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Vampire's Revenge


author's note: I love stories about vampires and werewolves and such; this particular story was influenced by just about every vampire story i've ever read. I hope you enjoy.


Devan Rouge waited patiently for his victim to wake up. He did think of her as a victim, because this was the first time he'd ever held anyone in his household against their will. There were plenty of willing donors, who actually got some kind of thrill - sexual or otherwise - from being the feeding ground for a vampire. Although there were a few vampires who preferred to hunt down their prey, there were places where you could even do that in a controlled environment with willing victims. The few vampires who took a victim by force were hunted down - either by the vampire hunters employed by the government, or by their fellow vampires who had no wish to return to their unrecognized and unprotected state.

The government had finally recognized the undead as citizens - at least, in the U.S., Britain, Russia, Brazil and a few other countries. This had resulted in a mass migration, which ended up enriching those countries as the wealthy and powerful of the undead moved in. When you lived forever it was easier to amass great quantities of wealth and connections. Devan himself was 900 years old, one of the oldest living vampires in the U.S. at the moment, which also made him one of the most powerful. However, he was not THE most powerful, that distinction went to Therese DiNada... which is why it was him who was having to deal with the problem.

Problem: the woman on the bed. He sneered at her pale features... she was attractive enough in some ways he supposed, but her personality did quite enough to eradicate that. Meg Wilson... red-head with pale skin and large firm breasts. It was hard not to admire that well-endowed chest on her very slim body, especially the way her blue veins were easily visible on the round pillows of flesh. Licking his lips he tore his gaze away from the pulse of her blood, looking out the window as he waited for the naked woman to wake up.

The moon shone bright and full, spilling soft light down into his guest room. Well, his guest room for humans anyway, although he was quite powerful enough that he could stay up during the day, he preferred to take his rest. It was something he'd gotten rather accustomed to in the first few centuries, and he rather liked the time that he spent not being alive... it was peaceful.

His thoughts turned back to the woman on the bed and why she was there. Meg Wilson, conservative Christian... she was sure that Vampires were evil, pure evil through and through. She didn't know any vampires personally of course, but she was one of those typical close-minded humans who was sure that the human race would be eradicated by the undead freaks. Devan's mouth curved in a mocking smile, his eyes glinting darkly. As if vampires were so stupid as to destroy their food source... not to mention, there were some particularly annoying humans that vampires wouldn't want to have around forever. Meg Wilson was a prime example... that woman had nothing to fear, no one wanted the taste of her foul blood in their mouths.

Well, maybe a few stupid, vengeful vampires.

Of course, it probably hadn't helped that he'd made her daughter, Stephanie, his main consort. Perhaps that was another reason why Therese had demanded he deal with the problem of Meg Wilson. It was certainly something that had gotten Meg's ire up when she'd found out, but legally there was nothing she could do about it. Stephanie was 22... and much more beautiful than her mother. They got along very well and although she'd asked Devan to give her the real bite, the one with his retractable fangs, that would make her into a vampire, he wanted her to wait a few more years to find out whether or not that was what she really wanted. It wasn't as if he were being irresponsible about the whole situation, but Meg had flipped out.

Now she was trying to use her influence to take away protections that vampires needed... make it harder for them to get jobs, make it harder for them to find food. Stupid bitch didn't realize that by doing this, she would actually create a MORE dangerous situation for vampires, as hungry and angry vampires without patience would look for revenge. Of course, the ones that would be hunted down and killed off would be the more stupid, the weaker and newer vampires... but still, Devan had friends among those too. He didn't want to lose any of them just because some stupid bitch had instigated biased laws.

So here she was, kidnaped and lying in his bed. He chuckled. It really had been too much to pass up... the vote was over, and the vampires had won, but Meg was still trying to create trouble. It was now his job to see that she didn't anymore... and was aptly punished for her stupidity. Therese had a morbid sense of humor, and so she loved the idea of having Meg spirited away with a full moon shining in the dark of night... He sighed. There were going to be plenty of theatrics once this got started, Meg had all these stupid superstitions anyway and Therese wanted to play even more on that. Not that he was against terrifying the woman, but he didn't like being up on center stage.

Ahhh... he bared his fangs, she was waking up.

Meg sat up straight with a gasp, feeling the cool air on her large breasts and instinctively covering herself with her hands, pulling her legs together to close off the view of her pink pussy. Not that he was interested in that yet... he hadn't fed yet tonight - that had to wait for the rite - and so he certainly posed no threat to her sexually. Yet.

Her eyes narrowed as she looked over the broad-shouldered man standing in front of the window, the full moon visible behind him, "You." her voice shook with rage, "What the fuck are you trying to pull?!"

"Good evening Madam," he said, grinning broadly as he stepped forward, allowing her to see his fangs, "We most cordially invite you to join us for tonight's Rite of the Undead."

Of course, there was no such thing, but she didn't know that. Stupid woman didn't bother to find out anything about the people she was trying to eradicate. Of course, she didn't think of them as people... but if she had known anything about Vampires this wouldn't have worked. He almost laughed as he remembered her trying to hold him off with a silver cross when he pressed the drug-soaked clothe over her mouth; that only worked if you truly believed in God, and against a Vampire as powerful as himself it still wouldn't work immediately - and of course the longer it took to work, the more a person's faith would waver. Hers had collapsed when the cross hadn't fazed him at all.

"No thank you," she said, haughtily polite, "Now where are my clothes. I am a citizen of the United States and you have no right to hold me here."

Devan laughed throatily, tossing his long hair back over his shoulders. Meg's breath caught in her throat as the front of his shirt fell open, showing off his sleek muscles. The vampire knew he was attractive, it would have taken a will much stronger than hers to resist his innate power.

"It is not an honor one can refuse Madam," He informed her, stepping forward menacingly. She shrank back into herself, her eyes wide with both fright and anxiety, he knew that she was torn between wishing him to hell and wishing that he would climb into the bed with her. Right now her body's responses to his power were fighting with her head, "And so you will come with me... NOW." his voice lashed out like a whip, making her fall back almost stunned from the forcible power in his voice. It wasn't something he used often, but he really didn't feel like listening to any more protests from her.

Taking her by the hand, he pulled her off the bed. Almost whimpering she followed him, the expressions across her face betraying the inner struggle as she fought to overcome his command. She would, eventually, he hadn't put that much power into it, but by then she would be down underground... and the other vampires wanted to see her struggle. Lowering his mouth, he kissed her wrist right where her pulse was, unable to resist licking at the big vein and feeling her shudder with fear.

"Come," he said, "We go to the rite. There is not much time before midnight."

Meg glanced out the window at the full moon as she was pulled, unwilling, towards the stairs. They descended into the depths of his abode, into darkness.


There were at least 20 vampires in the arena, Therese was up in her usual chair with a young man on her lap. He looked up at her with pure worship in his eyes and she smiled and stroked his cheek with one blood red nail. Meg made a derogatory sound as soon as she saw the sexually charged touch; the boy was obviously no older than 16, but what Meg didn't realize was that everything Therese did was sexual. The boy, Brandon, was Therese's human servant, her favored feeding ground, but Therese would never actually indulge in intimacies with him. Not until he was at least thirty.

Therese herself had been created at the age of 29, although she might find younger men attractive and interesting, she would have nothing to do with them until they were older than her. While 16 was the legal age of consent to be a human servant for a vampire, it was much too young for Therese to be interested in Brandon as a sexual object.

No, the main person in danger of Therese's rather perverted sexual desires tonight was standing against the wall, watching Meg with slitted eyes and licking his lips around his fangs. Valmont was even more appealing than Devan physically, but as a rather young vampire - not even a century old - he had already been passed around between three other more powerful vampires. However, it seemed as thought Therese might not ever tire of him, possibly because she was the first female that he had served, or just possibly because she liked to be surrounded by things of beauty. And Valmont was certainly the most exquisitely beautiful thing that Devan had ever seen... and he had become quite devoted to Therese.

Still, it was Meg that concerned him now, and he walked her to the center of the arena, standing beside her as he faced Therese and Brandon. The pink flush in Therese's cheeks told him that she had already fed tonight, something that he had not done. Therese had told him not to, and he had a rather vague idea why. Brandon slid off Therese's lap with an adoring look up at her, she patted him on the head gently as he took his place on the ground by her side.

"You sick bitch," Meg's voice whipped out. Devan shook his head, stupid woman, "What the fuck is going on here? You brought me down here so that I could watch you play pedophile? What, are all you vampires going to rape me now? I'll have you eradicated! ALL of you! You're all monsters and you're all going to die and go to hell where you belong!"

Therese's face flushed with anger as she was accused of being a pedophile, Brandon was glaring at Meg with stark hatred. Devan wasn't sure if it was because Meg had accused his mistress of being a pedophile, or if it was Meg's threat to wipe out vampires. It didn't matter either way. Therese sat back and a smile curved her lips. If Meg had known anything about Therese, she would have soiled herself at that smile. Instead the naked woman stood proudly, tense with terror and anger.

"We have no need to rape you," Therese's voice was silken, sex wrapped in velvet, it reached inside Meg's body and caressed her softly so that she gasped at the effect, "I think you will come quite willingly." Therese leaned forward, her milky breasts threatening to pop out of the tight boned corset she was wearing, "I can sense your desire for your daughter's master..."

Devan looked at Meg in surprise as she flushed and her hands clenched. That was something he actually hadn't picked up on overly much, of course he could create desire in her, but for her to actually desire him when he wasn't trying? Well, that was interesting. And it also demonstrated why Therese was still in charge.

"I do not!" Meg said loudly. Too loudly.

"Don't lie to me," Therese was practically purring, "I can sense it... feel how badly you want him between your legs, touching your breasts..." Meg was trembling next to him now, her flush spreading across her cheeks and down her neck, her eyes were carefully looking away from him. "If you feel so strongly about Devan, beautiful as he is, I do not think you will be able to resist Valmont."

And Valmont stepped forward, into the light so that Meg could see him clearly. She gasped and stepped back, stopped by a hard muscular body that was completely naked. Devan turned and smiled at Paul, the local Werewolf leader. He'd asked for a part in tonight too. Meg turned to see him and gasped again, not because he was as ethereally beautiful as Valmont or as sensuously desirable as Devan, but because Paul was the very embodiment of masculinity. Now she was surrounded by three of the most desirable men that she'd ever met and her attraction and fear was palpable on the air.

Devan stepped back, because he hadn't fed yet he certainly wasn't going to be of any use.

Stepping forward, Paul put one large hand under her chin and lifted Meg's eyes to his, making her shudder as Valmont's hands ran around her waist.

"Get out," Therese ordered Brandon, "You're too young to be watching this."

Although his eyes had been locked on his mistress rather than the sexually charged scene before him, Brandon obeyed, leaving through the side door just as a beautiful young woman entered. Devan smiled as Stephanie approached him, garbed only in a silk teddy that clung to her body like a second skin. She smiled widely as she watched her mother falling under the spell of the two men.

"No..." breathed Meg as Valmont's hands cupped her breasts, his fingers squeezing her pert nipples.

Paul tilted her head back and let his lips hover over hers, "Yes..." he murmured, his fingers gliding over her stomach to her pussy.

"Yes..." she moaned back as his strong fingers disappeared in her slit. Overcome by sensation and the aura of the two powerful men that she was trapped between, her desires took over. She didn't even notice her daughter off to the side, watching as her mother sank to the floor between the two men.

Valmont was quickly naked and hard, pulling Meg on top of his lap and thrusting his hard dick into her as she cried out. Richard continued playing with her pussy as the vampire began to lift her up and down on top of him, his breathing heavy as his fangs hovered near her neck.

"Don't Valmont," Therese was sitting up straight, "You cannot feed off of her. Sex because she is willing but you know she would never be willing to have us feed. And so we will not."

There were cameras all around, taping every second of the erotic scene, which is why Therese didn't want Valmont feeding. As long as he didn't drink Meg's blood they would be able to claim that she'd participated fully, but anyone who knew her would know that she'd never allow a vampire to feed on her. So the tape would be useless if Valmont fed off of her. However, just sex... that was possible. Especially considering the allure of the two men who were on top of her right now... and her yes had been soft but clear.

Valmont hissed at Therese, his fangs showing clearly... obviously he wanted her blood. In the throes of sexual excitement the lust for blood always became greater, and he could feel her fear and arousal pulsing through her neck.

"Noo..." Therese's voice was a low growl, "Paul, get her away from him."

Although normally Paul would challenge a direct order from Therese, he knew the danger as well as she did and as long as she was going to control her vampire then he'd obey. Especially because he was more than ready to take his turn with Meg, she was just as active protesting rights for other non-humans as she was with vampires. And right now, she probably had no idea that he was anything but human... she'd find out differently very soon.

Pulling the moaning woman off of Valmont, he turned his back on the angry vampire who was now locked in a contest of wills with Therese. Devan knew that Therese was just playing with her favorite pet, she could have destroyed Valmont's mind if she wanted, but she enjoyed it that he struggled against her will on occasion. He was the only one who could get away with it without punishment.

"Come to me love," she crooned, "Come to me..." her thighs parted and her skirt lifted as she unlaced the top of her corset, her breasts spilling out. Next to Devan, Stephanie moaned and clung to her master as she watched the Werewolf King thrust his aching dick into her mother. Meg moaned and lifted her hips to meet his thrust, her hands wrapping around his muscular back and pulling him into her body. She was completely lost, a bitch in heat under the King of Wolves...

Valmont and Therese watched, their faces avid with delight as Meg cried out in ecstacy, her hands clutching at Paul's back... the look on her face turned to one of horror as he began to change on top of her continuing to thrust as his skin rippled and fur sprouted under her hands. A werewolf is very like a man when he changes, but hairier and with a wolf's features; but his body remains very much the same, except that when he runs on all fours he's much faster than any human. Meg shrieked terrified ecstacy as the gorgeous man on top of her changed into a beast, rutting deeper and harder into her pussy as she writhed beneath him, caught between terror and orgasm.

His dick grew larger in animal form, splitting open her shocked pussy and pushing even deeper into the tight canal. Stephanie moaned in Devan's arms, turning and rubbing her body against him, her hands pulling his dick from his body, she was incredibly aroused from watching her mother fuck the werewolf.

"I haven't fed yet love," he murmured into her ear and she moaned as she rubbed herself against his limp dick. Lifting her wrist to his mouth, she cradled his member with her other hand as he licked her pulse.

Looking to Therese for permission, she smiled and nodded. He sank his fangs into Stephanie's wrist, sipping deeply of the coppery blood that flowed into his mouth, coating his teeth and tongue, filling him with life again. His member began to stir in her hand as blood began to flow through his veins again, she sighed happily and pressed herself against him, gripping him hard and squeezing, knowing that nothing she could do could possibly hurt him.

Meg screamed on the floor in ecstacy just as Devan pressed into Stephanie's wet pussy, his lips and fangs coated with her blood. The young woman's legs wrapped around his waist as he held her easily, thrusting deeply into her as Meg gripped the beast on top of her, cumming hard as he buried himself into her sheathe.

On the dais, Therese and Valmont were playing with another young woman, one of the human servant's. Her face was buried between Therese's thighs as Valmont thrust into her from behind, his teeth sunk into her shoulder, so Devan couldn't see which one it was. Stephanie moaned and writhed on top of him, coming closer and closer to orgasm.

Paul pulled off of Meg and the woman looked around the room with dazed eyes, cum dripping out of her swollen pussy. Everywhere she looked vampires were having sex, with each other and with humans. Nosing into her pussy, Paul began to lick at her swollen folds, the woman moaned in shame at the pleasure she'd received at the hands of a werewolf in animal form. But she didn't move away from his tongue. At least, not until her eyes lighted upon Devan, he turned slightly so that she could recognize the moaning, ecstatic face of her own daughter, whom he was fucking closer and closer to orgasm.

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