tagNonHumanVampires Don't Sparkle

Vampires Don't Sparkle


Ben was out with his pals one night looking for a place to get a few drinks. They had already hit a few bars and they wanted to try a new place as they hadn't been out together in a long time. Eventually they came upon a bar that seemed a little different but decided to give it a shot.

Ben had just finished college and had moved to Boston. His friends had come to visit to congratulate his new job and new home.

They all sat at the Bar and ordered drinks. As Ben glanced around the place seemed to be some sort of goth Bar. Everyone looked very pale and wore black clothes. The place had almost an elegant look to it with candle light and red curtains everywhere. One thing that caught his attention was a very attractive woman at the end of the bar that seemed to keep staring at him.

She had bright red lipstick and brunette hair. She was wearing a tight black dress that hugged every curve of her body. At one point they made eye contact to which he smiled and nodded. She also gave him a smile back.

As he looked around it seemed a few people were eyeballing them. He drank his beer and tried to ignore the stares but the longer they were there the more he noticed most of the people in that place seemed to be looking at them.

"Hey guys?" He said to his friends. "Maybe this isn't the best place for us." He said trying to convince them to leave. As they started looking around they seemed to agree and got up off their stools and headed for the door.

The were almost at the door when the apparent bouncer of the place suddenly stood in their way. "There a problem?" He said in a deep voice.

"No, not at all, we just um...... just making our rounds, u know? Bar hopping!" His friend Mike said trying to get past the large man blocking his way. Ben looked around at all the people starting to get out of their seats as they watched the situation. He was sure he was seeing things but he could swear many of them had red eyes.

"Look, we don't want any trouble!" Ben said trying to calm the situation down. The large bouncer looked down at him seemingly unwilling to move until he seemed to glance past him like he was looking at his boss or somthing. The look on his face changed before he looked back down at Ben.

"Fine, get out of here, but don't come back!" He said opening the door letting Ben and his friends leave.

After they left the Bar Ben suggested after that odd situation they should call it a night and meet up again tomorrow. They all said their goodbyes and Ben started walking home. His apartment wasn't too far away so he figured he'd save money on a cab.

As he was walking he suddenly heard a women's voice that he couldn't see. "Isn't it a little dangerous to walk alone at night?". He looked around and noticed someone leaning against the wall right near by. It was dark but he could definitely see a black dress and a pair of sexy legs.

"Excuse me?" He said hoping to get a response. He watched as she pushed herself off the wall and stepped in to the light. It was the woman from the bar, the one he made eye contact with and shared a brief smile with. "Good evening Miss!" He said nodding again.

"Where you headed?" She asked.

"I was just heading home."

"But it's still early, besides you left before we had a chance to talk."

Ben smiled and put his arm out for her to hook on to before he said "well in that case let me buy you a drink!"

She tilted her head a little before she smiled back and grabbed his arm. There was another open bar right near his apartment so he took her there. they walked in and he pulled out her seat as they sat down at the bar and she ordered a glass of red wine and he ordered a beer. It wasn't too busy or loud so they could hear each other just fine.

"So I didn't catch your name?"

"Emily, and you're Ben correct?"

"Yes, how did you......"

"I over beard one of your friends call you Ben."

"Ah ok, so yeah sorry we left so suddenly, that place was a little....... well I'm not sure plus and I thought the bouncer was gonna kill us."

"Oh Frankie is just very protective of that place, don't worry about him I told him to let you guys go."

"Oh, does he work for you? Do you own that place?"

"Oh god no, but lets just say I'm highly respected there!"

"Fair enough..........."

"What is it?"

"I'm sorry you just....... you're so beautiful!"

"Handsome, and a gentleman, don't find many guys like you around anymore."

"I was raised by my Mom, so I learned at a young age a certain respect for women."

Emily smiled but was starting to worry. Back at the bar she had gotten his scent and had hoped to make this quick but she was surprised by him, and even a little attracted to him as well.

"Hey baby! Is this loser bothering you?" Said the drunk man on his way back from the bathroom who had seen Emily and wanted to try his best.

"No I'm fine, back to your beer!" She said trying to shoe him away but he didn't seem to want to leave that quickly.

Ben got out of his chair and said "excuse me sir, this lady and I were having a conversation if you don't mind." Before he could say anything more Ben suddenly got a fist in the face knocking him to the ground with a swollen lip. He went to hop back up but suddenly and quickly he saw Emily grab his beer bottle and break it on the counter before pushing the guy against the pool table with her broken bottle pointed at his throat. The drunk was shocked to the point he seemed to sober up a little.

"I believe I implied I wasn't interested, now walk away." She moved the broken bottle from his neck to his crotch. "Or are things going to get bloody?"

"I'm terribly sorry Miss, you 2 enjoy your evening!" He said before Emily backed away letting him run out the front door.

Ben was still sitting on the floor a little stunned by what he saw. Emily placed the broken bottle on the counter apologizing to the bar tender and leaving him a nice tip. She turned to Ben and asked "are you alright?" Before putting her hand out.

He took her hand and pushed himself up. "I'm fine thanks," he responded.

Emily looked at his swollen bloody lip. She could smell the blood and it smelled so good to her. "We should get some ice on that."

"I live just around the corner." He said implying he had ice at home.

They left the bar and headed for his apartment when he said "beautiful and tough! Seems like your a dangerous combination!"

"Does that bother you?"

"Does what bother me?"

"If I were dangerous? Would that bother you?"

Ben turned to her looking her in the eyes. He stared at her and said nothing for a while as she stared back with a curious look on her face like she was waiting for his response.

"I think the risk would be worth it!"

She couldn't help but smile again as they continued to his place. The reached his building and headed up. As they got off the elevator and reached his door she stopped to let him open the door.

"Well, this is you place so I won't go in unless you invite me!" She said to him.

Ben was a little confused but he said "please, you are definitely invited!" Showing her inside.

Emily walked in to his place feeling maybe she had a little more control of the situation. She looked around at the apartment. In the living room were framed movie posters and a nice TV. She could tell he was still unpacking as there were empty boxes scattered about.

"Please have a seat!" He said pointing to the large couch.

"You sit, I'll get the ice!"

Emily walked in to the kitchen checking the freezer. There was a bag of frozen pea's which she figured would work fine. She grabbed a paper towel wrapping the bag in it and headed for the living room. She sat down and placed it on his lip. She kept getting lost in his eyes so she started looking around again. Every movie poster framed up were all movies she really enjoyed, in fact since she met Ben he has surprised her over and over again. It was getting hard for her as she was actually really starting to like him, he even took a punch for her. If she had been heartless like many of her kind this would have been an easy meal but now it wasn't.

She looked back at Ben who was still staring at her eyes holding the ice to his lip. She looked down and said "dammit!"

"Are you ok?" He asked placing his hand on hers.

"I'm sorry, this isn't how tonight was supposed to go!"

"Don't worry, my lip is fine, I'm fine!"

"No I mean!............ Ben I need to tell you something."

"Um.... ok?"

"I am not like most girls!"

"You're definitely more beautiful than most girls!"

"See that right there, you're so sweet and wonderful and........"

"Im sorry? would you like me to act more like a jerk who's trying to get in to your panties"

Emily stood up and straddled his lap holding his shoulders down against the back of the couch. "I need to show you something."

"woah wait I was just kidding about the getting in your panties thing I..." Ben put down the pea's and was a little confused about his current predicament. Emily closed her eyes and tilted her head back while Ben places his hands on her waist. He wasn't sure what she was doing but she suddenly opened her eyes and looked back down at him. Her eyes had turned solid white and 2 large fangs were not sticking out of her mouth!

"Holy shit!" He said freaking out but he couldn't move as she had him pinned down.

"I'm a Vampire!"

"I uh....... I can see that!'

"That bar was a Vampire Bar, they were going to kill and drink you and your friends until I stopped them!"

"Oh......... why did you?"

"Because I wanted you to myself!"

"Great plan! Just um....... leave my face unharmed, for my Mom!"

"I don't want to kill you you idiot! You've been such an amazing guy that I....... Dammit I like you!"


Emily got off of his lap and stood in front of him. Her eyes returned to normal and she retracted her fangs. "I'm sorry!" She said sitting back down next to him.

Ben was a little shaken and was trying to process all of this information. He said nothing for a while as he wasn't sure what to say. Finally he said "so..... Vampires! Do you..... sparkle?"

Emily shot him a look of death. "No we don't fucking sparkle, I hate those fucking movies!"

"Oh good! That might have been a deal breaker! so what now?"

"I don't know! do you want me to leave?"

"Um......... no, actually I don't!"


"Well Emily if you were going to kill me, wouldn't you have done it already?"

"I don't kill, not for a long time. It weighed on my conscience so i learned to control myself and stopped killing over 100 years ago."

"Wow, well let me say for your age you look amazing!"

Emily laughed a little before looking back at him. "I won't hurt you."

"Well what about your meal?"

"What about it?"

"Well you said you don't kill, so if you want my blood you can have it!"

"You would just let me feed off you? Ugh! Stop making this so difficult!"

"I'm not trying to!"

"You know how easy it is to feed off some scumbag on the street, even though I don't kill them when I'm done they still wake up feeling like shit! but you, I don't want to do that to you."

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. Ben wasn't sure what to do, all of this was a bit much for him to take in all at once. While he tried to gather his thoughts she lunged at him pushing him down on the couch laying on top him. He waited for the pain of her teeth piercing his skin but he felt something quite different. He suddenly felt her lips pressed against his. He opened his eyes looking up at her while hers were still closed. He put his hand on her cheek sliding her hair aside and pushing his lips against hers.

She let go of his mouth and said "come with me!" Before taking him by the hand and leading him to the bedroom.

She walked in to the bedroom which was lit only by moonlight. She let go of his hand and with her back to him she slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing no bra and just a small pair of black panties. Ben suddenly didn't care about what she was or what she wanted anymore. He saw this amazing creature standing in front of him turn around and laid back on the bed motioning her finger asking him to take her. She looked amazing in the moonlight and he could feel his pants getting tighter as he pulled his shirt off and crawled in to bed on top of her.

He kissed her again before working his way down sucking on the side of her neck. She moaned and purred beneath him as he continued down past her glorious breasts giving them both some attention with his tongue. As he worked his way down her stomach he slowed his pace making her moan even more as she waited for him to strike. He slid his fingers under her panties pulling them off slowly. His mouth hovered above her clean shaven slit before he stuck out his tongue and teased her entrance. She squirmed and moaned out with every touch. He teased her clit before spreading her pussy lips with his finger and shoving his tongue deeper inside her. He rubbed her inner thigh with his free hand lightly caressing her. Her legs wiggled letting him know she was enjoying the sensations.

"Holy shit!" She breathed out still writhing with his head still between his legs. She reached down and grabbed his hair pulling him up towards her. "Get the fuck up here!" She yelled out pulling him. She reached out and ripped his pants open with a strength he didn't expect. His under was ripped off as well as she rolled him over before impaling herself on his hardened cock.

Ben moaned out as her pussy squeezed his member. He almost expected her to be cold but she was as warm as and woman he had even been with. He leaned up kissing her and grabbing her ass helping her as she wiggled her hips. She wrapped her arms around his head pulling him close to her as she cried and moaned out louder and louder.

"Oh my god! Don't stop! Don't ever stop fucking me!" She breathed in to his ear which just turned him on even more.

The sensation were amazing. He wasn't sure exactly what was happening but it was almost like he was hallucinating a little as time seemed to slow every now and then and each sensation was more intense than he could imagine. It felt like he was high on ecstasy or something.

Her pussy squeezed around his cock milking him for everything he had. They looked in to each others eyes as they both got closer and closer to cumming. Time seemed to slow again as he looked at her beautiful face, he wished he had a picture of her as she looked more and more beautiful every time he looked at her. Suddenly her eyes began to turn white again and he saw her fangs begin to extend.

He knew it was about to happen as she pulled his head closed to her shoulder. She hadn't bitten him yet, it was like she was waiting to finish. Her moans got louder and louder and so did his as the both held each other tight and that's when he felt to small pricks in his shoulder neck area. It didn't hurt as much as he expected and he wasn't sure why but the moment she bit him he felt an intense orgasm rip through his body as he finally came shooting everything he had in to her warm tight pussy. She seemed to be draining him at both ends and the sensation didn't seem to stop the whole time she was biting him. It was pleasure he didn't think was possible and he wasn't sure how long it lasted as everything seemed to be in slow motion.

She suddenly released her bite tilting her head back as blood dripped from her lips. She closed her eyes and savored the flavor as Ben laid back against the pillows. He felt like he had been hit by a train but it was all worth it. He laid there catching his breath as his vision seemed a little foggy. He looked up at Emily as she was still straddling his cock licking her lips. The last thing he felt before he passed out was her lifting herself off of him, he was a little sad thinking she was leaving until he felt her lay down with her head on his chest. With what little strength he had he wrapped his arm around her and then he was out.


The next morning Ben awoke with a bit of a headache. Emily was gone but he looked over and saw a glass of orange juice on his night stand and a small piece of paper. It didn't say anything except for what looked like a phone number. Ben drank his juice and stared at the small piece of paper. He was trying to decide if he should call it or not as it was most likely her number but then he was thinking "why would she want to see him again? What if she wanted to feed off him every night? Could he handle that? Would he want to?" All these thought crept through his mind until he grabbed his phone and called the number.

The phone rang until he got her voicemail which simply said "Emily! Is not available" when he heard the beep he wasn't sure what to say. He paused for a moment before finally saying "hey Emily, its Ben.... i found this number on my night stand and.......... i don't know, call me?.... I guess? If you want!" He hung up and felt so stupid but got himself out of bed and took a shower.

Hours went by and day turned in to evening. He waited for his phone to ring which it hadn't as of yet. He was nervous and not even sure why, last night was amazing and strange, and exciting. All these thoughts went through his head when suddenly he heard a knock at the door. He almost jumped out of his skin as he wasn't expecting that.

He walked over and opened the door seeing Emily standing there. "Hey stud!" She said seeming very chipper. She was wearing just jeans and a t shirt which is different from the fancy dress she had on last night but she filled it out nicely. "Well may I come in?" She said as Ben stood there still a little shocked.

"Oh, yeah yes please come in!" He stumbled out.

Emily walked passed him and stood in his kitchen kind of just looking around before turning back at him. "So... how you feeling?"

"Um, a little tired but good, Im good!"

"Yeah sorry about that, it can be a bit rough sometimes!"

"Don't apologize it was....... it was amazing!"

"I'm glad!"

They both stood there in silence for a little while until Ben finally said "So...... now what?"

"What do you mean now what?"

"I mean just,....... are you here to feed again or......"

"Nope, won't have to feed again for a few weeks!"

"Oh!....... ok good, So why are you here?"

She looked at him with kind of a hurt look on her face. Ben started to panic a little as he didn't want to hurt her but he was also a little afraid of her at the same time. "Do you not want me here?" she asked.

"I mean, did you come by just to check on me or......."

"Well, I wanted to see if you wanted to do something tonight."


"Is that so weird?"

"No i mean, I'd love to spend some time with you its just, what do Vampires do for fun?"

"Im still a girl! I still like to do normal girl shit like going to movies, going to bars, snuggling on the couch and watching something at home! I may drink blood but I still have feelings for you and........... hope you do as well!"

"I do, I definitely do!"

"Well good then! You still seem a little run down from last night so why don't we try the stay home and watch a movie idea first?"

"Sounds like a plan!" He said as they headed to the living room.

They started watching the Star Wars trilogy which he was surprised to hear her say she loved. They went from New Hope to Empire Strikes Back. They sat together on the couch and he listened to her go on about when she saw them all in theaters. She spoke about what life was like back then and how excited she was for the sequels. He watched her in amazement as she truly was an average girl. He almost forgot she was a Vampire as without her looking all feral you really wouldn't know.

About halfway through Jedi he was laying on the couch with her laying in front of him. He had his arm around her and was holding her tightly. She smelled so good and felt so warm. Even with just normal clothes on she was still the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He found himself staring at her more than the TV screen.

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