tagFetishVampiric Pleasure Pt. 01

Vampiric Pleasure Pt. 01


Ok, before the story begins, Just a quick note from me, the author. This has extreme fetishes. Like, stomach bulge and cum inflation. It has unrealistic amounts of semen, so if you don't like fetishes like this, I suggest you don't read this. I hope you enjoy this story if you do read it. If you want, leave suggestions of what I should do next! Also, sorry if this story is bad, it's my first lewd story.


Night time is the time creatures of the night come out. One such creature is a vampire. Vampires suck blood to feed themselves, and they need it to survive. On this particular night, there was one such vampire sneaking around. A neko vampire named Luna. She was out looking for food tonight, and finally found the jackpot. You see, vampires love the blood of the species they were originally before becoming a vampire. Since Luna was a neko vampire, she loved the blood of nekos. And tonight, she had found a neko sleeping inside of a house. With the window open no less!

'Hehehe. Easy meal.' Luna thought. She climbed up a tree that was beside the house, being careful not to make any noise. If she made to much noise, she would wake up the entire neighborhood, and then she would have to make a run for it. That meant no meal for her. She jumped through the window from the tree, but it didn't go as planned. She didn't land elegantly. She tumbled into the room and smashed into the wall. Luckily for her, that didn't wake up the neko. Sighing in relief, she got up and started making her way to the neko, slowly and quietly. Before she could get to her, though, she was grabbed from behind. Before she had the chance to scream out, a hand covered her mouth as she was pulled out of the room and put into a new one. She had been caught, and she had no idea of what to do.

Even though she was a vampire, she wasn't fearless. In fact, she was very easily scared. And right now, she was terrified. She was to small and weak to fight off someone. She was only 4 and a half feet tall. Right now, she could only hope that whoever had her right now didn't plan on hurting her.

She was picked up and thrown onto the bed, and before she could get up, she was pinned down. The one pinning her down was a man, a human one it seemed. He was a lot bigger than her, and felt a lot stronger too.

"What were you doing in my Neko's room?" the human asked. Luna was scared. She didn't know what he was going to do.

"I...I was going to feed from her..." The man tightened his grip, seemingly angry.

"You know, I can feed you if your hungry. I know vampires can feed off of any bodily fluid." This was true. Vampires could feed from any bodily fluid, but they liked blood. But the way this man was talking, he wasn't talking about blood.

"Um...What do you mean?" Smirking, the man kept her pinned down as he moved his body up, sitting on her chest. He pulled his pants down, and out came an erect, massive cock. It rested on her face and she was scared at how big it was. It certainly wasn't impossible for a human to have this size, but it was indeed rare. By her estimate, he was twelve inches in length. She wasn't sure if he would fit into her if he decided to fuck her, but to her surprise she was getting wet. The man noticed this and started rubbing it on her face, trying to tempt her into taking it. It worked, because not soon after, Luna's tongue rolled out of her mouth and gave his cock a long, slow lick.

Getting off of her, the man sat on the bed while Luna got off the bed, got on her knees, and started lick his dick all over. She was turned on now, because she could indeed feed off of semen, and also have fun doing it. She also knew this man could hurt her, and she needed to make him feel good in order to not be hurt. Right now though, she wasn't worried about that. She was worried about his massive cock and pleasuring it. Moving down to the base of his cock, she started licking from there to the very tip. When she got to the tip, she started to lick around the tip to try to get him to feel as much pleasure as he could. It seemed to work since he started to moan. She decided that it was time to stop licking and start the next part. She kissed the tip of his dick and then slowly started to take it into her mouth. She managed to get to the back of her throat when the man lost patience and grabbed her head, forcing her down onto his cock. Luna started to choke on it and started struggling, trying to pull away and whining in fear. She couldn't breathe right now, and her mind was focused on getting air at the moment.

"Through your nose." the man told her. She stopped struggling and took a deep breath through her nose. Now that she knew how to breathe, she started to slowly suck on her captors penis. She still wasn't at the base, but she was almost there. She wasn't sure she could take it all. As it was she could feel nothing but cock filling her mouth and throat.

The man wasn't satisfied yet, and grabbed onto her head again, slowly forcing her to take more and more of his penis down her throat. Luna protested this, thinking that soon she couldn't take any more. But before long, she felt her face being pressed up against the mans hips. She managed to take the entire cock down her throat. She currently could feel it pressing against her stomach right now, and for some reason that turned her on a lot. She started to bob her head slightly, sucking just enough to keep him satisfied. After a little bit she started sucking harder and bobbing her head more. She wanted to make the man cum into her belly soon. Then maybe he could move onto other holes. She could tell the man was starting to get close. He was starting to buck his hips while she sucked. Then, he grabbed her head and started bucking his hips wildly. Luna was getting more turned on by the moment, knowing that she was being face fucked right now. She moved her hands down into her jeans and started to rub herself as he thrusted into her mouth.

Drool was coming out her mouth at each thrust and leaking down her chin. She was really actually enjoying this. She was enjoying the feeling of her throat being filled with a massive, juicy cock. Luna began to moan as her captor started to speed up, hoping that he was going to finish soon. She wanted to feel his hot and sticky cum go down her throat. And soon, her wish came through. With one final thrust, the man pushed her face against his hips and his penis started to throb. Luna took her hands out of her pants and grabbed his hips, trying to keep sucking, but he wouldn't let her move her head away. Then, an explosion of semen came from his cock tip. Luna moaned as she felt a massive amount of cum burst into her throat. She immediately started swallowing to try not to let it overflow, but somehow the man was cumming an unholy amount of semen. She couldn't keep up and her mouth began to fill up. Sperm began to leak from her mouth and run down her chin as she continued to swallow. She couldn't believe how much this guy was cumming.

After almost two minutes of non stop cumming into her mouth, the man pulled out, leaving Luna with a mouth full of cum. She was going to swallow it, but then decided to do something rather lewd. She opened her mouth up wide, letting the semen pour out and down her chin. She thought that the man was done, but then she looked to see that he was still hard and throbbing. Smirking, she crawled over and began licking it again, but the man stopped her.

"No. Your ass is next." Luna licked her lips and started to strip from her clothes. She used her shirt to wipe her face clean of the mans cum, and then threw all the clothes onto the floor. But she was reluctant to let him fuck her ass. She wanted to keep tasting him, licking him, drinking his semen. She bent down to his dick and started licking again. She wanted to taste him, to feed off him. But the man wanted his way. He picked her up and forced her into a doggystyle position. Luna whined.

"You're no fun." The man smiled at her, knowing how much she loved his cock.

"I'm your master now, and you do as I say. Understand?" Luna was so horny right now, she didn't care. She talked without thinking.

"Yes, master. Now please fuck your little sluts asshole!" Her master complied, and, using only her saliva and his cum as lube, rammed all twelve inches deep into her ass. This was painful to Luna, painful enough to scream. But before she managed to scream, Master shoved her head into a pillow, letting her scream into it so it would be muffled.

He kept thrusting into her ass, not letting her recover from the pain. He was to busy pleasuring himself, so he wasn't paying attention to his pet's desires. Luna kept screaming into the pillow, but soon the screams of pain turned into screams of pleasure. She started moaning and screaming, loving the feeling of such a large dick ravaging her asshole. She wanted more. She wanted him to go faster, harder, and deeper. She wanted him to fill her up with his semen. She would have said that to him, but she was experiencing so much pleasure that she couldn't talk.

Master was pinning her down by her shoulders, thrusting violently into her insides. All she could do was lay there and enjoy the ride. And she was enjoying the ride immensely. She felt Master start to speed up and knew that she was about to get a massive load up her ass. Her moans turned into screams, her screams into shrieks as Master was going as fast and hard as he could into her. Then, he stopped thrusting and pulled her tail to keep her from moving her hips away. Luna felt the cock throbbing inside her ass before she felt an eruption of hot, sticky semen burst deep into her ass. Master took his other hand off her shoulder, so she lifted her head up and screamed in absolute pleasure to the heavens. She could feel so much cum being pumped into her, and she was loving every second of it. Master kept himself inside of her for a few more minutes before pulling out.

"Now, I might go back to your mouth again, or I might fuck your pussy next. I'm going to have to decide." Before he had the time to figure out, his door was burst open and a massive, hulking figure walked into the room. Luna could tell from looking at him that this was a dragon liminal. A mad looking dragon liminal.

"Alright, who the fuck is screaming, I'm trying to fucking sleep!" the dragon yelled. Master facepalmed in annoyance, but then got a look on his face that Luna didn't like.

"Hey, Draco. I found this bitch trying to feed off of Rose, so I decided to fuck her. She loved it all, so how about you have a go with her? She'd probably love you." Draco looked at Luna, who was half his size, and smirked.

"I haven't masturbated for almost a week. I could use a good sex toy." Luna knew that dragons where absolutely giant down there, and this excited her. She got off the bed and walked over to him, smirking up at him. She could see a bulge in his pants, so she pulled them down, expecting to see a large, hard cock. But what she was greeted with was a massive soft cock. This guys dick was the same size as Master's was when he was hard, soft. Luna was both turned on extremely and scared by this fact, but the fear was outweighed by how horny she was. The cock of the dragon was much thicker than Master's cock as well. Luna was about to have a lot of fun.

She began to lick the soft dick to try to get it hard, and when it started to grow, she marveled at its size. The more she licked, the bigger it would get. Even when it looked like it couldn't get any bigger, it got a lot bigger. Then, finally, it stopped. In her minds eye, Luna measured it, and she estimated that it was three feet in length if not more. It's thickness was almost the same thickness of her hips. She honestly didn't know how it would be possible for it to fit into her. But she knew she could get him off by her tongue and mouth, so that's what she started to do. She began to lick all over the massive member, pleasuring Draco. His penis started big enough for her to suck off the first twelve inches, but got to big after that.

She went to the tip of his cock, opened her mouth as wide as she could, and slowly began to take it into her mouth. Draco was patient, unlike Master, so he let her take his time. She was slowly sucking him, giving him pleasure, but then Draco's patience ran out. He grabbed her, took her off his cock, and threw her onto the bed. Before she knew it, she was being pinned down in the doggystyle position again, only with a massive cock resting on her back. She was excited now. She had never taken something so large, and she wanted to take it so badly.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up!" Draco was surprised at her eagerness. He was sure that his size would have scared her. But he decided to comply and positioned himself to enter her.

He slowly started to push himself into her asshole, the cum of Master acting as lube for him to enter, but it was still a very tight fit. Luna moaned as her ass was stretched past anything she had ever experienced before. Sure, she felt a lot of pain, but she felt a lot of pleasure too. He reached the point where Master had gone as far as he could go, but he kept pushing. Draco was going to make her take every last inch of his meter long cock. He kept pushing into her, and soon a large bulge started to form on her stomach. He kept pushing and pushing into her, the pain starting to overtake the pleasure in Luna. She began to think that this wasn't the best of ideas, but it was to late to back out now. Draco kept pushing, deeper and deeper into her body. The bulge was going past her chest, then past her face too. Finally, he had pushed every inch of his cock into Luna's ass. If it wasn't for the fact that she was a vampire with immortality and regeneration abilities, Luna would probably have been dead. But as Draco let her body adjust to his massive length, she began to learn the pleasure of dragon dick. And it was immense.

Draco began to gently thrust into her, and the bulge could be seen moving visibly. Luna moaned loudly, wanting him to move faster and harder. Draco seemed to read her mind, because he sped up to high speeds. She could barely take all the pleasure that she was feeling right now. It was almost to much for her. She could feel something slapping against her ass, but she couldn't tell what it was. She looked back to see what it was and was shocked to see that it was Draco's balls, each one the size of a basketball. She started becoming nervous from how much cum those things could hold. Draco kept slamming his penis deep into her ass with the intent of fucking her ass raw. Luna, while in extreme pleasure, started to wonder where Master went. She looked around the room and saw Master getting his cock sucked by the neko that she was going to feed off of. Luna would have still fed off of the neko if it wasn't for what was coming.

Draco suddenly stopped thrusting into her as his cock began to throb. She knew he was about to cum, but was confused when she heard a sloshing sound. She looked towards the direction of the sound and saw that it was coming from his balls. The sloshing sound was his cum. Cum that was about to be pumped into her. This made her scared from the sheer volume that was in his nuts.

"Um, maybe you should pull out?" she suggested, but Draco just lifted the front of her body up, pulling her long, silver hair so her face was pointed towards the heavens, and thrusted a few more times into her. Luna was confused what he was doing, before she could feel something travelling through his cock. She felt it reach the tip before feeling a massive burst of hot semen explode from his cock tip. It was enough to make a large bulge inside of her, making her look pregnant. The next blast came, then the next. Each blast of cum made her inflate more. Luna was in heaven right now. She could feel her insides being flooded with semen, and she was loving the feeling. But then she felt something travelling up her throat. She realized all to late what it was, and before she could close her mouth, a burst of hot cum erupted from her mouth, covering most of her face. This cum was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. It was so thick, as thick as yogurt, and it was sweet. She couldn't get enough of the taste, but was still wondering how it came out her mouth. Then it hit her. Draco had cum so much into her, that it had filled up all of her body. And Draco was still cumming, showing no signs of stopping any time soon. Draco was enjoying his first release in a full week to worry about Luna's cum barfing issue, and just let himself continue to let loose inside of her.

After about five more minutes of cumming, Luna's belly was big enough to be a water bed for her, and currently, it served the same purpose since her body was laying on top of it. Draco was pulling out of her, just finishing his orgasm, then he noticed that the sheets below Luna's ass was soaked, and not with his cum. It was Luna's cum. She had orgasmed so many times that the sheets were completely soaked. She was in complete heaven right now, in so much pleasure she almost didn't know what was going on anymore. Draco turned to Master with a grin on his face.

"This girl can take a lot. Mind if I have her?" Master thought about it for a second, then nodded.

"Go ahead. After what you did to her, she's probably gonna stay around anyway." The dragon laughed, and then looked at her. The sight of her sweaty body, cum leaking out of her asshole and mouth, and the look of pure pleasure on her face made him hard again. Draco thought about it for a second before saying,

"I guess one more time isn't gonna hurt."


There you go guys! My first lewd story. Tell me what ya think! I hope you guys liked it, it was really hard to write this. Lemme know if you guys want me to write anything, and I'll see if I can write it! Bye!

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Great story, can’t wait for a part 2

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Honestly loved it, extremely turned on, please make part two, and see if you can have 3 guys doing her in all 3 holes, and they all cum at the same time, that would be some awesome inflation. ;)

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