tagNonHumanVampire's Touch

Vampire's Touch


(This is an older piece by me.. do not reproduce it. a second part and an updated version of this one are in the works)

You walk into the home, so cold, so wet from the storm outside. The wind has your hair blown all about your face, and the cold rain has it sticking to your skin. The rain pelts on the door now, the wind outside changing direction. You look about the room, and sigh. "Can it be any darker in here?" The shadows, which surround you, shift as the trees by the windows move outside with the swirling wind.

You walk around the hallway to the home. It is dark; the single lamp in the foyer is broken. You enter what seems like it would be a nicely decorated kitchen, wood burning stove, large refrigerator, wine rack... beautiful.

You're so positive that you saw lights on in this house. You look around, the only light by your lighter, which is now growing hotter, too hot to touch. You let go of the little red piece of plastic, the small flame dies out, and you're left to readjust to the darkness.

You turn around, your eyes slowly coming back into focus and notice a light of some kind coming from upstairs. It's not bright, just enough to see the difference... a flickering on the wall. You see the flickering disappear. You move along to the stairs, and then, moving up them, you feel the chill in the air. Once concealed by your own cold clothes, the air inside the home now reaches your skin. A shiver moves up your spine. How long has this house been without power? Why did I choose this house? When moving to the top of the stairs, you turn and see a window.

Outside is your car... dead. As if Mother Nature tried to tell you something, a bolt of lightning flashed, and you could see the smashed windshield. Jesus, what the hell was I doing driving?

The memory of the party flashes back to you, all the hugs, and the sweet kisses of long known friends. The friends hitting on you. The supposed gentlemen touching your ass. Telling them you were okay to drive, just so you could get out of there. You proved yourself wrong when you hit the mailbox. It wasn't the dumbest thing you could have done. Driving was the stupidest. Getting lost was the second most... THEN hitting the mailbox. You remember the thoughts going through your head as the battery light came on. The things going through your mind when you came to slow halt at the driveway of the large home in front of you.

When the rain came pouring down over you as you stepped out of your car.

Confusion as to why you entered a development. As to why you walked up to the darkest house. Was it because you wanted a dark place? Wanted someplace where you would not be denied? No matter what, you got yourself here, and you were alive. Cold, but alive.

A shiver ran up your spine again. You move down the hallway, and approach a doorway. When you get near to it, you hear a sound further down the hall, and the light, small though it may be, was there as well. You pass the door quickly, and move to the farthest room. There is a lot of light once inside the room, and warmth as well. You rush to the room, and into the warmth of burning oak, and smells of nature providing heat.

"Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?"

When my hand comes down on your shoulder from behind you, you jump, startled. You turn quickly. "You should have looked in the room you first passed." You look into my eyes first, then to my pale skin, then to my black silk shirt. My hair is pulled back on my head, slicked. I look deep into your eyes, and I smile at you. "I am sorry M'Lady, I did not mean to scare thee." You look at me; my shirt tucked into my black jeans. The black belt I wear, and the sword I wear at my side. A sword? This maniac is wearing a sword?

"What? What did you say?" You try to take your mind away from my attire.

"I said I'm sorry miss, I didn't mean to scare you." You shake your head slowly; thinking you thought you heard something else. You look at me again. My hair does not seem so fine anymore. My shirt's different. Maybe it is the changing of the fire. One log is burning less than before, only simmering now. You turn around again; I am not there. I move to the side window, opening it a little. "What... are you nuts? It's freezing out there."

"Actually, freezing would be 32 degrees or lower... it's 39 degrees out, so technically, it is not freezing." With that, you see a cocky smile appear on my face. I lean forward to the fireplace, and shift the logs, igniting one more. You look down and see the nozzle for the gas.

I look at you and follow your gaze. "I hate gas. I like to cut my own wood. I like to burn my wood. Oooo, burning gas. That's romantic. That's just Sooooo traditional." You laugh at the cynicism of my words. I walk away and grab a bottle of champagne. I take two glasses in the other hand. I walk to you, and pour the champagne. Two glasses, you think to yourself.

Was he expecting someone?

"I saw you coming to the house." I smile a very white grin. I hand you the glass, and I swallow mine quickly. I grimace harshly. You look at me reluctantly. "I have not drank anything in years." Years? He cannot be more than 23. Years? With that, you take a drink from the champagne. It is cold. From near the fireplace, I pull out a bottle of brandy. "Is that to warm me up? Or to get me drunk?" I laugh at you, and smile again.

"Warm you up."

I pour you a small glass-full. Then more. I watch you drink it, watch the way your lips touch the glass. So nice. I take a swig directly from the bottle, and drop to the ground in pain. I cough, and gag, feeling as though my throat were on fire, and burning holes through my body. "Hey stupid, if you haven't drank in so long, chugging brandy isn't the way to start again. You're really a moron."

I look up at you, my eyes bloodshot. A trickle of blood flows from my lip. "OOPS. Bit my lip."

After a little while, we settle down, talking, and smiling with one another. I answer all of your questions about the power, and the manor of my house. About the decorations around my room. About the reason I wear the sword. I talk about myself, and smile while doing so. I talk about my many adventures, and the things I look forward to in my future. I talk about loves, and I listen to you talk about your life, your aspirations, and the evening you just had.

By this time you are slightly drunk, and I am nothing. I lean in and kiss you, something I have longed for much longer than you can imagine. Since you'd walked in I have wanted to feel your embrace, your touch, your lips. I press my hands on your waist squeezing gently on your tight skin, so warm and soothing... I feel your hands touch my neck, and pull away slightly. My skin is cold. I kiss you harder, and stand you up.

We lock in a deep embrace, groping, and holding one another. Kissing passionately, as lovers reunited after a dozen years. I move about you. My lips move from your mouth to your cheek to your neck. My hands move up your waist, and over your wonderful breasts. I pull down your dress revealing your body. The dress drops to the floor in a wet pile. You feel my passion pressing against your ass. I move my fingers over your now erect nipples, teasing them slightly as I do. I love the feeling of your chest in my hands, the warm flesh, and the beautiful tits. I move my fingers over the lacy material of your bra as I drop it to the floor near the fire. I squeeze your tits gently at first, then I squeeze them Tightly, hearing you moan loudly, and gasp in pain and pleasure, mixing beautifully, your nipples caught between my fingers

I feel your hand touch my now erect organ, and I move slightly. I tear away your panties, and pull the front of my pants down. I remove the belt, and with it, the sword. It falls to the soft carpeting with a thud. I can feel the wetness between your thighs, smell your sweet aroma, and almost taste you. Lifting you slightly in my arms, I impale you onto my cock, now sliding deep inside of you. This is moving faster than I would ever anticipated, and I am sure quicker then you'd have ever dreamed.

I listen as you gasp in pleasure, and some pain. I feel your ass pressing against me, as I slide in and out of you, your body rocking in a rhythm I cannot hear. It is pulsing to a beat, and I soon discover it is your heartbeat you are moving with. I grab your breasts and hold tightly to you, pinching your nipples softly, and within a few strokes more, I feel your walls clench around my cock, and you reach your first climax. I keep sliding within you, and I begin kissing up your back. I slide my cock out of your dripping pussy, and bring the head just outside of your soft lips... then I plunge into you again. I move my hand between your thighs, and press my middle finger hard against your clit. This, and the pulsing of my cock bring you to another orgasm, screaming loudly. I love the sound of your voice, the true sounds of your passion as I fuck you. It makes my long cold heart warm. My passion grows with you as well as myself, and I tense up.

Softly, I move my lips over your shoulder, allowing my lips to move softly over your skin. I caress your body, and let my mouth move up again. Then, as quick as a thought, I bury my long fangs into your throat. You try to scream, but the pleasure is too much. I continue stroking within you, bringing you to a deeper sense of pleasure. The sucking violently on your throat, and my erection gliding inside of you brings you to another climax, causing your blood to pump more. I pull you away from me, holding you in my arms. I see your skin so pale.

You are shivering, all of your heat has left your body. My skin is now darker, almost tan. I gaze into your eyes, and kiss you softly, your lips barely grasping on mine.

"Tell me what you'd like, my sweet darling."

You lay in my arms, panting slightly, wondering what I am going to do with you. Am I going to kill you? Am I going to let you die slowly on your own? I look down into your soft eyes, and see the dark red blood trickling down your pale white throat.

"My lovely madam... I am not going to kill you. You have not yet lived out your life... Just as I have not yet lived out mine. Let me tell you about my life." I hear your heartbeat slowing. I tear open my shirt. I pull you close to my body. I let you feel the warmth you have provided me with. I reach for my sword, and lift it up. I draw the blade over my throat, and slightly cut my Jugular, just a tiny opening... small enough to heal rather quickly.

I lift your head to my neck, and feel your mouth touch the wound. You barely move. "My lover, drink... please." I feel you sucking slightly. More swallowing the blood that is freely flowing than actually sucking. "I-I'm sorry. I drained you a little too much. It is going to take you awhile to regenerate... but please, keep swallowing." I feel your mouth trying to tighten on my throat. The wound heals itself. I feel the pressure of you now sucking on only skin. Again, I draw the sword over... this time the cut is deeper. The blood flows down over your lips and chin. You are a mess, but so beautiful looking, the hunger for my blood over powering the nausea you feel over this idea.

You drink and drink until the wound heals again. I carry you to the fire and lay you in front of it, keeping your body warm. You look at me, so helpless. I stagger for only a moment while my body rejuvenates itself.

"I was born 1700 years ago. I know it seems like a long time ago to you, and in truth, it is. I would have liked to see the birth of Christ, but I did not. I missed all the great times of biblical events. But I was there for the Medieval times, and the crusades. I have seen so much, but none of it really compared to the 80's and 90's of this century. I mean, computers? I used to search the world over for people like me, and for those I could take with me on my travels... now all I need to do is turn on my computer. I mean, talk about no tradition? I carry a sword instead of a gun. I use wood instead of gas. While no burglar really holds any threat to me, I like to play with them. I like to let them enjoy themselves before I kill them. I got this sword during the crusades. It's worth a few hundred thousand." I smile. I like knowing that through the years of my life, I have collected and saved things that are worth thousands, and millions. "One good thing about living forever, if I collect something, if I find something... if it ever Is worth something, I will be around to know it."

You look at me like I am rambling. "Picasso and Van Gogh... both fantastic artists, both died with little fame. Now their paintings are worth Millions. I personally always hated Picasso's work, but who am I to criticize? I watched his work rise in value. I watched Gallielao persecuted for his beliefs that we rotate around the sun." I laugh slightly. "Yes, we rotate around the fucking sun. I haven't seen it in 1700 years. Are you ready for that? Night? Eternal Night?"

I watch your eyes begin to understand, to comprehend the thought of that. Fear courses through your mind. This is all real. He really is a vampire. He bit me, almost killed me. Oh my god. I watch your lips form those words.. the words on most everyone's lips when they know they are going to, or might have died... Oh My God.

I look down on you, seeing you more than you have ever seen yourself. I see your body rejuvenating itself. I see your body growing colder. I listened to your heart stop. I watch you die. Your body stops moving. Your breathing stops. You cease to be.

I lean down and carry you off into another room. There are a few candles burning around a small thin box. I place you in it, and close the lid.

When your eyes open again, it is three days later, and I am sitting on the side of your box, smiling down at you, and you are hungry.

I can remember when you first opened your eyes, staring up at me. Looking at me, seeing just how pale my skin truly was. I can see you looking intently on the texture of my skin, of my lips.

I reach down to you, and take your hand, pulling you out of your make shift casket. You look around, smiling at me, but inside your mind, you are terrified. You touch your chest, there is no heartbeat. You are pale. You look at me, and I look back, grinning slightly. "My lover, you are now like me. Not as powerful, but like me. You will need to feed tonight... I will take you through it if you wish."

I see the look of wonder in your eyes. The look of sudden understanding. You think to yourself, He wants me to kill someone. He wants me to take a human life. I can't, I won't... there is no way.

Then the hunger begins again. I can see it in your eyes. The hunger for sustenance. "I am sorry, the blood in my veins cannot sustain you any longer. I am afraid, Vampire blood tastes quite lousy once you Are a vampire." A frown comes over your face. "Come now, let us wash you up."

In the shower, your body tingles, never before feeling each individual droplet of water as it pelted upon your skin. Never feeling the tiny threads from the washcloth as it moves over your body. Never allowing a man to wash your body so closely, so thoroughly, and never actually feeling the dirt wash away. All of your abandon was gone. A thousand volts of electricity shoot through you when my lips wrap around your nipple, causing it to harden in my mouth. The feeling so much more intense, so much more powerful. When my hand drags along your body, between your thighs, a sort of preternatural wetness comes to your loins. My lips move over your nipple, then over to the other one. I look up into your face, so shocked, so amazed at how good it could feel. I move fully into the shower with you. I kiss you passionately, and smile at you. I watch you move down to your knees, and the way your small hand wraps around my cock. You kiss it, and it grows more than it had before. Within seconds, it is fully hard, and your lips surround the head, then slide down over the length. I giggle as your nose moves to the hair at the base of my cock. I look down into your eyes, looking up at me, so innocently, at the same time, with such devious intent. Your sucking grows steadier, harder, drawing me deeper, even as you move your lips back to the head. I feel your hand move between my thighs, and your fingers just touching my exposed anus. When your finger presses against it, and then inside of me, I groan, and come very close to screaming.

My hand moves to the back of your neck, then runs through your wet hair, and I feel the tips of your fangs moving past the side of my cock, rubbing along the skin. So much sensation... so perfect. When I feel your finger move inside of me, I feel it. I cum, in one long, continuous stream into your mouth, and then as you pull away, onto your chin and neck. The water quickly washes the cum off of your body, but I look down at you, and sigh loudly. So beautiful... so sexy.

When I left you to finish washing yourself, I went to get you your outfit for the evening. A small skirt, and loose blouse. A pair of heels, and stockings that would drive any man wild. When you saw the outfit, you looked at me in a sort of awe. I was dressed in my deep blacks again, except the sword was farther back on my side. I covered it with my black leather trench coat. You dressed in my chosen outfit without question, and came downstairs to meet me. "Society man, and his trophy piece?" You surprise me with these words.

"You are not my slut, you are a provocative woman, who is going to attract the best people this evening." A quizzical look covers your sweet face. Looking at your legs, I see the top of the stockings beneath the skirt... I did choose a small one, didn't I? I tell you to go get a garter belt... to increase the look. With a wicked smile, you do so.

An hour later, we pull into a nearby club called Sanctuary. It is upstairs from a beach club, but this one is dark, with heavier music, sometimes methodic by nature. The people here are more alternative. We pay no cover, we are not checked for ID, while all others are... for no one seems to care about us, because I wish it so. We move to a corner table, and sit quietly with one another. I see men looking at your legs, and your ass, and chest. I see women looking at me. I see so many people, doing things the normal man would never see. The gentleman snorting cocaine in the corner, through a piece of a straw out of his vial, cupped in his hand. The woman jerking off her boyfriend out on the dance floor. The other woman kneeling underneath of one of the tables, which is surrounded by men... having her way with a few cocks. This woman, I can tell is so drunk, she will not remember it tomorrow. She has been conned into this. In essence, these men are raping her. This is something her beliefs would never let her do. Feeling the minds of a few of the men, reading their thoughts, I can see they are rapists... some of them. The kind of men who pressure women into having sex with them, then never calling her again. Making the woman feel as though she is such a lousy fuck, or such a slut. They are the men who buy young women and girls alcohol and use them, beat them, toy with their minds.

I look to you, you are entranced in the music, the lights, the smells and sounds. It is all so knew to you, this alone is almost overkill for you. I tap your shoulder, whisper to you... and you smile.

We walk slowly over to the table. I move near the men, and offer them another woman for their games. They look at me strangely at first. They look at you, almost hanging out of your blouse. "Um, okay" says one of them men. Looking at me with hunger in your eyes, you descend under the table.

I move to the table, and act as though I am undoing my zipper, though I never do. You see the woman working, and almost crying. You soothe her with your words. You gaze into her wet eyes, and touch her mind with your soft words. She slowly passes out. This was something you'd not expected. To see inside of her mind, to touch her. It something you are uncomfortable with, at first.

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