tagNonHumanVampire's Sacrifice

Vampire's Sacrifice


That night I stood in wait. Various insects chirped their territorial mating calls while fire flies flashed their indecipherable code. My choice of wardrobe seemed to be inappropriate for my surroundings. I had chosen a black party dress that I had specifically tailored for my needs. I specifically chose a satin halter neck design that came down mere inches past my hips. To complete it, I donned a pair of black lace garters and a pair of matching black heels. I had come to present myself as a sacrifice unknowingly on the behalf of humanity. I had come to the scene of a breath taking river that glimmered like black oil in the moon's light. All I was left to do now was hope and pray that I came across as an acceptable meal for my unknown suitor.

While I searched and waited, my mind reeled. Quiet, buzzing thoughts took me around to the circumstances that surrounded my current circumstances. The nights I spent researching quicksand and the joys of its self induced victims had led me to choose a river. The outfits described by countless quicksand authors demanded that I choose this dress. Finally, the last thing that insisted on my sacrifice, were the stories and rumors floating around town about a vampire stalking the nights. Although no one had provided any accurate descriptions, I knew my knight would have to come here. Would this vampire be like the infamous Count Dracula? Would he be a pale, lifeless demon who tore through his victims indiscriminately? Would he perhaps be more human like in the portrait of the erotic authors who paid tribute to his mysterious legacy? My knees quivered at the thought of this last possibility. A sensual lover that would nurture my body as he painlessly took my blood. Piercing fangs coated in his magic that would add to my pleasure. It was just the thought of tasting immortal flesh that sent electric chills throughout my body.

I was so entranced in my thoughts that I failed to notice a lone figure walking down the river banks. It was only when the figure chose to notice me that I was allowed to gaze upon its presence. The figure was shapeless and in descript but I instantly knew who that was. Whoever this vampire was, I was ready to face the risks. My legs uneasily carried my body towards the figure. My eyes felt obligated to fix themselves on the dark figure. It was almost as if I knew that if I broke my gaze even for a second, I would forever lose my destiny. I splashed through knee deep water and carefully navigated the uneven terrain as I slowly closed the gap between us. I eventually got within 20 feet of my suitor and I instantly knew which one of my questions were answered. My only surprise came when I realized that my hero was in reality a heroine.

I walked closer and closer to my figure until I was compelled to stop a mere five feet away. I quivered once again in fear and frustration. I couldn't understand why my body wouldn't move any closer to my immortal lover. I was only permitted to gaze upon what the moonlight would allow of my vampire. She had mid length brown hair with piercing red irises. Her expression was one of an unknown yearning that was amplified by her inhuman eyes glimmering human emotion. Her choice in outfit was equally amazing, choosing a red latex dress that wrapped around every curve like a glistening liquid that refused to leave her body.

After checking me out, the immortal figure closed the five foot gap between us. Instead of bending my head back to bite my neck like I expected, she instead chose to plant a soft kiss on my lips. As our lips touched, I sensed a fearful curiosity. It was almost as if she didn't know how I would take her coming onto me. It was truly strange considering that her presence easily dominated anything I had experienced. As I kissed back, I conveyed the bounds of my sexual freedom. I often chose to bed myself with both men and women in an effort to master the erotic arts. In all, I had chosen two men and three women to give myself to. In two nights, I had learned the arts of manipulating men but women were more complex. Though I had learned much, there was still more I needed to know. My lover seemed to pick my thoughts up as she acknowledged them by deepening the kiss.

After what seemed like an eternity of exploring each other's mouths, our lips eventually parted ways. The feeling of my tongue gently teasing her fangs was unforgettable on my end. I wanted to experience that again and I knew I would. Until then, we were contempt with staring into each other's eyes. I saw into dark, storming soul and instantly recognized the yearning for a human's touch. Waves of retinal liquid coded to me her desires to have me in any way possible. In return, she seemed to pick up on my fetishes and interests. In a moment of connection, I felt her sort out my desires and lay them neatly in an organized line. The only sound I heard her make was a slight purr as she sorted out my quicksand desires.

Almost instantly after I felt her mind probe my quicksand fantasy, she whispered for me to kick away my heels while I still had the chance. I willingly complied and instantly lost an inch off my height. She responded by holding me closer in a more natural way. As I enjoyed her immortal closeness, she chanted several incoherent words that I normally would have been aware of. I responded by mashing my breasts in with hers while she did her work. I was building up the nerve to ask what was happening but I soon got an answer. When she had stopped, the moist ground beneath us suddenly liquefied. The tops of our feet melted away to the ground below and soon our shins followed. Since I had less leg than she did, my knees were the first to succumb to the earth's desires. The ground quickly solidified itself to make sure that we had no second thoughts on escaping its grasp. A few seconds of uncomfortable tension passed until the vampire kissed me again. As our lips met, the ground softened up and took more of our bodies. The mud swallowed the bands of my garters as I was left with nothing more than to return the kiss.

With my sex dripping wet and no longer satisfied with mere kissing, I parted my lips from hers and asked if there was anything she could do to bring me over the edge. She replied by chanting more incoherent words that brought the mud to a violent series of churns. At first, I didn't know what to think as the motions rocked our bodies to our hips. I could only hold on to my vampire lover as the earth tickled and manipulated my soaked sex. Mud gently seeped into my crevice allowing its sensual texture to manipulate me further. My body's only response was to cum in an effort to keep the mud's invasion at bay. I knew my vampire lover could feel me cumming and she moaned her approval. Little did I know she had much more in store for me.

As I was coming down from my orgasmic high, I felt my vampire lover free herself into the mud. I heard her orgasmic moans rock us deeper into the mud's sensuous grasp. By then, our hips were gone to the outside world. The mud began its effort on claiming our curves as the mud's movements began to die down. It began to take a more natural rhythm but something still felt weird. I couldn't exactly tell what it was, but something still maintained its presence. I began to suspect that there was more to my lover's spell than a little rocking.

I was about to ask my lover what that spell contained. Even as the quicksand counted our ribs, she didn't reply. She simply allowed her spell to take its full effect. Almost immediately, I felt warm and slimy feel its way up my garters. I shrieked in surprise but my immortal lover simply kissed me again. I frantically wanted to ask her for answers but all I felt were more and more objects. My eyes raced past my lover's cheeks in a frantic search for what was going on. I got my answer soon enough when my peripheral vision caught a long, shining tentacle emerge from the earth. I wanted to scream in terror but I was immediately bombarded with calming thoughts. I knew these thoughts were from my lover so I allowed them to take root. My heart calmed down from its fearful state and soon I began receiving more thoughts. They told me to relax and that the tentacles wouldn't hurt me. They even went as far as to say that I would even find them rather enjoyable.

I relaxed and lost myself in my lover's embrace. The tentacles below the earth curiously explored our bodies as we gently rocked ourselves to oblivion. One of the tentacles went as far as to creep up my inner thigh. At first, I felt a brief moment of repulsion but then I remembered my lover's thoughts. I graciously allowed the tentacle to creep up further to the point where it was touching my already violated sex. Again, I had no choice but to lose myself to the sensations that were taking my body. While the tentacle below was working past my panties, another tentacle came to the surface to cup my breasts, which were now just coming to rest on top of the mud. Despite my breasts being smashed against my lover's, the tentacle still managed to free them from my dress's confines. They did the same for my lover's breasts, allowing our bodies to experience a highly pleasurable contact. The tentacle worked its magic to the limit, coming between our breasts only to stimulate our nipples in a way that made them highly sensitive.

My mind was nowhere to be found at this point. My lust for my immortal lover was too great for my attention to be elsewhere. The tentacle below the mud had figured its way past my panties to where it was allowed free access to my sacred spot. My vampire lover was doing her part to rub her breasts against mine and the slimy tentacle between them. I rubbed my breasts against hers to return the favor, but the effort was hampered by the mud's effort to claim them as its own. We still didn't mind this as the tentacles were doing more than their part to make up for this. The tentacle below subconsciously received my blessing to enter my body, effortlessly pushing its way past my inner barriers. I was in love at this point. I was close to breaking and all I could think about was the taste of my immortal lover. I knew I couldn't go back to any regular human. I needed to have her touch, her taste, her magic. I would gladly give any amount of blood that she desired. Even if it meant being tossed away after my death, it would all be worth it.

My lover, having picked up on my thoughts, graciously allowed me to cum again. My hair was soaked in sweat as I cried out to the flowing terrain. The tentacle inside my sex expanded itself to completely fill any allotted space. It also lengthened to explore new depths that I never thought possible. Our breasts had completely submerged to the unknown depths, never to return to the night air. Our lips clashed and our tongues dueled as I rode out my climax. My heart raced at an unimaginable speed and I graciously took whatever amount of air I could take through my nose. I eventually had to break the kiss in order to gasp for air. I personally found it to be a miracle that I didn't die right there on the spot.

As I began to come down from this orgasm, the tentacle in my sex deflated and retracted itself. That tentacle instead moved to wrap itself around our bodies, making sure that we didn't sink any further. The mud was threatening to take our shoulders and soon, my life. I however had little care for what would happen. Ever since I heard about this vampire I knew that this is what I wanted. I looked into my lover's eyes only to find a hungry determination mixed with lust. She parted her lips to lick the tips of her fangs, almost as if to warn me of what was going to happen next. Doing the only sensible thing I could think of, I offered my neck. My pulse raced as she approached, my eyes winced themselves shut in anticipation.

Her fangs descended to pierce my neck. I was expecting pain but instead I felt a cold pleasure. I felt my blood rush to her fangs, almost as if to willingly offer itself to her lust. She gently moaned a soothing tune into my neck, causing myself to lose any inhibitions about relaxing. The contentment I felt at that moment was greater than any feeling I could have felt from any of my past lovers. I weakly smiled and cooed for my lover to take as much as she wanted. A light headed dizziness set in but I didn't care to worry. The tentacles around our bodies relaxed their grip and allowed us to drift into the mud's caring grasp. Even as our shoulders sank under she still kept drinking. My vision started to blur as I weakly moaned my appreciation. I blacked out soon after words; my last thoughts signified my surrender to my lover, whoever she was.

I woke up after what felt like days of nonstop rest. I was in a lavish bed surrounded by equally lavish walls and furniture. One detail however seemed to stand out from everything else. That detail was the ceiling, which for some reason was a sandy brown color. The only way out of the room seemed to be a lonely door that had no current use to me at this point. I noticed that my lover was lying next to me as well. Her arm was wrapped around me in a loving way that only I could understand. Feeling no other current needs, I felt content to lay there. I knew that no other's touch would satisfy me. I knew I was in love.

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