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Vampiric Lust Ch. 01


*Hello everyone, this is my latest fantasy story, which I hope to become more than just a single chapter. This relies strongly on my fan feedback. It's discouraging when you get no feedback to your work, as some of you may know. It almost feels like you've wasted time. So, if you like this story and would like to see more, at the very least vote for it. At the most, leave some feedback, that would be great. The better the response, the quicker the sequel chapter.

Now, this first chapter involves a lot of male homosexual sex. It is my first attempt at writing man on man smut, and I'd like to think that it went rather well, but if you don't like that kind of stuff then you probably shouldn't read on. There is also some violence, vampires, and prostitution. The story is based in a world of my own creation, and so the races will make little sense to anyone, but that's of no real consequence. The vampires, which the story is based around, are my own personal vampires, and so there are some things different to them than typical vampires.

Future stories will have much more heterosexual sex, but will still have a good amount of violence and the like. These stories may not be for the weak stomached. So, before reading, know your likes and dislikes, and know your limits. I truly hope that many will enjoy it, despite my warnings, but I don't want anyone to read something that they would vastly dislike. If there are things you don't like, or things you'd like to see, leave me feedback telling me about it. Thank you, and enjoy.*


Lokan was only nineteen years old when his entire life saw fit to change; or perhaps end is the better word. He was a bright young man, somewhat strong, quick-witted, and rather popular in his small village. He performed well while he was in school, and since he'd moved out of his parents' house he'd built a small home of his own and worked at the local market selling tools. His biggest fault was probably his tendency to give into his perverted desires, despite his proper upbringing.

The young silver haired man was fine with this one flaw in his personality, because as far as he could see he wasn't hurting anyone. A peeping tom was a far better thing to be than a murderer. So, he often found himself staring at waitresses at the restaurants in town, or trying to catch glimpses inside of the local brothel. He'd even peeked at his older sister on numerous occasions when they were growing up together.

On the last quiet night of his life, Lokan was hidden in a leafy, green bush, though its color was all but lost under the dim light of the half-moon. Quietly he waited there, obscured from the vision of any passerby, but with a grand view into a dank smelling room from between two loose boards making up the wall of Tallen's Brothel.

The night around him was quiet, the sound of cicadas easily heard, and the light trot of horse hooves on the dirt roads in the distance. Lokan was rather positive that no one would be able to spot him in his position, and he was also pretty certain that no one would be around this area anyhow, especially out behind the brothel rather than in front or inside.

Currently Lokan's rope belt had been unfastened, which allowed his dark brown cotton pants and underpants to fall down around his ankles as he stood there peeking between the loose boards with his flaccid cock in his right palm, while his left palm was firmly planted on the wall above his head for support. With his left eye clenched shut he watched the scene within the room eagerly and patted the base of his cock lightly, encouraging it to grow and stiffen.

Within the confines of the windowless brothel, a particularly attractive young woman had her lips wrapped around an older man's shaft and her head was bobbing back and forth along his length casually. Lokan couldn't quite make out her face, but her body was extraordinary. She had long black hair cascading down her slim, toned shoulder and about halfway down her back. Squatting there with her legs spread, Lokan couldn't help but notice the attractive dimples above her plump little ass and the pair of strong legs that supported her petite body. Her form was completely nude, but due to her position the horny young man couldn't see any of her private parts; this didn't stop his hand from stroking furiously over his rigid cock.

The lewd slurps that made their way into Lokan's ears were just egging him on, and by the look on the middle-aged man's face as his hand stroked through the girl's silky black hair, he could tell that this young woman had some skill with her tongue. He couldn't help but feel slightly jealous as he watched the prostitute slurp away, but his hand felt good enough against his skin in the cool darkness of the night, and the thrill of being outside while he touched himself was perhaps more of a thrill than if the beautiful young whore were wrapping her lips around him instead of the old stranger.

After a few more moments, the blow job was halted and the young whore stood up and stretched for a moment before sitting down on the stiff bed they were supplied. She shook her hair out a bit, causing her to look in Lokan's direction and his heart skipped a beat. He knew the girl, at least a little. He'd seen her and even spoken to her a bit at the market. Her name was Lizabeth, though Lokan had had no idea that she was a prostitute when he'd spoken with her. She'd seemed so normal. Her face was gorgeous, even obscured by her hair. She had soft features to her tanned face, but her eyes were slightly angular and her nose a bit flatter than his people, the Todors. If Lokan was to make a guess, he'd suppose that she was a Sandalian, but he was no expert on identifying races.

As Lizabeth sat there, she spread her legs for the dark haired man, and Lokan got a nice view of her lightly furred snatch, with its dark puffy outer lips and slick pink inner folds peeking out. Her breasts were bared to him now as well, and Lokan couldn't complain here either. Each tit was nicely rounded and obviously more than a handful without being too much to handle. Some men loved the big bosoms, but Lokan had always preferred to have just enough rather than too much.

The man soon moved into Lokan's view, just as Lizabeth looked in his direction. His heart skipped a beat again as he thought perhaps she'd noticed him. However, after a few moments his fear subsided and the pulsating ache of his cock was all that occupied his mind. The man sank his length, which was obviously less than Lokan's own meaty organ, full into Lizabeth and began pounding in and out of her as she cooed and moaned at him, tossing her head in ecstasy, whether it was faked or not. All Lokan could see was the shuddering of her strong thighs which were tossed into the air on either side of the man's broad back.

The silver-haired young man continued stroking at his thick meat as he awaited a better view, and then he caught Lizabeth peeking around the man's body and stare directly at him. As a reflex, Lokan quickly moved his body from the peeping hole and his heart rate increased ten fold. She must have seen him. She had to have. His eyes closed and his head fell back upon the wooden boards of the brothel as he cursed himself in his mind. He could never speak to her again after that. Even if she hadn't noticed that it was him, it would jut be too awkward.

His cock was still rigid and pointing into the air before him, surrounded on either side by a lush green bush, and Lokan continued to curse and fret as he prepared himself for another attempt at peeking. However, when he opened his eyes once more he was given the shock of his life.

Standing before him was a tall muscular figure. He was about as tall as Lokan, who was easily six foot tall, and his muscles were quite a bit bigger, giving him a broader figure. As Lokan clenched at his chest as a reaction to being scared to hell and back, he took in the stealthy man's features. He had long black hair down to his shoulders, and a beautiful face, very masculine and handsome as well as being soft and somewhat feminine at the same time.

Lokan had never felt an attraction to the opposite sex for the most part, but he couldn't help thinking about how handsome this tall man appeared to be. Upon the man's face sat a quirky grin, as if he knew something that Lokan didn't. Otherwise, he seemed completely calm, standing still between the silver-haired teenager and the bushes that were supposed to conceal him. The stranger wore upon his body black leather clothing that fit rather tightly without being too tight for comfort. A slight movement caught Lokan's attention and he tensed, glancing up into the man's eyes for the first real time and noticing the blood red color of them, along with the fact that they almost seemed to swirl as he gazed into them.

Without warning, Lokan's breathing ceased and he realized that the man's strong hand was fastened about his throat and that he was suspended in the air. His eyes grew wide and he managed to mouth, "What do you want?" Though the words barely were able to escape his throat.

The man revealed a toothy grin now, flashing a pair of pronounced canines to Lokan and chortled lightly, "I want you," he said quietly, and then Lokan felt the man's other hand fasten around his now semi-hard cock and begin to pull back and forth on it. Lokan didn't want to admit how good the stranger's warm hand felt around his pulsing shaft, and he struggled against the stronger man futilely, kicking a bit and swatting at the strong arm around his throat. The man just smiled handsomely, his eyes drilling into Lokan's own deep blue set, as his hand moved swiftly and deliberately against the sensitive flesh of Lokan's again fully hard dick.

It wasn't long in this odd, yet sensual embrace, before Lokan felt as if his balls were going to explode, though very much against his will. At this point, the handsome, dark haired man leaned in and whispered to him, "I'm going to release you now, but you will not scream, you will not run, and you will not seek any sort of help. You're going to be a good boy." The man said it with such certainty that Lokan truly wanted to laugh right there, but he was very unable to and felt as if he was on the verge of passing out.

However, true to his word, the tall stranger lowered Lokan to the ground and he weakly gained his balance, placing one hand on the wall behind himself for support. He immediately tried to run, but found that his legs wouldn't obey him. Not only that, but his voice refused to come forth when he opened his mouth to call out. Internally Lokan began screaming at himself, trying to force himself forward, but nothing would respond correctly.

As he fought with himself in his head, he noticed that the man had taken off his leather shirt and was now dropping down onto his knees, both smooth, warm hands now wrapping themselves around Lokan's throbbing meat. The strong, soft hands began working at his tender flesh, one rubbing slowly up and down his shaft, while the other began caressing at the sweaty scrotum dangling beneath his manhood.

Lokan was truly shocked now. He felt as though he should run, or at least want to run, but thinking the situation over, he no longer felt compelled to flee. Instead, he began to buck his hips and his entire body shivered when he felt the man's thin, moist lips part just in front of the fat purple head of his cock and then close once more halfway around his shaft. The man's hot breath and slick tongue began cradling Lokan's aching manhood and he knew that he was on the brink of coming. Glancing down briefly, he saw the man's dark head begin bobbing on his length and Lokan quickly closed his eyes and began listening intently to the faded moaning of Lizabeth still reaching him from inside and he eagerly began imagining her beautiful features surrounded his thick prick, slurping back and forth on it with increasing ferocity.

The pleasure of this strange man's erotic treatment soon became unbearable and Lokan could feel his balls tensing in the man's strong palm as they shot thick white ropes of sticky cum into the man's mouth. His seed spewed abruptly from his fat, swollen head, exploding with a great amount of force, and Lokan knew that each thick rope was splattering against the back of this man's throat. Lokan felt like he was coming for several minutes, his cock twitching in the slimy confine of the man's mouth as his balls drained themselves delightfully.

Once he was completely drained of his life-giving juices the fair skinned fellow stood up, brushing off his knees, and Lokan noticed the large bulge in his leather trousers. Licking his lips with a sly smile he nearly purred, "I needed that. That sweet-salty provider of life. But now it's my turn, boy."

Blinking a bit, Lokan contemplated the idea of sucking on this man's thick throbbing cock, and the idea was not all that appalling to him surprisingly. It became even more appealing as the man undid the buckle on his leather belt, and let his black pants slide down his thighs. That rigid, veiny organ bobbed free, appearing to be a little over eight inches in length. It looked so thick and beautiful to Lokan that he actually began to drool a bit. However, when the man spoke, Lokan began slightly afraid and severely disappointed, "Turn around and place your hands against the walls, boy." Lokan did as he was told against his will. "Good, now spread your thighs a bit. Hmm, what nice firm cheeks you have."

Lokan cringed a bit as he felt the man groping his ass cheeks and spreading them lewdly, as if he was some ten cent whore. He heard the wet sound of the man salivating on one thick finger before he felt it pressed against his virgin backdoor. Lokan clenched his teeth tightly, wanting to scream, or clench his buttocks, but being unable to do anything that may hinder this strange man's wishes. Within that same moment there was a slick digit wiggling in his rear, spreading his pucker with its girth. The next thing the man did was spit in his palm and use that makeshift lubrication on his thick cock, like it would really help much.

Two seconds later Lokan was letting out a howl of pain in his mind, whilst the man pumping his cock into the younger man's ass let out a satisfied groan with his hands planted on the young man's hips. As the large man pushed himself further into that tight, unexplored entrance, Lokan could feel his flesh ripping and the warm, painful sensation of blood trickling through his anus and then down his thighs. Whether it was the blood itself, or the improved lubrication, Lokan was unsure, but the stranger seemed provoked and shoved the rest of his length into Lokan's anus before drawing out and pumping back in, beginning to fuck the young man in earnest. All the silver-haired prey could do was brace himself against the wall and clench his teeth tightly.

As the man continued his assault on Lokan's anus, he made lewd grunts and groans, obviously enjoying the hot, bloody tightness of his backside. Soon he even began to grunt comments into Lokan's ear. One such comment was, "You're being such a good boy," and oddly enough, Lokan felt a feeling of relief wash over his body at hearing this, though the pain in his ass was still throbbing.

As the man's grunting and humping began to quicken, Lokan predicted that it would all be over soon. He even tightened his asshole willingly, trying to provoke the stranger to finish up. In and out the man continued to pump, his hips bucking against Lokan's hairy ass cheeks and their ball sacks swung into one another with every thrust. It wasn't until one rather fervent thrust that banged their balls against one another that Lokan opened his eyes finally and stared down in horror at the sight that greeted him. He'd unknowingly become rock hard once more, and it was then that he realized the amazing sensation that each thwap of this man's heavy balls against his own swelling testicles sent pulsing through his groin.

After just a few more heavy thrusts from the strong man straddling his backside, Lokan could feel the distinct sensation of an orgasm tightening in his scrotum again. Simultaneously the man slammed once more into Lokan's ass and hilted himself there, his dark bush pressing against the younger man's crack and his balls tightening up to his groin, while fitting snugly into Lokan's taint. Almost desperately, a strong, soft right hand slipped around the young man's waist and fastened around his cock, stroking at it eagerly again, pumping it firmly up and down. Suddenly Lokan felt that hot, sticky explosion shoot deep into his bowels, filling his anal cavity with hot, white seed, and his own scrotum exploded into the air before him, six thick ropes of stringy cum coating the old wooden planks of the building.

After several silent moments, filled only by the hushed pants escaping Lokan's lips, and strangely no pants from the man still nestled between his bloody cheeks, he felt the limp remnants of that thick cock slide out of his torn hole. Lokan now managed to turn around and rest his back against the wooden wall as he felt the trickle of blood along his thighs, and soon something thicker which was apparently this man's cum. Looking at the man who had already refastened his belt, he managed to half-whisper, "Are we done here?"

With only another handsome smile as his reply, the man was suddenly on top of Lokan, his arms embracing him and his mouth nuzzled into the space between throat and shoulder. Lokan was quite stunned at first, but then he felt the sharp pain of what felt like needles, along with a slow draining sensation, as if his energy were being completely sapped out of him. His skin grew colder and clammy, and his eyes began to flutter shortly as he felt his breathing slow and limbs go limp. Finally, his heart gurgled to a stop and the boy died.

Releasing his mouth from the young man's neck, the vampire straightened himself and grinned, holding Lokan's limp body in his left arm as he drew his right index finger along the bite marks upon his neck. Wiping a bloody trail across his chest, he brought the dead man's mouth to the trail and forced him to suckle at it, if that's what you can call it. After the first drop entered his body, Lokan jolted awake, blinking rapidly as he hungrily lapped the rest of the blood from the man's smooth chest. "Good boy," the vampire cooed as Lokan collapsed onto the ground, breathing shallowly.

Then, without warning, the demon burst through the wall that Lokan had been spying through previously and seized the sleeping man who had been fucking Lizabeth previously. He quickly twisted the man's head, snapping several rather important vertebrae and then tossed him over his shoulder and exited the way he'd come. Tossing the man ungracefully onto the ground he pointed and said in a deep, sensitive voice, "Feed, my boy."

Lokan did as he was told, wanting to do anything that would bring him out of this hollow pain that he felt, being on the very brink of life and death, unsure of which he was closer to. He crawled weakly to the limp body and instinctively fasten his lips around the man's throat. Almost automatically his newly grown canines chomped into that soft, still-warm flesh and he began to drink hungrily, sucking the heavy-set man dry within a minute's time.

As he released the man's body, Lokan gasped and felt his heart fluttering and beating erratically in his chest, however, when it suddenly stopped it was obvious that the heart no longer had any direct control over his body. He felt like a new man, he felt different, and yet he still felt weak. Clumsily managing to stand, he looked the other vampire over cautiously.

"It will take some time for you to feel as you should," he said calmly, "I'll carry you for now." And with that, he swooped Lokan into his arms and they took off at an incredible speed, before anyone could discover them with the dead man's body.

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