This is my first story so the editness isn't very good but those who have read it like it. Or at least that's what they tell me. Hope you enjoy. :)


The year is 1662 and Gavin and Anastas are in a castle in Romania. Anastas is a 100-year-old vampire wearing a black skirt with a red corset detailed in black. Her hair is pulled back in a half ponytail. Gavin is in a black Victorian Goth suit. His long black curly hair is pulled back in a ponytail. He's a lycan.

Gavin kisses Anastas passionately. He backs her into a wall and roars in her ear. Gavin changes only enough to gain his teeth. While his teeth grow to points his eyes glow yellow with animalistic hunger.

"I love that look in your eye," Anastas whispers after flicking his ear with her tongue. Gavin shudders.

"Do you know what my eyes are looking at?"

"Yes," Anastas pushes back her hair to reveal her shoulder. "This."

Gavin pulls her close, "Yes."

"Make me scream."

Gavin flips Anastas around pressing her front the wall. He tilts her head to the left and moves his head to the right shoulder. He licks the spot first, and then he goes in; his four white fangs biting Anastas's pale tender flesh. Blood gushes to the surface. Anastas breathes faster, she tries to squirm out of Gavin's grasp, but he pins her down harder.

"I'm not done with you yet," he growls. He bites the already healing wound again.

"Puh-ah-puppy," she moans.

"Scream," he says.

Anastas breathes faster and faster, finally she screams with pain and pleasure. "Bed," she says.

They both get in the canopy bed with blood red sheets. Anastas pins Gavin to the bed, "I'm in control, it's my turn." She laughs revealing long white fangs. She removes his coat and opens his shirt. She traces her long nails up from his stomach to his chest and to his neck. She moves her finger back and forth on his neck before digging in. Her mouth explodes with blood. Her hand moves from his chest to farther down, Gavin gasps. She rubs her hands up and down.

"I've got a present for you," and with that she got up and walks to the door. Gavin watches her every move, every curve of her body. Anastas opens the door and a girl enters, she's human. "Her name is Megara."

"Hello sir," she trembles.

"Don't worry, my bark is much worse than my bite," Gavin smiles. He walks towards her and kisses her cheek. She blushes; he smiles showing his teeth and changes his eye color. Meg gasps. "Get on the bed and take off your clothes." Anastas leads Megara to the bed and helps her take off her clothes. Now Meg is only in a corset and petticoat, Gavin walks over and sits on the bed, "kiss."

"This will be much easier if you cooperate my dear," Anastas smiles and tucks Meg's hair behind her ear. "Such a pretty girl," she says as she runs he hand down Meg's pale sweet neck. Megara nods, all fear seems to have disappeared from her eyes. Anastas leans in to kiss her and their lips meet. Meg's hands slide to Anastas's sides and Anastas's arms wrap around Megara's neck. Their lips part and their tongues dance in each other's mouth. Meg moves her hand up to search for something else she likes. Meg squeezes Anastas's breast and kisses harder. Anastas's hands start untying Meg's corset. Meg breathes deeply in relief because she doesn't have the pressure on her chest anymore. Anastas lifts up Meg's petticoat and tosses it across the room.

Gavin grabs Megara and pushes her down on the bed. He pulls her so that her feet and legs are off the bed and he can stand at the perfect height. Anastas climbs up beside her and begins to make out with her again. Meg's hand traced its way down Anastas's body, down her back, squeezing her butt and down to the inside of Anastas. Anastas kisses harder.

Gavin teases Meg by rubbing his hand up and down, just barely touching her. Megara tries to push her body that way but Gavin stays one step ahead of her and continues to tease her. Finally, Anastas pulls Meg out of her and straddles her face. As Anastas does that, Gavin wraps Meg's legs around him and pushes his way into her. Anastas lowers herself to Meg's face and gasps in pleasure. Meg's tongue dances around more each time Gavin pushes in. Anastas rocks back and forth on Meg's face moaning with each movement. Before any one of them finish Anastas slides down to kiss Meg again. Finally she sits up and kisses Gavin while he's still inside Megara. Anastas claws Gavin's back.

Anastas pulls Meg back and takes her place. She motions for Meg to crawl on top of her. Meg does and the three of them go at it again; Anastas digging her tongue deep inside Meg and Gavin pushing into Anastas. Meg moans both their names. Gavin claws Meg's back, she screams. Every touch is electric, every move flows together, everything fits. Anastas moans and starts to tremble, feeling her body prepare to finish her back arches and all three orgasm one right after the other.

Gavin kisses Anastas softly and then Meg. All three are trembling and breathing heavily. They climb under the cover and cuddle together, falling asleep in each other's arms.

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