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Blood ran down her face, trickling thickly from the gash on her brow down over high cheek bones, to drip from her chin onto her delicate white blouse. Green eyes narrowed.

"Oh no you didn't"

The cheeky grin was replaced with a flicker of apprehension and guilt before defiance came into the grey eyes locked in her gaze.

Moonlight played across Lysas' patrician features, even as the gash across her brow absorbed itself back to pale, uncorrupted skin. She stood slowly from the deep chair she had been resting in, and approached the impudent young mortal with a slow, elegant menace.

Leah cowerd away as Lysa approached, drawing her knees up to her chest and hugging them protectively against her body. Lysa smiled down at her, amusement dancing in those eternal eyes.

She could hear the young womans pulse racing, almost taste the sweet blood on her tounge. Softly, she reached out and stroked the girls cheek.

Leah trembled to the touch, trying desperately to cling to defiance, to cling to any emotion but the trembling fear that began to fill her. She failed, even as those unholy green eyes bored into her, sparking the fear that lay in her stoumach into tiny flames that crept lower in her body even as she instinctively tightend then relaxed her thighs.

"You wish to fight me, liebling?" Lysa purred, her gaze travelling to the fluttering pulse at the base of the girls neck.

Leah shiverd with delight, finding her courage, spurred by the immortals' indulgence. Smiling up at her captor sweetly, with a flick of her wrist she sent a silver blade spinning towards those green eyes.

It was knocked aside harmlessly with a smile that was fast hardening.

"Tut Tut Tut, and you were being such a good girl too" Lysa lamented, with one quick movement yanking Leah from her hiding place and rending the girls light dress from collar to hem and leaving her pale against the moonlight in pink lacey boy leg panties.

She smiled at the result, one beautiful shivering mortal mewling softly, so helpless. Slowly she walked around her prize, fingernails dragging across the skin, leaving raised pink lines in their path. She slapped down the arms that sought to hide her full breasts, nipples erect in the cool air.

A flush coverd Leahs cheeks and Lysa was almost giddy with the rushing of emotions and blood that coursed through the girl.

Standing before her once more, she ran fingernails down between those soft breasts, over the quivering tummy and brushed lightly across the lace clad pussy, her fingers picking up the pulsing through lips and clit.

One swift movement and those panties were gone, dissolved into the night and Leah was bared before her Mistress. Her eyes cast down to the floor, trembling as strong sure arms drew her into a deep embrace.

She nuzzled her way under Lysa's golden locks, moaning softly at the hands travelling over her shoulders, her back, down to cup her bottom and tap it sharply.

Lysa smiled at the little yelp that came from her shoulder, grazing her fangs across bare shoulder to delicate neck.

"You ought to be more careful who you fight girl" Lyssa breathed softly, pressing fangs more insistently against that sweet pulse, green eyes glowing brighter.

A giggle from the trapped young woman broke the spell a moment, as she defltly unlaced the bindings that held Lyssa's dress to her curvaceous frame.The red stained dress fell promptly to the floor in a pool of lace and satin.

Twin bodies glowed naked in the moonlight and for those moments who knew any more what it meant to be human or to be divine as both drank from the pools of lust that lay in the others gaze.

With soft kisses Leah paid homage to the beauty before her, sinking to her knees as her mouth traced a hot passage over Lysas' body.To hear her Mistress moan, to feel her melt into her mouth as her tounge claimed that slit between svelte thighs, this was heaven.

Powerful yet slim fingers curled in her dark hair, pulling her closer, and she responded, her tounge dancing lightly across the length of Lysas pussy, flicking across the clit with a teasing touch and then dipping ever so lighly into the warm depths within.

Lysa moaned, pulling the girl closer, marvelling at her frailty as her fingers stroked Leahs scalp and neck encouragingly, possesively.

The girls tounge now plunged into those dark folds, feeling her Mistress move and shudder around her, feeling that grip tighten, tighten, tighten. A moment of panic when she feared that perhaps she would be crushed in an immortal throe of passion. Then a slight release that set her ever more keenly to the pleasuring of this eternal flesh.

Lips sucked the sensitive bud into her mouth, and her tounge plunged and played as deep as possible into the depths of that sweet pussy with a rhythum that stretched back through the ages.

Lysas' cries grew to howls as she rode this mortal girl to her pleasure, echoing across the rooftops of that slumbering city. One hand tight on the back of the girls neck, she dragged her up and took her with a kiss, fingers sliding over the wet flesh between her legs.

She pulled back a moment, drinking in the girls beauty, her deep breathing, still while her fingers stroked that pussy, sliding along easily, and for a moment, pressing against the tight opening, holding the pressure while her eyes drank from Leah, drank from her girl.

Leah moaned softly, a plaintive sound and pressed against Lysa as much as she could. It was all for naught, as she was held in an iron grip. She must await the moment her Mistress would give her release.

Lysas eyes and mouth creased into a smile as she saw the surrender in the girl. Lowering her head to trail her tounge across the luminescent skin, her fingers slipped into Leahs pussy roughly, elicitng cry of pleasure, even as her fangs peirced the skin and the sweet sweet nectar began to flow into her.

She was rough with the girl, her fingers fucking hard and fast in and out of that tight wet crevice, the other arm holding her in an unyeilding yet tender embrace and Leah knew what it was to be totally utterly lost to pleasure, lost to another, lost to herself.

Her moaning echoed around the loft, amplified by the stone walls until it seemed as if the whole world were lost in the peak of pleasure. A thumb brushing her clit rhythmicly as fingers plunged with frightening pace in and out of her sent her out of her senses, out of her mind for a moment, with one last cry that resounded through the night air.

She lay limp in the arms of her Mistress, cradled for eternity by the one who would never leave her. Lysa stroked back the dark strands that had fallen over her face and kissing her softly, withdrew from the rays of the rising sun.

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