tagGay MaleVampires and Lovers Ch. 06

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 06


Ch. 6 Demon

Staring at his reflection in the mirror, Vincent shook his head. There was no demon in the room, no demon in the apartment. Whatever he had thought he had seen did not exist, could not exist. He ran his hand tiredly through his blond hair. Clearly the strain he had been under was reaching its limit. He sighed softly. He needed to unburden his soul, but was loathe so to do. Loathe to reveal all that had happened to him, loathe to confess his failing, loathe to cause his beloved Chosen more pain. However, he knew by not speaking he was still causing pain and the indecision of what to do and say was something Vincent was unused to experiencing. In reaction to this, his lovemaking was becoming more aggressive as he sought to reassert his dominance. With a groan he headed back to the bedroom.

The sight of Wyl in his bed and the warming scent of love, fulfilment and happiness, made him harden even as he approached where the younger man lay. The demand that he claim what was his rose in his heart, mind and body, making it impossible to do anything other than make love again. He stood and looked at his Chosen, his eyes taking in the lines and curves of the beautiful young man so oblivious to his stare. Vincent tenderly traced a finger over Wyl's cheek and down to his lips. His heart ached with love as Wyl kissed the fingertip caressing him, murmuring Vincent's name and edged towards him, all without immediately waking.

As his Chosen's eyes opened, they widened at the sight of the proud column standing its ovation for his attention. At Wyl's nod, Vincent cupped the back of his lover's head and gently urged him to the hard flesh that eagerly awaited him. Vincent groaned softy as Wyl began suckling dreamily making small sounds of satisfaction. The blond indulged in carefully-controlled, long, lazy thrusts into the lush haven surrounding his erection. Slowly Vincent eased his thrusting and pulled free. The sight, scents, sounds and sensations were threatening to send him over the abyss. Instead, he moved to satisfy taste, his tongue thrusting in imitation of the more intimate flesh that the warm cavern had so recently housed.

Relishing the mixed tastes of his mate and himself, Vincent nipped to the hollow of Wyl's throat, nibbling a sensitive spot until Wyl was panting and writhing. He threw back the covers and avariciously stared at the living banquet before him. The muted light of the single, dim lamp gave a burnished appearance to Wyl's skin. Vincent took his rightful place between the lithe legs and began to tease the irresistible espresso areolae and the chocolate buds they haloed. Wyl murmured encouragements, arching his chest upwards to offer his nipples for more of Vincent's amatory attentions. Vincent teased the very tip of a hardened nub with his tongue and then licked the pebbled surface before drawing the whole nub into his mouth. He nursed at it tenderly and then switched to the other, giving it the same treatment.

He wrapped his hand around the base of Wyl's erect shaft and let his lips encompass the crown, his tongue probing insistently for the addictive, intoxicating pre-come. Moaning needily, Wyl tried to thrust, but Vincent's weight on his hips prevented his mate from taking any control over the proceedings. Vincent was in command. He and he alone would dictate the speed of their lovemaking. He could feel the tremors in Wyl's body as the younger man's instinctive movements were restrained. Growling his dominance, Vincent took Wyl's flesh deep, inhaling the musk and heat in the nest of dark fur. Vincent's growl vibrated along the shaft he encased causing Wyl to cry his lover's name, one hand fisting in the bedding, the other restlessly petting at Vincent's powerful body. Vincent wanted to hear that pleasure-drenched cry again. Moving his mouth up until just the head of Wyl's organ was encircled, he dropped lower, sucking hard and was duly rewarded.

At the dulcet sound of his name, Vincent slid two fingers under Wyl's sac to his opening. It was slick from a heady mix of their earlier lovemaking and the natural lubricant the bigger male could scent. He lifted Wyl's hips, letting his tongue swipe back and forth to increasingly impassioned cries. Probing inside, the tight channel flexed fiercely around Vincent's agile muscle and his growls deepened in timbre. He wanted his throbbing shaft buried in his lover's body. He coaxed Wyl into turning over for him. His preternatural eyesight had no difficulty in seeing the dilated and glistening rosette that awaited him. He nipped each peachy mound he held, keeping Wyl spread open. He nuzzled at the velvet pouch, feeling the hard orbs, relishing the thought his mate wanted him, needed him.

With a last sharp nip to Wyl's inner thighs, Vincent guided his shaft from the top of Wyl's cleft down to the underside of his sac, teasing his mate, hearing soft pleas entreating him to enter the waiting haven. He resisted a moment or two more, just to emphasise his dominance and then sheathed his full length in Wyl in one powerful movement. With a deep groan, Wyl opened to him, his channel spasming around Vincent's maleness. Vincent wrapped his arms around his Chosen and turned them to lie on their sides. Spooning tightly behind the smaller man, one arm under Wyl's head he hugged his lover to his chest, thrusting deeply and forcefully. Using his free hand, Vincent pushed away the luxuriant tresses and bared the curve of his throat and shoulder, his eyes gleaming. He nipped at fragile flesh.

"Mine," he rasped, teeth descending to erotically press against that fragile flesh. The arm beneath Wyl shifted to hold him close. The other hand moved to pump Wyl's straining erection. In an explosion of movement, Vincent flicked his thumb over the sensitised head of Wyl's shaft, rammed his own rod deep into the clinging sheath and sank his teeth into Wyl's flesh. Vincent felt Wyl convulse in ecstasy. The clenching channel contracted around him in a series of spasms that forced Vincent's finish from him. His seed erupted from him in powerful spurts, filling the cherished body in his arms as Wyl's semen bathed his hand in wet heat.

As Wyl lay sated and spent, Vincent stayed deep inside his mate, with every intention of remaining there as long as possible, proclaiming Wyl as his. He licked closed the wounds at his lover's throat before lazily lapping his mate's crème from his fingers. He felt Wyl go fully lax and knew the younger man was already asleep, exhausted from two intense sessions of lovemaking. The blond instinctively tightened his grip around the slender body when Wyl gave a small shudder as Vincent lost his battle to remain awake, a flicker of red twisting sensually in his mind.


Vincent and Wyl eagerly welcomed the rest of their family back home. Wyl hugging all in turn, delighted they were all together once more. Vincent smiled indulgently. He would give his family time to rest from their journeys. He would speak to them soon enough and wanted them settled first.

The day passed quickly, Gabriel and David enthusing to Wyl and Delfin about the forest they had spent their time in. Seamus had paperwork to attend to and Vincent decided to retire to the bedroom to compose his thoughts.

He stretched out on the large bed and sighed. He was finding it increasingly difficult not to think about the image of the demon Marcus had projected when Vincent was his prisoner. He constantly relived the attack, examining his reactions minutely to convince himself it had all been in his mind and that he could not have stopped it. He also unthinkingly let pleasurable imagery run through his mind, reassuring himself of what he did enjoy in comparison.

A flicker of red immediately drew him out of his contemplations. It was there before him; the demon of his nightmares. He glanced at his door, certain his family would come.

"Just you and me, Vincent," it spoke. Its voice was soft, melodic, seductive.

Vincent stared, unable to move as the creature swayed provocatively towards him. Its penis was already half hard and its tails undulated suggestively. It seemed the embodiment of carnality and wantonness as it licked its lips, making them glisten invitingly.

"I'm what you need, what you want, what you dream of," it said, stopping by the edge of the bed. "I can give you what the boy can't. All you have to do is lie back and give yourself to me. Is that so hard? Stop fighting me, Vincent."

"No," Vincent whispered. "You're not real. I don't want you."

"I'm in your dreams day and night. I know exactly how and where you touch you."

"No!" The denial was absolute as Vincent shut his eyes against the beguiling vision. When he opened them it was gone. He covered his face with his hands. Was he going mad? He needed Wyl, needed to join with his Chosen, needed to be back in control. He rushed from the room.


"I need you," Vincent rasped, his voice guttural. He had simply sought out his mate and almost dragged him to their bedroom. He shoved his knee between Wyl's thighs, forcing them apart. He placed his hand on the slender chest, holding the younger man in place. He cupped Wyl's erection with his free hand and nuzzled at the exposed neck. His Chosen moaned his submission, turning his head to allow Vincent access to fragile flesh. Vincent licked at the vulnerable throat and fixed his teeth on it, holding Wyl against the wall with dominant strength.

The younger Vampire whimpered, unable to deny his instinct to submit to the needs of his alpha mate despite the knowledge that this was not their normal lovemaking. Something had changed within his lover, but Wyl did not know what. Making love had become more aggressive. Vincent seemingly needed to display dominance and control. Although afterwards he was contrite, it did not stop the repetition, the circle seemingly unbreakable. He gave an involuntary shudder that had nothing to do with his arousal but a fleeting chill that pervaded and vanished almost simultaneously.

Then the brunette moaned, rational thought fracturing, as the hand at Wyl's groin stopped rubbing and lowered his zipper. Wyl canted his hips forward, seeking his lover's hand eagerly, still needing and wanting their joining. He hoped he could give Vincent what he needed, that this time his mate could find the catharsis so clearly necessary. A moan of pleasure tore from his mouth as the hand closed around his hardened flesh. Wyl's wrist was grasped and pressed though the opening in Vincent's pants. He gripped the solid column of flesh and stroked. The teeth against his throat broke delicate skin and Wyl moaned as Vincent licked at the wounds, sucking softly. The fangs withdrew and Wyl's body was eased carefully to the floor. His lover followed him down, pushing his tongue deep within his mouth, not relenting in the need to possess his mate.

Vincent sucked Wyl's lower lip in time with the rhythm of his stroking hand. He stopped to virtually tear off their clothing, growling at the inhibitive cloth, as he felt an almost bestial need to bury himself in Wyl's tight heat. He pulled his pliant mate back into a voracious kiss. Breaking the kiss, the dominant male rolled Wyl onto his stomach and stared with avaricious eyes at his lover's creamy globes. Wyl was hard and leaking and his hidden entrance wept its lubricating tears. Vincent leant down, spreading the mounds apart and thrust his tongue into velvet heat. He plundered the tiny opening, encouraging it to widen to accept his flesh.

Wyl began to keen softly with the need for release. Every muscle was shaking with arousal and he felt there were unquenchable flames in his veins. Although there was a lack of tenderness, Vincent ruthlessly and thoroughly exploited every weakness Wyl possessed to excite and stimulate him. Coherent thought deserted the younger Vampire. He became little more than a being of pure sensation, a sleek, smooth-skinned form crying out to his mate for completion. He existed for Vincent's masterful touch and the joining of their bodies.

Vincent manhandled Wyl with ease so that his chest and upper body leant over their armchair, whilst allowing him access to his lover's lower body. Breathing harshly, Vincent ran his hand proprietarily over hips, buttocks and thighs, urging Wyl's legs wider apart. He hesitated, his gaze entranced by the glistening portal that granted him access to his Chosen's body. Groaning in aching need, he gripped his straining arousal and sheathed himself fully. He held still, feeling the tight straight ripple around him. Then, holding Wyl's hips, Vincent thrust steadily.

Once into his rhythm, he released one hip to stroke his lover. Vincent drove into the sensitive strait in powerful strokes. He took his Chosen to the brink over and over until Wyl was shaking and begging. Finally, with a feral growl of fulfilment, Vincent sank his full length one last time and came hard. He felt Wyl crest simultaneously, his spasming channel milking the older Vampire of every drop of his release, his own hot seed filling his mate.

Wyl whimpered as his lover gave him a last few, shallow strokes before easing out. He lay against the chair, barely able to comprehend the ferocity of their joining. Then gentle hands were moving him and he was cradled lovingly in Vincent's lap.

"I'm sorry, my Own," Vincent husked. "Did I hurt you?"

"No," Wyl replied softly. It was not a full lie. Physically, Vincent had somehow tempered the brutality of the lovemaking to ensure Wyl was not hurt in that way, but his heart ached for the tenderness that was missing. "What's wrong, Vincent? Please tell me," he begged.

"Not now," Vincent pleaded, hugging his Chosen to his chest. He could not bear to try and put into words what he was feeling at that moment. "Please be patient a little while longer, my Own. I promise I will talk."

"I love you, Vincent," Wyl said, canting his head for the kiss he craved. This time it was gentle, loving and Wyl moaned in pleasure as his tongue was sucked into Vincent's mouth.

"Feed from me," Vincent urged.

Wyl shuddered as the powerful elixir flooded his mouth. As he licked closed the small wounds, Vincent eased them to their feet.

"Sleep with me?" he asked, holding out his hand. He smiled as Wyl slid his smaller hand into the one Vincent offered. With preternatural speed he had them beneath the sheets, his powerful body wrapped tightly around his precious lover's. He knew he had to speak to his Chosen...and to his family. He had to purge himself following his imprisonment at Marcus' hands.

That he believed he had seen and spoken to the imaginary demon showed he was getting worse not better. He feared he would truly hurt his young mate. He nuzzled at the bare shoulder before him. Wyl's trust should be something he cherished and yet Vincent knew he was abusing it. He licked at the smooth skin, letting the familiar and beloved taste roll over his tongue. As Wyl slept, Vincent forced himself to remain awake.

Afraid of what his dreams might bring.


Seamus had a surprise for his new lover. As soon as he had found out his Chosen was a Dryad he had made a decision about their penthouse suite home. He wrapped a giggling Delfin in his arms and took him up to the roof. In their absence, Liam and his family had crafted exactly what he desired. The beauty of the roof garden, encased in glass that was specially crafted to withstand attacks, almost took his own breath away and he had commissioned it.

Delfin's delighted sounds as he wandered around trees and plants made Seamus swell with pride.

"The glass can't be opened," he explained. "Apart from its strength, Tillie used a protective incantation over it. It would have been too easy to attack otherwise. Do you like it?"

"I love it, Seamus," Delfin enthused, peppering his lover's face with kisses before running to explore. The floor had been covered with grass and moss, bark had been strewn haphazardly and flowering herbs added a subtle perfume. Bigger plants were in pots or tubs, including some trees. There was even a small waterfall and pool arrangement. It was almost like being outside. He giggled as he came across a couple of incongruous additions to the landscape. One was a bed. It was four-posted and creeping vines and flowers had been trained to cover it and create a living canopy. The other was a large, well-padded armchair.

Seamus' eyes followed his lover's actions avidly, the way a lion watches an isolated gazelle, but he did not pounce. Not yet. With a predator's patience, the blonde waited for the right moment. As if unaware of his scrutiny, Delfin slid soft leggings down over his hips and stepped out of them. The Dryad never wore underwear, disliking even the feel of silk. A thin t-shirt was pulled over his head and Seamus gave a hungry smile as Delfin leant licentiously back against the chair and opened his arms in silent invitation.

Seamus straddled the lithe form, kissing his Chosen passionately. Standing, Seamus slowly disrobed, letting Delfin stroke his arousal as the Dryad moaned softly.

"I want you, Seamus," Delfin panted. "Want you to take me."

"I shall, Petal," Seamus vowed.

Seamus repositioned Delfin so that the Dryad lay in the lap of the chair, his head on the seat and his hips raised up onto the low-set padded arm. He gave a feral grin as his lover spread his legs wantonly wide, offering himself to the Vampire. Seamus could see his nymph was trembling with eagerness. He stroked his salivating organ and Delfin made a noise of need that made his shaft throb with desire.

Abruptly, Seamus dropped to his knees and pressed his face to the alluring cleft. Delfin gasped as the blonde lapped at his declivity, laving his sac and darting a knowing tongue into his flexing opening. Over and over the agile muscle licked a path from the nymph's quivering aperture to his velvet sac. It left Delfin begging to be filled with something of greater substance than just Seamus' tongue. The Vampire was pleased that Delfin was readily lubricating, preferring his lover's natural taste above anything they could purchase.

Sure of his mate's readiness, Seamus rose and took hold of his aching erection. Positioning himself, he pushed forward into searing tightness. He heard Delfin's wanton moan of encouragement as Seamus' length slid into him. The penetration did not stop until the Vampire's sac rested against the nymph's smooth cheeks.

Seamus grasped the young man's erection sliding against his abdomen in a patch of its own silvery moisture. Delfin cried out his pleasure as the Vampire pumped him firmly. His powerful hips thrust with long, deep strokes, rubbing Delfin's sweet spot until the Dryad thrashed wildly. A sweet cry of fulfilment rang in the air as the nymph reached his climax. As his mate's arousal spurted his addictive crème, Seamus buried his length in his Chosen's velvet heat. A long groan announced the blonde's orgasm, His seed pulsed again and again to fill his beloved mate, leaving both males panting and satiated.

Delfin could not suppress the soft laughter as Seamus lifted them into the air and spun them around to then settle with the Dryad cradled close to his chest. Then the nymph sobered a little. Wyl's sad face came to mind. He decided to speak to his more experienced lover.

"Seamus, is all well with Vincent and Wyl?"

"Vincent endured on ordeal he has yet to speak of," Seamus said carefully. He had been so caught up with the love of his Chosen that he had failed to follow up his concern for his brothers of the heart.

"I am...worried for Wyl," Delfin whispered, unsure of how to voice his fears.

"Vincent would never hurt Wyl," Seamus said vehemently. "Never. However, I have been so wrapped up in my own happiness I have neglected the others of my family. I will speak to Vincent, Petal. Don't let it worry you." He nuzzled against Delfin's temple and then cupped the exquisite face to kiss his mate.

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