looking up into eyes that glowed with love.

"We could visit Coleran in Ireland," Seamus said thoughtfully, warming to Wyl's suggestion. "His castle is far enough away from the town to enjoy ourselves freely."

"And he has an enormous pool," David said eagerly. "He and Seamus have been friends for years. We visit when we can. It's a wonderful idea, Wyl."

The slender brunette looked around at his 'family'. All were smiling, including Seamus. Although he was nervous about meeting Coleran, hoping he would be regarded as a suitable mate for Vincent, he was happy for those he loved.


Arrangements were quickly made and within a couple of days the group were on their way. At the remote railway station, a large vehicle was waiting for them. Seamus drove, with Gabriel sitting up front with him. David, Vincent and Wyl sat in the back. Wyl had never visited Ireland before and the greenery abounding was a contrast to the city-life he'd known for the past few years. He gasped as he took in the castle in the distance. It was set in its own grounds, which were effectively a small forest. They drove in through enormous iron gates and as they did, Wyl shivered. He stared at the monumental, grey edifice with its forbidding turrets and tiny windows and his body shivered again. This time it wasn't ignored. He was enveloped by Vincent's arm and pulled close as David looked anxiously over.

"It's ... so ... cold," Wyl whispered. It was more, but he couldn't vocalise what he felt.

"The castle is very old, Wyl," David said, clasping one of the brunette's hands. "Perhaps you have a past memory of being here. One that is deep in your subconscious. Do not let feelings from the past over-rule what you feel in the present. You may even be a little overly sensitive. You are still becoming a vampire and recently Bonded. It's a lot for your body to adapt to.

Wyl simply nodded. There was a lot to the new world in which he now dwelt, sometimes too much, for him to take in all at once. He settled for cuddling closer to his mate and letting Vincent's heat warm him. All he knew was he felt ... something ... a ... taint. He was unable to describe the feeling further. He hoped it would dissipate once inside the castle.

As they approached the building, the large, dark-wood doors were slowly swung open. A servant appeared to unload their cases and another took them inside. The hall was a mix of grey marble and stone, the coolness making Wyl shiver once more. A large, ornate staircase led to the upper floors and doors led off the hallway itself. Wyl imagined what it must have been like centuries ago with servants and lords bustling about. Now it seemed too big for the few inhabitants he had seen.

They were ushered into a large sitting room. It boasted an enormous, black-grated fireplace in which a fire roared with life and vitality and above was a black marble mantle. Wyl smiled gratefully at his mate as he was moved to stand close to its heat. He glanced around. One wall was actually large French windows that led out into the castle grounds whilst the others wore coats of green and cream wallpaper. There was a large, wooden dresser containing an assortment of drinks and glasses. The rest of the furniture was four large, winged armchairs, two very large sofas and a couple of ottomans. All were in deep forest-green brocade. Wyl felt it was a room easy to relax in.

"Welcome to my home." A deep, low voice heralded the arrival of Coleran. Wyl looked at the elderly man who smiled beneficently. His hair was short and iron-grey, his eyes a similar shade of emerald as Seamus. He was tall and slim, wearing a black turtle-neck sweater and cream pants. Wyl knew that although he looked the oldest, Coleran could be younger than David. Wyl was gently propelled forward by Vincent to meet their host. He looked at the older man shyly.

"This is my Chosen and Bonded-mate," Vincent said proudly. "Coleran, please meet Wylem, known to us all as Wyl."

"It is a pleasure to meet Vincent's mate," Coleran said, grasping Wyl's extended hand in a warm grip. "I'm very happy to know you, Wyl," he added less formally.

Wyl took to him straight away. There seemed an honesty and warmth about him and he gave a sincere smile.

"I'm pleased to meet you, too," he said.

Coleran moved around the group, hugging and backslapping the other men. As he did, Wyl noticed movement in the doorway and he looked over at the young man who stood silently, watching. There was a lascivious leer at David which vanished the instant Gabriel looked over at him. Wyl decided that he might have looked attractive but for the arrogant mien that replaced the leer. He had dark, straight hair and a small goatee. His eyes were an electric shade of pale blue. He was tall, but not as broad as Vincent or Seamus. Wyl saw the flicker of sadness in Coleran's eyes as he looked at the young male and the way he was behaving.

"My friends," he said quietly. "Allow me to introduce you to Marten. I became his Sire three months ago. Marten, this is Vincent and Wyl, David and Gabriel and Seamus."

Wyl noticed the flicker of interest in the icy eyes as Seamus was designated un-Bonded. He decided he really didn't like the look Marten gave his blond brother.


Long after the couples had retired to bed, Seamus sat and talked to his friend. Coleran explained how he had met and Sired Marten. He had found the young man almost naked and badly beaten. It had been the only way to save Marten's life. The young man seemed to take to his new life well enough, but Coleran felt he resented what had happened.

Seamus watched as his friend decided to turn in for the night. They had known each other many years. He loved Coleran, but was not, nor had ever been, in love with him. Coleran knew the loneliness Seamus felt and the blond decided that, at least, he had the brotherly love of his friends on which he could rely. Coleran seemed very isolated. His own life suddenly seemed much less lonely than it had. He might not have a lover, but he was truly loved. He sensed, rather than saw, movement and looked up to see Marten staring greedily at him. Pale eyes glittered with avarice and lust as they raked down his body, and then the younger man was at his side, his voice husky and demanding.

"You want me, Seamus?" he purred. "I can smell your need; I can give you what you want."

Seamus swallowed dryly. The young man was attractive in a dark, dangerous way, but Seamus did not 'want' him. The burgeoning erection that an experienced hand was now coaxing into fullness was as much due to Marten's heady pheromones as his own long-suppressed needs.

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