tagGay MaleVampires and Lovers Ch. 04

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 04


Chapter 4: I ask now of Death

The large Lycan's nostrils flared wide and he drew back his lips in a feral smile. The scent he sought was well camouflaged, but not well enough. The tantalising whispers of the fragrance he detected immediately inflaming his arousal and passion. He flexed his naked torso, the powerful muscles beneath his furred skin rippling as if with the same anticipation he felt. He ran his tongue over sharp teeth and gave a rumble of satisfaction deep in his chest. Soon he would have his prey. He was certain, now, of where they were heading. He could avoid the tortuous route the smaller quarry would take and perhaps even get ahead of them and be waiting. He reigned in the howl of triumph that threatened to break free. He would save that until he was feasting on his prey's flesh.

The small waterfall and gentle stream were a welcome sight to eyes as blue as the sky that had covered the thick woodland canopy earlier that day. Walking in the stream would conceal scent and behind the waterfall that glittered like a diamond-encrusted curtain was a small cave in which refuge could be sought. Unhesitatingly, the slender body plunged into the slow-running water, the cold registering against pale skin, but unheeded. Striding purposefully, eyes fixed on the beckoning shelter behind the gentle cascade of water, safety would soon be attained.

As soon as the lithe body stepped through the veil of pouring water, the Lycan struck, wrapping long, strong arms around the small, willowy figure. The scent that had beguiled him throughout the hunt assailed his sensitive nostrils and he buried his face in blond hair and inhaled deeply. The sight of the pale skin had his eyes glittering with intent and he sank his teeth into a bare shoulder, sucking hard to leave a vivid mark.

"Mine," he growled gutturally, biting softly at the expanse of fragile flesh of the exposed throat.

"Yours," came the husky reply as two arms reached back to entwine around his neck. "Make love to me, Gabriel," David begged and then moaned as Gabriel crushed him in a strong embrace. Cold water poured down on his scalp and shoulders as the Lycan bent him backward into the edge of the falling water. The sensation made him gasp. He was pulled back from the waterfall and the Lycan's warm lips covered his. Searing, liquid heat flooded David's lower belly and washed throughout his whole body. He was like a living flame of love for the bigger male and Gabriel's hands moving on his body felt like fiery brands claiming him for eternity.

Gabriel revelled in the smooth flesh that contrasted so perfectly with his own heavily furred and which responded so eagerly to his touch. He thrust his tongue into the blond's soft mouth in imitation of what his straining staff would do in David's lower opening. Gabriel rumbled happily as the younger male returned the Lycan's ardour, slim fingers caressing every part of his muscular body that they could reach.

"Now!" David shouted over the pounding of the waterfall. He was more than ready to take his mate into his body. He pulled Gabriel's hips forward and hooked a smooth, slim leg around the bigger male's waist. Standing on tiptoe, David grasped the Lycan's rigid rod and seated the damson-hued head. David felt Gabriel's hand slide down and tap his other thigh. In response, the smaller man wrapped it around the Lycan's waist as Gabriel stood still, supporting them in a strong, widespread stance. As David pushed down and engulfed the tip of the stiff shaft, he mewled approvingly as Gabriel's arms supported him protectively. They held him securely as David sank down on long, thick flesh. When he was fully sheathed, they looked into each other's eyes, torrid turquoise locking with searing sienna and smiled.

"I love you, Gabriel." The words slipped out naturally, as always.

"I love you too, angel," the Lycan growled.

The joy that swelled David's heart was so immense that he let it out as an unbridled cry of joy. In response Gabriel threw back his head and released the howl of triumph he had restrained for so long. Then the Lycan moved his hips.

"Oh, Gabriel," David moaned as a bolt of bliss seared him.

Gabriel moved again, and the blonde wailed his approval. Cupping the firm nether cheeks of his diminutive mate in his hands, the Lycan rocked up into the tight heat that contrasted so vividly with the chill of the water that still meandered down David's pale flesh. Gabriel watched avidly as David's head fell back as he rubbed relentlessly against his mate's sweet spot. There was no need for adjusting; his shaft was a perfect fit, stimulating all the right places effortlessly.

David moaned mindlessly, as the thrusting flesh elicited ever stronger waves of pleasure, raising him to greater heights. The feel of the Lycan's lips, teeth and tongue on the tender flesh of his neck and shoulders kindled new blazes to add to the fire that raged within him.

The Lycan took the perfect, pink nipple before him between his teeth and tugged gently. He grinned ferociously at David's cry of pleasure which echoed off the damp rock of the cave, competing with the sound of the waterfall. Slender fingers dug into the solid muscles of Gabriel's shoulders as David bore down on his rigid length. Gabriel began an amatory attack on David's other defenceless nipple and growled deeply at the clenching of the tight sheath around his primed flesh. Gabriel paused and then thrust again to a new rhythm.

"I'm going to make you come, angel" he rasped in a voice like dark silk against David's ear. David's only response was a soul-deep moan as Gabriel nibbled and pulled on a diamond-hard, reddened nipple. Gabriel rolled his hips, eliciting a deeper groan from his young lover. David's pleasured sounds reverberated in the tiny space as Gabriel stimulated as many erogenous zones as he could reach. The vampire's arousal had become an uncontainable inferno resulting in grasping limbs and ardent, if incoherent, pleading. Gabriel was always overjoyed by the effect he had on his beautiful blond and the unrestrained passion of his smaller mate.

"Oh, oh, don't stop," David begged, gasping, his chest heaving. "Oh, Gabriel, that's so good, I'm going to come. Oh yes, oh, Gabriel!"

David's legs squeezed the Lycan tightly as his straining shaft erupted. His seed pulsed between their bodies, as he shuddered uncontrollably in the throes of a devastating climax. Slowly, his body began to relax and he slumped replete in the safe arms of his mate.

"I'm going to let you down now, angel," Gabriel rasped in a voice that made David shudder once more. "Then I'm going to *really* make love to you."

As he was lowered to somewhat shaky legs, David turned and bent gracefully from the waist, bracing his hands against a fern-bejewelled boulder. He looked at Gabriel over his shoulder, giving his mate a molten, aquamarine stare that should have made the waterfall pure steam.

The Lycan's unsated staff twitched, longing for his lover's now displayed opening. It took all his willpower not to grab David and plunge into the younger male's sultry heat so openly and unconditionally offered.

"No, not like that," Gabriel rasped. "I want to see your beautiful face."

Another flame of erotic pleasure seared down David's spine to inflame his previously satiated flesh. Gabriel's words and the love he could hear made him moan as though they were physically able to caress his already refilling shaft. The desire in Gabriel's voice was like a sensual entity against David's ear.

The Lycan swept his mate against his chest and David's arms twined around his neck as Gabriel strode through the falls and into the stream. The twilight was no hindrance to preternatural eyes. Close to the bank, the Lycan carried his lover to rocks adorned with a covering of thick, emerald-green moss and laid down his precious bundle. He growled softly at the legs that spread wide for him, displaying the aching void he yearned to fill. Kneeling between the splayed limbs, the Lycan mounted his mate again, easing his rampant rod into David's slick sheath.

David relaxed against the rocks, inhaling a mix of the flora, water, clean air and the heady, almost intoxicating scent of their shared arousals. Lifting his legs over Gabriel's thighs, he braced the soles of his feet against the rocks on either side of them and pushed his hips up to meet Gabriel's downward thrust. His eyes misted into pools of seductive cerulean at the exquisite sensation of his mate's flesh inside him. His fingers carded lovingly through Gabriel's mane of dark hair or ran up and down muscular thighs as the almost-too-gentle rocking began to stoke the fire of love into a furnace of carnal pleasure. He began to writhe and moan, seeking, demanding, more from his lover.

Gabriel watched his mate's expressive eyes as David surrendered to the feelings he invoked. The knowledge that he and he alone could drive this ethereal, beautiful creature to the edge of physical passion and beyond threatened to send the Lycan too quickly into the abyss. Reaching for David's resurrected erection, Gabriel began a series of strong strokes, flicking his thumb at the apex of his upstroke over the ever-more sensitive slit. His thrusts increased in depth and tempo into David's scorching, rippling channel.

As Gabriel's prodigious shaft plunged deeper into David, he wailed wantonly. His mate pounding against his pleasure spot and knowledgeable fingers masterfully stroking his yearning arousal made him cry his pleasure to the stars in the cloudless heavens above them. David reached up locking his arms behind the Lycan's neck, using his own preternatural strength to pull him down and capture Gabriel's lips, driving his tongue into the Lycan's mouth.

Gabriel came explosively in the searing, velvet vice that clenched insistently around his erupting organ and bellowed in a mixture of passion and possessiveness. He panted raggedly into David's open mouth before sinking his teeth into the fragile throat and tasting the love and sweetness that was his mate. As the first beads of David's essence hit his tongue, his lover's shaft pulsed in the Lycan's fist as David came again. Gabriel continued to suck as he stroked to milk every drop of precious seed from his trembling mate. The final aftershocks of his own release sent the last of his crème deep into the beautiful blond. Gabriel licked the tiny wounds closed and buried his face in the curve of the damp neck, holding the precious body as close as he could. Several silent minutes passed before either spoke. Tenderly, Gabriel rolled the satiated blond to lie on top of his body.

"Feed, beloved," he husked. He gave a moan of pleasure as sharp teeth penetrated his neck and soft sucking at his throat accompanied gentle pinches and rolling of his nipples. He continued to rock into David's snug sheath even as his sated sex softened, relishing the ambient afterglow as David licked closed the tiny punctures and snuggled against his broad chest.

"I thought I'd covered my scent so well," David mourned, the twinkling turquoise eyes at odds with the sad sound.

"It was well-concealed." Gabriel laughed softly, nuzzling against his mate's teasing, pouting lips, licking them lovingly. "But I was able to get past your oils to scent *you*."

David opened his lips and let Gabriel's tongue ravish his mouth, sucking on his own vanquished muscle. He knew Gabriel would not have cheated and he was proud of his mate's ability. This was a pleasurable way to hone Gabriel's tracking skills and he was only sorry the time had passed so quickly. He moaned as Gabriel's tongue moved to lave at a still-sensitised nipple. As the 'loser' he had to give himself completely to Gabriel's desires.

He murmured wordlessly as his mate moved them to lie in thick soft ferns. He unresistingly allowed Gabriel to turn him onto his stomach and gave himself over to the Lycan in body as much as he already had in heart and soul. The agile muscle pushing inside him sent dulcet bolts throughout his body. The tongue thrust inside him again and again as large hands kept him spread open. He gave a sigh of pure pleasure. In this game, there could *never* be a loser.


David and Gabriel awoke simultaneously, eyes wide with a mix of fear and shock.

"Something is wrong. Very wrong," Gabriel growled.

"I cannot feel Vincent," David said, a hint of panic in his voice. "There is something wrong with Wyl and Seamus, too."

"Let us go," Gabriel ordered, surging to his feet. As fast as the Lycan could move, he let his smaller lover use his own skills to fly them back into their city.

David focused on Seamus, the link stronger with the blond he had known so long. He quickly realised they were heading out of their own city to another. He passed one penthouse he knew, reigning in his gasp as he saw how much damage had been done to it. He streaked past, closing in on the twin links of the men he loved as brothers. He landed at the entrance to the imposing, brick edifice of the building which currently seemed to house both Seamus and Wyl. He and Gabriel stepped inside.

The Security guard looked up, sorrow replacing recognition almost immediately. His fingers flew to the phone.

"David and Gabriel are here" he said and then listened. "Straight away," he nodded. He stood and guided the men to the separate lift to the penthouse. "Go straight up," he said as he opened the doors and they stepped inside. "Bardolph is waiting."

The machinery moved too slowly for the anxious pair, Gabriel pacing impatiently as it ascended. As soon as the doors opened, he strode out, David a single step behind. The sight of four vampires standing tensely, clearly on guard, had the Lycan growling menacingly.

The door to the apartment opened and Bardolph stood before them, his face etched with grief. He was as tall as Gabriel but golden and clean-shaven. Eyes a shade of shifting brown and blue met their anxious gazes with a look that was sad and pained.

"This way," Bardolph said without preamble. He led them into a bedroom. He heard the twin cries and watched, his heart heavy, as David and Gabriel raced to the side of the bed that held a beaten, too-pale, unmoving Wyl.

"Where is Seamus?" Gabriel asked, tearing his eyes from Wyl to look at his fellow Lycan.

"Here," the single word, spoken with infinite sorrow, had both Gabriel and David turning. Seamus bore a large gouge to his cheek. "It was an unexpected attack," he said. "We got a call to help, although it turns out it was a false call. I was purposely driven away from Vincent and Wyl."

"We all were, Seamus," Bardolph said, his voice soft. "You carry no more guilt than any of us. It seems that the attack was designed to snatch Vincent. When the fighting ended he was missing. Wyl had been badly beaten, but it was clear there was no intention to kill him. We are hopeful that when Wyl awakens he may be able to help us find Vincent. None of us can feel him."

"Not even I can feel him," Seamus said desolately.

David gave a muted cry and flung himself from Wyl's bedside to embrace Seamus. He clung tightly to the older vampire until Seamus' arms slowly encircled him and David could feel the other blond finally accepting the comfort he offered.

"We will find him," Gabriel growled. "There can be no peace until we do."


Vincent sat naked within an enclosed cylinder of shimmering light beyond which was nothing more than a windowless, doorless, grey room. He had tried time and again to breach the light, each attempt failing. He had known something was wrong during the fighting when he had seen Seamus expertly manoeuvred away from Wyl and him. He had tried to get his lover to safety. The last memory he had was of his beloved Chosen finally overwhelmed by sheer numbers and falling before he himself had lost consciousness. He was badly bruised, but had suffered no real harm. His greatest concern was the inability to sense any of his brethren, even Wyl. He glared at the innocuous light holding him prisoner. He hoped that this unknown power was also the reason he felt no one.

He sat straighter, hands casually folded in his lap as what had appeared to have been solid wall opened to reveal a doorway. He glared at the man who ambled slowly towards him. There was a vague familiarity, but Vincent was certain he had not had any encounter with him. As Vincent glowered, the man ran a hand through unruly sandy hair, pale blue eyes meeting Vincent's stormy blue-green with a hint of amusement.

"A pleasure to actually meet you face-to-face, Vincent," the newcomer said in smug, self-satisfied tones

The voice was dry and rasping and sent an icy chilly down Vincent's spine, but the blond kept his face neutral.

"Do I know you?" he asked.

"No," came the reply. "However, you were responsible for the death for my mentor, Andreas. I was his most promising pupil. My name is Marcus. "

"He was preying on humans," Vincent growled.

"An inferior species, I really don't know why you care so much for them. I have bided my time, letting my powers grow and working on the best way to avenge my mentor. This shield will keep you imprisoned although, if I wish, I can freely walk in and out. It prevents you reaching out to your family and them finding you. I was very pleased to find you had Bonded. I'm quite certain young Wyl is desolate at your loss."

"You will pay for every moment of torment he suffers," Vincent promised.

"His torment has yet to begin, Vincent. How long do you think he will live if he thinks you are dead?"

Vincent did not reply. He knew that he could not live without his beautiful boy at his side and was certain Wyl felt the same. The look of malice in Marcus' eyes told the vampire the mage already knew the answer.

"I promise you, Vincent that I will do all I can to keep you as long as possible. I have some definite plans for you that I will find most enjoyable."

Vincent jolted at the sensation of a hand sliding over his thigh. He stared at Marcus.

"I can do much more than that, Vincent," Marcus purred malevolently. "Much, much more. Now, however, I must go and extend my condolences to Liam and see just how your precious Wyl fares."

Vincent surged to his feet, uncaring of his nudity.

"Hurt him in any way and I will find a way to tear you apart," he vowed.

Marcus licked his lips blatantly as he let his eyes roam freely over Vincent's naked form.

"As pleasurable as it was to denude you, Vincent, it will be much more enjoyable now you are conscious."

Vincent grunted as he was spun to face away from Marcus and forced onto all fours as if by invisible hands. He tried desperately to stop his legs being forced wide apart, but could not resist the power of the unseen force. His head was positioned on his arms as if he was offering himself to Marcus and he felt his body shake with the effort of opposing the black witch, but to no avail. He knew he was being stared at and that it was intended to make him feel helpless and humiliated.

"Very nice, Vincent. An offer I will take up at some point. Rest well."

Vincent rose swiftly to his feet, but Marcus had already gone. Furious at his treatment and fearful for his Chosen, he tried again to defeat the prison holding him. Eventually, exhausted, Vincent dropped to the floor. He reached out with his mind as he let his body rest, but where he should feel some resonance of his family there was just emptiness. It was a feeling Vincent had not known in centuries. He had never felt so alone in his long existence.

"I will find a way, Wyl. Wait for me, my love," Vincent whispered.


Wyl felt as though he was trying to swim through inky blackness. He whimpered as he searched for the comforting presence of his mate, but could find no trace of Vincent. He tossed restlessly, calling for his lover. Finally he heard a voice and struggled to reach it. It did not belong to Vincent, but he recognised it and it represented love and safety to him.

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