tagNovels and NovellasV&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 01

V&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Violet's Tit

My breathing was labored, almost panting, and as I lay back on the small child-like daybed, I was thinking nothing other than the pleasure I was receiving.

With a smile, a giggle, and a squeak, my orgasm crested and my eyes glazed over softly and I took a deep breath.

The source of my pleasure, my best friend Trin was softly licking at the inside of my thighs in a dedicated manner, taking long soft swipes with her tongue. She moved into me more, and lapped at the outer part of my cleft, her face covered with a soft dewy combination of sweat and my juices. Her long bangs were matted at the tips and stuck to her face, which was flush red.

She softly delivered a kiss to the top of my cleft, where the pubic hair was thick and bushy. I took some deep breaths. She lay her head on the inside of my thigh where it had fallen before and led to receiving my first pleasure from another woman.

The television, a tiny nine incher flickered some utterly cheesy science fiction flick that I had picked up. Trin read something on the back of the tape, and had watched it before I did, and then told me it would be unsuitable for James, my son.

Trin had a liberal, progressive streak a mile long, and for her to say such a thing was a big deal. She'd normally just give him her standard lecture, which let James know it was even better than normal. In this particular one, women were getting hacked up in some bizarre sexual ways that were incredibly degrading. Trin wouldn't go for that plan, and she knew I wouldn't either.

So we ended up in her corner bedroom, sprawled out on her bed to watch it. It was hot, the late afternoon of a May Sunday in Arizona. I was dressed in a short dress, and Trin was in a loose top and a skirt of her own devising, billowy and long to hide her corpulence. She been watching from the edge of the bed on the foot and then had curled up on it as the trite film played. I was half asleep and so was she, and we tossed and turned in the heat. She'd ended up using her hands as a pillow, then a pillow, then had moved over onto my leg when I shifted. I wasn't wearing underwear, and knowing Trin, she wasn't either. As she rolled over she looked up at me to say something and saw that I wasn't wearing any.

Trin stuttered as she saw my bush and I smiled at her. I'd known for a while she wanted into me, and this was my way of teasing her. For her faults, Trin tried to be very polite, and felt ashamed she'd even seen what she did. It had been seven long years since I'd thrown out my drunken boyfriend and two since Trin's husband had died.

I'd been hot, and sticky and Trin's head on my leg felt good. I had watched on the cheesy sci-fi flick these two women having simulated sex, and normally it wouldn't do a damn thing for me, but Trin was there. I could feel the laborious breathing from her massive body as it laid on my legs. I had felt her hot breath, and I felt her sweat, the sweat of the big woman. In some ways, it was very masculine.

Without speaking, for I knew that I couldn't bring myself to ask her, I simply nodded. With slow, tender kisses she brought me pleasure over the course of forty minutes or so, consuming me with relish. Her soft, pudgy fingers capped by her hard acrylic nails probed me with the utmost love and compassion. That tongue visited every orifice it could find, softly holding my legs apart. Trin, if nothing else, was a connoisseur of the flesh.

The air was still, and stifling like the early heat of the year as the tape clicked and began to rewind. The whirring noise oddly complimented the bubbling from Trin's goldfish tank to create a sort of white noise. I felt a chill, a shiver of fear, but not from me. It came from Trin.

It dropped the room's temperature like an air-conditioner and I could feel moisture on my legs. I looked down as big weepy tears drifted out of her eyes and ran onto her thigh. She licked at her thick lips and used a hand to try and clean herself off. I heard her speak, but did not actually hear the words. It was all so very surreal and then shattered by the reality of my son pounding on the door.

"Hey! When can a guy get some food around here." James yelled, in his fifteen year old belligerence.

"Whenever he gets off his own ass and fixes it. You want to be treated like an adult," Trin bellowed in equal defiance, "act like one."

James couldn't hear the crack in her voice. He couldn't see the shudder of her lips as she used whatever energy she had to drive him away, to keep this moment with me alive.

She moved her head sitting up on an elbow, and she turned away from me, taking deep breaths. She muttered, "love that boy to pieces, but sometimes his timing ain't so good."

I could only nod. I was hungry actually, and needed something cold to drink. Trin felt me move and sat up. She did not face me. I didn't know why. I spoke to her.

"I'm a little hungry myself. You want something?" She said.

She turned a bit, and looked past me. She did this when she was upset and knew she was going to cry again. Her sarcastic side, sharp and witty was poised on the tip of her tongue, but she shook her head from left to right. Trin was fighting herself, as she often did. She was like that. She knew the power of language, and the power of words.

My hands trembled and softly touched the tears of her face.

Her dam burst like a floodgate, tears sobbing like an angry river. Over, and over she apologized and begged for forgiveness. I put an arm around her shoulder as she sobbed into my shoulder and then kissed her on the forehead. It was hardly the kiss of passion, but it was what Trinity needed. She was my friend, and I loved her, and I didn't want to see her in pain, but didn't know why she was in pain.

"Trin." I said softly.

Her massive head turned. Her eyes were red, lined with smeared mascara.

"It's okay." I replied to myself.

"You're sure?" She asked, swallowing.

"Yes I'm sure." I said.

She blinked some and her face grew pale.

"You're a mess." I said.

She gave me a half smile, that made me feel good, and I knew she felt better for it, despite herself. I took a deep breath.

"Is it going to be okay?" She said. "Violet, you're my best friend. I'd go through hell and back for you. I have to know you don't hate me."

My head dipped back as if she'd hit me. "Trin I don't hate you. I said yes. I gave consent."

She nodded only softly.

"Why the tears?" I asked.

"Just scared." She replied.


"You." She said.

"Why?" I asked.

"I'm scared of rejection. I'm scared you'll leave me, kick me out, tell me you hate me. I'm scared you won't let me touch you again. I'm scared of what James will think. I love you. I always have."

For the last six or so of the last eight years of our relationship, Trin would tell me every so often she loved me. She'd made it clear she was bisexual, and also made it clear it wasn't a sexual love, but rather like the sister she never had. She'd once had a brother, who killed himself when they were teenagers.

I loved her too, and she was probably the best friend I ever had. She encouraged me when I went back to school, helped me study for tests and cheered me along through every step. When I got accepted to nursing school, she moved out of her environment with me to Arizona, despite the physical setbacks she dealt with being both solarphobic and heat sensitive. When I graduated she presented me with an engraved watch, and helped me find work.

When her husband died she was shattered. A mewling mess that could barely function, and two years later she could barely discuss her feelings for him. While she'd always encouraged me to date, I could care less. I was raising James as a single mother and had my hands full. My adult disabled daughter, Marie was in a nearby nursing home. With all of that, both of our lives were complex and layered.

When Ravi, her husband, died I insisted she move in with me. James was only too happy to have his Aunt Trin back with us. Before she and Ravi had been married, Trin stayed with us for a couple of years.

James bellowed again, "MOM!"

Trin bit her lips. I could hear the smart ass comment du jour upon her lips. She wasn't in the mood for his teenage drama, she had plenty of her own. I stood instinctively as any mother does when they hear their child.

Trin's dog, Woofer barked. Trin deflated at the sound, knowing that our time together was shattered for good. She grabbed for his collar. I stood up and walked over to the door and opened it.

Her eyes followed me, and I turned to close the door and doing so looked at her, the soft droplets of rain from her eyes coming again. "I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

She looked in my eyes hopefully and nodded. She needed to hear that from me.

After I drove the Seventh Day Adventists away and threw a couple of hamburger patties in Trin's cast iron fry pan I poured myself a Boone's Blackberry Hill, and Trin one too. I told James to take it to her.

He came back and asked me what was wrong with Trin.

"What do you mean?" I said.

"Her eyes are all red and black." She said.

"The black part is mascara. Make up. She's kind of having some cramping problems and it makes her cry." I said. Not an untruth, but Trin often kept the nastier pieces of her biological functions to herself, only using them to tease James when he needed to be set in his place.

"That's gotta suck." He said.

"Yes." I replied.

I tossed together for Trin a plate of a huge cheeseburger, lettuce and tomato with the spicy Dijon mustard she loved. James just wanted the meat patty and I made myself a plate and headed down the hall. Trin's door was closed. I tapped on it and heard rustling as Trin said quickly, "hang on."

She was rumpled and had used a make-up wipe on her face, and opened the door. "Geeze, Vi," she cajoled, "you don't have to wait on me" and took her plate. Her glass of Boons, a twenty-ounce heavy tumbler was empty. She'd opened up a bottle of Smirnoff Blue and poured herself three fingers.

I sat on the bed next to her and she laid a few pillows behind us for propping up. I had not closed her door so Woofer could come and go. She'd put on a comfort movie, an old favorite of her, Monster's Inc. The short cartoon of the birds was her favorite and she laughed hysterically when the feathers all drifted to the ground.

I felt better about her laughing and ate thoughtfully. Trin lived life with gusto, and ate well, drank well, and loved well. I admired her. To see her vulnerable and sobbing as she was a few minutes ago was odd, and yet in line. During the transition from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, Az one of her goldfish died and she blubbered to the point of being unable to drive.

I'd gotten about half way through the sandwich when Trin dropped her empty plate on floor to let Woofer at it. Trin sipped the Vodka straight and as she held the glass in her right hand on her thigh, it trembled slightly.

As Boo clung to Sully and made Trin laugh I dropped my plate down for Woofer and put my left hand on my thigh, stretching. It touched Trin's. I could feel that spook her, she was still tender, still raw. The Boone's made me feel warm, and garnered my courage. I let a finger softly rub her hand.

She looked at me, with large eyes, reminiscent of the cartoon we were watching. They had fear in them. She trembled and her lips pursed. I heard the droning of James's video game and for the very first time in my life, I kissed another woman.

Her lips were so soft, delicate. Trin used a lot of lotion on her face and she smelled sweet. I could smell her hair as well, and I wanted to explore it. Fueled by the courage of alcohol I tugged at the braid of a hair-wrap I myself had stuck into her. She looked at me funny and then moved her head into my pull. Her round face felt good to kiss. She sighed very deeply, a sigh of happiness.

She pulled away abruptly and I felt a loss. She sat up, oddly at attention and then I heard an odd tone. She looked at the film as James had paused his game and gotten up and went into the bathroom across the hall. He closed that door without a second thought, we often were in Trin's room to work on a sewing project so us hanging out there was no big deal.

I waited anxiously for him to get out of the bathroom, I wanted some more of Trin's lips and she stretched back reforming her pillows and lay down. I could feel her hand trace the small of my back. I was very ticklish, but Trin wasn't trying for that. She just rested her hand there.

James left the bathroom with a quick poke into Trin's room to wonder what we were watching and to get the tape that Trin had wanted me to preview. I wouldn't let him take it, and he growled, "FINE" in his teenage mood and slammed the door obnoxiously.

Trin was nonplussed and said softly, "works for me." She tugged at the waist of my dress and I lay down next to her and looked into her eyes. They were hazel, with a hint of green, and played off her piercings well. I took a deep breath and leaned over to explore her mouth.

Trin's eyes closed and she let me lead the way as I softly licked her lips and brushed my nose with hers. I grabbed a hunk of her hair as my excitement grew and inhaled deeply, the scent of her sweat was powerful, and strangely sweet.

I broke the kiss and looked at her. She was smiling. This was my Trin, the Trin I needed to see. This was the Trin that was looking at my face to make sure I was okay. I smiled back as she tilted her head and pleaded with her eyes.

My mouth, my jaws wrapped around the nape of her neck and I could feel her gasp as my teeth nipped at her. I sucked, I chewed. I marked her, and the way that she quivered I felt she was going to orgasm. I felt I was going too far and pulled away. Her eyes had a dull warm glow to them.

"Thank you." She said.

I was puzzled.

"I like pain, you know that." She said. I looked at her neck, where a bruise was forming. Ravi had always kept her marked up. She could care less. She scooted more on her back and beckoned me on top with her hands.

I weighted the manner for a moment and then sat on her bodily. Her eyes lit up like a child's when you give them a chocolate. I felt the mountain that was Trinity Jennifer Jacobs under me, and I liked what I felt. I leaned forward, my nipples rock hard, mashed against her double-d breasts and she held me tightly softly rubbing my neck with her fingers.

She kissed me with her lips, softly on mine, then on my nose, my face and then my neck. She sucked some, I could tell she was pondering marking me but thought better of it. My dress buttoned up to my neck, and she played with the top one unfastening it with her left hand.

I sat on her for a moment, catching my breath. With the door closed and the window shut, the air was miserable, and I had little choice but to open the window. The curtains billowed and then I shut it, realizing that it would afford us no privacy. I kicked on the fan at the foot of her bed which annoyed me earlier and pointed it away. Some circulation was better than none.

Trin watched curiously and then I addressed her.

"I don't know what to do."

"What do you mean?" She asked.

I shrugged. "Love the kisses. Don't know if I can stick my face down there." I said flatly.

"I'm not telling you to." Trin said. She didn't look hurt.

I was puzzled. "What then. How do I go about doing this?"

"Use your hand." Trin said. I felt like a fool.

I sat back on her and got comfortable. She bounced me playfully a couple of times that you would a child and then I lay forward on her. We kissed deeply for a while and finally I got the courage and stuck my hand under her shirt. Her huge smooth belly was warm as I rubbed it and I cupped one of her breasts.

She had those big puffy aureoles with tiny sharp nipples. The tissue of her aureoles I could feel the pinkness of, this soft, tender tissue which fascinated me. I felt the nipples peak in my fingertips as her arousal formed. I lowered my head to where I had marked her and gasped. The mark was distinct. I could feel Trin's grin.

"Got me, huh?" She said.

"Yeah." I said. My courage was waining, but then returned as Trin softly stroked my hair. "I don't know what to say to James." I said.

She thought and then kissed me on the lips. Absently, I kissed her back. She could see my distraction and said softly. "I'll take care of the mark."

I looked at her. I remember her prizing her marks that Ravi gave her. Frankly she wasn't happy unless she was someone's bitch. That she would do this, it told me a lot about how much she was willing to to have me.

She nodded. When Trin gave her word, that was it, the game was over.

The puffy nipple called my name.

I lifted her shirt and looked at her mammoth breasts. Trin's eyes looked at me curiously as I took one in each hand and softly kneaded them at once, bringing the shirt to her neck. Her eyes were reduced to slits and I could see the rise and fall of her chest increase.

I took a deep breath and suckled a tit.

Trin gasped.

It was warm, and so totally unlike anything I'd done before. The nipple was interesting and I sucked on it greedily, and gave Trin a bit of teeth.

She hissed and said, "easy girl, I still want kids."

I replied by easing off the tit a bit, and playfully stuck the shirt behind her head, pinning her arms. I wasn't sure why I did this, but I felt a certain sense of control. With her arms up and away from me, I was in charge.

I could explore her body, or not, at my leisure, at my pleasure. Trin was reduced to the status of a plaything. I'd already discovered she could give me pleasure. My emotions were rushing at me, these realizations poured into me like the cheap fortified wine.

That Trin had such massive strength that she could swat me away meant nothing. I was on top. I was the queen of the mountain. I didn't have to eat my vegetables, and dammit, I liked it.

I dropped my head down and kissed Trin hard jamming my tongue into her mouth chewing on her lips and rubbing my body against hers lewdly, the fabric of my dress scratching us both lewdly.

Trin slipped the shirt and went for my dress buttoning down the top buttons as quickly as she could until I grabbed both her wrists.

She looked at me quizzically and I used my weight to hold them back, laying on my Trin. "I'm on top. My rules." I said.

Trin cocked an eyebrow.

"I need control." I said.

"I need those nipples in my mouth." She said with a grin.

"You're mine now." I said. I trembled as I spoke.

Trin's eyes watered softly.

"You mean that?" Trin said.

"Yes I do." I said. I leaned back and pulled the dress over my head, revealing my slightly plump tummy, fried egg breasts that sagged with their dark jutting nipples speckled with moles. I could feel Trin's eyes drinking me in and they roamed me, head to toe.

"Violet." She said.

"Yes Trin?" I replied.

She petted her right side, and I lay into her. This was my breast, the breast I'd cried many times when we were drunk and talking about our abusive childhoods. When we'd crash on the sofa-bed, I was on her right, and often slept against her.

"I told you this was your tit a long time ago. I even threatened to get a tattoo with your name on it." She said.

I smiled at her. "Yeah, you did. You were right. It just took me a while to come around to it."

"That's why I'm not worried about sex between us. If it's right, it'll happen. Just now when you were on top of me, you took control. I need that, now, more than ever. I've always tried to be there for you. I thrive on control." She said.

I challenged her. "So if I told you to lick my toes..." I said.

She reached for a foot, but I pulled it away. My feet were ticklish, and knowing Trin she'd lick them until I kicked her in the head.

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